View Full Version : somethin i am really confused on doing

Umbreon is best
10th June 2007, 3:39 PM
Ok yesterday i was on serebii wifi chat looking for some pokemon yada yada yada so i forgot to loggoff and i was kicked out for cloning. so when i messeged him he said the same thing i thought he was talking about pokemon but it was java but before he explained this to me he started to break the rules himslef. he broek rule number 1 on the wifi chat it states " this is a chat for all ages so don't swear" which he did if i were him i would expalin it nicely. then he started yealling about me for talking to him. then he gave me a link to another set of rules. he said one of the rules was that we cannot talk to an op. so i read every rule for the chat and didn't find anything on that we couldn't talk to him. then he started cursing more at me cause i told him that wasn't one of the rules. What should I do?

Grovyle/cindaquil R best
10th June 2007, 3:56 PM
was it Erick_Destler cause yea he also cursed at me I think he should be banned

Umbreon is best
10th June 2007, 3:59 PM
how was i suppose to know that on different computers java is being cloned its not my fault if this keeps happenig i will find a nicer site to go on maybe i just quit serebii and leave

10th June 2007, 5:44 PM
You do realize that ops won't know whether you share a computer with your siblings.

To be honest, he's an Op on the channel, he can't get kicked unless it's by someone of higher authority than him. Quit whining and get over it. You're just wasting your time by whining over stuff like 'Oh, I got banned on chat. Boohoo.' then go complain to the Op who bans you. Wow, you probably got your ban EXTENDED.