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3rd May 2007, 9:33 AM
I Know That Serebii.net have this page but i can't really understand it well,can u please explain it to me?...

3rd May 2007, 9:55 AM
EVs are what determines your Pokemon's stats when it hits Lv 100. They're there so that pokemon aren't alike, so that pokemon of the same species can differ.

Basically, all pokemon in the wild give off Effort Values, or EVs when you defeat them. Depending on what their dominant stat is, you will get certain and sometimes multiple EVs from that pokemon.

EG I catch a Pidgey and train it against one Rattata. The rattata gives 1 EV in speed, so that is added to my EVs.

Problem is, you can only get a maximum of 510 EVs in total, and a maximum of 255 in a stat. To max out a stat, you train a pokemon so that it gets 255 EVs in that stat. For example if I wanted to max out my pidgey's speed, I'd train against 255 Rattatas.

-- Every 4 EVs you get will amount to one extra point in that stat when you reach level 100. It DOES NOT necessarily mean that your pokemon will recieve an immediate noticeable stat change, however you will notice the difference to a non-EV trained pokemon when you reach Lv 100. --

Once you have recieved all 510 EVs, your pokemon will no longer recieve EVs and its stats will go up according to the EVs it obtained in its early training.

Easier ways to fill up your EVs - Vitamins... Vitamins (eg Carbos, Calcium etc) give 10 EVs to the stat they work on HOWEVER they cannot be used once that stat has gone over 100 EVs. Nor can they be used more than 10 times. You can also only give a pokemon a total of 51 vitamins (eg 10 for all normal stats and 1 in HP)

Macho Brace and Pokerus increase the amount of EVs you recieve from from wild pokemon by 2, and both can be used together. Say, if the Pidgey I caught had Pokerus, and I gave it a Macho Brace to hold, then if it defeated a Rattata I would get 4 speed EVs instead of the usual 1.

Is that all you need to know?

elite ralf
3rd May 2007, 10:01 AM
so special pokemon are assigned to special stats?like what you said:speed can be increased by battling a rattata?still cant get it...I'm a noob when it comes to this "deeper" parts of the game...lol

EDIT: oh,I consulted serebii dex.pokemon are under stats in which you can obtain by battling 'em.how 493-ish.oh well.

3rd May 2007, 10:01 AM
Yeah,thx a lot dude!

3rd May 2007, 10:09 AM
Different pokemon will give you different EVs (and in different amounts) when you defeat them.

Important - you do not have to defeat the pokemon yourself - as long as the pokemon you are training gets experience from its enemy, it will get EVs.

If you are training a Magikarp, you can keep it in first place, switch it and defeat the pokemon with another member of your party and you will gain the EVs for both pokemon.

Now, what I mean by the certain EVs for certain pokemon... check Seribii for this - the main site has a list of all the pokemon you can battle for certain EVs.

-Rattata, (I know this off the top of my head) gives off 1 EV for the Speed Stat.
-Haunter, will give off 2 EVs in the Special Attack stat.

Muk, on the other hand, gives off 1 EV in two different stats. You're best sticking with the pokemon which give off EVs in one stat though.

Once you know how you are going to spread out your EVs, plan who you wish to fight. Example: I EV trained my Moltres yesterday. I gave it a Macho Brace and went out and bought 10 Calcium (100 EVs in Special Attack) and 10 Carbos (100 EVs in Speed)

That left me with 510 - 200 = 310 EVs to go.

I knew I wanted to spread my EVs like this: 252 in Speed, 252 in Special Attack and the final 6 in HP.

So, I worked out, that with the Macho brace I needed to fight 3 Caterpie in Viridian forest for HP, 76 Rattata/Pidgey/Weedle just south of Pewter for Speed, and 72 Gastly in the Pokemon Tower for the rest in Special Attack.