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20th August 2004, 1:29 PM
The old one got locked so I'm starting a new one. Sorry I caused the locking. (if I did)

Let's continue where the old FTTSITS thread left off.

Ridley-X4: Oh, man. I can't beat metal sonic on sonic heroes!

Ridley-X4: Maybe I shouldn't have gottan rid of porygon. (sighs)

*Porygon appears outta nowhere*

Porygon: Uhh, look, I know how you like may and all and uh, you're a great couple and all so I guess I'll just need to look for somone else.....(sighs)

*Lightbub appears over Ridley-X4's head*

Ridley-X4: Wait, Porygon! I have an idea! I had a talk with the Porygon2 down the street, and I think you'd do fine with her!

Porygon: Ok! I'll go over to there!

Porygon and Porygon2 become a great couple, Ridley-X4 and May are a couple as well! THE END

A pokemon commercial:

Get the Masterball mutiplier! Before ya know it, you'll be getting hundereds of Masterballs!

Steel Pikachu
20th August 2004, 2:33 PM
Why do we need two threads?

20th August 2004, 3:06 PM
Because the old one was locked.

20th August 2004, 3:17 PM
Well,This is a Message for Space Skitty and Musical Mudkip.

I'll Contiune the story later,But here's a Commeracil.

Hey!Ever wonderd how to get more Rare Candyies?Well get the Rare candy Muitplyer!!!!!!Get more Rare Candy in Mintues!!!!!!

P.S:Thank you Ridley-X4 for Creating the Thread!!!!

20th August 2004, 4:45 PM
Here's all my commercials from the first topic.

Commercial One
Brock: What do ya wanna do?
May: Uh...
Max: Character bashing!
Crystal Togepi comes out of nowhere.
Max: I'm still bored.
May: Bash my shoe. Nobody likes my shoe anyway. (takes one of her shoes off and throws it on the ground)
Max: (kicks the shoe and stomps on the show and beats up the shoe)
Narrarator: Bash May's shoe! The only Pokemon character no one likes!

Commercial Two
May: I miss my shoe...
Ash: I like the way she said that! Only if I could hear it again.
Max: Well you need the time-rewinder! It rewinds what happens to what you point at!
Ash: Ooh! (uses it on May)
May: I miss my shoe...
May: I miss my shoe...

Commercial Three
Ash: I love Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green! I need them all in one!
Brock: Get this version then! Pokemon: RBYGSCRSEFRLG Version! All 386 obtainable, 24 gym leaders, and more!
Misty: Well I'll show that anybody would do anything for it! (Misty does everything in the world) See? Now Pokemon: RBYGSCRSEFRLG Version please! (gets it) Yay!

Commercial Four
Ash: (playing Pokemon: RBYGSCRSEFRLG Version) Doh! I already got half of the legendaries and I never saw a shiny! Except the red Gyarados...
Brock: Hey Ash!
Ash: What's up Brock?
Brock: Have ya seen the shinyfier?
Ash: No.
Brock: Well, it needs to be connected to the GBA SP to work, just wait a sec...
Brock: There! Go to the 2nd floor of the closest Pokemon Center.
Ash: (walks his character until the character's there) Ooh! That one thing there I never saw before!
Brock: Put a Pokemon in it.
Ash: (puts a Magikarp in it and it comes out - with gold as his color) Wow! It's shiny!
Narrarator: Don't live without shiny Pokemon, make them shiny with the shinyfier!

Commercial Five
Misty: Hey, I have a marble in one of my hands!
Ash: Yeah, so?
Girafarig: Girafarig!
Murkrow: Krow!
Misty: Anyways, guess which one has the marble correctly, appear in every commercial from now on!

20th August 2004, 4:54 PM
Hi you guys! I'm back thanks to mou-mou!! And Crystal Togepi, of course...

First, I want to say sorry for being a dope and not realizing that my posts could hurt someone's feelings. Can you forgive a stupid Grass-type? XD

And second, I want to say that LET'S GET BACK ON WITH THE FUNNYNESS!! XD
(note: Just to be safe, I won't add as much May in my posts. ^_^;; )


20th August 2004, 4:59 PM
Here's the story.

Zapdos:Where's Porygon?
Max:Where's May?
Articuno:I don't know.
Butterfree:Anyway let's get something to eat.
*A Magmar comes by*
Magmar:Can I stay here for the night?
Butterfree:For as long as you want.

More later!Welcome back L100Meganium!Just don't bash about May anymore.

20th August 2004, 5:00 PM
Also, are we gonna continue our Story, Space Skitty and Musical Mudkip? I'd like to. ^_^

Commercial Three
Ash: I love Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, and Leaf Green! I need them all in one!
Brock: Get this version then! Pokemon: RBYGSCRSEFRLG Version! All 386 obtainable, 24 gym leaders, and more!
Misty: Well I'll show that anybody would do anything for it! (Misty does everything in the world) See? Now Pokemon: RBYGSCRSEFRLG Version please! (gets it) Yay!

O_O I'd buy it!! XD

May: Anyone seen my shoe?
Me: No.
May: NO!!
Me: Relax. I'm not going to hurt you anymore.


20th August 2004, 5:03 PM
Yeah,but they're not online.Try contiuning from my story the mean time!I'am so glad you're back!!!

20th August 2004, 5:09 PM
Don't forget the deadline is August 25th!

20th August 2004, 5:14 PM
I'm glad I'm back too! *cries tears of joy* And I'm also glad I was missed. I'm touched...*sniff*

Okay, then, continuing from yours:

Moltres: Where do you want to eat?
Zapdos: Eh.....Burger King is all good.
Articuno: There aren't Burger Kings in the Pokémon World!
Zapdos: Who says there aren't?!
Articuno: And besides, we can't order from Burger King! How would they understand us?!
Moltres: He's got a point....
Zapdos! Fine! We'll just go to the birdbath pub then.
Magmar: Uh...what about me?!

20th August 2004, 5:21 PM
~During a Ash and Co. vs. Team Rocket battle, a random Shoujo Kakumei Utena duel song starts playing. Team Rocket acknowledge this and wander into the studio where the music is being recorded; they shoo everyone out of the room so that the original battle music can be brought back
~James ends all of his sentences with a random word. ANY word, ranging from "su" to "nyo" to "nyu" to anything imaginable.
~Instead of the usual TR motto BGM, the organ music that normally plays during a Student Council meeting in SKU. Again, Team Rocket acknowledge this and... you know the results. :P

20th August 2004, 5:21 PM
~Part 11 The return of May and Porygon!~

Magmar:I would like a Big Mac please!
*Magmar gets the Big Mac*
Zapdos:That was good!Our trusty becks!
Moltres:Let's go!
Porygon:Hi guys!
Butterfree:Your back!!!
May:I'am back too!
Zapdos:Everyone is back!
Magmar:can I stay with you guys compley?

More from Meganium!

20th August 2004, 6:03 PM
Commercial Six
Misty: SSBM characters, today is your lucky day! One of you will join the cast of Pokemon Commercials!
SSBM Characters: Ooh!
Ash: Just answer this ONE TRIVIA QUESTION. Only one will win this. Who is not an orca?
1. Free Willy
2. Shamu
3. That Orca Over There
4. Kyogre
5. L100Meganium
Marth: *japanese*
Ash: No.
Marth: *more japanese* (curse you dubbers!)
Mr. G&W: Beep!
Ash: No.
Ness: L100Meganium!!!
Ash: Looks like we have a winner!
Ness: Sklee!
Ash: Sklee?
Ness: A word I found in Nickelodeon magazine.
Ash: Oh.

Commercial Seven
Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Max are in a forest when Jigglypuff appears.
Jigglypuff: *sings*
Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Max fall asleep, and Jigglypuff stops singing when Ness walks in.
Ness: Do you fall asleep to much? Spray this anti-sleep repellant on! You'll never sleep again! *sprays it on Ash, Misty, Brock, May, and Max and they wake up* Ta-dah! Stay awake forever with anti-sleep repellant!

20th August 2004, 6:16 PM
~Commercial 2~

Zapdos:Ever wanted a Groudon?Here's your chance!
Articuno:Answer the Q&A and get it right!
Moltres:Who is the Pokemon that is a Sea Basin?


Answer now!

Butterfree:NNNOOOOO!!the answer was Kyogre!I win!

20th August 2004, 6:32 PM
No, the answer is a Pokemon that's a Sea Basin! I win!

Hey, LilMayFan, our positions are equal right now!

20th August 2004, 6:34 PM
Butterfree:NOOOOOOOOOO!Kyogre is a Sea Basin Pokemon!!!!!!
Zapdos:Calm down....

Yes I see!I'am a Marsh Trainer!

20th August 2004, 6:41 PM
May: Hey! Where's my food?
Birds: Uh......
Butterfree: They got birdseed! Do you want it?
May: ECK! NO!!
Butterfree: *winks at birds, who nod their thanks*
Magmar: I didn't get bir--*butterfree knocks him over*
Butterfree: He didn't get birthday presents!! hehe...
May: Today's your birthday Magmar?
Magmar: It is? *gets nudged by Butterfree* I mean, it is!
Porygon: hold on a sec...*goes into a nearby P.C.; comes back out shortly with a gift*
Magmar: Where did you get that?
Porygon: I can move freely through cyberspace, remember? I got it off E-bay.
Voice From Computer: Error. Error. An item has been stolen. E-bay will be down for a week or so.
Porygon: *Destroys computer* Uheheheheheh....you didn't hear that. Open the present!
Magmar: Uh...okay..*opens it* OH WOW!! TM 35!!
Porygon: Yup. Thought you'd like that. It's Flamethrower, ya know. Hope you like it.
Porygon: Owww...burning....heat....corrupting my data...ow..
Magmar: Sorry...
May: Uh...*searches fanny pack* Here! *holds out a red bandana* I always keep a spare!
Magmar: Thanks!!! *puts it on, strikes a pose* Heheh! I feel cute!!
May: I know!! It just has that effect, doesn't it? Mine makes me feel adorable!! *strikes a pose also*
Others: O_o;


Yay! I'm not an orca!! O_o;; XD!

20th August 2004, 6:59 PM

Magmar:Let me try out flamethower!*Flamethwoers Me*
May:I want a gift!
May:What gift!!!Tell me!!!!
Me:A musical box!Like it?
May:I love it!Thank you!!*Hugs Me*
Magmar:Romance...Something I will NEVER get...

20th August 2004, 7:01 PM
That was short... You're a Soul trainer now.

20th August 2004, 7:05 PM
Yay!Yipee!I'am A soul Trainer!Anyways how you like the story?We did 15 parts!

20th August 2004, 7:08 PM
It's a cool story.

And you're the biggest May and Moltres fan? Well I'm the biggest Misty fan!

20th August 2004, 7:11 PM
I'am just waiting for L100Meganium to contiune my story!

Musical Mudkip
20th August 2004, 10:11 PM
Meganium! You're back! *glomps* Yay!

I missed you sooooo much! *too happy for words*

I'll try to do a commericial, but it will probably stink...
Ash: I'm bored.
May: Me too...
Max: Then why not try...
Brock: The DONUT RACER 200!
Ash and May: THE DONUT RACER 200?
Brock: *idiotic looks and idiotic nods*
Ash: Wow!
May: How does it work?
Brock: First, you take a donut! *holds up sushi*
Ash and May: *gaping*
Brock: Then, you put it in this slot!
Ash and May: *still gaping* Uh huh, uh huh! And then?
Brock: You pick up your controller, and wait for the DONUT RACER 200 to process the donut, and then GO!
Ash and May: WOW!
Brock: Try it!
Ash: Whahahaha! Mine is ahead of yours!
May: I'm coming up!!
Ash: Almost at the tree.....
May: Mine fell in the water...
Brock: So get your DONUT RACER 200 today!
Max: *speaking very fast* The DONUT RACER 200 company is not responsible for your stupidity if you lose yours. If there aren't anymore in your area, that's your problem. Ash, May, and Brock all snore at night. To buy a recording, go to www.whyisshemysibling.com. CD's are $5.50 not including shipping and handling. Sales Tax may apply. The CD includs limited edition tracks such as "Brock's Lullaby To A Rock", and "May Snorin' by the Bay." See website for details.

You like? :) That website doesn't exist, but my computer made it a link.

20th August 2004, 10:14 PM
That was good!Somebody to contiune my story?

20th August 2004, 10:31 PM
Can I continue? If so then:

*Ridley-X4 appears*

Ridley-X4:Is it ok if I hang out with you guys too?

Zapdos: Why not? Everyone need a good guy in orange around!

Ridley-X4: Ok! We'll call it: Team Ridley! It'll be our own club!

May: Works for me!

Moltres: As long as we're a Team, we can do anything!

LilMayfan: Yay! I'm in too!

Ridley-X4: So that means.......NO HINTS OF IMAGINARY SHIPPINGS!!! YAHOO!

Ridley-X4: Wanna go over to Team Rockets base and spray paint on the base exterior?

Everyone: Sure!

May: Great Idea Ridley-X4! But won't we get in trouble?

Ridley-X4: Jessie told me that Giovanni's on vacation. Jessie and James are also going to spray messages on the base exterior in a protest because they don't get a big enough paycheck.

LilMayfan: Ok! Let's do it!

May: I'm with you, Ridley-X4!

All the pokemon: Us too!

What will Team Ridley and Jessie and James spray on the outside of the Team Rocket base? Post what they spray on the base next!

20th August 2004, 10:42 PM
Magmar:I'am writing,Magmar is the boss!
Zapdos:No your not!
Me:Guys,Stop this!
Butterfree:I'ts useless.
Moltres:Oh no,Articuno is.
Moltres:Whatever.*Sparys Moltres rulez on the base*
Porygon:I Rule!
May:You guys like to pick fights with each other!
Zapdos:No we "Peck" fights with eachother!
Me:Yeah right.

Space Skitty
20th August 2004, 11:30 PM

WELCOME BACK! I missed you! (Wipes away tear) I'd love to continue our funny story! I'll get one up later, okay? Just a quick one now...

May: Won't they leave!?
Brock: No! We are doomed!
Max: Do not fear! With Maxslovelysprayoftoxic those germs will be gone!
Ash/May/Brock: REALLY!?
Max: Yes! Try some today! (Takes out a spray full of poison & sprays everyone)
Ash: Ahh!
May: NOT US!
Max: Opps! Wrong direction! Eheh... BUY SOME TODAY!

20th August 2004, 11:53 PM
Space Skitty,Can you cobntiune the story for Meganium?[My story]

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 12:06 AM
Sure, LilMayFan! Continuing from LilMayFan! ^_^

Articuno: I made up my mind! I'm writing... THE ARTIC ONE!
Max: I'm writing... THE MAXSTER! HWA HWA HWA!
Others: O_O;;
May: Max... You are so lame... I'm putting... THE MAYONAISE!
Max: ... Is that supposed to be better? Ha! That was boring, May!
May: You're boring!
Moltres: We aren't the only ones who "peck" fights...

Back to you, LilMayFan!

Continuing from Meganium! WHO'S BACK! YIPEE! ^__^

May: That hearing... WAS CLOSE!
Max: Whew! I'd say! I got a headache it was so loud!
May: -_-;;
Ash: That was definantly nothing you'd see on "Judge Judy."
(Brock runs through the wall)
May/Max: NO! WE DID!
Ash: That's enough! (Hits Brock on the head hard)
Brock: Ow... Where am I?
Ash: O_O;;;;
May/Max: EEP!
Ash: O_O An... evil spell?
Brock: What's going on here? Ash... Why are you talking to that pink pony plush?
Ash: Don't... Don't you hear it?
May/Max: We do.
Brock: Uh... I don't...
Ash/May/Max: O_O

Is the spell really cured? Was Pinky the culprit all along? The M's know! (I'm not talking about May, Max, or Misty ether!) XD!

