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23rd July 2007, 2:15 AM
Okay. Welcome to the Science-Fiction Club. This allows discussion of lots of different science fiction examples in almost all mediums. Movies, books, Television, games, etc. etc. However, if there is a club that has already been made about a certain Science Fiction, you may not discuss it here without permission from the owner of the club in question. I'll be making a list of sci-fi that has already had a club made about it.

Club Rules:
1. Follow all Serebiiforums rules.
2. Write your favorite Sci-Fi at the start of your first post to tell me you've read the rules. Those who haven't will get a warning.
3. No discussing Sci-Fi that already has a club about it. I know I've said this, but it is an important rule.
4. Break a rule and you get a warning. Three warnings and you get a one-week ban. Three one-week bans and you get permanently banned.
5. Have fun.

Form for Entry.
Nickname: (This can be a character/place/thing from any science-fiction. Including ones there are already a club about.)
Why you're joining: (Just a line or two about why you're joining)
Can you make a banner: (Only until we get a banner. If you can't, it's fine, but if you can, please do.)

Please PM me telling me you have a club about a particular Science-Fiction.

Warning list:
None. Now let's keep it that way.

Ban list:
Also none.

Perma-ban list:
Also none.

Member list:
1. PikaPower! (Doctor Who)

List of Un-Discussable Sci-Fi
Doctor Who

Join away!