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Sacred Latios
28th April 2007, 4:03 AM
I have to pick three Pokémon for the Battle Tower. Either Lati can go, but not both.

Modest Sceptile w/ Scope Lens
~Leaf Blade

Ideal for Slakings but Steels wall it well. The DBreath is to ParaSupport its slower teammates and renders Cute Charm, Static, Rough Skin, Effect Spore etc useless.

Docile Blaziken w/ Choice Band
>Sky Uppercut
>Aerial Ace
>Rock Slide

Has practically no speed, and I have no idea where Salacs are in-game

Quiet Swampert w/ Chesto
*Ice Beam

Hardy Metagross w/ Leftovers
`Shadow Ball
`Meteor Mash

It can Toxic others without being Synchronized. Has problems with other Metagross as they are always faster and EQ if it can't be switched out for any of the Lati. Agility doesn't solve the problem since Metagross cannot OHKO them in one hit.

Modest Milotic w/ Chesto
}Ice Beam

Beats others of its own kind easily. Rest triggers MS and also walls Synchronized Toxic/other ToxiStallers. Tentacruel stops it though.

Calm Latios w/ Lum Berry
Ice Beam

Calm Latias w/ Shell Bell
<Calm Mind
<Dragon Claw
<SafeGuard (Rest?)

SG on the first turn, power up with CM and sweep. She has the defenses to use CM but has problems with Roar. SB because it had no slot for Recover. Only Shedinja resists DC and Surf, and I am not changing that.

Please, don't change the natures or suggest Hidden Power/any Egg moves.

28th April 2007, 8:38 AM
Looking at the movesets, I assume this is for the Battle Tower in Ruby/Sapphire.

- Make Swampert hold Leftovers.
- You can also make Metagross a CBer with Sludge Bomb over Toxic.
- Since Milotic can't RestTalk, then its not so safe to Rest for two turns. Also, its not Bold Nature, thus its defense won't be so high. I Recover is better over Rest.
- For Latias, give it Recover as well over Rest/Safeguard.

Changing Natures are really helpful and can your trip through Battle Tower much easier.