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16th July 2007, 3:56 AM
Firstly, this is a new PC, with a reformatted hard drive containing no pre-installed software, and running Windows OneCare (possibly relevant).

Now, whenever I browse to the wifi chat page, IE notices that an Active X control is needed, and prompts above the main page. Clicking and accepting the prompt leads to requesting for confirmation to install, after which, Windows completely blocks the download because it "cannot verify the publisher". After some settings tweaking in IE, I can turn the full blocking into another window prompt, but still, when clicking "Install", nothing happens. The Applet still won't load, and there's no sign that the Control is becoming installed at all.

If anyone else has been having this problem, I'm curious to know if and how you fixed this issue. Then again, this could be a problem on serebii's end, not that I'm saying it is, in which case I hope it's fixed soon.

Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.

16th July 2007, 7:02 PM
I think it's because Java and all those apps haven't been updated for Vista yet. I can't get into it either and I've tried isntalled it tons of times...I'm not too fond of Vista thanks to that bit of info.

Virtual Headache
16th July 2007, 7:05 PM
Get an IRC client.
The mIRC webstie says it also works for Vista.

17th July 2007, 6:42 AM
Both wifi java chat and regular java chat run for me.

I have windows vista home premium.

However, I do not use IE as a browser, I use Firefox.

17th July 2007, 9:04 AM
Virtual Headache, your context doesn't specify whether mIRC for Vista works in the same way as it does for XP. Assuming you meant "also" works for Vista, as it does for XP, that would be false.

Get an IRC client.
The mIRC webstie says it also works for Vista.

Yes, but there have been several know bugs incompatible with mIRC on Windows Vista than on Windows XP, such as opening a irc:// via mIRC on Vista. Examples include the $getdir() identifier, weird GUI behavior, and mIRC plain freezing up if you drag the scrollbar splitting channel windows.

A lot of them do not have solutions (yet), but they have been reported and a Vista mIRC is being done on the way.

You have to understand the lastest version of mIRC was still released before Windows Vista, so there have been plenty of problems of using Vista than XP for mIRC.

And some of them, have alternate solutions.

One known solution is opening websites from mIRC on Vista, and mIRC opens Internet Explorer, when your default browser is something else, such as FireFox.

There is indeed a bug related to mIRC not picking up the correct default browser for users of Windows Vista. This is a known bug and Khaled has said that the issue will be fixed for the next version of mIRC.

A possible solution is to use mIRC's scripting language to force your default browser to open, at least when you click on links in the channel window. To load the following script press ALT R then, if the script editor does not present you with a blank script file, go to File - New, and paste the following into the editor:

on $^*:HOTLINK:/^\W*(((?:https?|ftps?):\/\/|www\.)\S+)\b/:*:return
on $*:HOTLINK:/^\W*(((?:https?|ftps?):\/\/|www\.)\S+)\b/:*:run firefox.exe -new-tab $regml(1)

(Or whatever the name of the browser it is you want to use.)