21st August 2004, 12:17 AM
Contiuning from the Skitty!

Zapdos:Let's leave this place!
*At home*
Articuno:That was no fun....
Butterfree:That was no fun!>_<
May:Thanks to Max...
Max:Thanks to you!
Moltres:Thanks to Articuno!
Articuno:No,all of you made it bad!
Porygon:You're telling me that I made it no fun?
Me:Stop this allready!>_<
Butterfree:Stop this!!!!>_______<
Magmar:Yay!A bed!^____^

Will the Madenss end?More from the Skit!XD

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 12:25 AM
Continuing from the May Fan!

Articuno: Its all YOUR fault!
Moltres: My fault? Why you blue bellied.... (Glares at Articuno)
Max: May... You made things even worse then I thought they could be!
May: Be quiet, Max! I'm SICK of you always bugging me like a long hairy roach!
Max: What!? Me, a roach!? You dirty rat! (Starts fighting May)
Magmar: Good night, everyone! (Pulls up the bed's covers) Sweet dreams!

Back to May's Fan, who always keeps May cool! XD!

21st August 2004, 12:31 AM
The contiunion from the Skit!XD XD XD

Butterfree:I can't take this.....
Zapdos:You guys are idiots...
May:Max,You made everything horrible!
Max:No you did!
Articuno:Moltres and May made it horrible!
Moltres:You and Max did everything worng!

Stort one!More Answers from the Skit!!!!XD

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 12:47 AM
Continuing from LilMayFan!

Porygon: Calm down! No need to get so emotional over something as small as this!
Max: You're right, Articuno! May & Moltres ruin everything! The moment they arrived from that distant galaxy they came from, things got worse!
Max: Dear sister of mine... IT WAS YOU WHO CAME FROM SPACE!
May: YOU!
Max: YOU!
Me: It was I that came from space!
Everyone: O_O
Me: What!? You guys act like you never seen a talking Skitty before!
Max: Actually... We haven't...
Me: Oh... Sorry if I interrupted anything! I'll just sit back and watch you guys argue, okay?
Articuno: Okay! Moltres is a feather brain! May is a creature from... UNDERGROUND!
May: O_O;; That made NO sense... Just like you & Max!
Porygon: What a mess....
Me: Everyone seems to hate eachother... Shame, shame!
Magmar: Zzz... Zzz....

What will happen next? LilMayFan knows!

21st August 2004, 12:56 AM
Me:This has GOT to Stop....
Butterfree:This is sicking....
May:Max and Articuno are Idiots!
Max:*Attacks May*
Moltres:I'll show you!*Thowrs Balls a Max & Articuno
*Suddely a Machamp comes by*
Machamp:What's this?A fighting Dojo?I'll join!*Low Kicks May,Max,Moltres,and Articuno*
Machamp:I need to rest...

More from Skitty!

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 1:07 AM
LOL! A fighting dojo! That was funny! Continuing from LilMayFan!

Zapdos: Silent night... Holy night... I love that song! Especially when its peaceful here, which isn't too often...
May: Owchies... I still feel the pain from that!
Max: Ow... It shouldn't have hurted Moltres bad... Its part Flying-type.
Moltres: Yeah, but that still hurted! Owie... Oh... Pain...
Articuno: I must remain cool... I must remain cool... OW! THAT HURTED!
Porygon: So... Did the children learn their lesson?
Me: For know... Later... They'll fight some more.
Butterfree: Everyone here is so violent. I believe in peace!
Machamp: Anyone got any Coke? I'm thirsty!
Moltres: Here... (Hands Machamp a can of Coke)
Machamp: ... Its warm!
Fine! Crybaby... (Cools the Coke)
Machamp: Thanks a lot, pal!
May: Max... Is this some kind of weird dream? Because every Pokemon we see can talk.
Max: Friends of Meowth? This IS weird, though...
Zapdos: Twinkle twinkle, little star...

Back to you, LilMayFan!

21st August 2004, 1:12 AM
Zapdos:LilMayfan made us talk!
May:I'am going to get some soda.
Max:we should!
Machamp:You guys got a Punching bag?
Articuno:I donno....

More from Skitty!

21st August 2004, 1:19 AM
Later, at night...

May: ZzZzZzZ.

*May, all of a sudden, wakes up*

May: I think I would fell more comfortable if I slept with Ridley-X4...I'll go over to his room right now...

May is in the hallway when....


Sam (from Totally Spies): We're the Totally Spies. *Introduces Clover and Alex* We're looking for *looks at card* "Ridley-X4". Have you seen him? He seems to have some data on a project that a "Team Magma" has been doing.

May: Ridley-X4, eh? He's in my room. Accually, I think you'd like him.

Sam, Clover and Alex: Really?!?!? *Hearts in eyes*

And so, everyone goes to bed. As everyone sleeps, they are unaware of the fact that May is in Ridley-X4's bed, along with Sam, Clover, and Alex.

What happens Tomorrow?

21st August 2004, 1:23 AM
That is off-topic for my story.Waiting for Space Skitty!

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 1:38 AM
Continuing from LilMayFan!

May: Soda... (Digs through the birds' refrigerator) Where's the- Oh! There it is! (Grabs a can)
Max: (Sips some soda) Ahh! Tastes refreshing!
(Machamp runs over)
Machamp: Ah-HA! There's a punching bag! (Starts puching the fridge)
May/Max: O_O;;;
Machamp: Oh, it is? Opps... Sorry, dude... Hmm? (Notices the siblings' soda cans) SODA! (Snatches their sodas then drinks them up)
May: Hey!
Max: That was our's!
Machamp: O_O;;; I'm so sorry! I didn't know!

LilMayFan with the continuation!

21st August 2004, 1:39 AM
Sorry, guys. My dad was on the computer a;; evening.. ^_^;;

Mudkip! Skitty! *GLOMP* I missed you guys. It was so hard not being able to post. I'm glad I was missed...XD

Or....more from Meganium!! (Continuing from LilMayFan, if that's allright. ^_^)

Skitty: Sooo...am I in the story now?
Birds: .....I guess so....
Butterfree: Of course you are!!
Me: No fair!! I wanna join too!! *leaps out of nowhere*
May: EEP!! *flinches severely, but opens eyes as she realizes there's nothing to hurt her*
Me: We were already through this...*holds out um...vine gingerly*
May: *blinks twice* *shakes my vine cautiosly*
Me: Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find some water...
Mudkip: Did somebody say, "Water"?
Me: COOL!! Now we've got almost all the "regulars"! *whispers to Mudkip* uh...could you Water Gun my vine just a bit?...
Mudkip: Sure. *shoots stream of water on my vine*
Me: Thanks!
Mudkip: No problem. *looks around* Where did Magmar go?
Moltres: He went to Mount Wanahockaloogie for vacation.
Me: But that's not even a real volcano! It was in Finding Nemo!
Zapdos: *shrugs* so? Anything can happen in this story...
Max: Uh, hello? What about me?!
Me: Oh! How long have you been there?
Max: -_-;;;
Butterfree: Sooooo....what do we do?
*cricket cricket....cricket cricket*
Skitty: I KNOW!! *everyone jumps, startled* We can hunt and kill birds and stuff.
Birds: A-HEM.
Skitty: *blushes* Whoops...sorry 'bout that....
Me: We could lay out in the sun...
Mudkip: That may be fun for you, but we're not grass-types.
Me: Oh....right...sorry...
May: Something that everyone likes...hmm....what about we go berry-hunting?!
Me: But May, you won't be able to eat the berries anyway. They're for Pokémon.
May: Oh. Good point...
Max: We could play computer games!
May: Has it ever occured to you, Poindexter, that THERE'S NO COMPUTER HERE!!
Max: sorry...
Birds: Heheh...we could play "Look out Below" !
Others: What's that?
Articuno: Its when you fly above humans' land...
Moltres: You find clean cars...
Zapdos: And you nail 'em!!
Skitty: Huh?
Articuno: You know....pelt 'em!
Me: Wha?
Moltres: You bomb 'em!
Mudkip: What?
Me, Mudkip, and Skitty: Oh!
Max: Uh, newsflash, 5 out of 9 of us can't fly.
Birds: Oh yeah....
Butterfree: If we can't decide on aything, what's the point in the chapter?
Skitty: Don't ask me! Ask her! She's writing it! *points to me with her tail*
Me: Uh.....to introduce and develop characters?!
Birds: Okay...
Mudkip: Well that's fine I guess...but how did you type it?
Me: My vines! *holds one up*
May: *eyes me warily to make sure I don't swing my vines*
Mudkip: Ohhhhhh.....
Me: ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
Others: ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
Me: What? It's over.

Will we ever find something everybody likes? Will May annoy me? Will I keep my opinions to myself? YES!! Will Pinky join our group? Answers soon!! XD

XD hope everyone likes it. =)

And thanks again for liking weird me, everyone. (='}

21st August 2004, 1:43 AM
Remember one more thing, if there's nobody guessing (see commercial 5) by August 25th, I'll make the last poster join the cast (of Ash, Misty, Brock, May, Max, and Ness - and cameos).

21st August 2004, 1:58 AM
Here's more!

Zapdos:I'am gonna play pranks on people!
Moltres:Make poopie in their face!
Me:*Thows up*
Butterfree:I can't take this....
Articuno:Who's Pinky?
Machamp:I don't know?

More from Skitty or Meganium!

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 2:18 AM
XD! Welcome back, Meganium! This is gonna be a great weekend! ^__^ Continuing from LilMayFan's story!

Zapdos: Pinky? Sounds like a crazy drunk to me...
Articuno: Everything reminds you of beer, Zapdos!
Zapdos: What!?
Me: Pinky is an evil pink pony sent to destroy us all!
Meganium: Seriously! I've met her!
May: Uh... Can we not talk about Pinky? Those memories give me chills!
Max: Really! That weird freak...
Mudkip: How about we go surfing?
Everyone: Okay!
Moltres: But... I'm a Fire type... And a bird on a surf board?
Me: It'll work! As long as I don't fall in... (Looks pale)
Max: If May fell in then she would melt because she's a witch!
May: Huh?! Max, you stupid little-!
Meganium: Race you guys there! (Runs off)
Me: Yeah, a race! (Follows)
Mudkip: Are the rest of you coming?
Porygon: Here I go! (Teleports there)

LilMayFan or Meganium will continue! ^_^

21st August 2004, 2:21 AM
Can I continue too?

21st August 2004, 2:36 AM
Of coruse you can KyogreFan!I'll let you contiune.

21st August 2004, 2:48 AM
While they race, they encounter me.
Me: Hi guys! Why are you doing here?
L100Meganium: It's a long story... get it? Long story? There's so many parts of it!
Space Skitty: Don't forget me!
Porygon: No way I'll get forgotten!

I know it was short, but whatever.

21st August 2004, 3:04 AM
That was off topic for my story.

Sorry. I thought it was nighttime with the last part.

Anyway, back to the story:

Ridley-X4 and the others are surfing when:

May: Ahh! Sharpedos!

Ridley-X4: I'll save you!

*Ridley-X4 punches the leader sharpedo on the nose*

Leader Sharpedo: *Whimpering dog sounds*

*All the sharpedos swim away*

May: Thanks, Ridley-X4.

*Ridley-X4 are about to kiss when...*

Sam (from Totally Spies): Hey look! Isn't that Ridley-X4!?!? *Hearts in eyes*

CLover (see "Sam"): Yeah! That IS Ridley-X4!

Alex (see "Sam"): Well what are you waiting for, let's get him!

*Ridley-X4 swims to the shore and runs like MAD*

Ridley-X4: Haha! Gotta catch me if ya can!

Sam: I *pant* know *pant* I'll *pant* get *pant* you *pant* some *pant* day, Ridley-X4!

Clover: My legs are starting to hurt!

Alex: Me too!

*Sam, Clover and Alex take a break from running*

Sam: Ok, Ridley-X4, you win. Can we at least join you on your adventures?

Ridley-X4: Sure. Everyone needs 3 spies around!

Sam, Clover, and Alex: YAY!!!!!! ^_^

21st August 2004, 3:08 AM
That was off topic of my story.KyogreFan you can conitune of my story.I'am taking a break.

21st August 2004, 3:27 AM
Well I'm gonna continue first!! XD

Mudkip: Come on....it won't be that bad...
Me: YOU DON'T WEIGH 221 POUNDS!! *sob*
Skitty: I'm sure we'll find a surfboard in your size...
Me: *sniff* I doubt it...
Mudkip: Aw, come on....you can even evenly distribute your weight because of your four legs!
Me: *snivel* Really?
Mudkip and Skitty: YES!
Me: Oh, allright....
Others (except May XD): YAY!
Birds: we can fly above the surface!
Butterfree: Me too!!
Max: Me too!
May: What are you talking about?! You can't fly...
Max: Oh yeah.
Porygon: Uh, we got 4 surfboards here...
Max: MINE!! *runs up to the gren surfboard and runs off with it*
May: Thank you for letting me choose Max...
Porygon: Uh...I'd be happy to share one with you, May....
May: Allright then. *grabs red surfboard*
Porygon: YAY!
Mudkip: Oh yay! *grabs blue surfboard*
Skitty: It matches Meeeeeee! *prabs pink surfboard*
Me: Uh...that leaves me with...MAGENTA?!?! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Pinky: Mine. *takes Magenta Surfboard*
Porygon: O_O;;;; Okay....well lucky we saved this one.
Me: WHEEEEE!!! *grabs Purple and Yellow Green Surfboard*
May: Uh...it's a little more weighted down in back...can you stand beside me instead?
Porygon: Sure!
Me: WHEEEEEE!!! *speeds past them*
Porygon: What the--? How's she going that fast?!
Skitty: *gingerly comes up behind them, looking at water nervously* She's using Solar Beam to propel her forward...eep! *squeaks as surfboard tips a little*
Mudkip: *calls after me* Cheater! CHEATER!!!
Mudkip: -_-;
Max: *speeds up behind Mudkip* WATCH OUT!!! *crashes into Mudkip's surfboard, sends Mudkip flying*
Me: *gasp* *catches Mudkip with vines*
Mudkip: Uheheheheh...you're not a cheater?
Me: Thank you.
May: What happened, Max?
Max:There was some sort of force propelling me!! I swear, I din't do it!!
*everyone looks to me*
Me: What?! I was ahead of him, don't look at me like that!!
*the Birds and Butterfree are hovering ahead, listening*
Butterfree: Well then what--
*a Kyogre rises out of the ocean*
Kyogre: Hiya guys!! Sorry, I was practicing my Hydro Pump!
Skitty: *soaked and very annoyed* And look who recieved the Tidal wave.
Kyogre: ^_^;;; Eheheheheheheheh....
Me: Uh...Hold on...*uses Sunny Day to Dry off Skitty*
Skitty: Ah! Much better.
Mudkip: Well now that this is over, can we get back to surfing?
Skitty: Heheh...I think I'll ride with Kyogre to shore...
Kyogre: Sure! *allows Skitty to hop on, carries her to shore*
Skitty: Whew! *yawns* Now time for a catnap...*curls up*
Moltres: Come on!! Last one to the sandbar is a birdbrain!!
Me: OKAY!!
Mudkip: And you can't use Solarbeam.
Me: Aw man....
Pinky: Cowabunga. *speeds past*
Others: O_O;;;

Zapdos:No we "Peck" fights with eachother!

And that was my joke again! XD!

21st August 2004, 3:34 AM
Here's more!

