View Full Version : Pokemon Ranger: Better Than Original Games?

10th May 2007, 4:10 PM
I have heard a lot of people say that Pokemon ranger is actually better than the regular Pokemon games. What are your thoughts and would you like to see another pokemon ranger.

People say that pokemon ranger is better because there are challenges, you don't have to waste money on items, you can catch pokemon much, much easier and there are wild everything!

What do you think: Pokemon Ranger or Regular Pokemon games

10th May 2007, 7:34 PM
I think.. Pokemon Ranger might be a bit too easy. Although it's fun.
It's easy and short.
I completed the browser not a long time after I got the game.

Another, LONGER Pokemon Ranger would be nice to see, though.

10th May 2007, 7:36 PM
I personally think its not better than the original games. They are easily the best:-P

But what I do like about Ranger as its just fun, easy and you can just pick it up and play it now and again. I prefer the original games because they have more depth and there's a lot more to do.

Another, LONGER Pokemon Ranger would be nice to see, though.

Yes, Definately. I think they are making a Pokémon Ranger 2.

Opal Armaldo
11th May 2007, 5:58 AM
I like ranger, but I like naming and training all my little pokes, so I wouldn't chose it over the regular games.

11th May 2007, 8:59 AM
ranger is a good game, but the original games are way better

Darkmaster Rannon
11th May 2007, 1:33 PM
you wanna have all the fun you have in ranger, eh? then get a piece of paper and draw circles on it!

annyway without the original pokemon games there would be no ranger!

11th May 2007, 1:34 PM
I like the Games better but a longer/better story line would be a bit better.

11th May 2007, 1:43 PM
The Regular Pokemon Games r way better but i still like Pokemon Ranger

11th May 2007, 7:45 PM
I like regular games more.

11th May 2007, 10:57 PM
I like most of the pokemon games, but the originals are the best. Ranger could beat it if it were longer though.

13th May 2007, 10:30 AM
Definitely the original games, i definitly prefer longer and more complex pokemon games, but to each their own i guess. I think there will be a ranger 2 hopefully its bigger. ;123;

13th May 2007, 1:23 PM
Nothing can compare to the regular pokemon games in my opinion but i really thought ranger was good it would have been bettter if the story line was longer.

Off topic : does anyone know the manaphy password for the Uk version of ranger

16th May 2007, 9:51 PM
I prefer the originals. But Ranger is still fun, even though it kills my hand and wrist. :p