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19th August 2007, 4:35 AM
Since the old one is gone I thought we could start anew.Make up an episode and put down your discussion.You then chronologically continue from your point.It can be starting from any of these {remember to put down which one you are starting with}
a:May's adventures in Johto
b:Pokemon Chronicles
c:Ash's journey after Sinnoh{including the Sinnoh league}
d:Dawn's journey after Sinnoh{including the Sinnoh Grand Festival}

Please post reguarly

A tale of two Phases
As Ash and the gang visit a town,there have been omnious reports of dreams manifesting into reality.A Cressilda and Darkrai are battling and the clashes are creating things from dreams.To find out what caused this the crew must go into the dreams themselves

The Good,The Wise and the Azelfish
Team Galactic are planning to steal the lake trio.Ash and his friends must protect them so spilt up as well as getting help from Cynthia.But to stop these troublesome kids,Cyrus commands his adminds to battle out Ash and co.
Dawn tries to protect Mesprit so battles Mars
Brock tries to protect Uxie so battles Jupiter
Ash tries to protect Azelf so battles Saturn

The Dialga and Palkia Gem Holders!

Part 1:With control over the lake trio the gang watches in horror as Cyrus controls Dialga and Palkia.With their power he blasts our heroes throughout time and space.Then sending his minions to the corners of the universe and time it seems all hope is lost
Cyrus gains control of space and time
Brock is sent back to acicent times
Ash is sent into a nightmarish future
Dawn is sent into another dimension

Part 2:Our heroes are spread throughout existence.How will they ever escape?Brock is trapped far in the past at the time of a war,centuries ago.Ash is sent into the future where he is trapped in what is left of our world.And Dawn is stuck in the third dimension,a storage universe she is in where many characters have been taken

Part 3:When our heroes escape they must stop Cyrus,who now sends three stronger admins of the one they knew,now drained of emotion.Cynthia must then battle Cyrus
Ash fights Mars who controlls Mesprit,and he loses emotion
Brock fight Jupiter who controlls Uxie,and he loses memory
Dawn fights Saturn,who controlls Azelf,and loses free will
The Pokemon universe has become three dimensional

Part 4:With our heroes removed of parts of their spirits Cyrus appears to be on the edge.Yet in his battle he loses control of the dieties.Now enranged,they must be stopped or time and space will be destroyed
After Pikachu risks its life to save Ash,his emotion is returned
After seeing Nurse Joy,Brock's memory is restored
After looking at her ribbons,Dawn regains free will
The tremendous heart in Cynthia causes Cyrus to lose control
Cyrus is sucked into another dimension

Be warned:The following scenes will contain me

The family of many
Finally,Ash has arrived at the Sinnoh Pokemon Leauge.As he is ready to fight in the leauge,his friends cheer him on
May,Misty,Tracey,Drew,Solidad,Gary,Delia,Solana,Zo ey,Harrison,Morrison,Tyson,Cheryl,Johanna,Oak,Birc h,Elm,Rowan,Richie,Casey,Scott and Todd all appear to cheer Ash on
Ash gain a Rainbow Feather from Ho-oh
I appear{John}

Battle of the Heart
I,John go up against Paul.Despite being powerful I try to show there is more to Pokemon than just power
My Pokemon I use in this
Espeon{Hope to get}
Umbreon{Hope to get}
These Pokemon evolve by friendship
In this,I have based me as a talented trainer{which I am} comes from Snowpoint Town{near Uxie,the being of Knowledge{has resemblance to me}} and has won the Sinnoh Leauge before,10 years before this.I am a trainer who is connected emotionaly to my Pokemon{I am} and was taught by a master.
Paul has
Suprisingly Monferno
Lopunny defeats Electabuzz
Ursaring defeats Lopunny
Chimecho defeats Ursaring
Chimecho defeats Honchkrow
Weavile defeats Chimecho
Blissey defeats Weavile
Monferno defeats Blissey
Espeon defeats Monferno
Torterra defeats Espeon
Torterra defeats Umbreon
Lucario defeats Torterra

