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10th July 2007, 2:51 PM
#084 Doduo (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/084.shtml)
#085 Dodrio (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/085.shtml)
http://www.serebii.net/art/84.png (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/084.shtml)
http://www.serebii.net/art/85.png (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/085.shtml)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/normal.gif http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/flying.gif
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/normal.gif http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/flying.gif

21st July 2007, 2:04 AM
i hav these pokemon and i can breed a varitety of these pokemon and will trade them 2 anyone interested

21st July 2007, 2:04 AM
i hav these pokemon and i can breed a varitety of these pokemon and will trade them 2 anyone interested

29th July 2007, 10:45 AM
I'd like a Doduo, any nature, female. PM me with what you would like; I have a good amount of uncommon pokemon and plenty of egg move pokemon to trade.

10th August 2007, 3:17 AM
Looking for an adament natured doduo untouched with brave bird
I can trade bagon with hydro pump
aron with dragon rush

15th August 2007, 6:59 AM
Looking for some Doduo

I have these to trade:

All starter pokemon beside bulbasaur and squirtle
various other pokemon

PM me for offers

26th October 2007, 2:08 PM
I got shiny doduo up to trade, will trade for another shinys. pm me!

26th October 2007, 2:17 PM
i have normal doduo.
i am also looking for a shiny one, but i dont want it very much.

26th October 2007, 2:18 PM
Looking for a male and female adamant Doduo with Brave Bird.

1st December 2007, 7:41 AM
Ugh... [fail]

26th December 2007, 11:19 PM
Offering a shiny Lv.2 Female Relaxed Doduo.
Let me know if you're interested!

13th January 2008, 8:41 AM
Please, I really need a doduo for breeding, if anyone has one, PLEASE lmk

14th January 2008, 8:23 PM
Looking for a Hasty, Jolly(preferably), Naive Natured Doduo/Dodrio with XD move Baton Pass, preferably untouched

PM me if u got one

14th January 2008, 8:42 PM
I have a lv 77 shiny dodrio. Looking for any other mundane shiny that i don't have.

14th January 2008, 8:45 PM
looking for a adamant great atk/speed iv dodrio pm me

2nd February 2008, 8:28 AM
I'm offering a Dodrio from XD - Impish, knows Drill Peck/Baton Pass/Agility/Tri Attack. Untoched.
Accepting pokes with egg moves, or even shinys or rare pokes - feel free to make any offer that you think I may like however. :)

3rd February 2008, 8:33 PM
Looking for Doduo or Dugtrio PM me

10th March 2008, 8:57 PM
have a lv 50 shiny dodrio
pm me for offerss

2nd April 2008, 10:35 AM
I'm looking for any level, any natured (Although Adamant is preferred if possible) female Doduo or Dodrio. I can offer any of the starters from any generation or some other things for it, please PM me and let me know.

21st April 2008, 2:11 PM
I have a 100% legit Shiny male Dodrio with Timid Nature.
(Early Bird) lv 50 and right now it knows Steel Wing, Fury Attack, Peck, and Drill Peck.

Because I won't be able to trade it for the next two months, I'm willing to EV train/ change moves if anyone is interested. ;) Because of it's Nature, I might be able to get it near 328 speed. PM me if interested please.

3rd May 2008, 8:45 PM
I am trading a fully EVed (Atk and Spd) Dodrio lvl 100
PM me for offers

10th June 2008, 11:45 AM
i have a shiny doduo and dodrio (quiet)
looking for other shinies.

12th June 2008, 8:39 PM
I need a Doduo, any gender. I can give different Pokemon, items, and TMs for it. PM me!

13th June 2008, 1:02 AM
i am offering a long necked dodrio level 31 male calm nature 81 hp 65 atk 56 def 45 sp atk 52 sp def and 72 speed {moves are pursuit fury attack tri attack and rage} pm me wit offers i am looking for a pokemon i dont own/seen for dex also shinies
thank you

25th September 2008, 11:58 PM
I really need a Doduo or Dodrio.
Pm me please.

10th November 2008, 3:33 AM
Just caught three shiny doduo, all level 2 and UT, relaxed, careful and adamant natured. looking for other UT shinies. pm for offers AJ

16th November 2008, 9:35 AM
Got a random bbreed:
Jolly Doduo.
It bred with pokémon with high IVs, so if anyone needs it.