Machamp:Hey dudes!Surf's up!
*A groudon apperas*
Groudon:Doh!>_<I'am in the worng place!*Runs off*
Zapdos:that was weird...
*suddely the Three Regis apper*
Registeel:where are we?

Will we meet the other Regis?More from Meganium!

Lamington Luffy
21st August 2004, 3:36 AM
can i continue?

21st August 2004, 3:37 AM
No problem!Just don't go off topic.

21st August 2004, 3:44 AM
I think so! Just if you want to appear in it, choose what you want to be. ^_^

Me: O_O That's odd....
*Regirock pops up out of nowhere*
Regirock: Am I at the right threa--AHHHH!!!! NO!!!
Mudkip: O_O;;;; that was odder....
Pinky: Surf's up dude. *speeds past*
May: O_O;;;;;;;;;;; That was the oddest.
Max: No this is the oddest!! *stands on nose*
Me: O_O indeed...

XD, it's short.

21st August 2004, 3:48 AM
Regice:That was odd....O_O;;;;
Registeel:Whatever.Can we stay wtih you guys?
*Suddely Ash and Brock appaar out of nowwere*

Will this turn back into the same old story?More from Meganium!

Lamington Luffy
21st August 2004, 3:57 AM
Regice:Where's my chainsaw?!
Regirock:You don't have a chainsaw
Regice: oh right.............
Machamp:Why do you need a chainsaw?
Regice:I don't know , machamp.I don't know
Everyone: o_O
Mudkip:er um aren't we supposed to be surfing
Me:*pops out of nowhere*Cycling is fun! forget surfing.I can't swim!
May:then why are you standing on water?
Me:I don't know , May.I don't know *drowns*
Regice:YOU STOLE MY LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *attacks blue*
Me:*grows bigger* hey i'm a grass type i'm absorbing the water! YAY!!But *chokes* I HATE SALT!!
Narrator:And so , Everyone are still surfing (except for blue cos she can't swim)& Regice never got it's chainsaw.And we don't know why folks,we don't know
Regice:WOULD PEOPLE STOP USING MY CATCH PHRASE!!!!! *freezes narrator*
Max:WAIT THE STORY'S NOT OVER YET!!!Take it away Pinky!
Pinky:Da dee dee dubba dee dee.May go to school
May:You liar!
Me:Yes oh yes my tricycle go to school.Trycicle go to school
Skitty:Merry Merry Merry
Butterfree:the wierd treecko is on the water (me)
Meganium:the pokedex is on the volcano
May:the pokedex is on my hand thank you!
Mudkip:The pokeball is crushed! YAY!

21st August 2004, 4:07 AM
Yes, it will!! XD

Brock: What the--? I feel all....not-crazy and gas-free..
Ash:*cries tears of joy* THANK YOU GOD!!!
Me: Oh yippe. It's the whole gang. Except for...*small sniffle*
Skitty and Mudkip: Uh-oh....TAKE COVER!! SHE'S GONNA BLOW!!
Me: MISTY!!! WHY AREN'T YOU HERE?!?! WHY?!?!?! WHY?!?!?!
Registeel: *whispers to Regice* I think these creatures are a little....unsound. Let's go.
Regice: I'm with you. *they leave*
Me: WHY?!?!?!?!?! WH--*gets whacked severely with Skitty's tail* ow...thank you...
Skitty: Anytime.
May: O_o And I thought MAX had problems...
May: EEP!
Mudkip: Well, now that everything's okay with that, what happened, Ash?
Ash: Well, that evil plush put a spell on Brock to make him a whackadoo.
Skitty and Me: Actually, we sorta did too.
Ash: Yeah, but that thing...it's EVIL!!! PURE EVIL!!!!
Pinky: You mean me? *speeds by*
Ash: O_O;;; Oh-kaaaayy....I'll pretend I didn't see that.
Me: Just goes to show you how powerful M S and M Inc is.
Skitty: MSM?
Me: Meganium, Skitty, and Mudkip!! Just like old times! ^___^
Mudkip: YAY!!
Brock: but I feel urges to yell random words...
Mudkip: Then Pinky must've left something to make the effects of the curse linger...
Me: No prob. It's a PLUSH. We find the pony. We blast the Pony. Pony dead. We kick and smother Pony. We bury Pony--
Skitty: Aw, come on, it's gotta be harder than that!
Mudkip: That can mean only one thing....CONTINUES!!!

Back to whoever wants to reply next XD

21st August 2004, 4:14 AM
Zapdos:What's going on?
Articuno:Is that Ash and Brock?
Magmar:It seems to be.
Machamp:I want training!
Porygon:Awww Damn!I need to go rechage!

The Advetures of Zapdos,Articuno,Moltres,Butterfree,Porygon,Machamp ,Regice,Regirock,Registeel,Skitty,Mudkip,Meganium, Me,Ash,May,Max,Brock,and Pinky!

21st August 2004, 4:29 AM
May: I'll go with you Porygon...
Me: Yes!
May: What?
Me: Nothing!! *whistles*
Mudkip: Pokémon can't whistle!!
Me: Now they can!! *whistles more*
Moltres: So...there's an evil pink pony plush out to destroy the world?
Skitty: Correct.
Zapdos: Is it one of those My Little Pony Plushes?
Me: That's right. How did you know?
Zapdos: *blushes* ^_^;;; I uh....saw a little kid carrying one once!!
Articuno: Oh, Taurous crap, you used to carry around Rainbow Dash wherever you went!
Zapdos: SHUT UP!!
Butterfree: No, guys!! There are children here!! *points to Max*
Max: HEY!!
Me: We've gotta figure out how the effects of the spell are staying!!
Skitty: Right!! Since I have some experience in knowing what your crazy mind thinks up, I'll take the first guess...is it a suction cup on his spine?
Me: You're good!
Mudkip: Allright then...*goes and tries to pull it out* stupid fish fin-paws...
Ash: Here, lemme help. *pulls it out*
Pinky: *pops out of nowhere* You may have foiled my plans for world domination today, but I will RETURN!! You have won the battle but I will win the war. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *disappears into thin air*
Others: O_O;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Will Pinky return? Pinky chapters will be written by Space Skitty and Musical Mudkip!! Until then, back to LilMayFan's original plot!! =)

That's all for tonight; I've gotta go. =P

21st August 2004, 4:36 AM
Don't forget,the new guys [Zapdos Articuno etc etc...]Are gonna be in there to.

Zapdos:I need a good rest...
Me:We all need a good rest.
Butterfree:I'am gonna go on Serebii.net's Forums.
Ash:What's that?
Moltres:A good site.
Articuno:More than that!>_<

Since Everybody is gone,I'am leaving this thread,I'am gone.*Moves to Cafe le Serebii*

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 2:40 PM

~Back at the birds' place~
Me: Hungry... Need food...
Ash: That was my line! I said that on the 1st Pokemon movie!
Me: O_O;; Whatever... Bird... roasted bird... (Stares at the birds)
Brock: ... Don't you guys have anything to do here?
Birds: No.
May: What about food?
Me: Yeah! There's some bird, er, I mean! There's some food in the fridge! Brock could cook us something!
Brock: Okay!
Moltres: One problem... All of the food is ten years old... Including the sodas...
May/Max: O_O (Vomit in a corner)
Zapdos: I know! I'll go shopping! Back soon! (Flies away)
(A few minutes later)
Zapdos: Ta-DA! Its wonderful! Guess it!
Mudkip: Hmm... Pokemon food?
Zapdos: No...
Meganium: Miracle Grow! Right?
Max: I could use some....
Zapdos: No! Come on! Someone must know!
Ash: Burgers!?
Brock: Rice balls!?
(Zapdos shakes its head 'no')
Me: ME WANT BIRDYCOMB! (Starts biting Zapdos)
Everyone: O_O;;;
Zapdos: OW! GET IT OFF!
Mudkip: Skitty, let the bird live!
Ash: ... Brock?
Brock: I know... I'll go prepare some rotten food... (Walks away)
Everyone: O_O;;;

Next person can continue!

21st August 2004, 2:46 PM
Machamp:I'am The only Pokemon that can get food!I'am going to Mcdolnals!
*At Mcdolnals*
Machamp:I would like 6 Burgurs,6 Fries,and 6 Sodas!
*At home*
Machamp:I got the Food!
Zapdos:About time...

Note:When we do the Pinky ones,Put Zapdos,Articuno,Moltres,and the Rest of them in there.

21st August 2004, 2:46 PM
Ridley-X4: I think It's time for bed. It's 8:30PM.

Zapdos: How do you know that? We never even included time in the story!

May: Ridley-X4's got a point. *Yawns*

Butterfree: I'll be on Serebii.net forums again.

*Everyone checks into a hotel*

While Butterfee goes on Serebii.net forums, everyone sleeps.

May: ZzZzZZz.....*Wakes up* Huh? Who's there?

*May goes into the hallway*

May: I'm scared. Maybe I'd feel better if I slept in Ridley-X4's room.

*May goes in Ridley-X4's room to sleep with him*

Zapdos' dream: He's good against Rocktypes (Electric and flying are bad aganist Rock)

Moltres' dream: He can Surf.

Articuno's dream: He's hanging out with a Regice.

Meanwhile, Sam, Clover, and Alex (From Totally Spies) are looking for their room, after a long day of crime-fighting.

Clover: I'm tired!

Alex: Me too!

Sam: Wait. Did you hear something?

Clover: Yeah....I think It came from the computer room.

Alex: Shall we investigate?

Sam: Let's check it out.

In the computer room...

Butterfree: Let's see now......aha! Here it is! The "The Tree Sap fanclub"!

Sam: Move slowly...slowly....

*Butterfree looks behind himself"

Butterfree, Sam, Clover, and Alex: AHHHHH!

Sam: Who are you?!?!?

Butterfree: The Name's Free. Butterfree.

*Sam, Clover and Alex introduce themselves*

Butterfree: I think you'd really like this guy who's a friend of mine. His name is Ridley-X4.

Sam, CLover, and Alex: Really?!? *Hearts in eyes*

*Butterfree tells Sam Ridley-X4's room number*

And then the 3 spies ran off to Ridley-X4's room before you could say LilMayfan. What will happen tomorrow?

21st August 2004, 2:49 PM
Actlly,That's off topic.We where finding something to eat.

21st August 2004, 3:01 PM
Why do I keep getting off topic?!?!? :(

Machamp: *Spits out food* Phewey! This food tastes terrible!

Zapdos: Yeah, it tastes really bad. Now what will we eat?

Ridley-X4: I got sushi from the store down the street for you, May.

May: Thanks, Ridley-X4.

Zapdos: What about me?!??

Ridley-X4: I got you batteries. Double A's.

Zapdos: YAY! Double A batteries are my favorite!

Moltres: >:(

Ridley-X4: I got you some leftover lava from when Groudon attacked Team Magma's base.

Moltres: Yay!

Articuno: Aren't you forgetting me?!?!?

Ridley-X4: I got you.....frozen Ice!

Articuno: Yay!

Ridley-X4: Space Skitty, I got you catnip! (Skitty IS like a cat, isn't it?)

Space Skitty: Yay!

LilMayfan: Why does everyone hate the burgers? Oh well, more for me!

I sure hope I was on topic this time...

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 3:05 PM
Continuing from LilMayFan!

Ash: Hmm! This burger tastes great!
Machamp: I am the best! Right!?
(Pinky vooms by)
Everyone: O_O;;
Max: That scary little creep... Oh well... (Swallows burger in one bite) Tastey!
May: Max, you are a pig!
Max: So? (Starts eating his fries)
Porygon: I... I can't hold my food!
May: I'll help you! (Holds food for Porygon)
Porygon: Thanks, May!
Moltres: My food is always hot, but so are my drinks! Blasted fire...
Articuno: My food is always cold! So are my drinks!
Brock: But my food tastes better! Right, guys?
Ash/May/Max: No...
Mudkip: I'm doing refills! Any one want some water?
Meganium: Me! Me! (Mudkip fills Meganium's cup) Thanks!
Me: I still think turkey or chicken woulda tasted better...

To be continued!

21st August 2004, 3:09 PM
Butterfree:I'am looking At T.v.
Zapdos:I donno what to do.
*Suddely A Blue Figure Speeds by*
May:What was that?
Articuno:I donno?

Who is the blue figure?Answers from Skit!

Space Skitty
21st August 2004, 3:40 PM
Continuing with the answer for LilMayFan's question!

Me: Is it catnip?
Meganium: Is it solar energy?
Ash: Is it a new Pokemon!?
May: Is it Max's brain?
Max: HEY!
Brock: Is it a pretty girl!? (Goes heart eyed)
Articuno: Is it a glacier?
Moltres: Is it an object from space?
Zapdos: Is it an electric orb?
Butterfree: Is it sap?
Porygon: What IS it!?
Mudkip: You guys... Its nothing but a little blue toy ball!
Everyone: O_O Oh!
Mudkip: I wonder where it came from...
Articuno: Who cares! Let's play catch!
Zapdos: One prob... Birds don't have hands!
Articuno: But we have talons!
Max: I'll go first! Catch, May! (Throws it to May)
May: Got it! Catch Porygon! (Throws it to Porygon)
Porygon: Wait! I have no-! (The ball hits Porygon's head) Hands... Owchies...
May: Opps! I'm sorry, Porygon!

What will happen next? LilMayFan knows!

21st August 2004, 3:45 PM
The answer!

*The blue Figure Runs at Hyper speed*
Articuno:I know one thing that runs that fast....
Moltres:A blue hedgehog!!!!!
Zapdos:Is it?
Ash:How could something run fast as that?

Who is the blue figre?Skitty knows!

21st August 2004, 4:23 PM
Or from the Meganium! XD

*Blue Figure speeds past again*
Moltres: I don't think so. I think....
Articuno: It might be....
Latios: Whoopie. Hey, can I be in the story?
Skitty: SURE!!
Mudkip: But, Skitty, it's getting hard to remember everyone.
Skitty: Oh yeah.....well, you can be a guest star!
Latios:Eh, good enough. Can my little sister be a guest star, too?
Me: Yeah, I guess...
Latias: Cool! Thank you!!
Birds: Ehhh...no problem.
Butterfree: Welcome!
Ash, Brock, May, Max: HEY, WE KNOW YOU!!!
Ash: Hey, wouldn't that mean that Latias is your BIG sister?
Latios: Hello! She's smaller than me!!
May: Uhhhh....yeah...
Max: How's the Soul Dew?
Butterfree: WE'RE GOING OFF-TOPIC!!!
Others: Yipes! Sorry...
Brock: Are we going to find Pinky?
Me: How did you know?
Brock: Oh no....
Skitty: Lemme guess: She's behind that bush.
Mudkip: And she has evil stuffing.
Me: NOOOOOOOO!!!! That's not fair!!
Pinky: Neither is this. *spits acid at the group* WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *disappears*
Me: No! Acid....eating away....at petals.....
Mudkip: Ah! *shoots water Gun at my petals*
Me: Whew! Much better.
Skitty: My fur!! My beautiful fur!!
Others: O_o;
Mudkip: Okay...*shoots Water Gun at Skitty*
Skitty: Whew! But now it's wet!!!! My fur!!
May: My fur! I mean, bandana!!
Max: MY EYES!!!!
Mudkip: OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!! *shoots water Gun at everyone*
Others: Thanks.
Mudkip: *gasping for breath* No...*gasp*...problem....*collapses*
Me: I think we tired her out...*picks her up with vines, lays her in shade*
Skitty: Is she safe there? With Pinky around and what not?
Me: As long as I'm writing this, she is.
Latios: Sooo, who wants a ride?
Skitty: Me!! Me!!!
Latios: Allright then. *scoops Skitty onto back* Hold on tight! *flies around*
Latios: OW!!! Watch those claws!!
Skitty: Sorry...
Latias: Okay, who else wants a ride?
Butterfree: Me!! I do!!
Moltres: But, Butterfree, you can fly already...
Butterfree: Oh yeah...
Me: I want a ride!!
Latias: O_O;; Umm...er....
Me: Oh, right...I'm too big...*sob*
Latias: No, no, it's just.....well, yeah, you're too big.
Max: I want a ride!!
May: No, Iwant a ride!!
Max: I said it first, MAY!
May: Well I THOUGHT it first, MAX!
Max: I didn't know you were capable of thought!
May: I DO know that YOU'RE capable of getting your BUTT KICKED!! *hlds up fist*
Latias: CALM DOWN!! I can take both of you...
May/Max: YAY! *clamor onto Latias' back*
Latias: Ugh...*struggles to take off, flies clumsily*
Latios: *sees me looking sad* Hey, I got an idea!! Hey, Meganium!!
Me: What?!
Latios: Extend your vines up!! I can probably pull you along!! Eh, but I'll need you off, Skitty...
Skitty: No prob! I had a nice long ride!! WHEEEEE!
Me: I'll make things easier...*grabs Skitty with vines, places her on ground*
Skitty: I always land on my feet...*stumbles around dizzily*
Me: Were you riding in circle, Skitty?
Skitty: Yes....how ever did you guess...*crashes into tree* OW!
Latios: Allrighty then.*grabs my vines, puls hard, I raise off the ground by about 5 feet* Ugghhh....Ughhhhhhh..LATIAS, HELP!!
Latias: THANK YOU GOD!! *puts the siblings on the ground*
Max: You weighted poor Latias down, May!
May: Hello! You were the one riding on her HEAD!
Max: Only because you were taking up her whole back!!
Ash/Brock: SHUT UP, YOU TWO!!
*Latias flies over and grabs one of my vines, they lift me high into the air*

When will Pinky return? Is Mudkip okay? Did I believ I could fly? Sorry, bad joke...

