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29th May 2007, 9:07 AM
Hey, before i portray my request, please know that im knew to all this! i dont claim to be any good at team building so please critisize away =)

okay well i dont play online or competitivley, but i need help making a squad for the Battle Frontier, ive completed every pokemon game up to emerald, and im setting myself this challenge of beating BF with my fav. pokemon plus 1 other, my fav pokemon are:

Umbreon (who makes a good Sp/Phs sponge)

Charizard (not bad SpA i think hehe)

my request is can anyone help me construct my team using these 2 pokemon and one other??? please help me out! dont worry about items but just help me with movesets/EVs/Nature.

thanks =)

29th May 2007, 10:35 AM
Umbreon is not a very good choice ingame, as it's main purpose is just to trap pokemon and Baton Pass to another more suitable pokemon to KO it. Again, Baton Pass doesn't work in the Battle Frontier, because you've only got 2 pokemon to choose from as the recipients of Umbreon's Mean Look.

Charizard is also not a very good choice, as although it has good SpA, it has only effectively 2 moves to choose from: Flamethrower and Dragon Claw (3 if you've got a good Hidden Power). Its 4X Rock weakness also doesn't benefit it.

I can't see Umbreon working in the BF at all, sorry. But I can provide a set for Charizard.

Charizard @ Petaya Berry
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spd
- Substitute
- Sunny Day
- Flamethrower
- Dragon Claw
makes use of its SpA.


Charizard @ Leftovers
Lonely Nature (+Atk, -Def)
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Att / 252 Spd
- Swords Dance
- Aerial Ace
- Earthquake
- Flamethrower
makes use of physical movepool.

29th May 2007, 12:45 PM
thanks alot!! if its not too much truble, which 2 pokemon wud work well with charizard =)

29th May 2007, 12:46 PM
either a SpA char, or Phs char either i dont mind, thanks agen

29th May 2007, 4:44 PM
Don't double post :(

Anyway, you need a dedicated wall for your team. Just choose either Milotic/Swampert/Suicune/Regice/Snorlax/Vaporeon/Dusclops. Those are what I can remember.

Next you'll round off your team with an attacker. If you chose the Sunny Day Zard, go with a physical attacker like Salamence or Metagross. If you chose the physical Charizard then have a special attacker like Latios, Starmie or Alakazam.

Again, keep in mind that these are merely suggestions. I would advise you to come up with some pokemon yourself, then post them for us to rate.