View Full Version : anyway to get my pass back

legendary master Jose
31st July 2007, 3:57 AM
hey all i was on the chat earlier today when i identify my nick but when i did it i acidentaly put a space before the / so everyone saw it now my pass has been changed and im pretty sure it was either leona or Mandy

now i want to know is there anyway to get it back?

Locke Yggdrasill
31st July 2007, 5:53 AM
You're pretty much screwed unless you get either of them to give it back to you if they got it.

legendary master Jose
31st July 2007, 6:35 AM
ok i know how to get it back

all i have to do is type /ns Sendpass Kenny


everytime i do that it says permission denied and the ops wont do it for me :(

31st July 2007, 9:26 AM
Find out who it is for sure, with evidence.

I really hope it's not Leona, seeing as how even registering a java user's name and then constantly ghosting them can get you banned.

And seeing as how Leona is an op, that could get her to be removed from being an op, too.

As for Mandy, yea, I'm not going to even voice my opinion of her here, it's too vulgar!

Edit: I asked a friend to look at logs, and he was able to find out who regged it. Leona did not do it, it was Mandy. When I see her on next, she has two choices, she can drop the nick, or she can face being banned from both SPP channels until she drops it. Until then, use another nickname.

legendary master Jose
31st July 2007, 2:50 PM
thank you very much aipon

as for mandy i never liked her anyways

the reason i thought it was leona was because she ghosted me twice but those were proably just for fun

Ho-oh Master
31st July 2007, 2:56 PM
I never understood what ghosting was. I've seen people post there passwords but I see no point in changing my name.

legendary master Jose
31st July 2007, 3:11 PM
ghosting is when someone is using ur name that u registered if u ghost them it kicks them out of the room there by allowing you to use ur name

Erik Destler
2nd August 2007, 8:08 AM
It doesn't kick them..
It disconnects them....