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14th August 2007, 10:46 PM
Okay so just a few minutes ago i was talking under the name Auron.
I was having a conversation with some other members of the chat and even helped another user out. Then Erik Logged in and kicked me for doing absolutely nothing claiming that i was a "crappie troll".

14th August 2007, 10:49 PM

Honestly, you don't know ho-

http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=256997 <- Nevermind, you should've just posted here : \

Ho-oh Master
15th August 2007, 12:02 AM
*Runs into topic and helps Dragostea_Din_Tei from dieing* Nooo another person died from being kicked from a Pokemon chat ;_;

Does it matter?

Erik Destler
15th August 2007, 6:30 AM
gtfo groudon_smex..

Session Start: Tue Aug 14 16:19:09 2007
Session Ident: Auron
16:19 Session Ident: Auron (JavaUser@15-198-112-64.dialup.tc3net.com)
16:19 Query with [Auron]/ opened on [Tuesday, August 14th 2007, 16:19:09].
16:19 Total queries: [1235]/[~25.8 per day]
16:19 Queries today: [75]
16:19 [Auron] Erik nobody had a problem with me
16:19 [Auron] ask anyone in normal chat
16:19 [Auron] i wasnt trolling
16:19 [Auron] i was actaully having a conversation
Session Close: Tue Aug 14 17:16:12 2007

please note,
this user was given many chances when it was banned many times for trolling.
Then it just happened evade, via dialup.

And it kept doing it.

And then, I enforced a blacklist.

And it got all "omg T_T soz i got cotz lols"

And then, I asked a few of the ops, and they all said to keep him b&.

So, I really don't know what to say mate, you screwed yerself over.

14:58 Query with [WiFiGuest5199]/ opened on [Saturday, August 4th 2007, 14:58:00].
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14:58 [WiFiGuest5199] Erik please stop
14:58 [WiFiGuest5199] I will stop trolling
14:58 [WiFiGuest5199] I promise
14:58 [Erik_Destler] no habla ingles
14:58 [WiFiGuest5199] Erik come on
14:58 [WiFiGuest5199] I will never troll again
14:58 [Erik_Destler] que?
14:59 [WiFiGuest5199] no soy un troll
14:59 [Erik_Destler] parlez vouz francais?
14:59 [WiFiGuest5199] Erik Im going to tell all the ops how you kicked me for no reason
15:00 [Erik_Destler] yeah and watch them all support me
15:00 [Erik_Destler] ;)
15:00 [WiFiGuest5199] Im going to the forums to report this unfair kick
15:00 [Erik_Destler] The reason I banned you is because you troll too much.
15:00 [Erik_Destler] And I've got others who will back me up.
15:00 [Erik_Destler] How can I know you're not lying.
15:00 [WiFiGuest5199] But I will stop
15:00 [Erik_Destler] You were warning countless times to stop.
15:00 [WiFiGuest5199] Im giving up trolling
15:00 [Erik_Destler] How can I know that?
15:01 [WiFiGuest5199] Just trust me
15:01 [Erik_Destler] I can't.
15:01 [Erik_Destler] You've killed all trust there ever could have been.
15:01 [WiFiGuest5199] The moment I troll give me a permaban
15:01 [Erik_Destler] You've had way to many strikes though.
15:01 [Erik_Destler] :\
15:01 [Erik_Destler] when you got banned
15:01 [Erik_Destler] and you evaded.
15:01 [Erik_Destler] And that's an offense.
15:01 [WiFiGuest5199] I wasnt aware you could do this blacklist thing
15:02 [WiFiGuest5199] If I would have known about this I would have stopped
15:02 [Erik_Destler] hahahahah
15:02 [Erik_Destler] why?
15:02 [Erik_Destler] cause you know you were stopped for good?
15:02 [WiFiGuest5199] Im only going to troll on Gamefaqs
15:02 [WiFiGuest5199] not on serebii
15:03 [WiFiGuest5199] I give up Serebii trolling
15:03 [WiFiGuest5199] In return I hope you will unban me
15:03 [Erik_Destler] Ah, but you said you were giving up trolling.
15:03 [Erik_Destler] Why not stop trolling on gamefaqs?
15:04 [WiFiGuest5199] What do you care if I do it on Gamefaqs
15:04 [WiFiGuest5199] Gamefaqs is famous for trolls
15:04 [Erik_Destler] Well, you said you're giving up trolling
15:04 [Erik_Destler] so either you're completely giving it up
15:04 [WiFiGuest5199] okay Ill stop trolling on gamefaqs
15:04 [WiFiGuest5199] just unban me please
15:05 [Erik_Destler] I really don't know if I should
15:05 [Erik_Destler] I'll discuss it with other ops./
15:05 [Erik_Destler] :)
15:05 [WiFiGuest5199] Alright thanks
15:05 [WiFiGuest5199] Hopefully they dont hate me too much
15:06 [Erik_Destler] we can only hope :)
15:07 [Erik_Destler] frankly the only reason you're alarmed is because I'm sure you've tried to evade
15:07 [Erik_Destler] by reconnecting
15:07 [Erik_Destler] but it didnt work
15:07 [WiFiGuest5199] I actually didnt
15:07 [WiFiGuest5199] Ill never evade again
15:08 [WiFiGuest5199] Or try too
15:11 [WiFiGuest5199] Are you still there
15:12 raw [441]: WiFiGuest6106 #SPP-WiFi They aren't on that channel
15:12 whois
15:12 addy JavaUser@214-199-112-64.dialup.tc3net.com [Java User]
15:12 serverii betamax.dejatoons.net [Beta to the Max]
15:12 whois