2 parter
After the battle with Paul,I am ready to battle Ash and vice-versa.This is it.The battle for who will become Sinnoh champion.
Torterra{my starter}
Luxray and Drifblim{my main Pokemon,including Torterra}
Manaphy{my future main}
Garchomp{my future main}
Gallade{my future main}
Ash uses Pikachu,Strapador,Aipom,Grotle,Chimecho and Gastrodon
Drifblim beats Aipom
Strapador beats Drifblim
Strapador beats Garchomp
Manaphy beats Strapador
Gastrodon beats Manaphy
Luxray beats Gastrodon
Luxray beats Grotle
Chimecho beats Luxray
Gallade and Chimecho tie
Pikachu beats Torterra

19th August 2007, 4:46 AM
pretty awesome! umm

forest of the live orchestra!

ash and co. get lost in a magical forest in-habbited by a ton of kricketot and a couple kricketune. but while they are there team rocket tries to steal 2 kricketot...team rocket blast off again and the 2 kricketot are lost in the woods. with out them the orchestra is no good so ash an co. have to search the dangerous forest for the 2.

wow i never thought i would be kinda good with this!

Korobooshi Kojiro
19th August 2007, 4:49 AM
I like this kid's the best.

19th August 2007, 4:52 AM
im no kid im 15 years young

19th August 2007, 5:20 AM
Ash+Brock repeatedly get on Dawn's nerves, all the while meeting a duo of coordinators that Dawn really likes, Dawn considers leaving Ash+Brock, but something happens to make them all get back together, relationship strengthened.

Ep. 532-Judgement of the Pals! Hikari Leaving?

19th August 2007, 7:19 AM
Don't let this thread die like so many of mine.Tell da peoples!

The Champion Days
Ash has finally gained the Sinnoh championship and is now a Pokemon Master:Completing the next step into world's greatest trainer.What will be next?
Dawn ponders what to do next,and learns that the Orange Leauge is hosting a Pokemon Contesting time
Ash gets a ticket to Poketopia
I allow Brock and friends to spectlacate at Poketopia
Rules of Poketopia:
There are ten major champions:Leaders in an arena}
Anyone who loses is sent away from Poketopia
After the 10 arenas a championship is held to those who have made it past the rounds
You need've become champion of a leauge{apart from Orange} to get a Poketopia ticket
The winner will challenge Master Cynthia
Main Street
Taylor-Pachirisu and Jigglypuff
Prize:Cute Badge

Marina-Marill and Poliwhirl
Prize:Luscious Badge

Rosie-Weepingbell and Rolesilia
Prize:Growth Badge

Voldon-Metang and Rotom
Prize:Clarity Badge

Terrel-Quilava and Grotle
Prize:Endure Badge

Dusty-? and ?
Prize:Preperation Badge

Itan-Hitmonchan and Absol
Demos-Tangrowth and Magmortar
Rastea-Glaceon and Leafeon
Joe-Arcanine and Lapras,Entei and Electivire
Prize:Yin Yang Badge

Prea:Yanmega and Altaria
Zeran:Blaziken and Hitmonlee
Adome:Duskinor and Lickilicky
Sashay:Registeel and Milotic,Deoxys and Togekiss
Prize:Companionship Badge

Cuwon:Ludicolo and Gardevior,Aggron and Hariyama
Eturo:Gyrados and Rhyperior,Starmie and Manetric
Razma:Slaking and Swalot,Sceptile and Shiftry
Kruger:Machamp and Medicham,Regice and Regirock,Latias and Zapdos
Prize:Change Badge

Coco:Articuno and Abomasnow,Mamoswine and Froslass
Flut:Omastar and Armaldo,Gliscor and Tyrannitar
Canata:Slowbro and Slowking,Snorlax and
Master Mysterial
Meganium and Garchomp,Latios and Manaphy,Dragonair and Lugia

19th August 2007, 6:54 PM
Sinnoh League Finals: -

Preliminary Double Battles;
Pikachu & Ambipom vs Flareon & Hitmonchan.

Staraptor & Noctowl vs Altaria & Mismaigus.