More answers from Skitty or LilMayFan or Mudkip!!

EDIT: Ugh...you guys beat me to it...ah well.

21st August 2004, 4:38 PM
Latios:*Gets a Blue Emerald*
Latias:*Gets a red Emerald*
Me:Come on,This has to be someone in deise!
Zapdos:Are those Chaos Emeralds?
Moltres:I donno O_O
Articuno:This is getting weird....
May:Really werid....
Max:Emerald veriosn!!!!
Butterfree:I'ts not out yet!!!!

21st August 2004, 6:10 PM
Continuing from LilMayfan!

*Ridley-X4 get's out a Yellow Emerald*

Latias, Latios, and Ridley-X4 hold their emeralds up in the air.


*Teen Titans Theme starts*

*Ridley-X4's clothes turn from orange to blue*

*May's clothes: Where it's red, it turns white and vise versa*

*All the pokemon turn into their shiny versions*

*Max's clothes turns into a circuitboard-like style*

Ridley-X4: Titans reunite!

Now that everyone has turned into the Teen Titans, what will happen on their next adventure?

21st August 2004, 6:17 PM
That was plain Freaky....L100Meganium with the contiuning,NO questoins asked.Anyway,Contiuning from my post.

Me:*Looks at The Emerald*
Zapdos:What is this?
Articuno:It HAS to be a Chaos Emerald!
Butterfree:I donno?
Max:What's a Chaos Emerald?
Me:What are we going to do?
Machamp:*Hits self in head many times*

21st August 2004, 6:57 PM
And heeeeeeeeeeerre's Meganium! XD

Me: *plays Emerald* Who says it's not out yet?
Mudkip: *comes to* uhhh...What'd I miss?
Me: YAY!! You're awake! *tackles*
Mudkip: OW!!! Watchit!! You're stronger than you think...
Me: ^_^;; Sorry.
Skitty: Uh, Meganium, JAPAN says Emerald's not out yet.
Articuno: Then how'd you get it?
Me: Uheheheheheheheh....I didnt take it. I got it off the internet...What Prototype?! Go away!
Others: O_O;;
May: Are....are you playing....as ME?!
Me: Not like I want to. If you play as a girl, you play as you.
May: NEATO!!! Lemme try!!
Me: Allright, but DON'T GO OUTSIDE THE HOUSE!!
May: Okie-dokie!!
Ash: Uhhh....Am I in those games?
Mudkip: No, silly, you're in Red, Blue or Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal.
Ash: AWESOME!!! I'm in 6 GAMES!!
Skitty: Don't forget the Nintendo 64 games.
Me: Oh yeah...
Brock: What games am I in?
Mudkip: Red, Blue or Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, FireRed, and LeafGreen.
Brock: HA!! I'm not even the Main character and I'm in more games then YOU!!
Ash: *sob* Don't rub it in...
May: Am I in at least 2 games?
Skitty: 3.
May: Oh...
Max: And how many games am I in?! *looks hopeful*
Mudkip: Uh...you're not in any...
Max: WHAT?!
Me: Sure he is, Mudkip! In Littleroot Town where the character lives, the little dude with glasses outside the character's house!
Skitty: Oh yeah...the one that says, "Hey INSERT NAME HERE, Are you going to train POKMON? Good luck!!" or something like that?
Me: Yeah, that's the one.
Ash: You know, they never asked me about how I felt appearing in all those games...
Brock: They never ask the characters anymore...*shakes head*
May: HEY!!! What are you doing choosing Treecko as a starter?! I chose Torchic!! If you play as me, you've got to--
Me: No I don't. I already chose Torchic on Sapphire...when I get Ruby I'm gonna get Mudkip...and now I'm getting Treecko! DIE POOCHYENA!!
May: Oh....but it's just not right!!
Me: Hmm...I'll name you Rainforest...oh!! Just enough room for it, too!! OH!!! You're a female!! WOOT!
Skitty: Meganium, are you sure you're actually making the story, or are you just daydreaming about Emerald Version?
Me: Both!! DIE TORCHIC!!
May: NO!
Me: Not yours, May...
May: Oh...
Me: That makes me think....do any of you know that people all over the world support relationships involving you people?
Me: Quiet. I'm one of them. So is LilMayFan. Musical Mudkip, too.
May: I have a fan? YAY!
Skitty: Meganium, nothing more about shippings, okay? You might scare them...
Me: Did you know some people support Max and May together?
Mudkip: Meganium....ah what the heck, it's fun!! Some people support You and May, Ash!
Ash/May: *look at each other, turn away with tongues out* Bleeechh!!
LilMayFan: HEY!!
Me: And Some people support You and Brock, Ash!!
Brock: THAT's just PLAIN SCARY NOW!!
Me: I support Bulbasaur and Bayleef!!
Me: What? I call it Grassshipping! ^_______^
Skitty: *shrugs* Oh well....Some people support you and Bayleef, Ash!!
Me: EW, really?
Skitty: I don't know...
Max: What about me?!
Mudkip: You and Molly are a shipping!!
Max: Who's Molly?
Ash: Didn't they ever once consider how we might feel being paired with every possible character?!
Me, Skitty, Mudkip: NO!! HAHAHAHAHA!!
Moltres: What about us?
Zapdos: Yes, what about us?
Skitty: You guys aren't characters in the animé...it's impossible to say!
Butterfree: And what about me?
Mudkip: Same as before...
Porygon, Magmar: And--
Me: Same as before.
Articuno: Well that's dumb...
Me: I support Skitty and Meowth!!
Skitty: Who? Me?
Me: No, not you!! May's!!
Mudkip: Really?
Me: Kinda...I call it, FelineShipping!!
Others: Sorry...

Are the characters forever weirded out? Where's Pinky in all this?

Pinky: Right here.

O_O;;;; Oh-kaaaaaay... More from SPPF's very own....
Space Skitty, Musical Mudkip, and LilMayFan!!

Ridley-X4, maybe you should make up your own saga... just an idea! ^_^

21st August 2004, 7:13 PM
Me:*Playing with the Chaos Emeralds*
Zapdos:You can't play with those!
Max:I'll play!
Moltres:They'll Blow up Things!
Articuno:Let me have the blue one!
Butterfree:I'ts Emerald Version!
May:NO YOU IDIOT!!!I'ts a Chaos Emerald!!!!!
Porygon:Those are Chaos Emeralds.
Magmar:What are we going to do with them?

What will the gang do with the Emeralds?More from Meganium!

21st August 2004, 7:29 PM

I want to wait for SKitty or Mudkip to continue, since they haven't done that many today....heck, Mudkip hasn't done any! XD

A short one to tie us over:

Me: What are they doing here?! This is a POKéMON story.
Skitty: Your guess is as good as mine...
Mudkip: Maybe it's just a weird part...
Me: Nonsense! Every part is weird!


And Skitty and Mudkip, let's continue our story!! (with Pinky and all, originally just Skitty's and mine)
P.S. to Skitty: Look at my new location! XD!

21st August 2004, 7:34 PM
Zapdos:What the heck are we going to do with them?
Me:I donno....O_______________O
May:We sell them!
Max:Not gonna work.
Moltres:We give them to somebody?
Articuno:We give them to Sonic,But I don't know where he is.
Regice:Let me get them!!!!!
Registeel:NO!!!!!!DON'T DO THAT!

Skitty and Mudkip are not online.

21st August 2004, 9:01 PM
Yet Nurse Joy's in more games than Brock! And Pikachu has even more...

21st August 2004, 9:05 PM
KyogreFan,Do you want to contiune my story?you can be in there.

21st August 2004, 9:08 PM
XD Pikachu has 18!! (Counting Stadium, Stadium 2, Puzzle League, Puzzle Challenge, Colosseum, Hey you Pikachu, and Pokémon Channel) And it's in 2 more besides that!! (S.S.B. and S.S.B.M.) Pikachu's in them ALL!! XD

I know Skitty and Mudkip aren't online, but I still think we should wait for them. It's just not the same without them!! *sniff* XD

On a different note, WHOO-HOO!!! I'm A STORM TRAINER!! WOOT! XD

21st August 2004, 9:16 PM
You forgot Pinball & Pinball: R&S! Hey, Misty has one more game than Brock! (all of Brock's and SSBM(as a trophy))

21st August 2004, 9:18 PM
Oh yeah!! XD But I also forgot Pokémon Snap!! XD XD That's 23 games Pikachu's in!! XD

21st August 2004, 9:20 PM
Anyway,let's get back on topic!I'll let anybody contiune.

21st August 2004, 9:27 PM
I need Skitty and Mudkip's crazy ideas to get my creativity sparking. =}

21st August 2004, 10:08 PM
Man,I need to add a character to my story.Can I contiune the story with Pinky?This is the new character[My story]: ;060;

21st August 2004, 10:12 PM
Ummmm......it's not that I don't like your stories, I do! Really! But Skitty's, Mudkip's an my story is special to me...we were the original Wacky Girls of SPPF! XD I want that story to remain ours. Please don't hate me for it! *hides*

EDIT: I see you changed your avatar! ^_^

21st August 2004, 10:20 PM
No,no.I said That I wanted to contiune you And Skitty's Story.all you do is contiune your story on Pinky and I'll contiune.

21st August 2004, 10:29 PM
That's what I mean. It's special to me. Again, please don't think I simply don't want you to continue...it's just that I'd prefer if it remained mine, Skitty's, and Mudkip's now. *hides again* But you can continue your story!

21st August 2004, 10:34 PM
Oh!Sorry...I'll just Have to rate it!!!!Please don't hate me!*Hides*

Musical Mudkip
21st August 2004, 11:01 PM
I shall make a new story, cuz I haven't been keeping up with all of the chapters, it hurts my eyes....
Meganium: Tis a pity that we noble maidens can tease May no longer on this beautiful morn.
Mudkip: Ah yes, what can I say, now that thou and I canst not any longer romp about as in the olden days of gold!
Skitty: What the heck is wrong with you guys? What's with the old speech?...*dreamy look* Oh, the ball in front of mine eyes shines like a male handsome Meowth. Where art thou, ball that I see? Where art thou?

What has happened to Meganium, Mudkip, and Skitty? Who will save them? Continued by....Skitty or Meganium.

Oh, Meganium, did you like my comercial?

21st August 2004, 11:03 PM
I'll contiune my story as soon as I get my Alakazam Card in pokemon TCG.

21st August 2004, 11:26 PM
Since I can't seem to keep contiuing stories because I get off-topic, I'll just make little Mini-stories that don't get continued because the mini stories are 1-post stories. I'm glad I got that out of my system.

May: I wonder who that girl is on the main page of Serebii.net?

Ridley-X4: Me too. She reminds me of Amy Rose (from sonic the hedgehog)!

Max: The eppy hasn't aired in the U.S. yet, so I guess we'll just have to wait...

May: She hasn't even been put in the character bios section yet!

Ridley-X4: I saw in the May fanclub she taught you how to cook.

May: Yay! That means I won't have to taste Brock's disgusting recipies!

Brock: She's cute...*hearts in eyes*

Ridley-X4: You think all girls are cute.

Space Skitty
22nd August 2004, 12:08 AM
Thanks for waiting guys! I feel wanted... I'll continue from Musical Mudkip! ^_^

Meganium: Where art thou Meowth? (Look around)
Mudkip: O_O
(Pinky runs by)
Pinky: LEE-LOO. SHEWA. (Disappears in thin air)
Meganium/Mudkip/Me: O_O;;;
(Ash falls from thin air and falls on Meganium's head)
Meganium: OW! What the-!
Ash: Uh... Bayleef, you evolved!?
Meganium: What the f!? What are-!? Oh, boy...
(Brock falls from the sky and falls on Mudkip's head)
MudkiP :Eep! That hurted!
Brock: Mudkip! (Hugs Mudkip) I missed you!
Mudkip: I'm... Not your Mudkip! Eww! (Struggles)
Me: Ha! No one fell on me!
(May falls on my head)
May: Skitty? What are you doing here?
Skitty: I have no idea what you are talking about!
(Max also falls on my head)
Meganium/Mudkip: O_O;;

What will happen next? Any more down pours? XD! Meganium & Mudkip know!

22nd August 2004, 12:24 AM
I'll contiune with my story as soon as my Alakazam card!!!!you can contiune Skitty if you want.

Space Skitty
22nd August 2004, 12:50 AM
Sure, LilMayFan!

Zapdos: So what ARE we gonna do with these?
(An Umbreon jumps up from nowhere)
Umbreon: What have you there? ... Oh, its a Chaos Emerald! I'll buy'em for as much as ya youngsters want!
Everyone: O_O
Max: You're kidding... There's NO way that you're being serious!
Umbreon: Oh, yes my lad! I'm quite serious! Name ya money, mates!
Me: Oh! How about... $999999999999!?
Ash/May/Max/Brock/The Pokemon: O_O
Me: What!?
Ash: What are dollars?
Me: Oh boy...
May: How about 99999999999999999999999999999999999999 in PokeDollars!?
Max: Times that by 99 and its a deal!
Mudkip: But... What good are PokeDollars to us?
Ash: Uh... That's your problem!
Umbreon: Itsa deal! (Snatches emeralds) Here's ya prize! (Uses Shadow Ball on everyone then runs away)
Me: (Not affected by Shadow Ball) Hey! That creep' getting away! Meganium, stop him!
Meganium: ... That hurted! Give me a second to Synthesis...
Me: No! He's gone!
Ash: I could have used that money...

What'll happen next?

22nd August 2004, 12:58 AM
You're so kind Skitty!

Umbreon:I'am gonna make It big!
*A blue figure steals the Emerald*
Umbreon:Who was that?
*The blue figure is Sonic*
Sonic:I need the Chaos Emeralds!!!
Umberon:Give em back!!!!
*Eggman Comes after Sonic*
Eggman:Come here Sonic!Give me the Chaos Emeralds!
Umbreon:Both of you will give them back!
Zapdos:What was that?
Butterfree:Let's go check it out!

