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10th July 2007, 3:36 PM
#144 Articuno (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/144.shtml)
http://www.serebii.net/art/144.png (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/144.shtml)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/ice.gif http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/flying.gif

Commander Blitzkrieg
11th July 2007, 1:27 AM
I have an untouched Calm Articuno I'm willing to trade. I want Shinies. Any shiny will do. Don't care if it's cloned. In a way, I prefer clones. I will attach a special item if you trade.

11th July 2007, 10:38 PM
I need an Articuno. If anyone has one and is willing to trade, please PM me. ^_^

11th July 2007, 10:52 PM
I have an untouched Calm Articuno I'm willing to trade. I want Shinies. Any shiny will do. Don't care if it's cloned. In a way, I prefer clones. I will attach a special item if you trade.

I accept, I have a shiny meditite.

Name is YAZMI (;munchlax;weird name;munchlax;)
FC is 1160-6716-3765

12th July 2007, 2:35 AM
I have a level 100 Articuno I would like to trade. In return, I am looking for an Entei (clones are fine). Please PM me if you are interested.

13th July 2007, 5:06 AM
i have an Articuno from XD Gale of Darkness. it has special moves (haze, heal bell, and extrasensory. it's mild.

if you want it, check my trade thread and see if you have anything i'm looking for. if so, PM me with your offer.

14th July 2007, 7:22 AM
I'm looking for an XD Articuno with a special up nature, and some good IVs. I've got lots of rare and legendary pokemon for trade, including a modest Kyogre, Jirachi, and all of the rare berries (although you'd have to wait a few days for me to get another Lansat and Starf berry)

15th July 2007, 12:48 AM
I am trading a impish nature articuno manly looking for shinys cloning is ok

15th July 2007, 4:45 PM
looking for articuno. i will trade:any one of the johoto or kanto starters female
grondon called undertaker lv 52brave nature
uxie lv50 bold nature
shiny elekid lv 3jolly nature
or rhyperior lv54 mild nature
fc:2320 2916 6966

15th July 2007, 4:54 PM
I am trading a impish nature articuno manly looking for shinys cloning is ok

i have a shiny elekid lv 3 jolly nature

Lord Bowser
15th July 2007, 4:55 PM
I have a Modest Articuno.

15th July 2007, 4:58 PM
i will trade you one of my pokemon

18th July 2007, 2:06 AM
i am trading tons of articunos non hacked i will trade tree for a shiny legandary and two for a shiny treeko or szizor those are what i am manly looking for with take others to
pm me if interested

19th July 2007, 10:59 PM
i have a manaphy egg and will trade for a articuno
with the move set icebeam,extrasensary,tailwind,and blizard

24th July 2007, 3:27 PM
I'm looking for an Aricuno from JAA (OT is 10 ANIV).

If you have it, I'll trade you one of my event Pokemon for it. ^^

24th July 2007, 6:21 PM
Looking for a good natured shiny Articuno, I have a couple shiny Pokemon for trade. They are:

Tyranitar(Lv.80, untouched. Levled up by rare candies)
Latias(EV trained)
Milotic(EV Trained)
Electivire(EV trained)

Other EV trained Pokemon(Not shiny) I have are:

Arcanine(2, one special attacker, one physical)
Garchomp(Supposed to get it in a trade for EV trained Swampert)

jd kids
24th July 2007, 6:22 PM
andrmx wat lv is electivire cause i have a shiny articuno

24th July 2007, 6:28 PM
It is level 100, stats are:


Forgot to add moveset:

Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Cross Chop


I was just informed that it's hacked, as someone calculated the IV's for me. If you still want it, I'll definetly give it up for the shiny Articuno.

25th July 2007, 2:38 PM
I'm offering Feebas, any starter (from all games), Spiritomb and manapy egg, all pokérus infected (except the egg). PM me if interested.
EDIT: I have one now, so I'm not so interested any more

26th July 2007, 5:40 PM
i want a 10 anv articuno(untouched), pm me if you have one to trade

27th July 2007, 2:58 PM
looking for a articuno i will trade jirachi or deoxys..maybe something els. DONT NEED IT ANY MORE

27th July 2007, 10:25 PM
I have 4 articuno for trade:

Articuno: hardy (100) with extrasensory, quiet (50), calm (53), serious (50)

Please PM me with offers.

29th July 2007, 5:17 AM
I have a legit untouched lvl 50 atricuno up for trade. pm me your offers

29th July 2007, 7:32 AM
I want a modest articuno, can offer a shiny dustox, or other stuff. Pm me with offers.

1st August 2007, 10:41 AM
If anyone has a Shiny Articuno pm me
I have ALOT of shinies

2nd August 2007, 10:42 AM
if anyone has a 10th ann. articuno i have a bunch of shinies just pm me and lets see what we can work out.

3rd August 2007, 1:48 PM
I need an Articuno. If anyone has one and is willing to trade, please PM me. ^_^

i ahve an articuno, legit

4th August 2007, 7:40 AM
If anyone has a Shiny Articuno pm me
I have ALOT of shinies

Still looking

4th August 2007, 8:02 AM
need articuno for dex can offer well pretty much nothing a regi maybe or the 3 hoenn legendaries

4th August 2007, 7:41 PM
I dont care If its cloned, but It needs to be cloned from a legit one. And have a nature that isnt neutral.

I got plenty of shinys to offer.

4th August 2007, 8:04 PM
I have an Articuno. I cant remember what the nature of it is though but I'm pretty sure its not neutral.

5th August 2007, 2:05 AM
Is yours 10 ANIV, legit and untouched?

5th August 2007, 8:32 PM
I have a legit untouched shiny Articuno. PM me if interested. I'm looking mainly for shiny legends, starters and baby pokemon.

6th August 2007, 1:03 PM
Looking for 10Aniv Articuno (JAA), please PM me if you have one!!

I can offer:
- Shiny Beldum
- Shiny Gyarados
- Shiny Abra
- many more, just ask in PM!