Grotle & Bayleef vs Donphan & Hippowdon
Grotle and Bayleef evolve when they fall in love after the battle.

Gabite & Lucario vs Raichu & Munchlax

Cyndaquil & Totodile vs Rapidash & Rhydon.
Cyndaquil and Totodile evolve after the battle.

Muk & Kingler vs Swalot & Crawdaunt.

19th August 2007, 8:08 PM
^^ that sounds pretty cool but idk turtwig seems a little dense like ash and i dont think he even knows what love is.

19th August 2007, 11:00 PM
ive got an episode idea
Ash & co go to the Solceon ruins to help Gary investigate the unown

Soly unown ruins,Gary returns

Crystal Clair
19th August 2007, 11:17 PM
I constantly think of new episode ideas so this post should be fun

Shinou Underground!! Collect the spheres!!
Ash, Hikari and Brock enter the underground and meet Hyouta and a female friend of his. Hyouta and his friend ..... let's call her Kira/Kim wants to decorate her underground hideout but barely has any spheres to trade for items. Ash, Hikari and Brock get picking equiptment and go into different parts of the underground.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket wants to set up a base as well. They are also picking and sphere hunting. They have fights over what they want to get for their base. They dont have much to do in this episode aside from that.

Brock's Emergency!!
Greggle stabs Brock in the wrong place. XP

19th August 2007, 11:23 PM
Hmm more Detail later im working on it but

Ash vs Shinji the Final bout as Rivals.

20th August 2007, 1:49 AM
Here are some missing movies

11-The Regis and the Goliath King!
As the gang visit Snowpoint they meet up with an old friend-Brandon!Brandon here is exploring an ancient myth about a Pokemon that pulls the continents.Yet the sinister collector is back,ready to steal this Goliath.And the Regis are the key
-Regigigas almost destroys the land
-Brandon captures Regigigas

12th movie {After the leauge of Sinnoh}-King of Spirits
After completing the leauge,Ash and friends go to a newly discovered lake,holding a cave connecting to the spirit world.Yet Vicious has returned,ready to steal the Pokemon of spirits

GAAAH!You never post more in my threads!Why domy threads die so quickly!You've all hurt my feelings by notadding posts,so I'm banning all of you from my threads!

Ze DreamGirl
15th September 2007, 5:54 PM
A no-data pokémon ?! The cathing of ;150; ?!

in a random large city of Sinnoh, a young girl get called by her father (a scientist working at the lab situated there) because a young boy saw a mysterious pokémon in an isolated street. He tried to dex it but it didn't work because the pokédex said that they were'nt any data...So the father wants her daughter to investigate about that...
Then the gang arrive in the city and meet the young girl who is dexing random people in the street . She gives her name "Kitty" and explain the reason of her strange behaviour. She is trying to find a mysterious pokémon with no pokédex data wearing a long coat...
She ends up finding it and the gang and her runs towards it...But they are too slow...The pokémon creates an invisible wall and they all crash on it...wich gives the mysterious pokémon the opportunity to teleport away...
Then, in the Pokémon centre Kitty and the gang are calling Prof Oak to know how many psychic pokémon there are and what their name.
At the same time ;150; is wondering...Is that girl part of Team Rocket ? What is the mysterious device she used to find him ? Then he remembers his fight against Gary who used the same device to scan him...She is just a random trainer...but if she manage to catch him 1)he won't be free anymore and 2)scientists will studie it...
He must prevent that girl from finding it again and to do so he has to destroy her pokédex...
The next day Kitty and the gang are dexing random people on the street but just when Kitty's pokédex says "No data" ,;150; who is in front of her turns back and uses his psychic powers to make it explode and uses teleport...
Then Ash,walking,receives a mental message from Mewtwo who wants to see him and his friends plus the girl in a deserted street. So Ash,Dawn,Brock and Kitty go there when the meet ;150; . He explains to Kitty why she should'nt try to catch him. Kitty agrees. And advise Mewtwo to find another town to hide himself. Then they all break up. Ash and co continue their travel , Mewtwo goes to another town to be quiet and Kitty come back home...
Some days later ,in her dad' s laboratory, Kitty receives a phone call from people in the neighbouring town... some people have seen a strange pokémon wearing a long coat and without pokédex data... And she answers that the pokémon is a disguised talking Mr Mime blinking at the audience...

