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19th August 2007, 2:02 AM
Professional Gaming Clan

Born to be the Best
Live to be Great
Die a Legend

This is a thread for the proud, elite few.
A place where gamers from around the world can come together.
To join just leave a reply with your preferred pokemon(it will become your icon so make sure it is unique).

Chat about EV training, IV's, Natures, Movesets, Breeding, Lineups and Shiny hunting.

There will be a ranking system with points given out.
post-10 points
Valuable post- 50 points
recruit new member- 30 points
active for each month- 20 points
add location to your sig- 15 points
add banner to your sig- 25 points
create a banner- 45 points

if i think of any more i will put them here.

Clan Setup

Demon-Gamer 257

Legend Gamers- 200 points

Professional Gamers- 115 points

Gaming Tyrants- 210 points

Advanced Admins- 140 points

Admins- 180 points

Gamers- 70 points

Advanced Members-120 points

Members- 80 points

- 80 points
Juniors-50 points


Beginners - gamers... may post posts recruit members and create banners.
Admins - gaming tyrants...may "all the above" + create new topics.

professional gamers - Leader...."all the above" + add games to the list, start new topics on those games and give out extra points.

To give out extra points professional gamers, Legend Gamers just make a post pointing out who to give the points to and why.