6th August 2007, 5:32 PM
I'm looking for an Articuno, doesn't have to be untouched, doesn't have to be 100, all I ask is that it is legit. I can give a level 100 Dialga, OR a custom made Milotic.

8th August 2007, 8:03 AM
I'm offering an Articuno.
Please PM me if you're interested. It can be yours for anything listed in my signature. I can also equip it with a Rare Candy, Master Ball, Heart Scale, Exp. Share or Macho Brace -OR- infect it with the PokRus depending on what you're willing to trade. I'll be online for the next few hours.

8th August 2007, 4:46 PM
i am lookin for a 10 aniv articuno if any body has one untouched pm me and ill trade u a 10 aniv to or pm me to see my list of events
so we can workout a deal

Ash's Pika Pal
8th August 2007, 11:01 PM
I have a japanese Articuno from XD and I'm willing to give it away for free.

11th August 2007, 12:48 AM
I have over 65 differnt shinies so pm me if you want to trade
Im looking 4 a 10th anniv Articuno

11th August 2007, 6:15 PM
I'm looking for a 10 aniv articuno and a shiny articuno pm me for offers

11th August 2007, 11:48 PM
i have one up for trade. pm me with offers.

12th August 2007, 3:15 AM
I am looking for a Shiny Articuno, legit of course and preferably untouched, i offer untouched legit Shiny Latios

15th August 2007, 7:27 AM
Looking for some Articunos

I have these to trade:

All starter pokemon beside bulbasaur and squirtle
various other pokemon

PM me for offers

17th August 2007, 9:36 PM
I have LV 70 something shiny articuno I would like a shiny wobbofet or a shiny polwhirl for it, pm me if you want to trade

20th August 2007, 1:38 AM
I'm looking for a Pokemon XD Articuno with Heal Bell and Extrasensory taught. Preferably Bold, Calm, or Modest nature. I'd like it untouched and legit. If it is EV trained please tell me its EV's.


20th August 2007, 5:48 PM
I'm looking for any articuno
PM me if you have one to trade. Let me know what you are looking for in return.

Arbok Starship
22nd August 2007, 5:18 AM
looking for 10ANNIV and 10JAHRE Articuno...will trade big for both....PM me for offer...they also must be untouched

doctor worm
22nd August 2007, 10:22 PM
I have an Articuno. Looking for shinies. PM me with offers

22nd August 2007, 10:38 PM
Lord Bowser, looked at your shinies, I will give you Shiny Articuno for Shiny Charizard

Doctor Worm, If you get me Shiny Charizard, I will give you Rapidash.

30th August 2007, 6:49 PM
need articuno shiny or not dont matter, send pm of what u need i might have

3rd September 2007, 5:08 PM
articuno's for trade pm if interested (not cloned)

3rd September 2007, 11:31 PM
i hav a shiny articuno with a master ball and will only trade for a shiny ditto as seen in sig

8th September 2007, 5:54 PM
trading legit untouced articuno, zapdos, and moltres

9th September 2007, 5:54 AM
Looking for legit all three 10th anniv legendary birds. Look in my sig for offers, PM me if interested.

11th September 2007, 10:49 AM
articuno, zapdos, moltres(nickname SAPHIRA) up for trade, accepting lugia and ho-oh, or even a suicune :)

11th September 2007, 10:54 AM
have untouched Lv50 shiny Articuno - sassy nature - caught in timer ball. Looking for other untouched shiny legendaries that I don;t have or events!

11th September 2007, 6:04 PM
Really want the three birds, please PM!

Mega Typhlosion
13th September 2007, 11:04 AM
I'm looking for a XD Bold Articuno that knows Heal Bell.

It must be untouched. PM me with what you want for it please.

14th September 2007, 5:07 PM
I'm looking for a timid articuno. I can trade feebas, spiritomb, any starter, raikou, jolly Jirachi, timid celebi...
pm me for offers!

dark heatran
15th September 2007, 3:38 PM
i need all three titan birds

Arbok Starship
19th September 2007, 10:17 AM
looking for 10ANNIV Articuno nicknamed ARKTOS...will trade events for one...PM me

20th September 2007, 3:24 AM
Looking for a level 50 Articuno, in return i'll trade a level 53 Moltres. Pm if you're interested :)

20th September 2007, 6:03 PM
Looking for an 10ANNI ARTICUNO, will trade big for it, not 10ANIV, OR 10ANNIV, must be 10ANNI
please P.M. me if you have one

25th September 2007, 4:28 PM
Trading Articuno lvl 52


2nd October 2007, 2:52 AM
hey im looking for an articuno i have an untouched palikia and some other good stuff im willing to trade no hacks but clones are fine even thougth i prefer real pm me please!

2nd October 2007, 10:05 AM
What is the GTS mystery gift???

3rd October 2007, 7:30 AM
Looking for a 10th anniversary articuno or a regular one that is of a Modest,Calm or any other +Sp Attk or Sp Def Nature(preferbly Modest or calm)

PM to offer

5th October 2007, 12:46 AM
Offering a timid Celebi for timid Articuno. pm me

6th October 2007, 9:39 PM
Have a legit UT articuno. Looking for a legit UT mewtwo :3

nodnarb rotcod
11th October 2007, 1:42 AM
Looking for Articuno, any level/nature/legit. Offering Rayquaza. PM if you need something different I'll see what I can arrange.

18th October 2007, 9:18 PM
I have a Calm Articuno. Looking for anything in my sig.

21st October 2007, 8:05 AM
im offering my articuno zapdos n moltres not shiny
pm me for offers

im currently looking for:
mew, lugia, ho-oh, celebi, deoxys, a electabuzz w/ an elctrizer,darkai...

22nd October 2007, 3:17 PM
I am willing to trade my Articuno for any pokemon holding a lucky egg. PM me.

