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10th July 2007, 3:11 PM
#218 Slugma (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/218.shtml)
#219 Magcargo (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/219.shtml)
http://www.serebii.net/art/218.png (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/218.shtml)
http://www.serebii.net/art/219.png (http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/219.shtml)
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/fire.gif http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/na.gif
http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/fire.gif http://www.serebii.net/pokedex-dp/type/rock.gif

11th July 2007, 4:50 PM
I have an EV trained magcargo if anyone is interested post or pm offers

17th July 2007, 3:22 AM
I have some shiny slugma that I can trade.

super mer
24th August 2007, 5:43 PM
I need one with the move overheat. If anyone has one please PM me I think the only way to get one with that move is pokemon XD.

29th August 2007, 4:06 PM
Need any low level slugma willing to trade untouched eevee

29th August 2007, 4:18 PM
I have a shiny slugma up for trade pm me with offers

12th October 2007, 5:02 AM
Trade completed. Thank you!

12th October 2007, 11:51 PM
Anyone have a shiny slugma?

24th November 2007, 9:36 PM
ill take a shiny slugma!

26th November 2007, 12:33 PM
Offering a Lv.50 Jolly Magcargo!
Attacks: Flamethrower, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Overheat
Let Me know if you're interested!

15th January 2008, 7:24 AM
I'm looking for a Slugma of any sort with Magma Armor for as soon as possible. Please PM me if you are willing to trade.

15th January 2008, 7:36 AM
anybody have shiny slugma for trade, please pm me.

18th February 2008, 12:13 AM
looking for shiny slugma

25th February 2008, 5:13 PM
I can breed slugma with magma armor. PM me with an offer.

3rd March 2008, 3:09 PM
got a few slugma for trade

pm me for offers

7th April 2008, 5:14 AM
have shiny magcargo lv.40 PM me if interested

15th April 2008, 5:29 PM

21st April 2008, 5:45 PM
prefer female slugma

Name: Alex
FCode: 0860 2821 4110

11th May 2008, 7:38 AM
i am looking for shiny slugma

i can offer
shiny acreus lv. 100
shiny metagross lv. 46
mamoswine lv. 100

5th June 2008, 7:32 AM
looking for a shiny slugma w/modest nature.
i can offer shiny pokemon..

6th June 2008, 7:40 AM
i have a lvl 57 magcargo im looking for either shiny kabuto or shiny ponyta if interested pm me

cubone 653487
6th June 2008, 4:27 PM
im looking for a female good move set good speed marcago

19th June 2008, 9:41 PM
looking for slugma with flame body pm me

7th July 2008, 10:32 PM
lookin for slugma or magcargo^^ pm offers for it please.

17th July 2008, 12:26 PM
looking for slugma will swap any starter

21st July 2008, 6:47 PM
Looking for male slugma/magcargo with Heat Wave, any level and nature is fine (I need it only for breeding). Can trade clonable TM's & items in Emerald for it or Bold UT Latios, I also have "rare" pokemon like eevee/kangaskhan/miltank/tauros/all starters/houndour/poochyena/feebas etc. I can trade for it even a legit shiny sudowoodo(1 level gained since capturing)/kricketune(UT).
PM for offers.

31st August 2008, 3:09 PM
looking for a slugma with flame body to help hatch eggs. =P pm me quick.

Trade completed

1st October 2008, 8:49 PM
offer shiny magcargo UT 56 lvl, looking for any shinies except for hariyama and seedot family, pm

4th October 2008, 6:42 PM
Yes, I am breeding Slugmas. Yes, I will breed egg moves. Yes, I will breed for natures.

Flame Body, good for breeders ;)

Looking for: Bulbasaur, Third Gen Starters, Manaphy, any other Pokemon you can't get without the National Dex.

16th October 2008, 9:33 AM
*Snip* +10..

12th November 2008, 11:24 PM
I'm looking for a shiny Slugma/Magcargo. Any nature/ability, just want something cool to hatch eggs with.