15th September 2007, 6:54 PM
League Finale: -
VS Paul;
Pikachu VS Electivire, Pikachu wins with a Volt Tackle, Agility & Iron Tail Combo.
Pikachu VS Weavile, Weavile wins with Metal Claw.
Weavile VS Ambipom, Ambipom wins with Fire Punch and Double Hit.
Ambipom VS Torterra, Torterra wins with Frenzy Plant.
Torterra VS Gabite, Gabite wins with Dragon Rush.
Gabite VS Ursaring, Gabite wins with Dragonbreath.
Gabite VS Infernape, Infernape wins with Blaze Kick.
Infernape VS Lucario, a DKO, with 2 Blaze Kicks colliding.
Staraptor VS Honchkrow, Honchkrow wins Night Slash.
Torterra VS Honchkrow, Torterra wins with a Leaf Storm, Extremespeed and Body Slam Combo.

Training for Elites!
Ash is having a Double Battle with Brock: -
Torterra VS Suddowoodo
Gabite VS Toxicroak
(Ash wins and Gabite evolves.)

Back Home: -
Ash is back at Professor Oak's Lab where He lets Torterra and Meganium resume their romance. He lets out Staraptor to Train with Swellow, Lucario to Train with Heracross, Garchomp to Train with Sceptile and Ambipom to Train with Glalie.

Finding new Friends or old: -
Ash is training for a while before taking on the ELITE 4 in the Mystery Dungeon.
He takes Quilava and Croconaw with Pikachu and goes into Veridian Forest to find Pidgeot then flies to Anthony's house to pick up Primeape and as he flies back on the coastal route, he comes across Butterfree and his mate and they all fly back to the Lab to train a bit more.

Training Matches: -
Ash is matching all his Pokémon up (Bar two (Charizard & Squirtle)): -
Butterfree VS Noctowl
Glalie VS Ambipom
Quilava VS Croconaw
Sceptile VS Garchomp
Staraptor VS Swellow
Torterra VS Meganium (Not a full battle as they don’t want to hurt each other!)
Lucario VS Heracross
Torkoal VS Bulbasaur
Donphan VS Tauros
Corphish VS Kingler
Muk VS Pidgeot

Ash and Pikachu leave them to train and walk to the outskirts of Pallet Town to the Coast and who should pop up from the water; Lapras, who seems to have left its pod and tried to find Ash again, so he takes her back to the Lab and gets Lapras to battle with Snorlax.

Later that day he calls Liza for Charizard and Officer Jenny of Vermillion City for Squirtle. Charizard, flying over Vermillion drops down to pick up Squirtle and then both head over to Pallet Town.

17th September 2007, 6:44 PM
Scyther VS Heracrosso, Serebii and Scizor?! Freaking Unfair!!

While travelling through Moldy Sock forest, Ash gets challenged by a Scyther with a broken back. It completely owns Ash and his Pokemon. We later find out from Sid the Slakoth that Scyther is due to be replaced by a Scizor, Heracross and Serebii as guardian of Moldy Sock forest. Scyther wont let it happen, and so it challenges the trio. Scyther completely owns Serebii and Heracross with one attack each, but Scizor trashes it. Scizor then becomes the new protector of Moldy Sock forest and Scyther plays golf in celebration of retirement.

21st September 2007, 8:59 PM
New Journeys: -
Ash is sitting on a rock in the grounds of the Lab and he is talking to Brock and Dawn. Brock tells Ash that he is going to become the Official Gym Leader of Pewter Gym again and Dawn tells Ash she is going to participate in the Kanto and Johto Contests and they all say their goodbyes and Brock and Dawn go off on their way to their own adventures.