26th October 2007, 12:54 PM
I have an Articuno that I can part with:)

I'm looking for Serebii, Groudon, Palkia, legendary dogs, Manaphy and all those you know about. I'm open to other offers as well, so just write me a pm with something if you're interested^^

Edit: Articuno is now reserved, so it's no longer up for offer:)
Edit 2: The trade has been met a while ago

27th October 2007, 5:46 AM
Looking for -
10th Anniversary Articuno
10ANNIV and/or 10 ANIV...

(And the other Legendary Birds, too)

I have these to trade...

Untouched Shiny Poke'mon -

UT Lv.7 Whismur, Quiet, Male
UT Lv.10 Budew, Hasty, Male
UT Lv.23 Bibarel, Quirky, Female
UT Lv.40 Gastrodon(East sea), Hardy, Male, Poke'rus
UT Lv.18 Togepi, Docile, Male
UT Lv.55 Metagross, Adamant
UT Lv.40 Latios, Docile W/Soul Dew

Touched shiny Poke'mon -
Lv.60 Salamence, Serious, Male
Lv.22 Psyduck, Bold, Female
Lv.57 Metagross(Gigalord), Hasty
Lv.47 Dialga, Sassy

Event Poke'mon -

UT Lv.5 SAPHIRE Zigzagoon, Modest, Male W/Leichi Berry
UT Lv.50 PBR Electivire, Adamant W/Magnet
UT Lv.5 Tanabata Cherish Ball Jirachi, Timid W/Salac Berry
UT Lv. 50 Palcity Lucario, Modest, Male W/Metal Coat
UT Lv.70 DOEL Deoxys, Naughty
UT Lv.10 Ageto Celebi, Gentle/Hasty
UT Lv.50 TRU Manaphy, Mild W/Red Scarf
UT Lv.5 Poke'mon Box Swablu, Lonely, Female
UT Lv.5 Poke'mon Box Zigzagoon, Adamant, Female
UT Lv.5 Poke'mon Box Skitty, Careful, Male
UT Lv.10 Aura Mew, Jolly/Naive/Hardy/Timid
UT Lv.5 Wishmaker Jirachi, Relaxed W/Salac Berry
UT Lv.1 Ranger Manaphy, Brave/Modest/Lonely/Serious/Naughty
Touched Lv.10 PBR Pikachu, Hardy

I will only trade my Event Pokemon, for other Event Poke'mon.

I only do 1:1 Event Poke'mon trades to avoid scamming.

PM/Email me to offer a trade or ask a question:)

Thank You^^

27th October 2007, 9:13 AM
Looking for a Legit Articuno, offering Dialga, Palkia, or anything offered in my sig!

29th October 2007, 12:50 PM
I have a spare Articuno!
If anyone is interested, let me know!

29th October 2007, 9:51 PM
In need of an Articuno.
I Just need it for my pokedex, so I can give it back right after. I can still give away a pokemon you might need. For anti scam purposes I will let you hold a pokemon of equal value.


Hyper Chibi Absol
4th November 2007, 5:12 AM
Can some one trade me a Timid Articuno (not Lv 100 unless EV trained) Just tell me what you want in a PM.

total spoonage
14th November 2007, 6:40 AM
looking for articuno, moltress and zapdos offering lvl 1 ut sneasel with ice punch and arial ace AND a lvl 1 ut phione for ONE of them

17th November 2007, 5:32 PM
i am looking for for a modest/timid articuno must be untouched, i can offer jolly rayquaza, jolly groudon, and a modest kyogre PM me

Goodspeed The Most Ballin
21st November 2007, 10:31 PM
looking for any articuno
will trade shiny fearow and a surprise pokemon
pm me for offers

25th November 2007, 8:36 AM
Looking for a Rash, Mild or Modest Articuno- can offer L70 Rash Ho-oh.

25th November 2007, 4:25 PM
I have an unwanted Articuno, recieved in a trade!

Nature: Timid
Level: 63
Attacks: Fly, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Steel Wing

If anyone is interested let me know!

Night Shadow
2nd December 2007, 1:13 AM
Giving away articunos, PM me with offers!

8th December 2007, 11:53 AM
Hi, i'm looking for an 'Articuno' to help complete my pokedex. I have many Pokemon I can offer to trade so please PM me a list of desired pokes if you can trade the one I want.


18th December 2007, 11:49 AM
Looking for an Articuno of any level and any nature. Will offer a Moltres in return. Please message me, if you're up for trade.

18th December 2007, 1:15 PM
I have a Articuno PM me for offers.

24th December 2007, 6:09 PM
Offering Articuno from Pokemon XD
lv 50
etrasensory, heal bell, ice beam, mist

Looking for black sludge, muscle band , enigma berry and starf berry

27th December 2007, 2:57 AM
I am looking for the following shiny (legitimate) pokemon:
1. Shiny UT legendary birds - articuno, zapdos, moltres
2. Shiny UT legendary dogs - entei, suicune, raikou
3. Shiny UT Mewtwo

Would be willing to trade for any other legendary shiny pokemon (all untouched and legitimate). Basically what I can offer is:
1. Shiny UT Latias/Latios
2. Shiny UT Groudon and Rayquaza
3. Shiny UT Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit
4. Shiny (japanese UT) Dialga
5. Shiny UT Palkia, Heatran and Cresselia
6. Shiny Pkmn Ranger Manaphy

29th December 2007, 6:56 PM
offering a lvl 50 legit Articuno from XD

heal bell
ice beam

looking for any johto legendary except lugia. also looking for celebi and jirachi
PM me with offers
thx in advance =)

29th December 2007, 7:42 PM
*Trade has been met*

4th January 2008, 8:02 AM
looking for latias, any level, nature ect.. pm me

offering articuno
or zaptos
or the red one... the flaming bird..

7th January 2008, 3:03 PM
looking for a shiny articuno. Pm me offers please.

13th January 2008, 1:00 AM
looking for calm articuno pm me

14th January 2008, 7:34 PM
I have a Articuno up for trades which has been purfied from XD (or somewhere like that)

It has the Purified Moves which are:

Heal Bell

All three are only obtainable in this way.

