View Full Version : Whats Ash gonna do when the anime gets to the Area Island?

27th June 2007, 8:05 PM
This is a question we Pokemon anime fans have probably been asking ourselves. This thread is for you to post all your comments and thoughts and predictions about what might happen in the places of Area Island.

This is a prediction of mine:

Ash will battle Paul in the Pokemon League held at the Battle Area(this happens after everything after this sentence). In the Survival Area, Ash will meet with the red-haired guy that you meet the games and they'll scale Mt. Stark in search of the Magma Stone. On their way up, they meet up with Wake of Pastoria. In the mountain, they find Paul and they race to the peak of Stark to the Magma Stone. Paul finds it first and there's a big multi- episode miniseries because he awoke Heatran. After that, Dawn competes against Zoey and all over her other rivals at the Ribbon Hall in the Sinnoh Grand Festival in the Resort Area.

Gimmee thoughts! >=D