Ash then decides he’s going to start making his way through the Mystery Dungeon with his team of 6: -

Squirtle has decided to stay with the other Pokémon from now on in the Lab and has picked another member of the Squirtle Squad to lead them, but… during a training battle both Quilava and Croconaw evolve and this makes Ash very happy and proud.

Ash then sets off with team of 6 towards the Mystery Dungeon.

Entrance to Destiny!
Ash has reached the entrance to the Mystery Dungeon, which is the relocated HQ for the Elite 4 from Victory Road. He meets a trainer in front of the entrance and the trainer challenges him to a 3 VS 3 battle.

Pikachu VS Floatzel, Pikachu wins with Agility and Discharge.
Pikachu VS Parasect, Pikachu wins with Quick Attack and Iron Tail.
Pikachu VS Fearow, Pikachu wins with Thunder.

Ash says to the trainer that it had been a good, fair battle but advises the trainer to train a lot harder and that there are a lot more trainers about and they are a lot harder to beat than Ash. The trainer seems very enlightened by this and thanks Ash and walks off towards Mt Moon to do some rigorous training.

Ground Floor Problems: -
Ash is now inside Mystery Dungeon, on his way to take on the Elite 4. There are a handful of people inside the Dungeon but he isn’t sure whether they are normal Trainers or current Champions who are also on their way to challenge the Elite 4. Ash walks up to the nearest Trainer to ask what they are doing here, but the Trainer simply challenges him to a battle, which of course Ash accepts: -

Pikachu VS Flaaffy, Pikachu wins with Quick Attack.
Gardevoir VS Sceptile, Sceptile wins with Agility and Solarbeam.
Rhyperior VS Garchomp, Garchomp wins with Dragonbreath and Metal Claw.

The Trainer is impressed with Ash and tells him he is one of 2 Trainers guarding the Ground Floor to the Dungeon to gauge the strength of prospective challengers to the Elite 4. Ash is amazed but still holds his nerve and walk towards a wooden ladder in the middle of the cave. This will take him the First Level. Another Trainer spots him and runs up to challenge him. Ash readily accepts: -

Heracross VS Ambipom, Heracross wins with Megahorn and Seismic Toss.
Slaking VS Charizard, Charizard wins with Fire Spin and Steel Wing.
Jumpluff VS Lapras, Lapras wins with Icy Wind and Sheer Cold.

Ash smiles with new confidence but is careful not to be cocky as he remembers Drakes’ lesson very clearly and well. He then ascends the wooden ladder. The two Trainers he just beat shout up words of encouragement and hopes of victory.

22nd September 2007, 1:04 AM
Episode title: Mysterious might!A new rival is born!
Plot:My d character owns ash!
Pokemon used:
by me, Torterra

okay, so Ash and the gang are walking. They here an explosion. They go over to see Seth(lucas) has a Lucario out and is battling a Charizard. Charizard uses Blast Burn. Lucario uses Psychic to send the attack right back. KO's charizard. My guy notices Ash. He challenges Ash to a battle. Ash has one night to get his strongest pokemon together for a battle with me. Ash picks Charizard,Snorlax,Aipom,Sceptile,Pickachu, and Glalie. (tomorrow) I send out Electivire. Ash sends out Chariard. Heres the battle.
.Electire Ko's charizard with Thunderbolt
.Elecivire KO's aipom with giga Impact
.Glalie knocks out elective with blizzard
.Garchomp KO's Glalie with Flamethrower
.Garchomp KO's Snorlax with Dragon Rush
.Sceptile wins with solarbeam
.Sceptile faints with Torterra(torterra used wood hammer,Sceptile used Solar Beam)
Lucario fights Pickachu. Pickachu wins:(
.Deoxys fights Pickachu. Pickachu wins with Volt Tackle
.Darkrai vs. Pickachu. Darkrai wins with Shadow Ball.
Ash makes Seth his rival.

Tell me what ya think!

