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17th May 2007, 3:35 PM
;378; Regice @ Shell Bell

EVs: 252HP, 252SP.ATK, 4 SP.DEF ?
Nature: Naive
~Ice Beam


;373; Salamence @ Soft Sand

EVs: 252HP, 252ATK, 6SPD
Nature: Naughty (+ATK, -SP.DEF)
~Brick Break
~Dragon Dance
~Aerial Ace


;379; Registeel @ Leftovers

EVs: 252HP, 104DEF, 152ATK
Nature: Jolly (+SPD, -SP.ATK)


Goal: 100 win streak at level 50 and then level 100.

18th May 2007, 7:24 PM
Hard to rate this team. Slaking is best as a Choice Bander.
Looking at the three TM moves Salamence has, it seems Slaking's options are limited.
Its possible to breed some of those moves on to Slakoth:

Slaking @ Choice Band
Adamant Nature
- Return
- Shadow Ball
- Brick Break
- Fire Blast/Hyper Beam

To get Shadow Ball and Brick Break on to Slakoth, use the following breeding chain:
Heracross (Brick Break - Lv. 23) -> Volbeat -> Sableye (Shadow Ball - Lv. 41) -> Spinda -> Slakoth

Registeel is the worst of the three Regis. I suggest using Regice:

Regice @ Leftovers
Trait: Clear Body
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt
- Toxic
- Rest

Its a nice special wall/sweeper.

19th May 2007, 2:19 AM
Unfortunately I don't have a choice band (It's a random battle tower reward).

The reason I chose Registeel was it gives me soo many resistances (Normal, Grass, Ice, Poison, Flying, Psychic, Bug, Rock, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Steel), and its weaknesses (Ground, Fighting, Fire) are all 1/2 damage or 0 damage to Salamence. The two just complement each other so well.

Slaking @ Quick Claw
EVs: ???
Nature: Adamant
~Hyper Beam
~Brick Break
~Shadow Ball
~Fire Blast


19th May 2007, 8:10 AM
Slaking moveset is fine. When you obtain a Choice Band, you may make it hold it. For EVs 252Att/252Spd/6HP would be better.

I understand Registeel's role, (Metagross could have done it better) however it seems somewhat messed up. With Ancient Power alone as a damaging move and Jolly Nature + Curse. I feel the 252 EVs in SDef, would be better in Def, since physical sweepers are a greater threat since they have Choice Band/Swords Dance. If its a special sweeper, Registeel can quickly increase SDef with Amnesia. Not sure on how to improve Registeel's moveset.

19th May 2007, 8:52 AM
Thanks for the suggestions Scepgatr. I've updated the original post.

I put metal claw on registeel for now so at least he has STAB now.

Ditched Slaking - replaced with Regice to cover my huge Dragon weakness.

edit: I do have a Metagross but he sucks. Quirky nature and random EVs because I leveled him years ago when I was a newb. No idea what IVs are either.

The Mighty Wurmple
19th May 2007, 9:33 AM
Why did you put an smily of a Slaking when it was actually a Regice?

19th May 2007, 9:44 AM
You viewed the post when I was in the middle of editing it. It's fixed now :)