It is Level 50 and not sure how much it has been touched, it only has around 1000EXP points obtained.

it has a quirky Nature which is not very appealing.

it also has the national ribbon for overcoming all difficult challenges (in other words i think it means its been purified).

19th January 2008, 2:50 PM
Offering a Lv 57 Articuno Arrived from Kanto Preferably Looking for Other Legendaries LIke


Also Looking for Rare Pokemon from Kanto, Johto and hoem pm for offers

20th January 2008, 3:14 PM
I have an Articuno that I recieved in a trade..

Nicknamed: ALLEY
OT: Amber
Level: 62
Nature: Modest
Attacks: Powder snow, Blizzard, Water Pulse and Ice Beam

Pm offers.

23rd January 2008, 1:38 AM
offering a lvl 50 Azelf for a good articuno....

23rd January 2008, 2:06 AM
Lv 60 XD Articuno up for trade.

Moves: Ice beam, Heal Bell, Haze, Extrasensory.

Modest Nature

28th January 2008, 2:13 AM
i want any articuno. cloned does not matter. i can offer spiritomb, a female lv48 dragonair, any fossil, fire, water, leaf, sun, moon and thunder stones and an odd keystone.

28th January 2008, 4:07 PM
I got a UT, calm Articuno UFT. (: PM me with offers.

28th January 2008, 6:39 PM
I need an artico, ill give lv 82 alakazam for it, i dont care if its cloned or hacked

1st February 2008, 4:28 PM
EDIT: Got an Azelf off of GTS. Nevermind.

3rd February 2008, 6:28 AM
could anyone give me a articuno , cloned i dont care... just not hacked...
pm me what you would like and ill see if i have.

4th February 2008, 1:16 PM
looking for any articuno, zapdos or moltres, doesn't matter if they're cloned, can offer all types of evo stones, magmerier, electizer, choice specs etc, pm me

8th February 2008, 4:50 PM
All three legendary birds for trade pm me with offers.

10th February 2008, 11:28 AM
Looking for articuno untouched

Willing to trade 4th gen legendary legends (dialga, palkia, the lake legends all 3 of them, creslia, giratina)

Also looking for

Electrabuzz untouched (female) with electrizer needs two electrizer
Lugia untouched
Rayquaza untouched

Also looking for a lucky egg item wiling to trade leftover and odd keystone

13th February 2008, 7:18 AM
level 50 ut articuno lax nature up for offer pm me with offers legendary dogs would be greatly appreciated no hacks

Yonowaru in Chaos
13th February 2008, 7:37 AM
looking for an Articuno with a +Sp. Atk or +Sp. Def nature. I don't mind whatever it minuses as long as it doesn't minus any of the special stats. e-mail me if you have one. any of the fossils up for trade as long as any of the three hoenn regis. e-mail me if you are willing to trade. fc in kaiyagi's trainer card

13th February 2008, 4:13 PM
Looking for an untouched articuno

Willing to trade the ff: Pokemon (All of them untouched) Just PM me

19th February 2008, 1:46 PM
i need a shiny articuno. i have lots of shinies like spiritomb, gyrados, starly, and lots of others

21st February 2008, 4:52 PM
i got a level 59 jolly Articuno

Ice beam
Rock smash

i can add a tm/item to it when i trade.

want to trade it for a cute shiny pokemon

22nd February 2008, 10:20 AM
looking for both shiny birds articuno and moltres.
pm me:-)

23rd February 2008, 2:21 AM
im looking for any of the legendary dogs will trade legendary birds level 50 untouched except zapdos which has a few evs no more than 20 pm if interested could be willing to trade others

23rd February 2008, 5:03 AM
I just want an articuno.
I don't have much to offer.
Cloned is kool.

PM me plz.

25th February 2008, 7:17 AM
I have an Articuno (from GTS) to trade. I am looking for a mew, celebi, any of the legendary dogs, lugia or ho-oh.

pm for trade

Yonowaru in Chaos
25th February 2008, 7:29 AM
i am looking for an articuno. pm me for offers but i dont do natures, evs or ivs. please don't ask for legndaries (especially dp), i don't have a lot.

26th February 2008, 10:03 PM
im looking for an articuno i have groudon,kyogre,rayquazza all the starters and feebas pm me for offers

Jacol Beyros
3rd March 2008, 6:43 AM
looking for any legit shiny articuno. will trade anything.

4th March 2008, 11:36 PM
if somebody wants registeel, regice, regirock, swampert, rayquaza, groudon, kyogre, beldum, sudowoodo I have my fc: DAWN 4983 4493 7303 or if you wanna battle me

6th March 2008, 6:08 AM
looking for an articuno willing to trade aa zapdos , lucky egg any starter from all regions somelegends just pm me we can sort things out :)

8th March 2008, 11:51 PM
I'm interested in an Articuno. I'm willing to offer egg move pokemon

alcoholic cows milk
14th March 2008, 1:58 PM
im looking for a articuno dont care if its shiny or not but i want it to be careful or calm and id prefer it to be either untouched or ev trained

i have all the real rare legendaries (all legit and yes im sure of that) like celebi mew deoxys(which is modest) thats it

please pm me for friend code

14th March 2008, 3:35 PM
I have normal modest Articuno from XD, 10ANIV Articuno and shiny articuno.

I am looking for 10JAHRE/10ANNIv Articunos.

I will offer other shinies and events for the above-mentioned pokemon.

15th March 2008, 2:05 AM
i can trade a:
all 4th gen legendaries (not darkrai, shaymin, arceus)

looking for Untouched non-hacked legendary birds (any)

EDIT: Trade went through:)

16th March 2008, 8:17 AM
I have almost completely UT Calm Articuno received in a trade. Wanting modest/timid UT Moltres :D

16th March 2008, 3:03 PM
ive got a lvl 52 Articuno, almost untouched

moveset: Mist, Agility, Ice Beam (1 spare move spot)

Is holding a Nevermeltice.