22nd September 2007, 2:23 AM
Fire Dungeon!Escape from The Creature

While Looking for battles in Stark mountain Ash and co get stuck in the Magma cave because of of another Failed attempt from team rocket They accidently wake up Heatran when Team rocket take the lava orb the pokemon awakens the volcano and Ash & co must get out before the lava destroys the exit

22nd September 2007, 2:20 PM
Second Level Switchover!
Ash has reached the second level and he is astounded to find a Pokémon Center has been set up in the middle of the level but it is surrounded by a Waterfall leading up to it. Ash begins to wonder how he could get up when he remembers he has either Lapras or Charizard but he goes for Lapras. Lapras actually knows the technique Waterfall.
They get up to the Pokémon Center and he recalls Lapras and deposits his team to be treated. He waits around for half an hour and he sees Nurse Joy and Blissey coming out of the Treatment Room and Joy announces they are all fighting fit.
Ash decides he could rotate his team so he calls Professor Oak to deposit Sceptile, Garchomp, Lapras, Charizard and Heracross. He asks for Corphish, Donphan, Staraptor, Snorlax and Torkoal.

He uses Snorlax to get back down to the Second Level floor and they see another ladder and there are two Trainers standing at the foot of the ladder. They demand a Double Battle and Ash accepts: -
Pikachu VS Rapidash
Staraptor VS Ledian.
Pikachu beats Rapidash with Discharge and Staraptor beats Ledian with Aerial Ace.
Ash then ascends to the Third Floor.

Power of Fire
22nd September 2007, 2:36 PM
jp: satoshi ushachi ugangya
dub: japanese title means this is so random

jp: rhydon attack!!! rescue gible!!

22nd September 2007, 4:39 PM
This is suddenly looking like a fanfic...

23rd September 2007, 9:47 AM
This is suddenly looking like a fanfic...

I agree. This shouldnt be in the Anime Spoilers section. Everyone just let this die out.

25th September 2007, 12:10 AM
A Wailmer of a Time
Ash catches Wailord

25th September 2007, 2:52 AM
Lickin in the Past! Lickitung returns

In a Traders Convection Jessie sees her Lickitung abandoned by a trainer who trade with the Wobbufet Owner and jessie gets back here Lickitung and it evolves

25th September 2007, 7:07 PM
Here's my idea for an episode. This may be a long read.

Title: Capture Planned! Rescue Ralts!

Synopsis: Ash and friends are going to their next gym battle/contest competition when they come across a family that sings on stage and puts on plays. They give a small performance for Ash, but the youngest girl doesn't seem into the performance. In fact, she doesn't even seem to sing a note. When her solo comes, she chokes due to what Ash and friends think is stage fright and the other pokemon have to use Psychic to get her to finish. The youngest girl, Hannah, who is Ash's age, has a Ralts who can talk psychically and physically in several human languages and she and Ralts are suppossed to be the stars, but the performance can't go on if Hannah has such tremendous stage fright. The rest of the family has the rest of the Ralts family line and a few other pokemon performers, like Clefairy and Jigglypuff (no, not that one). The problem is that both Hannah and Ralts don't have stage fright. They hate singing with a passion (that's actually putting it mildly) and wants nothing to do with the upcoming concert. She reduces a punching bag to ruins after the small performance due to how angry she is. Hannah wants to be a coordinator, but Ralts was a battle bred pokemon and wants to be a full-scale battler. Hannah knows this and wishes to help Ralts fulfill her dreams. However, the rest of the family seems oblivious to Hannah's, and Ralts's, dreams, and her hatred of singing. Even though Hannah doesn't want to perform, she doesn't want to disappoint her family, at least not overtly, and agrees to perform, saying that she simply suffered from stage fright. They then go to practice while Hannah comes up with a plan not only to get her out of performing in the concert without too much ruining of the concert, but also to allow Ralts a chance to be free and fulfill her own dreams, without anyone suspecting Hannah's involvment or motives.

