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19th May 2007, 2:52 PM
What do you think the new abilities will affect in Mystery Dungeon 2?

Adaptability- Makes normal moves stronger(the physical normal attack)
Aftermath- When enters in battle the pokémon gains Counter state
Anger Point- Highens Attack when attacked
Antecipation- Evades Super Effective attacks
Download- Gets the last super effective attack type as type 1
Dry Skin- Gains 1/8 HP every turn its raining, when its sunny it loses 1/8 HP each turn
Frisk- Marks the enemies who have items
Filter- Super Effective hits deals 1/2 damage
Flower Gift- Same as D/P, when enters in battle and there's sun, its Sp. Attack rises (and all pokémon's in the same room)
Forewarn- Same as Antecipation
Heat Proof- Fire type moves deal 1/2 damage
Honey Gatter- Makes honey appear as held item
Hydration- Same as D/P(and all friends in the same room)
Icy Body- Recovers HP when it hails and snows
Iron Fist- Punch attacks and normal physical attack deal more damage
Klutz- User cannot hold items
Leaf Guard- When sunny, no pokémon can have a status effect
Magic Guard- Only attacks can deal damage to this pokémon (neither gravelerock can deal damage)
Mold Breaker- No abilities in the same room have effect
Motor Drive- Same as D/P effects
Multitype- Same as D/P effects
No Armour- Same as D/P effects
Normalize- Same as D/P effects
Poison Heal- Poison Status to this pokémon recover HP
Quick Feet- When this pokémon suffers from a status effect, the team/the pokémons in the same room get quickier
Reckless- When this pokémon uses counter or reversal it deals 3/4 the normal damage
Rivalry- Same as D/P effects
Scrappy- Same as D/P effects
Simple- Same as D/P effects(items have 5/4 effect)
Skill Link- Same as D/P effects
Slow Start- Same as D/P effects
Sniper- Same as D/P effects(+10 Base power)
Snow Cloak- Evasion x2 when there is a snowstorm
Snow Warning- Summons a Hailstorm
Solar Power- Same as D/P effects
Solid Rock- Same as Filter
Stall- Same as D/P effects
Steadfast- Same as D/P effects
Storm DRain- Water Attacks are drawn to this pokémons and have no effect
Super Luck- Focus Energy effects
Tangled Feat- Same as D/P effects
Technician- Same as D/P effects
Tinted Lens- Same as D/P effects
Unaware- Blocks Stats Rising moves
Unburden- Same as D/P effects

Post your thoughts

19th May 2007, 3:09 PM