Will trade for any shiny, cloned or not whatever

PM me or add me:

16th March 2008, 7:38 PM
looking for all legendary birds except moltres.
will trade shinies,items and more...
PM me.

16th March 2008, 9:49 PM
I have an untouched articuno. I need legendaries outside of sinnoh.

17th March 2008, 4:12 AM
Have all 3 Kanto Birds (Legends) ALL UT pm for offers

Most wants
Shiny Minun/Plulse
or any good eved pokemons or good offers.

21st March 2008, 5:07 AM
Ermm yeh it would be cool to have one of these so pm me what you want but i do NOT have any shineys or legendarys up for grabs at this point in time

25th March 2008, 1:44 AM
need an UT calm articuno... have these to offer:


Marowak (Jolly)
Shuppet (Quirky)


Regirock-Sassy (or another one which is hasty)

Regice-Calm (or another one which is timid)

Registeel-Relaxed (or another one which is gentle)
26/26/26/30/18/6 Hidden Power Fighting 70!!

Groudon-Brave (or another one which is calm)

Kyogre-Modest (or another one which is careful)

Rayquaza-Timid (or another one which is naughty)

Raikou-Mild (or another one which is naughty)
30/0/1/0/0/0 (yes, it is bad)







Heatran- Quiet (lvl 100)/ Relaxed (lvl 75/100)


All the natures of Abra (w/ synchronise)
All the natures of Ditto
All the Pokemon before Sinnoh (except event legendaries)
All the Pokemon of Sinnoh (except event legendaries)
All THE STARTERS! (even Johto)


All TMs 1-50 (except sunny day)
All Berries (except stat rasing ones like Salac, Petaya etc...)
All evolution stones
All other misc items (even d/p ones)
Masterballs I have as well.

PM me

26th March 2008, 7:04 PM
Looking for shiny articuno, pm me if you wish to offer me one.

Tomato Jr.
27th March 2008, 1:19 AM
i need all three legendary birds for pokedex
will trade any sinnoh legendary, or groudon or any regi

2nd April 2008, 9:15 PM
I'm offering for articuno:

3 regis

and some pokemon at lv100:



adament Electirizer

If someone want to trade with me pm with the fc and name

Name : KIM
FC: 0731 4568 3775

4th April 2008, 8:35 PM
I have a level 51 articuno named Ice Ball(I can't change nick as I'm not OT), I'm looking for either of the other 2 birds or the 3 dogs from johoto.

Pm if you're interested, cheers.

Jacol Beyros
5th April 2008, 1:34 AM
looking for a UT shiny articuno. can trade almost anyting so pm me.

5th April 2008, 2:05 AM
I have an UT Articuno going by the name of Blizzard that I got off a used copy of Leaf Green that I recently bought. He is yours if you can get me one of the following:
Zapdos (the previous owner kept that one), one of the dogs, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Lugia, Ho-ho.

I'd even be ready to let it go for something smaller, should you be ready to do multiple trade-tradebacks of a few of the above legendaries.

yellow pikachu
5th April 2008, 10:35 PM
i have a lv51 serious articuno
im looking for any kind of shiny pokemon and any rare legends

7th April 2008, 12:28 PM
Looking for a shiny articuno. Pm me to offer

Vex Lenin
8th April 2008, 7:42 PM
I have a legit UT Articuno up for trade

I'm looking for the following legit pokemon


PM me if your interested!

10th April 2008, 5:06 AM
I would like just one regular articuno. I can give you any of the following...

any of the starters (except for the ones from Johto)
literally anything except for big legends

Just send me a pm with what you want for a trade and I will probably get to trading wth you this weekend.

12th April 2008, 11:24 PM
Looking to data trade an Articuno for my pokedex. Can data trade you Groudon, Rayquaza, Any Regi, Cresselia, Heatran, Giratina, Uxie or Azelf. Or I would be willing to Permatrade a Mesprit for an Articuno.

13th April 2008, 12:18 PM
im needing a articuno pm me asap plz

13th April 2008, 4:33 PM
looking for shiny UT articuno

14th April 2008, 12:31 PM
i have an articuno, im looking for a mew

14th April 2008, 8:10 PM
Still looking for shiny articuno. Pm me offers please.

29th April 2008, 4:04 PM
I'm looking for Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, and Mew.

I'm offering Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, all of which are UT.

Black Shinigami
29th April 2008, 6:44 PM
looking for UT Articuno
with the nature bold/calm/modest
offer palcity lucario, ranger 2 riolu, JBHF manaphy and more event
and if he inside normal pokeball i trade 2 for it

30th April 2008, 4:48 AM
i have a lv 78 articuno looking for ho oh lugia deoxys jirachi or celebi. PLZ PM if interested

30th April 2008, 3:45 PM
I have a level 50 Articuno, fresh from LG. I'm looking for a LEGIT Ho-oh, Lugia, or Celebi. A legit Deoxys would be nice too.

30th April 2008, 5:25 PM
I'm searching for an articuno if you got one for trade please send a PM or mail me at glenn.reusens@scarlet.be don't forget to put your friendcode in it and which pokémons you would like to have instead I can offer alot of pokes just don't legies and shiny's
my friendcode is: 0516 4856 9211

2nd May 2008, 12:53 AM
trade me for a shiny mew

5th May 2008, 4:04 PM
i have UT articuno,moltes and zapdos..PM ME in every day!!!

10th May 2008, 6:45 PM
looking for a UT calm articuno, no nickname.

pm me if you have it and i will make a good offer.

12th May 2008, 4:33 PM
I have a lvl 54 xd articuno and lvl 54 articuno, both naughty nature. looking for legends

12th May 2008, 8:16 PM
Looking for any Articuno. I'm offering shiny Absol/Glameow. Info in sig.

EDIT: Got it.