23rd November 2008, 12:39 AM
Wanted: Shiny, nicknameable Slugma. Please PM me.

25th December 2008, 7:01 PM
I am looking for a Magby/Magmar/Magmortar or Slugma/Macargo. I don't care about nature or IVs because it is for hatching eggs faster. I curently have a LOT of Chimchars and a few Riolu, so PM with offers. Thanks!

Blue Raja
31st January 2009, 1:03 AM
I am looking for a Slugma or Magcargo with the egg move Heat Wave.
If you have a shiny Slugma or Magcargo I will trade for that as well.

Offering shiny, ev trained.

8th February 2009, 11:03 PM
I only have a bunch of volt tackle pichu to trade at the moment, but like every breeder, I need a slugma. No specifics, just any old slugma.

9th February 2009, 12:44 AM
Need a Slugma to round out my deck. Will trade Starters or TMs.

14th February 2009, 12:36 AM
looking for a slugma or marcargo will offer 3 tm's/berries/items thank you

Meganium Ex
17th March 2009, 1:28 PM
Desperately seeking a Shiny Slugma. Please PM me.

18th March 2009, 3:55 AM
i need a slugma macargo or any of the magmars evo's that have magma armor or flame body as an ability i have poke'rus!

29th March 2009, 8:30 AM
Hey, I need a Slugma/Macargo for breeding. I don't have anything interesting to trade.


7th April 2009, 9:15 AM
im looking for a Modest or Calm Shiny Slugma,preferably nicknamed Gaia :P
i have the data of 400 pokés,so i might have what you search for,also i have an Ev-trained Vulpix (can be nicknamed and evolved) PM if trading.

7th April 2009, 9:18 AM
im looking for a Modest or Calm Shiny Slugma,preferably nicknamed Gaia :P
i have the data of 400 pokés,so i might have what you search for,also i have an Ev-trained Vulpix (can be nicknamed and evolved) PM if trading.

17th July 2009, 12:00 AM
Looking for ANY slugma for breeding purposes, please pm me.

17th July 2009, 7:21 AM
Im looking for a shiny Beldum/Evee/Umbreon(perhaps others)
Offering Shiny Slugma Lv 14 Docile Fire blast/Yawn/Overheat/Smog
Legit Please
PM me

1st August 2009, 5:41 PM
I would love a shiny Slugma. I have a shiny Meditite that I can give. =/ That is all.

1st September 2009, 8:18 PM
Looking for Slugma or Macargo with the ability Flame body. Shiny would be nice, but I don't need it. PM me.

Silent Lullaby
12th September 2009, 1:39 PM
Hello there!

I'm currently looking for a Shiny, UT, Bold, Male Slugma.

If you are able to assist with my endeavor please send me a pm/vm. :3

29th September 2009, 4:40 PM

Boushwa's Breeding Center has been hard at work capturing Pokemon from all regions and bringing them to our farm for breeding purposes. We have just hatched a new Slugma with egg moves Acid Armor and Memento. This Pokemon also has max IVs in Sp Def and high IVs in Def and Sp Atk.

If you are interested in adopting this Slugma, please visit our breeding center located in my signature below.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

- Boushwa

13th November 2009, 3:39 PM
looking for slugma,
have got no big offers though ;) just pm me? ^^

18th November 2009, 2:16 PM
Hi there. I haven't made a Wi-Fi trade yet, but I've kinda wanted to, so... Yeah.

Anyways, I'm looking for a Slugma. I want it to be at a low level, so a newly hatched one would be nice. It also should have a nickname, since all the other pokemon on my platinum game have nicknames. If it is female, give it the nickname "Lavana", if it is male, give it the nickname "Heat". Nature does not matter, and it doesn't need to have any egg moves.

PM me if you have an offer, and we'll discuss what I can give in return.

17th December 2009, 11:26 PM
Im looking for a Slugma with flame body ! :) Any gender, any level.