During their upcoming performance, right as Hannah is about to start performing, TR interrupts the concert and captures Ralts, as well as destroying her pokeball. It turns out that this is something Ralts wanted as she offers no resistance to Tream Rocket. Ash and friends, however, do. As Ash with Pikachu and Dawn with Piplup try to rescue Ralts, Ralts attacks them and KO's both Pikachu and Piplup with a single Psychic attack, something that impresses TR tremendously. After they leave and land in a forest close by, Meowth fantasizes about what Giovanni would do with Ralts. But TR's usefulness to Ralts has ended. Having seen Team Rocket as the criminals that they are, Ralts sends them blasting off with a single psychic attack and starts wandering, looking for a more worthwhile trainer. Meanwhile, Hannah and Ash look for Ralts, leaving Brock to perform and keep the audience from rioting. At least he has some of Hannah's sisters as back-up. In the forest, Ash and Hannah encounter a Ralts, who immediately attacks them. Ash thinks that this is Hannah's Ralts, but Hannah says it isn't. She's lying. Ash believes her. The way Ralts is attacking, however, indicates that it wants to join Ash's party, if he's strong enough. Pikachu engages Ralts and fights it to a stand-still. Ash then captures Ralts and Ralts doesn't try to break out of his pokeball. Ash lets Ralts out of the pokeball as Dawn, and Hannah's mother and oldest sister arrive, and recognize the Ralts. Ralts laughs a mirthless laugh and says that they're too late. Ash has already captured her. Ash looks surprised and is about to release Ralts when Ralts lashes out and knocks Ash flat with a psychic attack, yelling that she has made her choice to go with Ash and she won't let him ruin her and Hannah's plans. She then turns to Hannah and says that it's time for the truth to come out. Hannah then tells everyone the truth about how much she hates singing and doesn't want any part of the concerts, how much she wants to be a coordinator, and how much Ralts wants to be a battle pokemon. She then says that she hired Team Rocket to capture Ralts, knowing that Ralts would be able to escape should she wish to, and that she told TR about how a pokemon is bound to a pokeball it is captured in. Team Rocket returns, overhearing how they were played and try to capture Pikachu and Ralts. Ralts blows them away with ease again, and then evolves into Kirlia and both Kirlia and Pikachu send Team Rocket blasting off again. Kirlia tells Ash that she looks forward to being a strong pokemon, and she challenges him to not make her regret her choice of trainer. Hannah and the rest of the family reconcile and Hannah states that she may not be just a coordinator, but that battling also looks like fun. She takes one of Kirlia's younger siblings, one that wants to be a be a contest pokemon, as her first pokemon. With that, Ash and friends wave good-bye with a powerful talking Kirlia as a new, and much needed, member of Ash's team.

25th September 2007, 7:54 PM
How about an episode where Misty returns, argues with Dawn about hairstyles and fashion, and Misty and Ash kiss?

No. No. No.

25th September 2007, 8:15 PM
No. No. No.
CC I think that he/she/it was joking... or he/she/it is an OBSESSED/delusional/stupid/ignorant pokeshipper, in denial that misty is never rejoining the group (except possibly for a couple of episodes per region).

seems like (if it is the latter) EXACTLY the person that you bash frequently. (lol)

Missingno. Master
28th September 2007, 1:56 AM
Title; Meowth and New Techniques!
Summary; After a humiliating defeat, Team Rocket try to teach Meowth Thunderbolt, Faint Attack, and Slash.
Events; Meowth learns Thunderbolt, Faint Attack, and Slash. James's Cacnea learns Faint Attack.

Title; Happiny vs. Monferno! Paul's Humiliation!
Summary; The group settles down and makes camp. Paul comes by, sees Brock playing with Happiny, and comments on how weak it must be. Enraged at this, Brock challenges Paul and Chimchar to a battle, with amazing results.
Events; James's Cacnea evolves into Cacturne, Paul's Chimchar evolves into Monferno, Brock's Happiny learns Water Pulse, Happiny wins its first battle.

29th September 2007, 3:32 PM
Third Level Trouble!
Ash has reached the Third Level and faces a long straight walk but there are obstacles in his way such as boulders and Trainers. The first Trainer comes up to Ash and challenges him to 1 VS 1 battle and he accepts: -
Kricketune VS Torkoal, Torkoal wins with Flamethrower.