17th May 2008, 6:23 PM
i have a a lv 57 Articuno as well as a level 65 Zapdos Quiet Nature
PM if interested

20th May 2008, 9:52 AM
I need Articuno, Moltres, Kyogre, Groudon, Registeel, Regirock, & Regice

I have all pokes that can be hatched from eggs
I can breed for jolly/impish/adamant nature or gender
will happily teach them moves as wells

I also well stocked in shiny stones, dusk stones & I grow rare berries Liechi, Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, Enigma
I will soon have enough Starf, Lansat, Apicot berries to trade.

28th May 2008, 11:05 AM
Have LV50 Articuno

PM for Trade

29th May 2008, 7:56 AM
I have untouched Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres straight from FireRed (only one for each)

PM for offers.

5th June 2008, 12:33 AM
Willing to trade lv. 100 Palkia or ALAMOS Darkrai for one. PM me for the details.

5th June 2008, 7:52 AM
looking for a shiny articuno.
i can offer shinys..

giratina's shadow
6th June 2008, 6:22 PM
andrmx i have a level 55 articuno with a Rash nature i will trade for cyndaquil or its eveloved forms or for totodile and any of its eveolved forms.

Please ppl stop pming me i already gave this trade to someone

11th June 2008, 7:35 PM
I have a Modest natured Articuno with Heal Bell up for trade.
I'm looking for Entei, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Yanma, Celebi, Latias, among others.
PM me with offers.

12th June 2008, 3:54 AM
Trading all of the Legendary Birds (From Firered) They're all nicknamed after their first type (Icewing, Zapwing, Flamewing). I'm looking for all the Regi's for them (That would be Regirock, Regice, and Registeel). Plz don't nickname them. PM me if you have any of the Regi's.
-Icewing for Regirock
-Zapwing for Regice
-Flamewing for Registeel
EDIT: Trade complete

13th June 2008, 1:50 AM
pm me if you have a articuno xD

13th June 2008, 2:47 AM
check this out
i am offering 3 articunos, isnt that awsome?
2 of them are level 60 while the other is level 54
k will one level 60 is brave nature and its stats are 181 hp 136 atk 143 def 147 sp atk 167 sp def 105 speed
the other level 60 is hardy nature 188 hp 131 atk 142 def 140 sp atk 162 sp def and 122 speed
finally the level 54 one is jolly nature 167 hp 108 atk 117 def 108 sp atk 151 sp def and 116 speed
what i am looking for is shiney pokemon only
ill even give a item to one of these articunos
pm me wit offers
thank you

14th June 2008, 12:13 PM
Looking for UT Calm Articuno

**PM Me for offers have some shinys, items, Most TM's, some egg move pokes with good natures**

15th June 2008, 9:45 AM
I have a Shiny Articuno LV100 for trade, unfortunately not EV trained so its just like a trophy and not for battles.

PM me with offer because I probably won't check this thread.

big bad deoxys
15th June 2008, 9:55 AM
ive got a shiny articuno with:

sheer cold
ice beam

King Lawliet
15th June 2008, 11:45 PM
I have all 3 Kanto trio up for dextrades so if you need one for your dex, PM me and we'll discuss. ;144;

Also I have spare Articunos up for trades, ALL offers are considered.

And if Im you have any nicknameable shineys I can use for battling that'll be great

PM me to discuss

16th June 2008, 7:06 PM
i have an untouched lvl 50 articuno with a serious nature

pm for trade

16th June 2008, 10:28 PM
looking for shiny UT articuno. i got over 250 shinies pm me

17th June 2008, 3:49 AM
trading articuno

pm me with offer

20th June 2008, 1:03 PM
I'm offering Zapdos and Atricuno for MEW to fill my Dex in.

PM me!

25th June 2008, 2:10 AM
giving away raquaza or regi's(not regigigas, willl trade the 3 regi's 4 the 3 birds or dogs) if u give me 6 of the following pokemon(the last pokemon i trade 2 u will be the legendary of ur choice):
caterpie,weedle,paras,venonat,pinsir,spinarak,pine co,shuckle,both male and female nidoran,ekans,spiritomb,tangela,kangaskhan and finally the 1 i want most is miltank

26th June 2008, 8:54 PM
I want any articuno

Don't mind what it is

offerring good items:

Any TM's
Moon stone
Thunder stone
Sun Stone
Master balls
Rare Candy

PM for offers !

28th June 2008, 7:37 AM
Update I have just one Articuno up for trade:

-Level 52 (Nicknamed Ice), Docile

PM for offers.

29th June 2008, 3:17 PM
I am currently looking for a Shiny Articuno. Please PM me if you have one.

2nd July 2008, 12:27 AM
I am looking for a shiny articuno, I ahve some events,ev trained pokemon, and other shinies to offer for it. pm me if your intrested.

2nd July 2008, 4:15 AM
Im just looking for any Articuno. PM if you have to one to trade.

2nd July 2008, 9:56 AM
Articuno up for trade, looking any of the following:


2nd July 2008, 10:14 AM
i have it =) up for trade too

3rd July 2008, 1:43 PM
Looking for a Shiny Modest Articuno.
Offer Shiny Rayquaza/Kyogre/Groudon

4th July 2008, 5:02 AM
i really need a kabuto ill trade my xd articuno(or fire red or leaf green)i still have 2 articuno left. 2/3of them are for really need pokemon pm me if you want to trade

6th July 2008, 7:05 PM
Looking for 10 ANIV Articuno
I can trade any of the following:
WISHMAKR Jirachi (Impish Natured) UnTouched
CHANNEL Jirachi (Lonely Natured) UnTouched
10 ANIV Celebi (Hardy Natured) UnTouched
10ANIV Entei (Hardy Natured) UnTouched
10 ANNI Lugia (Rash Natured) UnTouched
10 ANNI Ho-oh (Naughty Natured) UnTouched
GameStop Deoxys with NeverMeltIce (Bashful Natured) UnTouched
ALAMOS Darkrai with an Enigma Berry (Modest Natured) UnTouched
MYSTRY Mew (Bold Natured) LVL 100
(palcity) Mew (Quirky Natured) UnTouched
Hayley Mew (Adamant Natured) UnTouched
Aura Mew (Quirky Natured) UnTouched
(MACK)(McDonalds) Pikachu
NAVEL Lugia (Quiet Natured) LVL 88
NAVEL Ho-oh (Lonely Natured) UnTouched
(Ten'i Mura)(11th movie) Regigigas (Naughty Natured) UnTouched