What will happen next?

Space Skitty
22nd August 2004, 1:40 AM
I'll continue from LilMayFan!

(Everyone runs to where Umbreon, Sonic, & Eggman are)
Umbreon: Oh great... The brats...
Max: I'm used to being called that! Uh.. What's going on here?
Sonic: O_o Who are you? My new side-kick or something?
Max: O_O;; Uh... I...
Eggman: Sonic! Give me the Emeralds!
Sonic: First you'll have to catch me! (Quickly runs off)
Me: Wow! He's fast!
Eggman: Grr! (Notices everyone) What are you monsters looking at!?
May: A large hideous creature that reminds me of Max after a bath.
Eggman: Grr!
Max: Yeah! Really! Grr!
Eggman: Shut up you stupid rat! (Runs after Sonic)
Everyone: O_O

What will happen next? LilMayFan knows!

Lamington Luffy
22nd August 2004, 1:51 AM
why arent I in the story?

22nd August 2004, 1:51 AM
Me:*Turns Demon*
Me*Demon voice*:YOU SHALL ALL PAY!!!!
Zapdos:What happed to you?
Moltres:I can't transform.. >_<
May:This is getting freaky.....
Articuno:He a big freak...
Me:ROAR!!!!!*Picks up Articuno and chokes him*Why you little!!!
Articuno:Get off of me!!!!
Sonic:O_O That was werid...
Me:Shut up!!!!*Slams everybody in the Ground*

Can somebody save Me?Part 2 of 5!

22nd August 2004, 1:58 AM
Whew!! You're not mad, are you LilMayFan? If you are, I'll stay out of your story....*hides*

Continuing from Space Skitty on our story!! XD!

Me: Whatever happened to the old speech?
Mudkip: I've yet to hear of ye speech of olde about which you speaketh, O experienced one. 'Tis a beautiful morn, Ye Experienced One, one which Thou shouldest appreciate...
Me: O_O;; Wha--?
Skitty: O Mudkip-Which-Maketh-Beautiful-Soundes, I do believe thou art est confusest thou-which-has-foughteth-many-battles...
Mudkip: But Ye Great Pink One, we haven't talketh in such a way as to scareth the Experienced One...
Skitty: Yes, but we shan't do anything to scare our friend...
Mudkip: Yea, Verily!
Me: @_@ Stop-eth talking-eth like-eth that-eth!!
Skitty: Oh! Why didn't you say so?
Me: -_-
Mudkip: Where did the gang go? Didn't they drop on our heads?
Skitty: They disappeared a while ago now.
Me: O_o;;; Oh-kaaaaay....
Mudkip: Sooooo...what is this story about?
Me: our adventures I guess....
Mudkip: In that case....c'm'ere...
Me: Okay...*comes closer*
Mudkip: *whispers* We can talk in Olde Speake when we talk about May, 'kay?
Me: Okay, but to anyone reading this, I'M JUST KIDDING. PLEASE DO NOT GO, "WAAAAAAAAHH!! SHE SAY MEAN THING!!!"
Mudkip: O_O
Me: *walking in a forest* Hmmm.....that looks like a good spot!
Mudkip: You say that every 5 minutes!!
Me: Well, the forest's sunlight is all blocked out, and I'm sunlight-deprived!!
Mudkip: Now, now, Ye EXP. One, Thou Shan't Speaketh like Thou-which-complains....
Me: I have not speaketh the words of Thou-which-ticketh-me-off!!
Mudkip: *giggles* My apologies, O Great One.
Skitty: @_@ Did you say anything?
Me: No!
Skitty: Hmmm....*eyes me suspiciously* Allright. *keeps walking*
Mudkip: Can we stop by that water hole?
Skitty: *goes pale* Do we have to?
Mudkip: Oh, allright... *keeps walking*
*all of a sudden Skitty stops, I run into her because I'm not looking ahead*
Me: OW! What's the big idea?!
Skitty: Shh! Can't you see I'm hunting?!
Me: WHA--*gets whacked by Skitty's tail*
Skitty: *crouches down, looking intently at a baby Pidgey*
Mudkip: Skitty! It's just a baby!! Let it be!
Skitty: QUIET!! *tail twitches*
Me: Skitty!!! Stop!!
Skitty: I...I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!! *pounces*
Mudkip: I hate to do this...*shoots water gun at Skitty*
Skitty: MY FUR!!! MY BEAUTIFUL FUR!!! NO!!! THE WETNESS!! IT BURNS!! *lets the Pidgey go* *glares at Mudkip* ....You've lost me my food.
Mudkip: eep...
Me: How's it going, Mudkip?
Mudkip: No too bad...she got me really good on my tail, but otherwise...*shows tail, which is covered in thin red lines*
Me: Oh...is it okay?
Mudkip: Yeah...it's not even real, remember?
Me: Oh yeah...
Skitty: *comes over to us* Hey Mudkip....I'm sorry....
Mudkip: 'S'allright...we all get caught up in our instincts sometimes...
Me: I don't!! *beams proudly*
Skitty: Yeah right. HEY, LOOK!! IT'S THE SUN!!
Me: *runs off* WHEEEEEEEE!
Skitty: *giggles*

And Mudkip, I LOVED yur commercial. Do you watch the Amanda Show? ^_______^

22nd August 2004, 1:59 AM
I'am not mad at you.Waiting for Skitty to contiune my story!

22nd August 2004, 2:08 AM
Oh, okay. Whew! XD You're an Earth Trainer now, LilMayFan! They grow up SO fast...XD XD XD

22nd August 2004, 2:10 AM
Yipee!I'am a Earth Trainer!What's next?And can you contiune my story for me as we wait for Skitty?

Lamington Luffy
22nd August 2004, 2:16 AM
ummm nobody answered my question......

22nd August 2004, 2:19 AM
I'll put you in my story!just contiune!

Lamington Luffy
22nd August 2004, 2:58 AM
*missigno comes out of the sun*
Missigno:I will glitch your game!
Skitty:So? i'm in RSE & can't be affected *sticks tounge out*
Missigno:dam it
Meganium:RUN KANTO & JHOTO POPKEMON!!!!!!!!!!
*kanto & jhoto run away*
Mudkip:I guess ash ran away too
Skitty:But he's not a pokemon
Mudkip:But he's in RBY & GSC
Skitty:No that's Red , Gold & Krys
Missigno:I will return *melts*
Me:Thank goodness
*'m' appears*
'M':I am missigno's cousin & I will destroy you!.Especially you Blue , i will go crash your crystal game!
Me:if you go crash it , My friend Red will rise from the dead & use her dragonite on you
Me:she lent me her shiny

22nd August 2004, 3:30 AM
You're off topic!!!!!Read the pots before contiuning!!

Space Skitty
22nd August 2004, 3:37 PM
Thanks for waiting, LilMayFan! You're patient!

Me: Uh.. Is this natural?
Max: We're all gonna die!
Everyone: O_o
Max: Opps... I guess I over reacted...
Sonic: And... What show did you say you were from?
Max: Pokemon Advanced! ^_^
Sonic: O_o Is that a show about weirdos because if its anything like you then it must be!
Max: ... Well... May is one...
May: What!? What was that, Max!?
Mudkip: Now's not the time for this...
LilMayFan: HWA HWA!
Moltres: This is too weird... I... I quit! (Tries to fly away)
Zapdos: No! (Grabs Moltres) Don't leave us!
Ash: Wait! I got an idea! (Throws a Pokeball at LilMayFan, but it bounces off)
Everyone: O_O
Meganium: What was the purpose of that?
Ash: I thought I could catch him...
Everyone: -_-;;

What will happen next? Will LilMayFan ever be saved? Tune in!

22nd August 2004, 5:01 PM
Here's the beginning of my own story. Anyone can continue it.

May: Wonder where Ridley-X4 and Sam, Clover, and Alex are?

Jim Carrey: They're spending their 1,000 grand, remember?

May: Oh yeah....

Ridley-X4: Yo! 'Sup? Ridley's in da house!

*Ridley-X4 has a Ferrari, and Sam, Clover and Alex (from totally spies) in the back of the car, along with all kinds of expenisve stuff*

Ridley-X4: I still have 500,000. Wanna go skydiving?

Jim Carrey: Yeah!!!!

May: Ok!

Anyone can continue.

22nd August 2004, 5:10 PM
Do you think Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet will appear in your story?

I love Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet!

But I haven't seen them.

22nd August 2004, 5:24 PM
Space Skitty,I just got up.

Here's more!

Moltres:We have GOT to do something!
Articuno:I'am useless......
Me:*Rips a Tree out of the ground*
Zapdos:Wait!I may have a plan!iT HAS to do with a ceretion girl!!!
Zapdos:Yes you!!!!
Sonic:Oh yeah!That will work!
Machamp:Where's that punching bag?

Can The brids and everyone else use May to save me?Skit knows!

22nd August 2004, 6:16 PM
Skitty, can you continue our story? I don't want to do 2 in a row. ^_^;



~*Funny situations*~
May: Can we take a rest?
Ash: Why?
May: Because I'm tired.
Ash: Why?
May: Because we've been walking all day.
Ash: Why?
May: Because you want to get to the next city....
Ash: Why?
May: Because you want to challenge the Gym Leader!
Ash: Why?
May: To get your next badge!!!
Ash: Why?
Ash: Why?
Ash: Why?
Ash: Why?

Space Skitty
22nd August 2004, 6:54 PM
XD! Those are funny! Continuing from Meganium!

Mudkip: You two act crazy. I can control my natural instincts, at least to a certian degree...
Meganium: Mudkip... Look! There's a pond!
Mudkip: A pond? An actual pond!? YIPEE! (Jumps in pond and water from the splash soaks me)
Me: Hey! My fur! And I worked so hard on cleaning it this morning!
Mudkip: Opps! I'm sorry!
Me: Its okay... My fur... (Teary eyed)
(Pinky runs from nowhere)
Pinky: Heheh. This is fun. Yipee. (Dumps a bucket of water on me)
Me: HEY! YOU STUPID... Uh...
Meganium: Pinky horse?
Me: Uh, yeah! YOU STUPID PINK HORSE! (Attacks Pinky)
Meganium/Mudkip: O_O;;
Pinky: Ow. Pain.
Me: Gosh... I HATE stupid plushes!
Mudkip: Especially crazy ones... (Watches Pinky run through several trees) Shhesh! Is that even possible!?
Meganium: Anything's possible here... (Notices Pinky grow wings then fly away)

XD! What'll happen next? Meganium & Mudkip know!

And continuing from LilMayFan!

Zapdos: I hope my plan works... Machamp! What are you doing!?
Machamp: (Runs over to LilMayFan) I challenge you to a fight of fists!
LilMayFan: HWA HWA! You're on!
(LilMayFan defeats Machamp in one hit)
Machamp: Twinkle... Twinkle... Oh... (Faints)
Everyone: O_O
LilMayFan: Who's next?
Zapdos: Uh...
Me: Grow up!
Ash: Sorry... I couldn't help it... (Shivers) This story is scary!
Brock: I'd rather face LilMayFan instead of Pinky...

What will happen next? Will everyone keep calm? Will Zapdos try his plan? LilMayFan knows all!

22nd August 2004, 7:02 PM
Zapdos:Let me try my...
Moltres:I'll fight him!
Me:Bring it on!
*I defeat Moltres in one shot*
Zapdos:LET ME TRY MY PLAN!!!!!!!!!!
Articuno:What was your plan?
Zapdos:To see if May can bring LilMayfan down.

Will Zapdos plan work?Skit knows!

Space Skitty
22nd August 2004, 7:17 PM
Continuing from LilMayFan!

Zapdos: You know what to do, May...
May: Uh... Run away?
Everyone: @_@
Zapdos: No! I meant the plan!
May: Uh... Why me?
Zapdos: Because, because!
Max: Don't worry, May... I'll tell Mom & Dad why you couldn't return home...
May: O_O;;; I never said that I wanted to...
Zapdos: LilMayFan won't kill you, May... At least I don't think he will...
May: O_O;;;;
Zapdos: Just try!
May: No! He'll kill me!
Me: Scaridy cat!
Max: Look who's talking...
Me: Who asked you!
Max: Well... I don't recall anyone asking YOU.
Me: Hey! You...
Zapdos: Enough of that! This is important!
Meganium: >3 Yeah, yeah! I agree 100%! May, just go!
Mudkip: He won't hurt you! Trust us!
Me: (Frowning) You guys...
Meganium: What?
Mudkip: We didn't do anything... Uh, right?
Me: -_-;;
LilMayFan: We don't got all day! Who's next!?
Zapdos: May.
May: EEP!

Will Zapdos' plan work? Will May be killed? Tune in for the answers!

22nd August 2004, 7:24 PM
Zapdos:May,Go get him!
Sonic:I'll help her!*Spin Dashes me*
Zapdos:This is getting good!
May:I can't do this!
Zapdos:Come on!
May:*Cries*I can't do this!
Me:What?What's happing to me????Please!Help me!!!!
Zapdos:He's getting to his Mind!

Will Somebody save Me?Skit with answers!

22nd August 2004, 7:26 PM
XD! Continuing from the kitten Pokémon!!

Me: Anything's possible?! WOW!! *grows wings* WHEEEEEE!!!!! I'm like, the only Grass/Flying Pokémon!!
*A Tropius flies by*
Tropius: Think again, freak.
Me: O_O;; *flies back to the ground*
Skitty: Then that means I.....Mudkip, squirt me!
Mudkip: O_O The heat must be getting to you.
Skitty: No, seriously, squirt me!!
Mudkip: *shrugs* allright. Just don't kill me afterward...*squirts Skitty*
Mudkip: .... .. .... .... ... . .....
Me: So what can you do now, Mudkip?
Mudkip: ....Nothing. I don't want aything.
Skitty/Me: O_O
Pinky: WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I shall take away your special powers. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHHHH!! SHAZAM!! *shoots beam of light at us, flies away*
Me: I....I feel so....so flightless.....
Skitty: I FEEL WET!!! NOOOOO!!!!
Mudkip: ... .... .. .. .... ....I feel great.
Skitty, Me: -_-;;

What will hapen next? Will I ever fly again? Will Skitty ever get wet again? Will we be ale to find Pinky---if she flies?! SPPF's very own Space Skitty or Musical Mudkip will return...with the answers!!


Space Skitty
22nd August 2004, 7:50 PM
Here's the Skit continuing from LilMayFan!

Me: We must do something!
Moltres: Want me to heat things up?
Me: -_- I don't think that would help much...
Zapdos: What-a-mess!
Butterfree: I loved that show!
Zapdos: Not the show! THIS!
Max: May, do something!
May: Uh... Please stop? Please? Pretty please?
Everyone: -_-;;
May: What? At least I'm trying! ... Please stop, LilMayFan! Please?
Max: May... You're pathetic...
Porygon: I know! I heard of this ancient song! It might help LilMayFan! (Scribbles the words down) Everyone, read this together!
Everyone: Weelee, dege... Uh...
Porygon: No! Can't you guys read!?
Articuno: We can... But this isn't readable! What DID you write?
Porygon: -_-;;
Ash: This is foolish...

Will they EVER find out how to help LilMayFan? Will Porygon be able to write neater? (Porygon: Hey! Try holding a pencil with YOUR mouth and see if you can write well!) LilMayFan knows!

Continuing from Meganium!

