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28th May 2007, 5:48 AM
i have just recently acquired 380 legit pokemon in my dex, and was wondering how many legit pokemon others have...

i doubt i will ever get the last 6, cause i dont think i can get them without cheating. (i am missing mew, celebi, ho-oh, lugia, jirachi, deoxys)

28th May 2007, 9:02 AM
Out of those six, I have five of them legit. Missing Deoxys.

28th May 2007, 9:08 AM
I have all 386 (in Sapphire). I'm not sure which ones aren't legit... Celebi and Jirachi, at least.

Although I'm thinking of buying Pokemon Channel, so that I can get a legit Jirachi.

28th May 2007, 10:00 AM
ShinyManafi i wish i knew you lol...

28th May 2007, 10:35 AM
you an get Ho-oh from colluseum and Lugia from XD

28th May 2007, 10:37 AM
Done that :D

I have about 200 ish on Sapphire (im not really into Completing the dex) and atm 9 on FR! :D

28th May 2007, 3:42 PM
I ahve Ho-Ho and Lugia from Colosseum/XD, Deoxys from sending my game into Nintendo and Jirachi from Pokémon Channel. And Mew from my friend who has a GS so thats not Legit. I just need Celebi! (and slowpoke. the one pokemon thats only available on LG. -.-)

Emerald Metagross
28th May 2007, 3:43 PM
381 on my Emerald, missing Mew, Lugia, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys.

28th May 2007, 6:03 PM
382 at Leafgreen, missing Mew, Celebi, Jirachi and Deoxys

29th May 2007, 7:58 AM
it was a ***** getting totodile, chikorita etc...

had to get pokedex filled 3 times... trading back and forth from emerald.

i just hope to one day meet someone with legit deoxys, mew, celebi, jirachi, ho-oh, lugia...

29th May 2007, 8:08 AM
i got 380 legit as well, and im trying my best to get legit versions of the 6 remaining.

****might be off-topic questions**** if the OT and ID No. of the mew celebi etc matches with the official event OT and ID No. then they are legit right?

29th May 2007, 10:04 AM
On emerald like 308 legit, i can't cheat because EB ect.... don't sell AR's and they don't bring events to Australia. (They should!) Also how are you ment to get all three jhoto starters?

Thor's Beard
29th May 2007, 10:13 AM
ive got about 230 on FR and completed the hoenn dex on sapphire but its too much effort to put them all on one game really.

29th May 2007, 1:55 PM
pokemon_luver u can either reset emerald twice more or get em from colosseum

29th May 2007, 1:57 PM
the only one im missing is Mew.

29th May 2007, 6:18 PM
I've got 364. I'm missing basically FireRed exclusives, Entei and Suicine, Chikorita line and Totodile line, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, and Deoxys. My brother borrowed Colosseum from his friend, however, and he has FireRed. I just need to trade his exclusives for my exclusives and I'll be content with my 3rd gen Pokedex.

29th May 2007, 6:30 PM
381:Missing Deoxys,Mew,Celibe,Jirachi,Ho-Oh

30th May 2007, 7:38 AM

i had to trade all my pokemon to leafgreen, then reset the game and trade back for the next starter...

it takes forever transferring that many pokemon...

30th May 2007, 8:06 AM
I would rather not do that lol, I'll just help my friends who have emerald get 200 hoen pokemon

EDIT: I also don't have a game cube so that means i don't have colosseum

30th May 2007, 9:23 AM
i have 350 i am trying to get all pokemon mostly legit but i want a full pokedex so i don't mind hacked ones

1st June 2007, 6:25 PM
i only need mew, celebi, deoxys i;m going to send it away so i can get the ticket for deosys and mew

1st June 2007, 6:31 PM
it was a ***** getting totodile, chikorita etc...

had to get pokedex filled 3 times... trading back and forth from emerald.

i just hope to one day meet someone with legit deoxys, mew, celebi, jirachi, ho-oh, lugia...

The only pokémon i don't own is mew/celebi for deoxis i went to event and jirach i have from Pokémon channel lugia and ho-oh i got from collosseum and XD so i guess at D/P i will finally get my full dex ^^

3rd June 2007, 12:04 PM
I have 303 on LG, but my focuses are on other things currently. I might as well finish it before D/P though...

16th June 2007, 6:35 PM
I have 374 missing the six "unobtainable" and Chikorita and Totodile families (my stupid brother with Émeraude refuses to start over to get those two starters :@)

16th June 2007, 6:45 PM
i have about 330 difrent.
optained from only ruby and fire red

16th June 2007, 8:22 PM
220 something in Firered. I can't be bothered to trade most of the Hoenn Pokemon over from Sapphire/Emerald.

Expert Socky
17th June 2007, 2:54 AM
385. Need Mew.

17th June 2007, 5:03 AM
148 in Emerald, Johto starters ar'nt really good. And besides, I have the BF.