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25th May 2007, 9:07 AM
Okay. I get like, a lot of PMs each day because people want to know what certain words mean. That's why I used up three hours of my time to make this glossary =D. Hopefully it helps. If I forgot anything, then I'll just add it :P. (Hopefully this isn't counted mini-modding). It's Alphabetized so everything is easy to find!


Advertising – Linking to another channel or website (other than Serebii.net or serebiiforums.com) is called advertising. Doing this on #SPP or #SPP-Wifi will get you script kicked.

Access – If someone has +, % or @ by their name, sometimes people say that they have Access.

Alt+F4 – Sometimes non-ops want to get rid of people. A common way of doing this, is by telling people to press Alt+F4. Doing this will close your current window and have you disconnect. Telling people to do this will get you kicked.

Autogreet – Some members have permission for special autogreets. When a user logs on, anybody with autogreets for that person will “say” them. A famous member with autogreets is Serebii himself, who often has many messeges saying “Head-Honcho” following his arrival ;).

Auto Op – Auto Operators are marked with a @ next to their names. They have the power to kick anyone with %, + or no status at all. They can also promote anyone in status and make it permanent. See the access list for more information.

Ban – Half Ops (%) and above can ban members. A banned member in a channel itself, can’t say anything (Unless they have voice status or above). A banned member who is not in the channel, can’t get back into it unless the ban is cleared, regardless of status. A manual ban will last until an op clears it, while a script ban lasts about five minutes.

Ban Evasion – When a banned member somehow works out a way to get back into a channel even though they’ve been banned, we say they are evading. Ban Evasion is not allowed on Serebii.net chat.

Bold – If you press Ctrl+B before typing your sentence, the sentence will come out in bold. Beware, over use of this command will count as shouting and may get you kicked.

Bot – A bot is a “user” of a chatroom that isn’t actually human. They’re a script which has been coded to say things upon being asked, or to give status etc. Examples include ChanServ and Serebiibot (Or the infamous gimp :P).

Caps – To talk in caps is to use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Use more than ten in the same sentence, and you’ll get a script ban.

Colors – If you type Ctrl+K, you’ll get a choice of colors to use with your text. These aren’t allowed on SPP or SPP-Wifi though.

Clones – A clone is a duplicate of the same user. If you load Java in two different windows, you’re cloning for having two users with the same IP.

<censored> - Comes up instead of naughty words.

Disconnect – When someone’s connection goes, they’ll disconnect from IRC. Their nick however, will remain on the list. See “Ghost” to work out how to get rid of your nicks.

Event Pokemon – Saying Arceus, Darkrai or Shaymin in the Wifi-Chat will get you kick banned.

Excepts - AKA +e... these are given to people (Usually people that can't kill morons, usually VOps, but I've seen other people get them sometimes. You can't really tell if someone has +e, but people with excepts can't be banned from the chan, even if the ops kick them out

Flooding – Flooding means saying many lines in a very short space of time.

Ghost – It’s annoying when someone’s using your nick. You can “kick” them if you’ve registered it though. Type /NickServ GHOST <nick> <password> - Put the password you use to Identify in the password area.

Guest – A guest is someone who hasn’t chosen a nick yet. Everyone who enters through Java comes in as Guest####.

Half Op – A person with % next to their name is Half Op or hop. They have the power to kick and ban, but cannot give permanent status. See the access list for more info.

Hacking – Saying Action Replay or Gameshark on the chat will get you kick banned.

Harassment – To harass someone is to annoy or abuse them in any way, in either the normal chat, query or PM. You can be kicked for this.

Identify – If you’ve registered your nick, you need to Identify after you start using it. Type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>. Put your registration password in. You won’t get any Status until you Identify. To Register your nick, type /NickServ REGISTER <password> <e-mail>

Invite – To invite someone to a channel.

Java – The Java client used to access the chatroom.

Join – To join another channel, type /join #Channel. On Java type /j #Channel

Kick – % and @ can kick members from channels. Sometimes you will be kicked and not banned, in this case rejoin the channel (See Join). If you were banned, you won’t be able to rejoin until your ban expires.

Lingo – Some of the terms used…

Afk: Away from keyboard.
Asl – Age, Sex, Location. Example reply: 17/F/Australia etc.
Bbs – Be back soon
Bbl – Be back later
Bbt – Be back tomorrow
Btw – By the way
Brb – Be right back.
Ftw – For the win
Iirc: If I recall correctly
Lol – Laugh out loud
Lmao – Laughing my **** off
Nvm - Nevermind
Rofl – Roll on the floor laughing
Wth – What the hell/heck
Wtf – What the ****

Log – A record of the chat.

/me command – Called purple text by some. If you type /me rules, it’ll come up with *(Your nick) rules.

Mute – A mute is when an op “bans” everyone on the channel, so that no one can talk except for + and up.

Mass (Un)Ban/Op – A mass ban or opping is when more than one person is opped, banned or unbanned.

Mods – Don’t exist in the Chat Room. Say Ops instead =/.

mIRC – A client which many users use as an alternative to Java. Has more features.

Nick – Your nick is your name which you use in the chat. See Identify for details on registering. To change your nick, type /nick <nick>

Netsplit – A Netsplit is when the Server for SPP “splits” in two.

