View Full Version : does no-one know if the films fit i with the series?

28th June 2007, 9:02 PM
i musta posted on a few forums and no-one knows, do any of them actually fit in???

29th June 2007, 2:39 AM
Ash's Charizard was in the Chariffic Valley in the entei movie i beleive it was the third film...

29th June 2007, 5:22 AM
It goes like this (and all of the movies take place sometime at the end of the season)

season one
movie one (mewtwo vs mew)

season two (orange islands)
movie 2000

season three (johto journeys, I think)
pokemon 3 the movie

season four (johto league journeys)
pokemon 4 ever

season five (johto league champions)
pokemon heroes

season six (pokemon advanced)
jirachi wishmaker

season seven (advanced challenge)
pokemon destiny deoxys

season eight (advanced battle)
lucario and the mystery of mew

season nine (battle frontier)
pokemon ranger and the prince of the sea

season ten (diamond & pearl)
Dialga vs Palkia vs Darkrai.
sorry if I got something wrong, my mind is fuzzy on everything before the advanced series. PM me if I got something wrong, and I'll try to fix it.

29th June 2007, 10:59 AM
thank you :] so i just watch each film at the end of each season and itll flow??

Sir Devious
29th June 2007, 12:00 PM
The movies actually take place between certain episodes... im not sure which. But yes it will still make sence. Just watch them towards the end of each season and it will all make sence. =] ;]

29th June 2007, 11:41 PM
thank you :] so i just watch each film at the end of each season and itll flow??

more than likely. the series can be watched without the use of movies and it'll flow, as no main character has ever caught any pokemon. Also I might add that the pikachu movie shorts don't take place during the anime, as it involves most of the main characters' pokemon.

hope I helped.;)