Pm me !

21st March 2010, 8:55 PM
Looking for an UT bold slugma with good IVs. I can offer almost any breedable pokemon and items such as PP Ups and vitamins. Please PM me if you want to trade.

30th March 2010, 3:59 PM
Hey i'm looking for a slugma with magma armor or flame body for breeding doesn't matter what level pm if you have one...just started playing though so don't have many pokemon worth trading

31st March 2010, 11:21 PM
Offering Shiny Macargo LVL 38, Flame body ability

Want Shinies or Events

8th April 2010, 3:30 PM
Heyo, I would like to borrow a Flame Body or Magma Armor slugma/magcargo, just for a little bit. I promise it won't be long. :3

10th April 2010, 3:54 AM
could someone spare me a crap slugma with flame body. or even just lend it to me so i can have it in my pokedex. can give you some starters.

19th April 2010, 9:53 PM
I'm looking for a slugma, any slugma.

I can offer all kanto/johto pokemon besides the ones in my sig. Pm me.

24th April 2010, 7:55 PM
Looking for regular slugma. offering any starter pm me

17th May 2010, 3:53 AM
looking for any old slugma or macargo with flamebody
please pm me!

27th May 2010, 6:42 PM
looking for slugma or magcargo with magma armor,
offering adamant totodile with aqua jet and pokerus

28th July 2010, 12:20 AM
i can breed slugma. Pm me with ANY offer

10th August 2010, 3:44 PM
Offering to breed slugma, I can breed certain natures if you're patient. Pm wig offers :)

19th August 2010, 9:20 AM
If you've got Shiny Slugma, I have two words for you. DO WANT. PM me with whatever you may be looking for, and I'll see what I have. I will also throw in a Master Ball with the trade.

12th September 2010, 4:48 AM
Looking for a shiny UT slugma i have many shinies to choose from. I'll also throw in almost any item including masterballs ev items and such. Pm me if interested.

21st September 2010, 5:07 PM
ill offer l 59 tyranitar
53 garchomp
and lv 50's of many pokemon for a shiny slugma. pm me if your interestedi have other rare legend pokemon too

4th November 2010, 10:48 PM
Trading Slugma lv.14 (Calm)(Magma Armor), PM if Interested.

cyclone ace
30th December 2010, 5:42 PM
trading slugma with flame body pm me if interested

Blue Raja
14th January 2011, 11:07 PM
do you have a shiny slugma you would be willing to trade?
i will make you a GENEROUS offer for one.

12th March 2011, 7:56 AM
Looking for either a slugma or magcargo with the egg move heat wave for breeding, must be male. I can offer reasonable pokemon such as egg move duskull, croagunk and few of new 5th gen pokemon (got it yesterday so dont get your hopes up, im not too far yet) Nature doesnt matter nor does level, as long as it has heat wave. I have an Ev trained Lv 50 Dusknoir Impish nature if anyone really wants it, i really need this pokemon!

25th March 2011, 8:25 PM
shiny slugma on offer, ... this is on SS I don't have black or white :S PM me offers, preferably shinys, starters, legends or events, however I'm open to reasonable suggestions :) particularly interested in the shiny raikou event since I missed that one

30th December 2011, 9:41 PM
I need a slugma for breeding, PM with you wants.

25th January 2012, 3:13 AM
does anyone have a slugma with heat wave? looking to get one for breeding purposes.

25th January 2012, 3:42 AM
does anyone have a slugma with heat wave? looking to get one for breeding purposes.

MUST be male btw.

31st March 2012, 2:18 PM
I'm in need of a Slugma with either Magma Armor or Flame body (yes, I'm a breeder...). In reality, any pokemon with either of these abilities would be perfect. PM me and I'll see what I can do in return! Thank you!
EDIT: Trade completed!

5th April 2012, 6:12 AM
i just need a normal slugma i dont have much to offer but i could see what i have

1st June 2012, 3:34 AM
I need a flame body macargo