View Full Version : Something NEEDS to be done about Erik_Destler

23rd June 2007, 9:37 PM
Today I was in Wifi_Chat just changing my nickname so I could go onto other places. I had truoble changing it and it said it was in use so I went into SPP and logged out then when I went back to WiFi chat I was banned. It said Kicked by Jesus(ew) now Jesus is Erik_Destler so is Dahlia and Satan. I saw him change his name. Now if its because I advertised to someone who asked if I knew any channles thats ok. I should only be banned from SPP chat because someone PMed me in SPP chat asking if I knew any good channles. So that i should only be banned from SPP chat ONLY in Wifi chat i didnt say a word to ANYONE. Something needs to e done about Erik_Destler abusing his powers and Captian Chris dont close this and say you crazy kids let the other mods read i please.