View Full Version : Wacked out game.

24th August 2007, 4:48 PM
My Mystery Dungeon is real glitchy. I have a Blaziken named Ace, and whenever he's hit by Hypnosis/Sleeppowder etc., it says "Ace's Insomnia prevents drowsiness." I checked his info, it says he only has Blaze. The only place he does fall asleep is Purity Forest.

Also, I was roaming around in Northwind Field when my Bellosom stepped on a Mud trap. It said the following: "Mud splashed up from the Vibrava" I had a Vibrava with me too.

What do you think? Glitchy or what?

24th August 2007, 7:55 PM
Insomnia is an IQ skill any Pokemon can learn. (IQ reset in Purity Forest and other level 1 dungeons so it doesn't happen there.) The Vibarva text thing does happen a lot with assorted Pokemon though and that's a glitch.

24th August 2007, 10:16 PM
I checked the Blaziken's IQ. nonsleeper is set to off.