7th July 2008, 2:55 AM
Im interested in trading for a 10 Anniv Articuno
I have a list of some event/shiny pokes that you choose from
Im willing to trade up to 3 events/shinys for just articuno
You can pick from this list:
Here are my Events:
?Gamestop Deoxys
?ALAMOS Darkrai
?Wishmaker Jirachi
?Movie Regigigas
?Aura Mew
?10 anniv lugia
?10 anniv Ho-oh
?10 anniv entei
?10 anniv celebi
?Navel Lugia
?Navel Ho-oh
?Channel Jirachi
?Mystery Mew
?Hayley Mew
?Palcity Mew
?Mcdonalds Pikachu

Now the Shinies:
?Shiny Regigigas
?Shiny Charmander
?Shiny Magnemite
?Shiny Ditto
?Shiny Dusclops
?Shiny Wishmur
?Shiny Jirachi
?Shiny Gyrados
?Shiny Growlithe
?Shiny Latios
?Shiny Absol
?Shiny Giratina
?Shiny Mew
?Shiny Glalie
?Shiny Milotic
?Shiny Sableye
?Shiny Eevee
?Shiny Treecko
?Shiny Growlithe
?Shiny Phanpy
?Shiny Golem
?Shiny Dusclops
?Shiny Whismur
?Shiny Aerodactyl
?Shiny Gastrodon
?Shiny Pidgeot
?Shiny Shinx
?Shiny Gastly
?Shiny Gligar
?Shiny Sneasel
?Shiny Bronzor
?Shiny Chikorita
?Shiny Gible
?Shiny Chatot
?Shiny Roselia
?Shiny Buizel
?Shiny Medicham
?Shiny Alakazam
?Shiny Ponyta
?Shiny Typlosion
?Shiny Blastoise
?Shiny Tangela
?Shiny Phione
?Shiny Seaking
?Shiny Tentacruel

PM me if you're interested

8th July 2008, 11:09 PM
am looking for all 3 legendary birds and dogs pm me if you have any available for trade and what you want in return

9th July 2008, 8:09 AM
I'll trade one for a swalot.

-im the real link-

13th July 2008, 1:04 PM
articuno with brave nature. offers anyone?=pHey is your Articuno still up for trade? I can offer a Darkrai for it, what level is it?

16th July 2008, 9:37 PM
I'm looking for any Articuno no preference at all PM me for bargaining. :)

19th July 2008, 1:25 AM
anyone have a calm articuno?
UT is preferred but up to lv 60 is ok.

have many different legends.

ut calm regice and ut careful regirock. and ut modest heatran are also available.

EDIT: trade complete

19th July 2008, 5:17 PM
Trade complete

20th July 2008, 6:49 PM
I have a shiny UT Articuno for trade:
I mostly want:
UT male Shiny Zangoose (lv.1 and modest/adamant if possible)
UT male Shiny Absol (lv.1 and modest/adamant if possible)
UT male Shiny Riolu (lv.1 and modest/adamant if possible)
UT male Shiny Charmander (lv.1 and modest if possible)
UT Alamos Darkrai (modest if possible)
UT male Shiny eevee (lv.1 and modest if possible)
UT male Battonage riolu (modest/adamant if possible)
PM me offers please and no hacks.

21st July 2008, 3:43 PM
I'm looking for a Calm Articuno, good-ish IV's in Sp.Def,HP+Spatk UT

I'm willing to offer one of:

Movie 11 Regigas (Careful&Adamant)
Movie 10 Darkrai (Modest & Quirky)
ALAMOS Darkrai (Hasty)
MYSTERY Mew (bashful)
CHANNEL Jirachi (Calm)
Tanabata Jirachi (Calm)
Gamestp Deoxys (Naive)
SPACE C Deoxys (Rash)
10 ANIV Celebi (Jolly)
Wishing Star Jirachi (Lax)
Colessum Bonus disc Celebi (Sassy)
WISHMKR Jirachi (Mild)

22nd July 2008, 5:41 PM
I have an UT Articuno on offer, Jolly

Pm me offers :)

Treecko Girl
22nd July 2008, 6:07 PM
Lookin' for a Shiny Articuno if anyone is feeling generous.
PM if you're interested.
Thank You.

22nd July 2008, 7:44 PM
I have a serious Articuno, lv 50 untouched.
I also have brave zapdos and brave moltres up for trade, lv 50 untouched.

I whould like Suicune or Entei, if you have any other pokemon just pm me with offers.

24th July 2008, 2:53 PM
EDIT: Trade Complete

24th July 2008, 6:16 PM
Offering UT Articuno(Calm) and Zapdos(modest) PM me if interested =)

25th July 2008, 10:27 AM
im looking for a shiny Articuno.... offering shinies and legendaries

25th July 2008, 2:33 PM
Trade will be complete at the weekend. I don't want more offers.

Mr. E Goods
26th July 2008, 12:49 PM
im looking for a 10 ANNIV legit UT Articuno

im offering a shiny legit UT Giratina or a legit 10ANNIV UT Celebi

26th July 2008, 12:51 PM
Looking for a Calm UT Articuno. pm me.

27th July 2008, 4:22 PM
Looking for a Articuno, PM me if you want to trade

27th July 2008, 4:24 PM
Looking for a Articuno, PM me if you want to trade

Precursor Mar
28th July 2008, 9:34 PM
looking to trade my zapdos for an untouched articuno of any nature

EDIT: trade complete

Precursor Mar
28th July 2008, 9:40 PM
looking to trade my zapdos for an untouched articuno of any nature

EDIT: sorry about this double, ignore it

Precursor Mar
28th July 2008, 9:45 PM
looking to trade my legit untouched articuno for a legit untouched raikou or suicune of any nature

31st July 2008, 6:08 PM
i have a lvl 51 calm articuno named arktos for trade

looking for any UT event pokemon, regice, registeel, kyorge, groudon, rayquaza, ho-oh, lugia or palkia

PM me if interested

3rd August 2008, 2:38 AM
I have one Articuno up for trade. Looking for Zapdos, Moltres, and Ho-Oh. Message me.

