View Full Version : Klingon Alliance

Chelch Dran
29th August 2007, 1:44 PM
Heyy, this is a club for Star Trek Online fans, for those who don't know Star Trek online is an MMOG out during the final quarter of 2008,so wev got our own forums http://www.freepowerboards.com/klingonforums

So we are an Rping guild, that means we post on a message board for stuff although we do play a few online games.

One thing, DO NOT come here and call me a trekkie. I get really annoyed by people who do that. Also if this is not allowed then dont come minimodding. Only post if your interested in jjoining or have a non insulting comment to make.

Hope to see ya here! PS I am not just here to tell yall bout this, I happen to like Pokemon too!