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21st August 2007, 1:38 AM
I have beat Kyogre and I want to get to Jirachi! Please tell me what I have to do next. Also, can you please ell me how to get Latias!

21st August 2007, 2:16 AM
Ah...after defeating Kyogre, you can go to the Buried Relic by recieving mail about it then talking to the residents of Pokemon Square. Make sure your mailbox isn't full. Delete mail if neccesary.

In order to get Jirachi and Latias:

Go into Solar Cave with a Pokemon that can go on water. If you search the 20th floor, you'll find a golden TM surrounded by water. Pick it up; it'll turn out to be HM03 Surf. Complete the dungeon.

The next morning, a Spinda will wander into town and you'll unlock the Mirage Pokemon Quest. You do not have to do this, but you'll unlock several dungeons by doing this quest. (Entei's, Raikou's, Suicune's, Ho-Oh's, and Mewtwo's.)

Go to Wigglytuff's shop. If you haven't bought it already, buy the Friend Area "Southern Island" for 9,500 Poke. Yeah, the price is OVER 9000! (Tied for most expensive, I believe?)

Then complete any dungeon. The next morning, an event will be unlocked where an unknown robber steals Kecleon's stock.

Complete the dungeon Northern Range, fighting Latios at the end.

Afterwards, complete Pitfall Valley. Latios and Latias will ask to join you afterwards. If you refuse them, you won't get another chance to recruit them, so press Yes.

Afterwards, you can recruit legendary birds and complete Silver Trench and Meteor Cave, or you can talk to Medicham and Ekans at Whiscash Pond. They'll talk, then they'll notice you. Complete a dungeon; they'll be there again. This goes on for a few days. When they aren't there anymore, talk to Ekans at the bulletin board near Pelliper's Post Office. The next day, talk to Ekans again, then check the bulletin board. There will be a Special Mission request from Medicham.

Be warned, Medicham is lost in Wish Cave. Wish Cave is a dungeon that, like Purity Forest and Joyous Tower, reduces your Pokemon's level to one. I recommend bringing Charizard, Mew, or Alakazam into Wish Cave.

The first time in Wish Cave, you only have to do 20 floors. Afterwards, talk to Medicham and Ekans near the bulletin board, then in Pokemon Square the next day, then talk to Gengar the third day to unlock an event in which you can recruit that spirit Gardevoir that turned you into a Pokemon.

The second time in Wish Cave, there will be 99 floors, and Jirachi is the boss on the 99th. Recruit it there.

21st August 2007, 4:06 PM
Don't forget, you need the Sky Blue Plains Friend Area for Wish Cave (obtained through an optional mission or from a wondermail gen).