View Full Version : Help with articuno, zaptdos and dragonite. (moveset, breeding etc)

1st May 2007, 9:53 AM
I catched a dragonite in XD witch pretty nice IV's (HP/AT/DEF/SAt/Sdef/spd - 21/31/26/9/30/21). It got relaxed nature, so I'm going to try use it to breed a dratini whith a better nature and still as god I'v as possible. What is the best way to breed a good dratini? And how does the everstone-trick work?

I also want to know if it's any idea to use my zapdos and articuno, and what moveset i should use if they good enough. They are both catched on Xd, so they got their special moves. (Zapdos - Extrasensory, metal sound, bottom pass, Articuno - haze, extrasensory, heal bell)

Articuno Gentle
HP - 17
At - 23
Def - 30
Sat - 11
Sdef - 30
Spd - 30

Nice special defence, but it's special attack is not god. Also I don' t like the nature..

Zapdos Rash
HP - 25
At - 30
Def - 25
Sat - 30
Sdef - 27
Spd - 3

Terrible speed!! And I guess Zapdos want it's speed :( I don't like the nature eather, Ice beams will kill this guy. It's special attack is on the other hand nice.

1st May 2007, 9:54 AM
Oh, i forget to say that I'm going to use these pokemon in battle tower and battle frontier.

1st May 2007, 12:40 PM
Have the Dragonite breed with a Ditto that has some good IVs and the correct Nature. Make the Ditto hold the Everstone to pass the Nature to the offspring.
Zapdos and Aritcuno look bad with their Natures. If possible try to avoid using them.