View Full Version : Having problems with an op who should be banned

Umbreon is best
10th June 2007, 1:16 AM
ok i was chatting with him cause he banned for cloning which i didn't do so i talk to him he started cursing and fliping out on me i think he should be deoped he did explain it in a mean horrible way he said i was cloning java but i wasn't doing it my brother on the same modem just went to chat also so then he said we were both idolized at the same time thats because we also have lives and went into our recent opening of the pool then he said i was breaking two rules a few moments after i explained because i was even suppose to talking to him i read the rules and it said no where that i couldn't speak to an op he gave me a link to the glossary found in the link below then i read the wifi chatroom rules again plz read this is important

10th June 2007, 4:33 AM
Actually, I saw the log. Sorry but, you cloned!
Also read the topic. It has some rules in there.

Erik Destler
10th June 2007, 4:42 AM
Learn grammar. ^_^;;;

This is how things played out.

I ran a clone scan of #SPP-wifi.
I saw that host.
They had both been IDLING a long time.

So I got rid of them.

How am I supposed to know it's two different people. :\


He got mad at me because I said the F word at him because I was in a bad mood and I was annoyed.

He told me I broke a rule.
I told him he was breaking a rule for PMing an Op.

That's the rule he was talking about.

I told him to check the topic.

And then he started to argue with me about that.

Note I never kicked him.

Anyways, I started getting annoyed with him becasue he was like


And he wouldn't listen.
And I was just getting fed up with him.


Logs right there.

It isn't my fault, Umbreon_is_Best, that you were foolish.

Note I apologized, did I not?


When the GIANT TEXT that shows up when you log in (topic) says "Don't PM Ops unless it's Important" ..don't PM Ops unless it's important. >:\

10th June 2007, 4:44 AM
Stfu, Erik is awesome. :[ And if you break the rules, you deserve getting kicked. now shut up and stop whining.

ETA: Oh, grammar helps.

10th June 2007, 5:07 AM
Heylookitsarunningsentencegeezdidyoueverthinktouse punctuationmarkstoseperatewhatyouresaying

Seriously. I refuse to read that wall of text. Judging by your complaint and me seeing "my brother", I'm inclined to believe that you're going with OOOOLD excuse of "lolz it wuznt me it wuz my brother/sister/dog!"