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25th April 2007, 2:18 PM
Okay, I'm a newbie to LeafGreen, since I finally managed to buy it recently. I chose a Bublasuar at the beginning for Gym advantages. But once I got to the Elite Four, I'm stumped. I can't get by Lance.

Are there any suggestions to help my
Level: 74
Gender: Male
PKMN: Venusuar
Frenzy Plant
Razor Leaf
Sleep Powder

I have a level 53 Zapdos to help, but he's rather weak.

25th April 2007, 2:46 PM
Replace Solarbeam with Leech Seed and Frenzy Plant with Sludge Bomb. Take Zapdos to have easier time beating Gyarados and Aerodactyl. Have lots of healing items in stock.

Wild Cherry
26th April 2007, 11:47 AM
You only have those two Pokemon? o.o

Maybe its best to catch some more.

27th April 2007, 12:41 AM
Probably because you don't have any Ice attacks, which is why.

27th April 2007, 7:00 AM
No, no, I have a full party. Those are just my supastars. Nevermind all that now. i used my cousin's cheating device, and I killed. I managed to get 99 rare candies, so now Venasuar is level 100.

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