Mudkip: I'm happy with what I have.
Meganium/Me: We aren't! (Cry)
Mudkip: Hmm... What's that? (Points at something sticking out from a bush)
Me: Cat nip!?
Meganium: No... It can't be...
Me: Yes it can!
Everyone: PINKY!
Pinky: Hello. This isn't "Pinky and the Brain" folks. Yehaw. (Appears riding a Rapidash) Give me up. (Pinky rides off into the sunset)
Everyone: O_O;;;

22nd August 2004, 8:03 PM
*All of a sudden a Weedle comes*
Weedle:I can help you!
Butterfree:You're a Weedle.Maybe you can beat him if you were a Beedrill.
Weedle:You're going down!*Fires a Poison Sting at me*
Me:*Poison Sting hits*ROOOARRR!
May:Please don't hurt him!
Zapdos:How you do that?
Weedle:I'am super storng!!!
Moltres:Get LilMayfan Down!

Will Weedle beat me?Will May save me?Skit knows!

22nd August 2004, 8:12 PM
Ummm.....what about our story, S.S.? Am I annoying you? XD Hopefully not.


I play with blocks.
I collect clocks.
I wait on a dock
for the Taillow flock.
On my diary there's a lock
I don't like it when others mock
me, I like to kiss that rock
or my own stinky sock.

I love to bash
trees and make cash
and when I dash
I'm gone in a flash
on my ankle there's a gash
where at me Pikachu did lash
I act quite rash
I like to slash
and throw away trash!


Ever wanted to have all the Pokémon cards EVER? Now you can!! With the Pokémon Special Edition Card-Collector Plus Deal!! Get ALL the Pokémon Cards in a genuine Pokémon plastic shopping bag!! All for just $600.00!! So call 1-800-555-POKE today or log onto www.youvebeentrickedwhataloser.com (http://)!!
Pokémon cards not included.

EDIT: Yay! You DID continue, Skitty! ^____^

P.S. That's not a real website. XD!

Continuing from Skitty!!

Me: That was very odd.
Mudkip: I'll say.
Skitty: HELLO? I'm still WET!!
Me: Sorry..*uses Sunny Day*
Skitty: Thank you. Sorry for the outburst, but I HATE getting wet..
Mudkip, Me: We noticed.
Skitty: ^_^;;
Me: So what do we do now?
Skitty: Don't ask me. YOU'RE writing this.
Me: Oh yeah....let's go prank people!!
Mudkip: But we're just Pokémon!!
Me: Yes, and thus can do things we couldn't if we were human.
Mudkip: Ohhhh....
Me: I GOT IT!! Come here, you two... *I whisper a plan to them*
Me: Okay!! *giggle* Here comes a man!! GO, Skitty!
Skitty: Right!! *lays down in the middle of the road, mewing*
Man: Oh! You poor, poor thing...Come here little one...*picks up Skitty*
Me: *eyes fill with tears* That's so sweet...
Mudkip: We can't prank him now...
Me: But what do we do about Skitty?!
Mudkip: We've gotta find some way to get her out of there!
Me: Ready?
Mudkip: Yeah!
Me: Okay! *lifts Mudkip up to 2nd Story window with vines* Can you see her?
Mudkip: Uh....Yeah! She's laying on a pillow, snoozing, with a bowl of cream in front of her...WOW! If I was a Skitty, that'd be the life!!
Me: But Mudkip!! We have to get her outta there, remember?!
Mudkip: I wish you could see her...then you'd see what I mean...she looks so happy...I don't know if we should try and get her out...
Me: Well...if she's truly happy, she won't come with us, right? So we should ask her how she feels about all this..
Me: Who? Wha? *I retract my vines really fast, sending Mudkip hurtling toward me*
Me: AAAAAAAAUUUGHHHH!!! *I dodge her, she goes straight for a wall, but I pull her out of the way just in time* Whew! That was close, huh Mudkip? Huh?
Mudkip: *is laying there, breathing heavily, with this face: O_O;*
Me: Are you okay?
Mudkip: Remind me....never....to let you....handle me in....your vines....again....*pants heavily*
Me: I'm sorry!! But you startled me with the sudden yelling and I...I'm sorry!!
Mudkip: Well...*sees my expression* Allright. But don't let it happen again!
Me: YAY!
Mudkip: NO DON'T TACKLE ME!!! Please...I'm small...
Me: Sorry....I have a bad memory, you know...
Mudkip: Forget it....how are we going to get up there?
Me: Elevator?
Mudkip: But how will people react when they see two Pokémon getting off the elevator?!
Me: Good point...we'll have to lift you up there and put you in through the window...
Mudkip: Oh no....but you're right! For Skitty! *puts tail up*
Me: For Skitty! *slaps vine with Mudkip's tail*
Mudkip: OW!
Me: Oop...sorry!
Mudkip: LITTLE HIGHER!! AND....PERFECT!! STOP! *unlocks window* Wow, windows that open from inside and out...anything CAN happen here! *gets window open* OKAY!! LIFT ME IN!!
Me: ALLRIGHTY THEN!! *does so*
Me: OKAY!! *drops Mudkip, retracts vines*
Mudkip: Skitty!
Skitty: *opens one eye lazily, sees Mudkip* Oh...It's just you....*yaaaaaaawwn* What?
Mudkip: Come on! We've gotta go!
Skitty: Go? But...*looks around* I like it here....
Mudkip: Are you saying that....you want to....stay here? Without Meganium and me?
Skitty: Well I...of course I want you two with me but I...
Mudkip: How's he gonna keep a Meganium as a housepet?!
Skitty: I...I don't know but I...
Mudkip: Fine. *calls to me* MEGANIUM!!! GET ON THE ELEVATOR!!
*I arrive in a little while*
Mudkip: Did the staff give you trouble?
Me: No. I just made them all feel like they were in a sunny forest and they let me go.
Mudkip: O_o;;;
Me: So what's the touble?
Mudkip: I....I think Skitty's a little hesitant to leave...
Me: You're right...she DOES look content here...well, let's go.
Mudkip: What?! We're gonna leave without her? But Meganium...
Me: *turns around with back to Mudkip and Skitty*As long as she's happy...*sniffs* That should be all that matters....C'mon, Mudkip, let's go.
Mudkip: O....Okay.....
Skitty: You guys! I'm sorry!! Come and visit me, okay?!
*we get on the elevator*
Me, Mudkip: Bye, Skitty.....
Skitty: ... . .. ...WAIT!! *tries to jump in elevator, but smashes head into door instead* Goodbye...
Me: ... . .... ... .... .. .... . ...
Mudkip: .. .. ... .... . .... .. ..it sure is quiet without her constant purring...
Me: Yeah. I'm glad she's happy, though.....
Mudkip: I'm happy for her, but I'm not happy.
Me: Yeah. That's the way to describe it.
Mudkip: ...at least we can stop at water holes!
Me: ......but it's still not the same.
Mudkip: I miss her, too, Meganium, but we have to move on now.
*all of a sudden, a pink figure pounces on my head and then pounces on Mudkip*
Skitty: Hey guys! Didja miss me?
Mudkip, Me: ONLY A WHOLE LOT! *group hug*
Skitty: The man said he thought I looked better and gave me the choice to leave if I wanted...and I did!
Me: *sniff* us over all that luxury? I'm touched...
Mudkip: So, who's up for a trip to the water hole?
*sees Skitty glare at her*
Mudkip: Uheheheh....just kidding...

It was corny AND long at the same time!! XD!

Space Skitty
22nd August 2004, 8:17 PM
Continuing from LilMayFan!

Weedle: Here I go!
May: Don't hurt him! Its not his fault!
Zapdos: Uh... I must of misheard you... You said it wasn't his fault? O_O
May: I don't think he means to do this...
Articuno: Bad proof... Go, Weedle! Save us!
Weedle: Weehee! (Uses Poison Sting on LilMayFan)
LilMayFan: ROAR! (Looks like he's in pain)
May: Please, stop!
Max: May... You are weird... You were afraid of him, but now you don't want us to hurt him? Who's side are you on?
May: Max! I don't think LilMayFan means to do this! Something might be making him...
Max: Hmm...
Weedle: I'll finish him!
May/Max: NO YOU WON'T!
Weedle: O_O;;;
Max: What's behind that bush? (Points)
Moltres: I'll find out! (Burns the bush down to reveil an Espeon)
Espeon: Oh, oppsy...
May: That Espeon must be controling LilMayFan with its psychic powers!
Articuno: What!? That dirty! (Uses Ice Beam on the Espeon)
Espeon:YIPES! (Runs away)

Is LilMayFan back to normal? Well, only he knows! XD!

22nd August 2004, 8:49 PM
*At Umberon's place*
Umberon:looks like I'll do it myself.....
*At our place*
Weedle:Darn!He still under somebody's spell!
Weedle:Poison Sting!Take that!
Me:*Poison sting hits*
Zapdos:Tooo weak....

Will Weedle be able to stop me?Skit knows!

22nd August 2004, 9:12 PM
Continuing from my last post:

*Ridley-X4 and co. have already jumped out of the plane*


Ridley-X4: Wheee!

May: I think I'm gonna throw up.

*May pukes*

Ridley-X4: Look out!

Sam: But the puke is going the same speed as we are, so it can't just "drop down" on us.

Alex: Let's avoid it anyway.

Clover: It's time to open our 'chutes!

*everyone opens their parachutes*

*the puke goes below them*

Jessie (on the ground): Now, let's just hide from officer Jenny and...

*Puke lands on Team Rocket*

James: Argh! There's puke in my hair! MY BEAUTIFUL HAIR!

Jenny: You have the right to remain silent!

Jessie: Way to go, wacko.

Mewoth: And I almost had my years supply of catnip!

*Jessie looks up to see Ridley-X4 and co.*

Jessie: #?!*^%$!!!!!

*Ridley-X4 and co. land miles away from where J&J are, right where
Ridley-X4 planned to land.

Clover: That was fun!

Alex: Ditto!

Sam: What Clover said!

What will Ridley-X4 and co. do next? Space Skitty, you can continue!

Musical Mudkip
22nd August 2004, 11:25 PM
'tinuing from my best green buddy! XD

Me: Now that we're all back together, we should go on a vacation!!
Meganium: Yay!
Skitty: But where should we go?
Meganium: Let's go somewhere on a train!
Skitty: Why a train?
Meganium: No real reason.
Me: Hellooo? What do you think it would look like if three POKEMON went to buy train tickets? And there is the fact that we can TALK.
Skitty: What about that Meowth in the show? He can talk.
Meganium: *whispers to me* Should we tell her?
Me: *whispers back* Yeah, I think so. *normal tone* Skitty, that Meowth is....not real. He is a puppet.
Meganium: Uh oh. Here comes the flames.
Me: I got us some fire proof suits. Here!
Someone continue! I have to go NOW!

22nd August 2004, 11:32 PM
Waiting for Skitty to contiune my story!

23rd August 2004, 2:44 AM
Don't worry Mudkip! I'LL continue the story! XD!
Continuing from my very good friend, the Blue Mud Fish that Makes Beautiful Sounds! XD!

Me: I wonder if we can stil speak human?
Skitty: We've been speaking human all along!!
Me: Uh.....no we haven't?....
Skitty: Oh. Can we speak human?
Mudkip: Well, try and see.
Me: Me--ga-----he---ni---HELLO---nium!
Skitty: Close!
Me: One of you try it, this is embarrassing!!
Mudkip: Allright then. Skitty, you try.
Skitty: Ski---sk---h--tt--HI!
Me: Yeah! Not so easy, is it?
Skitty: Well, Mudkp, you try!!
Mudkip: Mu---Mud--Hello there.
Me: Well...That was fast. Try saying something else!
Mudkip: How much for a train to Lilycove, Good Sir?
Skitty, Me: O_O Wow.
Mudkip: YAY! I can speak human!!
Skitty: But still, won't people get suspicious if they see a talking Mudkip? And what about the money?
Me: Not to worry, not to worry, I got it ALL planned out...
Me: OW!! You steped in my eye!
Skitty: Sorry, but Mudkip's tail's in the way!! It's not easy to stand on someone's head while having someone on top of YOURS! Especially when it's all dark inside a really big jacket..
Mudkip: Okay...Now when we see a trainer, how do we send out one of us discreetly?
Me: I can hold up Mudkip while you go out, Skitty.
Skitty: Me? But...I...I'm just a Kitten Pokémon!! I don't learn many attack moves!!
Me: Well, learn some fast, 'cause here comes a trainer.
Mudkip: Now GET OUT THERE!
Skitty: OW! You could be a little more gentle about it!
Mudkip: You there! I challenge you to a battle! One Pokémon each! How 'bout it?
Trainer: Hmm...your face looks fishy...
Mudkip: I uh....had haddock for breakfast!! Hehe...
Trainer: Works for me. GO, BLASTOISE!!
Us: O_O;;
Mudkip: Uh...go, Skitty....
Skitty: *steps forward with fur bristled* MEOW!! HISS, HISS!!
Trainer: Go, Blastoise!!! Use Hydro Pump!
Skitty: Me---*gets hit by Hydro pump* ---ow. *glares evilly* HISS!!!!!!!
Mudkip: Uh...use Mean look!! GOOD GIRL!!
Skitty: WREOW!! *pounces on Blastoise's head* PHHT!! PHTT!! HISSSSSSSS!!
Mudkip: Uh...use Revenge!! GOOD KITTY!!
Skitty: WERRRRRRRREEEEOOOWW!!! *slashes Blastoise's head repeatitively*
Mudkip: Good!! Use those Fury Swipes!! GOOD KITTEN!! *whispers to me* She's not bad, you know...
Me: Yeah...but then again, look at your tail...
Mudkip: Oh yeah...she definatley doesn't like water...
Skitty: ROOOOOOWWWWWW!!! PPHHHT! HISSSSSS!! *jumps off Blastoise's head with back to it, Blastoise collapses in a heap*
Trainer: O_O;;;;;;;;;; Well that's different. *returns his Blastoise* Uh, bye see ya!!
Mudkip: HOLD IT!! Can we have money for our victory?
Trainer: Umm....I don't have much, I--*sees Skitty's glare* I mean, TAKE IT ALL, JUST DON'T KILL ME!! MOMMY!!!!!!! *tosses several bills and makes a run for it*
Skitty: Whew! Glad that's over. *shakes off remaining water, smiles sweetly* What? You guys act like you've seen a monster.
Me: O_O;;; Are you by any chance schkitsefrenic?! (I didn't spell that right, I know....it means you have a split personality)
Skitty: No...I don't think so. *yaaaaawn* I'm tired now...*curls up and starts purring*
Me: Aww...kitty....
Mudkip: .. .... ... ..... ....
Me: WHAT?!?! It's cute, okay?! Kittens are cute!!
Mudkip: Whatever. Let's take the money and go.
Me: Right. C'mon, Skitty, let's go.
Skitty: Oh, alright.
Mudkip: You know that we've been speaking human this whole time, right?
Mudkip: WHEE!!

How will we obtain the tickets? How will our trip to Lilycove go? What new adventures will we stumble upon? My friends and fellow Wacky Pokémon know the answers!! ^____^

23rd August 2004, 2:52 AM
Man,I've been waitin for Skitty for hours now!I Have to get off at 1:00 am.^_^

23rd August 2004, 3:10 AM
Ugh. My bedtime, even in the summer I have a bedtime, it's 12:00am. =P

Consider yourself lucky. =P


23rd August 2004, 3:23 AM
Oh yeah.I'am a Inigo Champion!!!!

Musical Mudkip
23rd August 2004, 3:59 AM
*looks sadly at rank* I only just became a Hive trainer. Being gone for 2 weeks can really kill ya. Sorry I can't continue now.

23rd August 2004, 4:04 AM
I can't contiune untill somebody contiunes my story.Anyway why not Tune into the Olmpics?

