View Full Version : Requesting ban to be lifted.

1st July 2007, 7:46 PM
On SPP-wifi I was banned for having as you call them, "Clones" on the channel.

It was an honest accident and if you must know it happened like this:

My brother wanted to use my computer, so I went to the laptop, forgetting to close my Serebii.net chat window. I then opened it on the laptop. I was absent for a while, returning at about 16:27 GMT seeing that I had been banned (Using the username Fel or Felo).

It was an honest mistake and I would really like for the ban to be lifted so I could resume battling using the chatroom.

The likely time for me to have been banned was at 16:20-16:27 GMT 1st of July 2007

Thank you for your time,