View Full Version : A virus on the chat! What the heck?!

Cipher Admin Xaos
13th June 2007, 4:56 PM
Ok. So I was rebooting my PC this morning, right? Now, I was on the chat yesterday and some pretty weird stuff has been happening there. On reboot, SpyCatcher alerts me that it stopped a Worm from acting. I check details for it on their site:


Method of infection: SDBot scans the network for network shares then tries to break into them with a weak-passwords cracker. It also attempts to spread via IRC.

Advertising: None.

Browser degradation: As with any worm, the entire infected computer will experience performance degradation.

Privacy issues: The controller of SDBot has access to all the files of an infected computer via the IRC client.

Security issues: SDBot opens an IRC client when it runs that allows the controller of SDBot to issue remote commands to the infected computer.

Stability issues: As with any worm, the entire infected computer may experience crashes or other errors.

Seriously. This chat was bad enough with all the 'ZOMG ANYBODY HAS A SHINY [crap pokemon]?!!1'. Now this?

Ho-oh Master
15th June 2007, 3:42 AM
From what I understand you say you went into chat and your Spyware detects this? Maybe you got the Virus from a hacker on the chat or another site?