Lamington Luffy
23rd August 2004, 9:53 AM
Lilmayfan you said you were gonna put me in your story

23rd August 2004, 12:41 PM
It's okay, Mudkip! You'll rise in rank soon. This has just been consuming my life lately so I've risen in rank a lot XD

Brock: CHEESE!
May: HAM!
Others: O_O;;

23rd August 2004, 6:56 PM
Hey guys!I just got out of bed.Anyway waiting for Blue,Meganium,or Skitty to contiune my story!

23rd August 2004, 11:42 PM
~Meowth starts singing the Meow Mix song
~Team Rocket fall asleep in the middle of their blast off, and wake up to find themselves stuck in a tree
~May is caught playing with Bratz dolls

Space Skitty
24th August 2004, 12:50 AM
O_O Wow, I've missed a lot! XD! Those are funny, you guys! A lot to continue on... School's been taking up a lot of my time so it might take me awhile to continue... But I can now! ^__^ Doing it down the list, so there's no hard feelings.

Continuing from LilMayFan!

LilMayFan: HWA HWA!
Moltres: Mommy... I'm scared...
May: I thought... I thought it was that Espeon...
Max: May, you're never right...
May: Oh...
Ash: Pikachu, go help Weedle!
Pikachu: No.
Ash: Okay.
Everyone: O_O
Brock: LilMayFan, I can cook for you! Would you like that?

What will LilMayFan do? Well, he knows! XD!

Continuing from Ridley-X4!

Ridley-X4: Now, where do you guys want to go?
May: What about-... (Look up)
Ridley-X4: What is it?
May: Officier Jenny... Listen...
(Officier Jenny's voice is heard in the distance)
Jenny: Come back, thieves!
Alex: Thieves? Here?
Clover: What should we do?
Sam: Ridley knows!
Ridley-X4: We should help Officier Jenny find the thieves!
May: Okay! I think I know who it might be...

What will happen next? Will Team Rocket get caught? Ridley-X4 knows!

Continuing from Meganium & Mudkip, my buddies!

Mudkip: Pond! Pond!
Me: Mudkip, we gotta go! Or we'll miss the train!
Meganium: Quickly! I hate these legs...
~At the train station~
Person: GOOOOOOOOoood evening!
Meganium: Me...
Me: Itt...
Mudkip: Hello sirkip! Uh.. Sir! Heheh....
Person: Give me the money...
Mudkip: Here... This is for the three of us mud!
Meganium/Me: O_O;;
Person: Yeah... Sure... (Looks bored) Go on.
Mudkip: Thanks SirMudkip! Heheh...
(We run on board)
Me: Whew! That was close!
Meganium: Good going, Mudkip!
Mudkip: Whew! I was scared to death! That was close...

My buddies shall continue! ^__^

24th August 2004, 1:07 AM
Contiuing from Space Skitty! (from my story)

Ridley-X4: Oh no! They're getting away!

James: Nah nah nah nah nah!

Jessie: We have stolen the eye of rajah!

*Team Rocket gets into a helicopter*

Ridley-X4: We're doomed.

Suddenly, a giant panda falls on the helicopter

Sam, Clover, Alex, May, and Ridley-X4: COOL!

James: You'll pay for this!

Clover: Wait, the criminal mastermind that had the robotic arms who was that?

May: It's Dr. Eggman!

Sonic: And it's about time I cracked Dr. Eggman WIIIIDE open!

Sonic: I've been trying to catch this guy for years!!!

Ridley-X4: Now that you've caught him, what can you do now?

Sonic: I'll just hang out with my pals, Tails and Knuckles until Eggman is released out of prison.

Eggman (getting arrested): I've would have gotten away with my master plan, if it weren't for you muddling kids!

May: It's meddling!

Sonic: See ya, Eggman! Hope you don't get scrambled!

Rildey-X4: Good one, Sonic.

Sonic: I should get back to the green hill zone with my friends. See you later!

Ridley-X4: Bye Sonic!

Now that Dr. Eggman and Team Rocket have been arrested, Ridley-X4 go follow Sonic to the green hill zone where he tells Ridley-X4 and co. that they can come to a party at the nearby beach. Sonic and his friends are also invited.

Space Skitty, you can continue!

Space Skitty
24th August 2004, 1:22 AM
Continuing from Ridley-X4!

~At the beach party~
Sam: Wow, its so nice out today!
Alex: And there's so many people here! If that's what you want to call them...
Clover: People and animals...
May: Animals?
Clover: Yeah, you know. Those furry, scaley, feathery creatures that are everywhere.
May: O_O Uh... Do you mean Pokemon?
Clover: Uh... No... You don't know what animals are, seriously?
May: No...
Ridley-X4: Well, Sonic's a hedgehog.
May: A... wedge log?
Ridley-X4: No, a hedge hog. HED-ge HOg. Like that.
May: Reminds me of Sandslash...
Clover: Are we going swimming or not?
Alex: Yeah! Let's go!

What will happen next? Ridley-X4 knows!

24th August 2004, 1:36 AM
Hey Space Skitty,can you contiune my story?

EDIT:Since nobody can contiune my story,I will.

From my last story post:

Weedle:I know somebody is contoring him!
Zapdos:This has got to stop.....
*At Umberon*
Umberon:Espeon!are you ok?
Espeon:I think so....
*Mewtwo comes*
Mewtwo:WHAT????You used my psychic powers?YOU WILL DIE!!!!!*Uses Psychic on Espon and Umberon*
Me:*Goes to self*What happped?

Will Mewtwo show up where we are?Skit or Meganium know!

24th August 2004, 3:19 AM
Continuing from Space Skitty, in all her pinkness XD
Since I had a chapter mainly focusing on Mudkip and me. Skitty gets Her own chapter too!! ^_^

Me: Okay...here we go...*walks on train, train shakes* THAT'S SO HURTFUL!! *sob*
Skitty: Quiet! *stomps on my head* They'll get suspicious!!
Mudkip: Uh...left...right...NO NOT THAT MUCH!!! AHHHH!!! *crashes into driver* Watch it!!
Me: Sorry, but I can't see a thing!!
Mudkip: Uh...Mud I Kip next to you, Mud? I mean, Ma'am?
Lady: O_O Wha--?
Mudkip: Mud---May---I sit...nextkip--I mean next--to youmud? I mean you?
Lady: Why of course dear. *scoots over*
Me: And how am I supposed to SIT?!
Mudkip: Uhhh...climb on the seat!!
Me: WHAT?!! No way!!
Mudkip: Pleeeeeaaase?
Me: ........you're lucky I can't Razor Leaf you. *sits on seat, seat shakes* I'M SO TIRED OF THIS!!! *cry*
Man: *to Mudkip* Uh, excuse me ma'am...I believe your pants are talking.
Mudkip: Uhhhhh...I had beans yesterday!!! Uheheheheheh...
Man: O_O
Skitty: Uh....we've got a problem....
Me: What now?!
Skitty: I forgot to use the litterbox this morning...
Mudkip: Oh great....
Me: I'll hold up Mudkip again with my vines, but how are we going to discreetly let Skitty get to the bathroom?
Mudkip: And worse, how will Skitty USE the bathroom?!
Me: O_O good point.
Me: Allright, Alright!! Use your silent cat paws to sneak by!!
Skitty: *in mysterious tone* The stealth of a cat burgaler...hehe...*hums James Bond theme* do do..Do DOO do do..do Do do do...Do DOO do doo...*sticks head out of the middle part of our "person"*
Man nearby: O_O (Really, how would you feel if you just saw a cat's head out of someone's chest? XD!)
Skitty: *in mysterious tone* The Pink Panther sizes up her surroundings befor making her clever escape...hehe...*normal tone*WHOA!! *tumbles out of the "person"* OW!! *mysterious tone again* Lucky I always....land on my feet...hehe...*hums James Bond again* *normal tone* OH NO!!! *trips over someone's foot* OUCHIES!!! *falls on floor, pops back up very suddenly**mysterious tone* The Pink Panther makes a narrow escape from iminant doom...because of her...*strikes a pose* Awesome coordination... *sees the bathroom* The Pink Panther spots the center part...of her mission...*crouches down suddenly ninja-like, crawls acrass floor stealthily, shifts eyes all around, crashes into someone's foot* ME-OWWW!!! *slashes shoe, listen as person cries out in pain* Pink Panther teaches her oponnent a valuable lesson...Don't mess with the Skitt!! *crawls into bathroom*
*Jepardy theme plays*
What? Skitty's still not done? Well since you're here, what about a joke? A Psyduck, a Muk, A male and female Stantler, a Slowbro, and a Politoed want to go to the movies. Tickets cost one dollar. Who didn't get in? Muk!! Because Psyduck had a bill, the male Stantler had some doe, the female stantler had a buck, the Slowbro had a clam (on its tail), and Politoed had a greenback...but Muk only had a scent!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I made that up!!! You're---you're not laughing? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT'S NOT FUNNY?!?! WHY YOU---
*Skitty comes out*
Skitty: Whew! Much better!! *mysterious tone*The Pink Panther, with her mission completed, makes her way cautiously home...AHHH! NOOO! *knocks over a glass of water which splashes on her* The Pink Panther is forced to confront her Arch Nemesis, the Water Droplet...*shakes off water* The Pink Panther once again claims victory!! *crouches and srawls, gets back to us*
Mission completed!!
Me: Took ya long enough.
Mudkip: Yeah. The reader is probably getting bored by now!! Now get back in so we can end this chapter!!
Skitty: Okay!! *climbs back in*
*whistle sounds*
Mudkip: Wow! An oddly well-timed arrival!!
Me: Because I wrote this!!
*we get off the train, which sakes*
Me: CURSE YOU TRAIN!!! *uses Solarbeam and blasts a hole in the train* THERE!!! FEEL MY WRATH!!!
Mudkip, Skitty: O_O;; People in the open saw a blast of light coming from our "abdomen", which provokes very scary thoughts.
Me: .......you people have sick minds.
Mudkip: YOU wrote this!!
Me: Oh yeah...^_^;
Skitty: Well, we're in Lilycove.
Me: .... .... .... .... .... ....
Mudkip: ... ... ... ... ... ...
Me: O_O; Skitty, we don't HAVE a secret base.
Me: WAAAH!!! There's no MEGANIUM DOLL!!!
Skitty: You're writing this story, you know. If you want there to be a Meganium doll, then let there be Meganium dolls.
*Pokémon dolls rain from the sky*
Mudkip: *plushie hits her in head* OW!! Here's a Skitty plush!!
Me: *plushie hits her in head* OW!! Here's a Mudkip Plush!!
Skitty: Then...that means...oh no...*large plush hits her in head* Lemons is funny....*passes out*

XD! Hope you all like it. ^__^

24th August 2004, 10:14 AM
Blue, can you contiune my story?

Lamington Luffy
24th August 2004, 10:15 AM
Kan I continue?

24th August 2004, 10:32 AM
No Problem!

At my story!
Blue,The characters are:Zapdos,Articuno,Moltres,Porygon,Weedle,Magmar, Machamp,Me,Ash,May,Brock,Max,Meganium,Skitty,Mudki p,and Treeko(You)

From my last post!
Espeon:Darn Mewtwo!
Umbreon:How can we stop it?
*At our place*
Zapdos:Glad you're back to nomal.
Me:I am too....
Moltres:I think I sense A Pokemon!
*Mewtwo comes*
Mewtwo:So you're the fools that The Espeon and Umbreon where talking about.And they used MY Psychic powers on you!You Will Die!
Zapdos:Get away from here!
Articuno:Oh great....Mewtwo....
Mewtwo:SHUT UP!!!!!!!*Uses Psychic on the Brids*
Zapdos:That hurted.....
Porygon:Oh boy.....
Mewtwo:YOU WILL DIE!!!!!*Uses Shadow Ball at Porygon*
Ash:Oh boy...Mewtwo!
May:Who's Mewtwo?
Ash:The most powerful Pokemon.
Weedle:He ain't so Powerful!*Uses Poison Sting on Mewtwo*
Mewtwo:*Sends attack back*NOW DIE!!!!!
Machamp:I Will fight you to a Fist of fights!!!!
Mewtwo:*Takes out Machamp in one Hit*
Mewtwo:NOW DIE!!!!!*Uses Psychic on Everybody besides Treeko*
Treeko:I will fight you!
Mewtwo:You are all foolish!

Will Mewtwo beat Treeko?Blue knows!

24th August 2004, 1:01 PM
Contnuing from Space skitty!

Jim Carrey: Hey, Lookit me! I'm a dolphin! *does an imitation of a dolphin

Ridley-X4: Hey, May, catch!

*Ridley-X4 splashes water at May*

May: *Giggle* Stop it!

Ridley-X4 and May are splashing eachother with water when...

Ridley-X4: GOOD LORD, WHAT'S THAT?!?!?!?

May: *Shreik* It looks like a...

*Clover comes out of the water*

Clover: I was just doing a handstand. You thought I was a dead person?

Ridley-X4: I wasn't pionting to you, I was pionting to THAT *points ahead of clover*.

May: It's a sharpedo! A sharpedo once almost ripped my speedo!

*the sharpedo is swimming toward Sam and Alex*

Jim carrey (seeing the sharpedo swim by him): Lalalala.....I'm a wittle dolphin.....GOOD LORD, WHAT'S THAT?!?

May: It's a sharpedo! A sharpedo once alomst ripped my speedo!

Sam (to alex): Wanna have a breath-holding contest?

Alex: Ok!

*Sam and Alex go underwater to see the sharpedo and then go to the surface*

Sam and Alex: GOOD LORD, WHAT'S THAT!?!?!?!??!??

May: For the last time, it's a sharpedo!

The sharpedo is heading toward Sam and Alex! What will happen next? LilMayfan, You can continue!

24th August 2004, 1:11 PM
Ok,I will,But nobody is contiuning my story,so I lost Ideas......I'll contiune as soon as I get Ideas...

24th August 2004, 1:36 PM
I'll continue for you LilMayFan....I haven't been because I lost track of the stories and have no idea what we're doing. ^_^;;; Sooooo......

Mewtwo: Foolish salamander...
Treecko: I'M A GECKO!!! A WOOD GECKO!!!
Treecko: O.O
Mewtwo: consider yourself lucky....to get to witness MY POWER!!! *shoots Psychic*
Treecko: *dodges easily* It's not gonna be that easy, Kitty.
Mewtwo: RAAAAAAAAWWR!! *shoots another Psychic*
Treecko: *gets hit, goes flying back, collapses in a heap*
Mewtwo: *laghs demonically* You see.....bad things happen when you stick your nose where it doesn't belong. See, your foolishness has resulted in your own defeat!! Have you learned a lesson?
Treecko: *slowly gets up* No......but I'm gonna learn how to kick your butt.
Mewtwo: WHAT!!!!!????? But how can you still fight??!!żż
Treecko: I've got Friends to Save!! *uses Solarbeam*
Mewtwo: *as the Solarbeam is coming toward him* ......well that's unexpected. *it hits him, he goes flying back* ow. WE'LL MEET AGAIN, TREECKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*faints*
Treecko: Yay. Now where are my friends....

To be continued....by who, I don't know...XD

24th August 2004, 1:41 PM
Treeko:Now to find my friends...
*At Mewtwo's place*
Mewtwo:You are now my Clones!
Zapdos:Yes sir.....
Moltres:Yes boss....
Me*Snaps up is confuoisn**Turns the super from*Muhahahah!
Mewtwo:SHUT UP!!!!!
Me:Make me!*Slams Mewtwo in the Ground*

Will the super battle begin?YES!!!!XD

25th August 2004, 7:53 PM
Uh, Skitty? Mudkip? You there? Whew. It was my first day of 8th Grade today. *sigh*....anyway, could one of you continue our story so I can continue? XD

25th August 2004, 7:59 PM
I know It was.My school starting day changed;Not Sept 13,but Sept 23!Muhahahahah!