Surfer pikachu
7th December 2008, 8:06 AM
I need a Doduo doesn't matter the attacks it's for completing my pokedex but if it can have brave bird it could be better
I can give out TM's and Pokemon's

PM me

7th December 2008, 11:21 PM
Looking for Jolly baton pass dodrio, preferably untouched or ev'd in speed

will trade something good for it. pm me

Mega Weavile
16th February 2009, 10:05 PM
I'm looking for either two Doduos, or two Dodrios or one of each, but the Doduo have to be at Lv. 46 or higher and the Dodrio at Lv. 55 or higher. Also, one of them has to be Male and the other Female.

VM me telling what you want for them and I'll see what I can do.

4th March 2009, 5:23 PM
Can anyone trade a Doduo egg with me please?

23rd March 2009, 6:51 AM
I really REALLY want a shining duduo. If male, named Kadaj, and if female, Cherry. Have the following shinings up for grabs:

Legit sassy leafeon level 2
Ruby zigzagoon event/promo level 15

2nd April 2009, 11:55 AM
need a lv.1 doduo with adamant nature. am willing to offer legendaries, shiny legendaries, starters, fossils, or others if you are interested.

20th May 2009, 1:56 AM
can breed UT doudo eggs, pm me with offers.

7th June 2009, 2:14 PM
I need a doduo pm me

1st July 2009, 11:59 PM
Offering two Shiny Dodou, UT level 2.

PM for more details~

PS. Looking for a shiny Ekans in return, but will take others.

26th July 2009, 6:43 AM
Have Shiney Dodou for trade, looking for legendaries or other shineys.

1st August 2009, 8:07 PM
I have 3 shiny doduo up for trade.
(All Male) Bashful, Brave and Adamant.
I'm looking for any legendaries or other shinies.

Edit: Adamant is out.

3rd August 2009, 5:06 AM
I have lots of Shiny Dodou untouched im looking for other shinies PM me with offers:)

Emerald 2006
6th August 2009, 4:01 AM
I'm looking for a Dodrio, either to trade for, or Trade-Back for the Entry, it doesn't matter. I have many pokemon to offer, PM me to work out a deal.

24th September 2009, 4:41 AM
Im looking for a Dodrio with decent IV's, please PM me if you have one and ill tell you what i have to offer

3rd January 2010, 8:41 AM
im looking for a doduo or dodrio, i can offer everything but shiny pm me if interest

21st January 2010, 8:05 PM
I'm looking for any Doduo or Dodrio for the dex.
I can offer many pokemons like starters...
PM me.

16th February 2010, 6:11 PM
i breed doduo. pm me

17th March 2010, 10:49 PM
can i get a lv.20 doduo please

3rd May 2010, 4:21 PM
Looking for a shiny Dodrio, got many legendary for trade. PM me

5th June 2010, 1:57 AM
Hi I am looking for someone to breed me a hasty natured doduo with the charectoristics of "likes to run". If anyone can breed me this I'll happily hive away a few shinies such as shiny togekiss shiny loppuny and shiny eevee. Just pm me if you can fufill my dream. Thanks!

3rd September 2010, 6:29 PM
Can anyone get me a baton pass Jolly dodrio? Anyone?

8th October 2010, 5:57 AM
I'm looking for a shiny Doduo and a shiny Dodrio. I have events and shinys. PM me.

10th October 2010, 7:00 PM
I have a UT Lvl. 2 shiny Doduo.
Timid, Early Bird, Capable of taking hits, caught in Platinum.

He is nicknamed Kiwi, but if you want I can change his name.

I'm looking for a TRU Regigigas or other event Pokemon I don't have.

1st November 2010, 5:07 AM
Seeking a shiny Doduo. Preferably UT but not mandatory. Offering shinies in return! Please PM!

26th March 2011, 11:52 PM
i have a shiny doduo for trade pm me offers :)

21st April 2011, 10:04 AM
I have 3 boxfulls of 1lv Doduo on my SS. They have different Natures (predominantly Hasty, Lonely, Adamant, Timid, Jolly + various neutral natures), abilities (Early Bird/Run Away) and varying characteristics, and I'm willing to give them out to anyone who wants them.
PM me if you want any - you may also ask about a specific set of gender/nature/characteristic/ability if you wish and I'll see if I have it.

11th December 2011, 7:33 PM
Freshly caught lvl 42 Shiny Dodrio for trade. caught as a lvl 41 doduo but evolved using a rare candy so its still UT. Gentle nature. Pm for offers. AJ

19th December 2012, 11:08 PM
Looking for a shiny doduo or dorio, any lvl, UT or not, doesn't matter to me. Will offer any shiny in my signature. All have 0 evs via berries, though I could train for you!