15:21 Query with [WiFiGuest5199]/ opened on [Saturday, August 4th 2007, 15:21:32].
15:21 Total queries: [586]/[~15.5 per day]
15:21 Queries today: [36]

15:21 [WiFiGuest5199] Uh so what did the ops say
15:21 [Erik_Destler] havent had a chance to talk to all
15:21 [Erik_Destler] Mario said no.
15:21 [Erik_Destler] Deidara said eh
15:22 [Erik_Destler] so that's 1 and a half against you
15:22 [Erik_Destler] half for you
15:22 [Erik_Destler] :<
15:24 [WiFiGuest5199] Did you tell them that I wont troll anymore
15:24 [Erik_Destler] yep
15:24 [Erik_Destler] mario lold and said liez
15:25 [WiFiGuest5199] Hmmm I dont even remeber being kicked by Mario
15:25 [WiFiGuest5199] Does he know who I am
15:25 [WiFiGuest5199] lol
15:27 [WiFiGuest5199] Ask Asuka
15:27 [WiFiGuest5199] Hes pretty cool
15:28 [Erik_Destler] mario knows
15:29 [WiFiGuest5199] Oh okay
15:30 [WiFiGuest5199] Did you ask Asuka
15:30 [Erik_Destler] Asuka said no.
15:30 [Erik_Destler] Just talked with her on AIM
15:31 [Erik_Destler] 2 to .5
15:31 [Erik_Destler] 2.5 to .5**
15:31 [WiFiGuest5199] Aww man
15:31 [WiFiGuest5199] I think Im screwed
15:31 [WiFiGuest5199] Why are they saying no
15:31 [WiFiGuest5199] I can promise I will never troll
15:32 [WiFiGuest5199] Why would I want to troll
15:32 [Erik_Destler] idk that's something you should ask yourself
15:32 [WiFiGuest5199] I just get blacklisted
15:32 [Erik_Destler] why did you do it in the first place
15:32 [WiFiGuest5199] Cause it was funny
15:32 [Erik_Destler] basically what you're saying is
15:32 [Erik_Destler] if there was no blacklist
15:32 [Erik_Destler] you wouldn't care
15:32 [WiFiGuest5199] No
15:32 [Erik_Destler] and you were most likely coming in there to trol.
15:32 [Erik_Destler] Thanks.
15:32 [WiFiGuest5199] Thats not what I mean
15:32 [Erik_Destler] No, you've implied it.
15:33 [WiFiGuest5199] Well okay I will admit
15:33 [WiFiGuest5199] I was coming to troll
15:33 [WiFiGuest5199] But I swear I never will agina
15:34 [WiFiGuest5199] I was mainly doing it so that people would know who I am
15:34 [WiFiGuest5199] So that I would be famous in the chat
15:34 [WiFiGuest5199] But now I finnaly realized how much everyone really hates me
15:34 [Erik_Destler] Currently talking to Riyu about it
15:35 [WiFiGuest5199] Ok
15:35 [Erik_Destler] right.
15:35 [WiFiGuest5199] It seems like over on Gamefaqs people have a love hate relationship with the trolls
15:36 [WiFiGuest5199] They hate how annoying they are
15:36 [WiFiGuest5199] But love how funny they are too
15:36 [WiFiGuest5199] Here everyone just flat out hates them
15:36 [WiFiGuest5199] And I think maybe gamefaqs is the same way
15:37 [WiFiGuest5199] Thats why I am giving up trolling
15:37 [Erik_Destler] Sorry mate
15:37 [Erik_Destler] that's 4.5 to .5
15:38 [Erik_Destler] the evading bans thing is also quite a crucial thing that you have done in the past
15:38 [Erik_Destler] and it is quite the offense.
15:38 [Erik_Destler] in fact, the rules say it deserves perma.
15:39 [WiFiGuest5199] Where are these rules you keep following
15:39 [WiFiGuest5199] Are they the ones right under this chat
15:40 [Erik_Destler] oO
15:40 [Erik_Destler] no theree is a complete list of rules
15:40 [Erik_Destler] (two sets, actually)
15:40 [WiFiGuest5199] Because It says 13. Don't try to evade bans, if you evade a ban this might turn into a undetermined time ban or a kick
15:40 [Erik_Destler] on the forums
15:40 [Erik_Destler] in Chatroom discussion.
15:41 [WiFiGuest5199] Oh I dont have an account on the forums
15:41 [WiFiGuest5199] It doesnt say perma ban on rule 13
15:51 [Erik_Destler] undetermined was determined.
15:52 [WiFiGuest5199] Oh okay
15:52 [WiFiGuest5199] Have you talked to all the ops yet
15:53 [Erik_Destler] No, not all of them.
15:53 [WiFiGuest5199] Whats the votes currently at
15:53 [Erik_Destler] the same
15:53 [WiFiGuest5199] k
15:54 [WiFiGuest5199] I would really like to apoligize to all of the ops for trolling
15:54 [WiFiGuest5199] Tell them I said Im really sorry for it
15:59 [WiFiGuest5199] Man I trolled here for two years
15:59 [WiFiGuest5199] I can't believe it took this long for the blacklist
16:00 [WiFiGuest5199] Meh pretty stupid of me to even start trolling


13. Don't try to evade bans, if you evade a ban this might turn into a undetermined time ban or a kick

15th August 2007, 7:09 AM
Another idiot who missed this topic:


Didn't post logs, claims he did nothing wrong, and then gets owned by the person who kicked him, and said person who kicked him even has logs of the idiot troll confessing that he trolled up the chat.