Op – Generally speaking, an op is a member with permanent + (Voice Op) % (Half Op) or @ (Auto Op). The word is short for “Operator”.

Owner – Highest rank of op. This is the person who started the channel, and has the most powers of anyone in the chat.

Ping – When somebody disconnects, their nick won’t leave immediately. It will usually leave about 1-10 minutes after. When it leaves, we say it “Pings”. You can ghost your nicks before this however (See ghost).

PM – Short for private message. Double click on someone’s nick to have a private conversation with them.

Query – If you would like to query someone – that is to say, tell them something that you don’t want anyone else to hear, without going to PM – right click their name and choose query.

Roleplay – To Roleplay (RP for short) is to pretend to be doing things or being someone which you aren’t in reality. Abuse of the /me command can be counted Roleplaying.

Repeating – To repeat is to say the same thing more than twice in a row.

Racism – You should all know what this means, but let me tell you that it’s not tolerated in SPP. Making racial comments will get you kicked.

Script – A script is a sort of code which allows a user to automatically kick, identify, ban, join and do a lot of other things.

Super Op – A super op is the highest rank you can be without being the owner. Has the same powers as an Auto Op, but can also protect themselves from being kicked.

Shouting – To talk in ALL CAPS or all bold counts as shouting and is considered rude. Don’t do it.

Spam - Short for Stupid, Pointless, Annoying, Messeges. Saying things that are utterly off topic and pointless, saying too many lines in a row, abusing punctuation or repeating letter (like this: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) or words (hahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahaa) is considered spam.

Topic – This is the first sentence you see when you join a new channel. It has some important stuff in it, so be sure to read it, and stay on it.

Underline – Type control+u before your sentence to underline it. Don’t abuse this though, as it could get you kicked.

Voice – To have voice is to have a + next to your name. It doesn’t allow you to kick or ban, but you can talk in mutes, or when you’re banned.

Vop – Vop is basically permanent voice, which you’ll get whenever you join the channel and identify.

Wifi – Short of SPP-Wifi channel. You may be told to go there if you start discussing Wifi in SPP.

Whois - You can right click someone's nick and choose "Whois". This will bring up some information about them, such as their IP, Real name the channels they're on etc.

XChat – Mac equivalent of mIRC, with a few small differences.

Nothing here ;o;

Nothing here ;o;


I was kicked from SPP, and now I can’t rejoin! How long will my ban last?
Depends on if it’s a script or a manual. A script will last for about five minutes, whilst a manual will last until an op decides to remove it. Usually this won’t take more than a day. Asking to be unbanned however, is just going to get you banned for longer :P.

I got kicked for “flooding” even though I didn’t say anything in a very short space of time!
An op with scripts was obviously lagging and the script thought you were flooding when you obviously weren’t. Don’t worry though, it’s a script ban and you’ll only be banned for about five minutes.

How do I become an op?
Be really active and come on often. Also follow rules and make friends with existing ops (Don’t suck up though). Also, remember the golden rule: DON’T ASK.

I got kicked for something that isn’t against the rules!
Ops on Serebii.net are usually reasonable and wouldn’t kick for no reason. Remember to read the rules thread on the forums too.

I got kicked by a script for the wrong reason!
Scripts kick people who mention the wrong words or do the wrong things. Try using other words if you know that the word is on the filter. Just don’t break any rules. If you did get kicked, the ban will wear off after 5 minutes. So don’t worry.

26th May 2007, 3:56 AM
omg... I won't lie to you... I was actually gonna do something like this myself... but everytime I attempt to, the forums die on me. well, at least you got it up. XD

EDIT: Oh, and before I forget... there's something you forgot...

Excepts - AKA +e... these are given to people (Usually people that can't kill morons, usually VOps, but I've seen other people get them sometimes. You can't really tell if someone has +e, but people with excepts can't be banned from the chan, even if the ops kick them out... I'm guessing this is only given to a select few people permanently that don't really deserve HOp or higher, and only if they can be trusted not to abuse it.
And just so you know... I currently have +e in #SPP-Wifi... so if it looks like I'm evading, I'm not... my script forces me back in, anyway.

I'll add anything if I remember... you do the same thing, too. XD

Ho-oh Master
26th May 2007, 5:43 AM
Now if we can get Guests to come here and read it >_>

27th May 2007, 3:53 AM
I'll see if I can get someone to sticky it... if not, then that's fine, too... *PMed a mod this place... but I think they were away*

Ho-oh Master
27th May 2007, 5:52 AM
Its mostly laziness. People don't even read the chat room rules. Maybe this should be linked in the chat...

Sonozaki Maya
27th May 2007, 12:04 PM
Whois can also be done by /whois <nick> obviously.

Founder is a synonymous term with Owner.

It might be worth noting that even if you come on a lot there's a chance you won't gain access at all (I've been around for well over 2+ years, and I STILL don't have VOp).

11th June 2007, 9:16 PM
I've always wondered why the chat bans you for using lots of capitals because they think it's rude, or yelling. (I answered my own question. >>')Some chatroom rules (not just SPPF's) are pretty stupid IMO.

13th June 2007, 8:49 AM

- Now wasn't that post annoying to read?