25th August 2004, 8:25 PM
Lucky you. >.<;;;

Ash: *prances across screen*

Me: What the heck are you doing here?! Get out!!!

Ash: .... .... ....*goes away*


Space Skitty
25th August 2004, 9:44 PM
I'm sorry for not continuing... Those were all very funny! How was school, Meganium? And LilMayFan.... I'm so jealous! I wish school started on Sept. 23rd for me... Instead it had started over three weeks ago! No fair...

I'll continue your's Meganium.

Me: Ow. Pain...
Mudkip: Where should we set up our secret base?
Meganium: What about.... Somewhere in the grass! Sunlight is nice too!
Mudkip: Uh... I wanted it near the water...
Me: No! Not water!
Meganium/Mudkip: O_O
Me: Okay, I guess I overacted... Sorry... What about in a tree? It would suit my natural environment!
Meganium: Uh... Would I fit in a tree?
Mudkip/Me: ... .... ... ... (Cricket, cricket)
Meganium: First the train and now...
Me: I got an idea! What about me break into someone's house, chase them out, then use it? We'd all fit and there's no unwanted weather effects nearby.
Meganium: You're right! But isn't that a little harsh?
Me: You're right... But maybe it could work...
Mudkip: I since something crazy is about to happen... (Pinky floats by)
Pinky: Yipee. Cowabunga.
Everyone: O_O;;;

What will happen next? Meganium & Mudkip know!

25th August 2004, 10:09 PM
well I feel sorry for you.can you contiune my story?

25th August 2004, 11:14 PM
XD, Skitty!! School was kinda okay, if that's POSSIBLE for school XD. RULES, RULES, RULES the first day. XD And you're a Glacier Trainer now!! I need to make some more posts. ;)


Me: How 'bout the forest? In one of those bushes? In forests, There's trees, sunlight, AND water--
Skitty: NO!!!!!!
Me: O_o
Mudkip: ..............WATER!
Skitty: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Mudkip: *giggle* Water!!
Skitty: NO!!!
Skitty: NONONONONO!!!!!
Mudkip: *giggle* sorry.
Me: So how 'bout it? It's better then breaking into someone's house...
Skitty: I suppose....
Mudkip: Yeah, that's fine....
Me: What? You don't like the idea?
Mudkip: We.....we could have our own secret bases....
Skitty: No way!
Me: Plleeeeeease? Let's make one together?
Mudkip: Allright....

Will we make our secret base? Do I have to get off now? YES! Am I sorry? YES! Bye everyone....I hope Skitty continues....^_^;

Space Skitty
25th August 2004, 11:48 PM
Okay, I'll continue! Thanks for the sympathise (If I spelt that right! XD) Continuing from LilMayFan, the lucky one! XD! The start of a war...

Mewtwo: You fool! You can't beat me!
LilMayFan: Watch me!
(The two start fighting eachother viciously; LilMayFan punching & Mewtwo... slapping? XD!)
Everyone: Go Mewtwo. Go Mewtwo. Our great master. Our great master. Go Mewtwo.
Mewtwo: Enough of this! Survive my ULTIMATE ATTACK! (Scratches LilMayFan) Ow! I broke a nail!
Max: Now's your chance! While Mewtwo is vunerable!
LilMayFan: Right! (Throws sand in Mewtwo's eyes)
Mewtwo: OW!
LilMayFan: ... (Unties everyone) Quickly! We must hurry!
May: Hurry to what?
LilMayFan: RUN AWAY!
(Everyone retreats)
Mewtwo: ... Grr.... They'll pay for this...

The lucky one shall continue after these messages! XD!

Now... Our next feature presentation... Continuing from Meganium!

Me: What about this hole? Its empty...
Meganium: Umm...
Me: No, its big!
Meganium: I didn't mean that!
Me: Opps! Sorry...
Meganium: Look! (A Seviper jumps for the hole and wraps around Mudkip)
Mudkip: Help! Help! Its got me!
Meganium: I'll save ya! (Tries to use her vines to save Mudkip but the Seviper snaps at them) Yow! That was close! It almost got me!
Me: I'll try! My Sing attack! (Starts singing)
Meganium/Mudkip/Seviper: O_O;;;
Mudkip: Torture!
Meganium: Skitty! Please stop! My ears!
Me: Oppsy... I need more practice...
Mudkip: HELP!
Meganium: I'll try my Body Slam! Yaa! (Slams on Seviper AND Mudkip)
Mudkip: EEP!
Meganium: Sorry!
Me: I'll try a Double-Edge! (Hits Seviper AND poor Mudkip)
Mudkip: Yikes!
Me: I'm so sorry!
Mudkip: (With swirls in her eyes) I don't feel good... Can I stay home from school today, mommy?
Meganium: You evil Seviper! Let go of our friend! (Takes in sunlight)
Me: Let Mudkip go!
Seviper: EEP! (Slithers away and leaves Mudkip to get hit by the Solar Beam)
Mudkip: EEEEPPP!
Meganium: I'm SO SORRY!
Mudkip: Owchies...
Meganium: Here have some berries... They'll help you... (Picks some berries and places them near poor Mudkip)
Mudkip: Thanks you guys...
Pinky: YEEEEEEEHHAW. (Selfishly gobbles up berries)
Meganium/Me: PINKY! (Both attack Pinky)
Pinky: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.
Mudkip: ... A potion... (Uses Potion on herself) Ahh! I feel much better! Potions rock! (Notices a big explosion from where Pinky stood) O_O;;
Meganium: Ow... That hurted...
Mudkip: What happened?
Me: Pinky used Explosion... *Coughs*
Mudkip: O_O This gets weirder and weirder...

Will they ever set up a Secret Base? Is poor Mudkip finally safe? Is Pinky a pop-poptart? XD! My experienced friends know!

26th August 2004, 2:22 AM
*All of sudden A metor Dropscfrom the Sky*
Zapdos:Got no Idea.
Articuno:It looks like a metor.
*The metor changes forms*

Who is this metor?Is it Deoxys?Skit or Meganium know!

26th August 2004, 8:46 PM
Thanks for continuing, Skitty. ^_^ And look, I'M a Glacier Trainer, too!! XD

And Skitty, I think you mean thanks for the sympathy. :)

Continuing from the Pink One!

Me: What about this freakishly huge bush?
Mudkip: Yeah, that looks okay.
Skitty: YAY! It's so big it could be a tree!!! *scurries up bush*
Me: Whoopie.
Mudkip: *walks in* OW!!! Stupid branch...OW! OW ow OW ow OW!!!
Me: I'll clear those branches...*uses Razor Leaf*
Skitty: AAAAAAAHHH! *lands on ground with a thud*
Me: Oopsie, sorry, Skitty....didn't know you were in the branches...
Skitty: That's allright....I've still got 8 left...
Mudkip: Yay!! *climbs in remaining branches* I've never been able to do this before!! I always fell off!! But now it's like I'm glued to it!!
Me: That's because you never climbed a bush with lots of sap. *points to sticky sap with vine*
Mudkip: Oh crap. *tries to pull feet free* Urrghhh....Urrrrghhhhhh....HELP!!!
Skitty: *licks sap* Mmm!! Tasty!!
Me: *takes a lick* Skitty's right you know...
Mudkip: YOU GUYS!!!!
Me: Allright, alright....geez...*pulls Mudkip free with vines* These really do come in handy.
Mudkip: Thanks!! Hey guys, what if this is some Pokémon's territory?
Me: You're right....if this belongs to someone else we'll be in hot water--Skitty: NOOOO!!!!! *hides*
Mudkip: .......you scare me sometimes.
Skitty: Well water scares ME so just lemme be!!
Me: It's okay Skitty....it's just an expression....
Skitty: Oh. *comes out*
Me: We've gotta make this more "us"....let's build!
Skitty: But how? And with what?
Me: I'll get bark and sticks from the forest. Skitty, you get big leaves from trees. Mudkip, you get as much sap as possible by draining it into one of those big leaves over there. After we get good amounts, I'll say how we build it.
Mudkip: But don't we get a say?
Me: Of course you do! You're gonna help decide where to put plants, posters, and mats. And Skitty's gonna help decide where to put dolls, cushions, and other decorations. I'll help you with both. Okay?
Skitty: Sounds fine to me...TO THE BRANCHES!!
Mudkip: TO THE....sap.....whoopie....
~*A While Later...*~
Me: Okay, we're gonna use bark as floorboards and the bottom half of the walls and sticks for windowsills, and leaves for the roof and the top half of the walls. The sap holds everything together and be supper tonight.
Mudkip: Okay! but how do we build it?
Me: I'll lay down floorboards, Mudkip, you use your tail to slap bark and sticks on the walls, and DON'T leave all of it enclosed, make a space for a bark door, which I'll put up, and windows, which you will. I can lift you if you need help reaching the walls. Skitty, you climb nearby trees and place leaves on the top, but only after you've made a roof with the leaves and sap, so it's one big thing. I'll help you carry it, since it's gonna be really big.
Us: Okay!! *we go to work*
~*A LONG While Later...*~

Me: Okay!! Almost done!! I made a table out of bark and thick sticks, and you guys made that sap salad, right?
Skitty: Right!! *carries a bowl of sap and leaves on her back with Mudkip helping also*
Mudkip: And the leaf placemats are also ready! *has them in her mouth*
Me: Okay! I'll set the table....*does so* And I made tree trunk seats for you guys, and me....I'll stand.
Skitty: Right! Now let's say grace...*we bow our heads*
Me: Rub a Dub Dub, Thanks for the grub.
Mudkip: Works for me...
*we eat*
Skitty: Hmmm.....it's good, but it'd be better with some Taillow in it...or some Rattata...
Me: Ew!
Mudkip: That's gross!!
Skitty: It stinks being the only carniverous one in this group...you know, I also like fish...I'd like a Magikarp...*licks lips*
Mudkip: *stiffens noticeably* Um, er.....you like .....what?!
Skitty: Fish....why?
Mudkip: Um, May I be Excused?!
Me: Sure...*takes a bite of food* Mmmm! Sweet AND healthy...
*Mudkip scurries away*
Skitty: Well that was weird....
Pinky: *gallops past* I'm carniverous...
Me: That was weirder...

What decorations will we put in our new base? Will Skitty find a fish to eat? And if so, will it hopefully be one that's not a member of the group? How in the world is a horse carniverous?! Answers from the Pink One or the Light Blue One!! XD!

Space Skitty
26th August 2004, 10:16 PM
XD! Those are great! Pinky a carnivore? *Shudders* I'm too young to hear that! XD! Continuing from LilMayFan!

(The meteor turns into Deoxys)
Everyone: O_O;;;
Deoxys (In an english accent): Hello everybody! Is it okay if I drop in?
Moltres: Uh... Sure...
Deoxys: Nice place you got here!
Articuno: Uh... This isn't our house... Its just like any other place...
Deoxys: No it isn't! Its MUCH cooler then the place I came from! Hi, you guys can call me Deoxys!
(Everyone else introduces themselves)
Ash: Uh... Deoxys? Can I catch you?
Deoxys: Hmmm.... No.
Ash: Too bad...

What'll happen next? LilMayFan knows!

Next, continuing from my experienced friend!

Me: The hunter has found her prey! (Tail starts twitching while I glare at a baby Mudkip) Heh!
Meganium: O_O;;; Uh, Skitty?
Me: Heheh! (Sneaks closer)
Meganium: Skitty no!
Me: Prey... Fresh prey!
(Mudkip comes back)
Mudkip: Hey you guys... WHAT IN THE NAME OF!? SKITTY, DON'T!
Me: Wha!?
(The baby Mudkip runs away crying)
Me: Oh, there goes dinner...
Mudkip: That was mean! You bully!
Me: Sorry... But it was so fresh, young, and vulnerable... Heheh.. Sorry...
Mudkip: I fear to think about what would have happened if I came any later...
Me: But fish are tasty... The bigger the better...
Mudkip: O_O;;;; EEP!
Meganium: Okay guys! We don't need to eat eachother! Calm down!
Me: Sorry... Its instinct...
Mudkip: So is this fear of being devoured by my friend...
Meganium: Hmm.... Not what? Oh, boy...
(A huge mother Swampert stomps over loooking furious)
Mudkip: Hmm... Why is she so mad?
Me: O_O;;;
Me: Uh... Ma'am you see.... I didn't mean no harm...
Swampert: NO HARM!? Try this! (Uses Hydro Pump on me)
Meganium/Mudkip: O_O;;;
Swampert: HMPH! (Storms off)
Me: Ow. Pain. My fur. Pain. My fur.
Mudkip: Uh... How about we set up our Secret Base?
Meganium: ... Sounds great to me!
Me: Yeah...

What will happen next? Meganium & Mudkip know!

26th August 2004, 11:18 PM
Contiuning from Skit!

Me:Damn...We need to have another one?I'ts gettin crowded.....
Me:What do u mean so?
Articuno:What's with the freaky rap talk?
Me:Stop it!Cuz if you don't I'll make sure......
Moltres:What ya going to do if we don't?
Porygon:Oh....Rap talk.....I'ts called Slang.
Magmar:We know that!
Me:*Gets on a bed*
May:He's cute when he talks like that!
Moltres:Yeah....Like I'am raping yo....
Zapdos:I think he got hit with slang talk when Dexoys came.
More from Skit!

27th August 2004, 12:27 AM
XD, Skitty!!!!! And:

XD! Those are great! Pinky a carnivore? *Shudders* I'm too young to hear that! XD!

Hey, it's better than putting that she was canniballistic like I was going to! XD!

Continuing from my Small Pink Friend!

Skitty: Meganium, Sunny Day.
Me: What am I, a vending machine?!
Skitty: I didn't say Sunny Delight, I said Sunny Day!
Me: -_-;; You missed the point. *uses Sunny Day*
Skitty: Yay. Thank you. Hey, let's go checl out that Swampert again....there's something suspicious about it....
Mudkip: Like what?
Skitty: I have a hunch...c'mon let's go!!
~*later at the Swampert's Lair XD*~
*the cries of a baby Mudkip can be heard*
Mudkip: Oh No! What are they doing to it?!
*we peek in the cave*
Swampert: Ha ha. Ha ha. Now I shall feast.
Us: O_o
Baby Mudkip: No! Please! Take me to my Mommy!! *sobs* I Miss My Mommy!
Us: (='{ The poor thing....but what's with that Swampert?!
Skitty: Just what I thought....
Swampert: Ha ha. Ha ha. I enjoy your insecurity. And now I will enjoy the taste of fish. *unzips zipper on back and is revealed to be....a huge PINKY?!?!?!?!*
Skitty: I KNEW IT!
Pinky: Any last words?
Me: Pick on someone your own size, ya Pink Poophead!!
Pinky: *turns to me* I believe I will. *licks lips*
Me: uh-oh. EEP!!! *wraps Pinky up in vines, slams repetitively on ground* Mudkip, use Muddy Water on 'er!
Mudkip: Right! *does so*
Me: Good!! Skitty, do a literal tailspin!
Skitty: Gotcha! *jumps in air and spins and SLAMS into Pinky* Hey! I'm gonna make that my signature move!! Tailspin....how cool!
Me: It was MY idea!
Skitty: Aw man....
Me: But you can use it...
Skitty: Yay!
Baby: Um....may I help?
Me: Ummmm.....*tightens grip on Pinky* Sure kid. You got a name?
Baby: I'm Marshall. *uses Hydro Pump on Pinky*
Us: O_O
Pinky: Ow. