View Full Version : Getting banned on chat?

2nd May 2007, 4:55 PM
the Ops are in control, if you don't like it join another channel, or stop doing whatever it is that keeps getting you banned, and don't complain about kicks, you can easily rejoin after a kick by typing \hop (the unshifted \ on the ? key), if it's a ban it usually only lasts like 3 minutes unless it was bad, complaining makes it worse, if you hate the mods sooooooooooo much then make your own channel or join one with Ops that you like, if you make your own channel YOU are the Op, and whatever an Op says, goes, so SPP's Ops\Hops have every right to kick\ban\kickban you, in fact if they felt like it they could permaban everyone, but I know they won't, I hope this stops your stupid complaint threads, and I meant no offense to the Ops, I'm just setting an example.

EDIT: okay that was harsh, but it's true, instead of posting it on the forums, private chat the Op\Hop that banned you, to do that type \query (Op's nick)
without parenthesis and make sure it's correctly spelled, or it won't work, example: Serebii bans me, so I wanna know why, so I type:
\query Serebii
the I ask why I was banned.
this is just an example