View Full Version : Does Brenden/Ruby=Drew?

Sableye King
6th May 2007, 10:07 PM
This thread is mainly directed to fans of Brenden. But anyone may comment. This thread is about a brainstorm I had. That Drew is the anime version of Ruby/Brenden. I know that Brenden fans were sorely dissapointed in the 4-second cameo Brenden made in Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker. This is my support:

The writers for Pokemon, base many of the main charaters on the manga of Pokemon. For example, Ash=Red, Gary=Green, May=Sapphire, and Gold and Crystal in the Pokemon:Chronicles mini-arc. Although technically, Brenden is the anime version of Ruby in the manga, the 4 seconds is hardly able to be taken seriously as even a moderate role in the anime.

So I think Drew is the REAL anime version of Ruby and even Brenden. Because in the manga, Ruby is a coordinater and so is Drew. Also, in the manga, May/Sapphire and Brenden/Ruby are rivals. And in the anime, they are rivals too. And in the manga, Ruby and Sapphire are in love with each other, and although never admitted, May and Drew also love each other, or at least Drew is the one May cares about the most in the anime.

Drew and Ruby/Brenden also have similar personalities. They were both so full of themselves and arrogant at the beggining, then became more understanding later on. And they have the same facial features, because in the manga, Sapphire's eyes were more like most boy's eyes in the series, and Ruby's eyes were drawn like a girl's. Both May and Drew have the same eye design as their manga counterparts.

On a side note, another way Drew relates to the manga is his similarity to your rival in the R/S/E games, Wally. They both have green hair, similar facial features, and use some the same pokemon- Roselia and Flygon. Since Ruby and Wally were friends in the manga, it gives it more reason for why Drew=Brenden by a combination of Wally and Ruby.

So, I think Drew is a sort of "reincarnation" of Brenden, so when you see Drew you are actually seeing a version of Brenden.

You may comment if you like, but if you are here to bash or criticise, please don't be too harsh. Thank you.