Ash walks further on and comes across the next Trainer who again challenges him to a 1 VS 1 battle: -
Aggron VS Snorlax, Snorlax wins with Ice Punch and Mega Kick.

Ash starts towards the next Trainer but finds a boulder formation in his way so he calls out Snorlax and Donphan.
He tells Snorlax to use Mega Punch and Donphan to use Hidden Power to knock the boulder to the side of the tunnel.

Ash gets to the next Trainer and accepts a 2 VS 2 Double Battle: -
Pikachu VS Skarmory, Pikachu wins with Quick Attack and Thunder.
Corphish VS Magcargo, Corphish wins with Bubblebeam and Dig.

Ash then comes to a door and goes through to find himself at the Gateway to the Elite 4.

30th September 2007, 5:58 AM
Rules of Waterfall Colisseum
Water Pokemon used
Ash vs Nate
Gastrodon battles Lombre

Ash vs Crifu
Kingler battles Butterfree

Ash vs Babu
Totodile battles Luvdisc
Totodile evolves

Ash vs Sheda
Lapras temporarily appears
Lapras battles Delibird

Ash vs Shant
Wailmer battles Riolu

Ash vs Rupuru
Corphish battles Skiploom

Ash vs Marina
Corphish and Squirtle battle Marill and Poliwhirl
Squirtle is taken down by Marill
Corphish defeats Marill{exhausted} and Poliwhirl
Ash gains the luscious badge
Misty's egg hatches into... Phione!

18th January 2008, 6:34 PM
REturn from Sinnoh!

Ash returns to pallet after winning the sinnoh championships and finds bayleef with sceptile

Ashes pokemn
riolu or lucario

He lets all the pokemon out and to find sceptile and grotle fighting over BAYLEEF

Training a formindable Duo!

Ash takes time to train cyndiquil and totodile and later they evolve

18th January 2008, 6:54 PM
Well if they were to ever bring back pokemon chronicles, I would love to see;
- What May's doing; along with Drew, Harley and Solidad.
- Dawns childhood; With Kenny and that freaky Yumomi person.
- More of Team Rocket by themselves
- Ash's old rivals (like Tyson, Harrison and Morrison)
- Cassidy and Butch
- Meowth =D

And perhaps alot of other stuff. ;262;

18th January 2008, 10:33 PM
1. Ash and the gang arrive at the Great Marsh and find a family of Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray being protected by the people working there. Team Rocket plans to steal all of the electric lion Pokémon. After giving the gang a tour of the Great Marsh, they give them 2 Shinx eggs. But then, Team Rocket kidnaps the Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray with a giant scooping robot. Our heroes then stop them and continue their adventure through Sinnoh.

2. The gang was camping at sundown when Ash and Dawn's eggs began to glow. They hatch into 2 Shinx. Ash's Shinx was a male and jealous of Pikachu. Dawn's Shinx was a female and a bit of a crybaby at first. But then Team Rocket shows up and captures the Shinx. Pikachu, Ambipom, and Sudowoodo try to free them, but their attacks fail. So at the same time, Ash's Shinx and Dawn's Shinx use Fire Fang and Ice Fang respectively to free themselves. The Shinx then send Team Rocket flying with their Shock Wave attacks. Ash's Shinx isn't jealous of Pikachu anymore, Dawn's Shinx isn't a crybaby anymore, and the gang resumes their adventure.

3. Dawn finds out who Candy Jessilina is, and challenges her for the ribbon ( ribbons in case the anime people plan on having Jessie win more than one ).

A. Shinx is my favourite Sinnoh Pokémon.
B. I think you'll know who'll win in my 3rd idea.

18th January 2008, 11:03 PM
Be Awake By Dusknoir (Be Awake By Dusk)

While Ash and co are travelling they meet up with Brandon (pyramid king) but he has a problem, he tried to evoolve Dusclops with a Reapers Cloth but no luck. So he sends it to a Nurse Joy so she can see what's going on and once it's traded it evolves into Dusknoir(like what happened in the huntail and gorebyss episode)

tough guy
15th February 2008, 4:54 PM
misty and dawn vs gary and paul