View Full Version : Toughest Boss? (Mystery Dungeon)

21st July 2007, 4:34 AM
I haven't gotten too far past Rayquaza- only post Rayquaza boss I've fought is Kyogre.

Personally, I really hated Moltres. I did. You can't bring along anyone but your partner from the very beginning, which, unfortunately, happened to be Chikorita (named Saria ^^), and I think I got mauled five or six times before somehow I finally managed to win. I wasn't really able to help out much either, I chose Torchic. Second hardest would have to be Articuno- still hard because of Saria's Ice weakness, but not insanely difficult because of Arty's Fire weakness. I have to admit Powder Snow is really irritating. Third hardest? Rayquaza. I managed to get Ruko (Shuppet) to lay a Curse on it, and it took away about, like, 150 damage in one blow. Ruko got KOed afterwards, though.

And if you say Monster House, it doesn't just occur in Sky Tower. In fact, I didn't encounter one there, but I managed to get, like, two in a row in the Magma Cavern. Very annoying, but not one of the toughest.

22nd July 2007, 8:40 AM
i found moltres hard. i hated it wen u had 2 bring ur begining partner every where