3rd August 2008, 2:40 AM
I have one Articuno up for trade. I'm looking for Zapdos, Moltres, and Ho-Oh. Message me.

3rd August 2008, 2:42 AM
I have one Articuno up for trade. I'm looking for Zapdos, Moltres, and Ho-Oh. Message me.

4th August 2008, 12:48 PM
hi i have a mewtwo, articuno and moltres i received on the GTS

looking for other legendaries

PM me if you want to trade.

5th August 2008, 3:47 PM
Looking for a Calm UT Articuno. PM me if you have one.

5th August 2008, 3:48 PM
Looking for a Calm UT Articuno. PM me if you have one.

Lieks 2B Hugged
6th August 2008, 12:03 AM
Im look for an articuno Lvl 70 and under that knows the move Mind reader.
Preferably UT w/ no nick name.Preferably lvl 50

6th August 2008, 3:15 PM
Looking for a Legit Untouched Articuno. Offering a Lucky Egg or a Masterball. Pm me.

7th August 2008, 2:25 PM
trading articuno

4768 9484 5079


8th August 2008, 5:30 AM
Ok, I have an Articuno from my Leaf Green game, level 52 with a Quiet nature. I would like a shiny anything, PM me if you are interested.
2nd Edit Just traded it! No more Articunos.

11th August 2008, 10:36 PM
Have a lvl60 Articuno,i want any event pokémon,any lvl,dont care if it is cloned hacked or anything

14th August 2008, 4:05 PM
searching for a shiny ARTICUNO
offering: any legendry
any breedable pokemon
Any Ev trained pokemon
ranch mew + phione,
all pokemon will hold either MICLE, CUSTAP or APRICOT berry. also lucky eggs

King Lawliet
16th August 2008, 6:35 PM
I am offering Articunos;144; for trade.

If you would like a Articuno, PM me and we'll discuss, you wont need to offer much

The same applies to the other legendaries (all generations)

19th August 2008, 5:55 PM
offering an lvl 53 Articuno. PM me if interested~~

19th August 2008, 6:51 PM

Offering a level 50 Hasty Articuno. Looking for shinies/rares/ev'd/egg moves pokes but try your luck.

May combine with the other legendary birds if possible.

PM me with offers


Needs a Deoxys
19th August 2008, 6:53 PM
Offering a 100% legit, english, non-nicknamed, ut, shiny Articuno. Looking for other 100% legit, english, non-nicknamed, ut, shinies. Also looking for 100% legit, non-nicknamed, ut, events. Pm me with offers.

21st August 2008, 9:19 AM
Trading Level 69 Lonely Articuno.

Im looking for shinies in return.

Pm me/leave me a visitor message to work something out :)

Edit: No longer available

24th August 2008, 5:58 AM

I'm offering a slightly touched Hardy Articuno (used for league battles, but is still at lvl 50).

Looking for any shinies.

I can also attach any item you want if I have it.
Please PM offers.

24th August 2008, 12:34 PM
hello all i am looking for a legit shiny articuno
i have many pokemon to offer all in my sig
plus many more pm me to make a deal

25th August 2008, 8:32 PM
I have an Untouched XD Articuno wanting a home
I'm looking for shinies, celebi and jirachi (legit please)

29th August 2008, 2:05 PM
EDIT: Got it.

30th August 2008, 2:59 PM
looking for a Articuno, pm me if you can help

1st September 2008, 11:34 PM
looking for articuno pm me if you have 1

3rd September 2008, 3:40 PM
Lookin for articuno,zapdos and Moltres

can offer all starters, few legendary's...

plz pm me

5th September 2008, 10:13 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an articuno. I have some pokemon that I think are worth trading, and at the very least I can include pokerus. I have a few legendaries as well. PM me if you're interested. I would really appreciate any help! =)

7th September 2008, 1:25 AM
have articuno for trade just post me

12th September 2008, 2:31 AM
Looking for a fairly Untouch'd Articuno, any level, any nature, I have a few legendaries from this gen, no shinies, but I can offer lvl 100's, with many various items attached. PM me if interested.

16th September 2008, 11:54 AM
got all three birds up for grabs, will trade all of them for both the stealth rock and shadow claw tm's

16th September 2008, 11:58 AM
i got both TM
send me your FC

18th September 2008, 6:37 AM
I need a shiny articuno any lv giving an untouched PKTOPIA adamant natured electivire pm me :]

23rd September 2008, 4:59 PM
looking for all 3 birds, will trade the regi trio for them. just need the dex info so the trade can be tradeback or permanent if you want the regi's.

24th September 2008, 6:19 PM
have the three birds for trade (all legit)
pm me if you have an offer

also have: rayquaza, mewtwo, groudon, kyogre, latios and latias

29th September 2008, 12:59 PM
Can anyone trade me an Articuno please?
My friend code:3051 0387 5813.
My ICQ:405-529-048

29th September 2008, 4:54 PM
Looking for an Articuno nature doesn't matter nor does lvl

PM me with what u want for one.

30th September 2008, 1:56 PM
have all no legend pokemon and shiny camerupt for trade,
looking for articuno, zapdos,mew
friend code:3051 0387 5813

5th October 2008, 9:59 PM
i have the kanto birds, looking for lugia or other pokemon in my sig

5th October 2008, 10:00 PM
i have the kanto birds, looking for lugia or other pokemon in my sig

8th October 2008, 6:07 PM
i am looking for all the legendary birds, dont care about lvls or natures

i can trade the 3 regis for the birds or other things

PM me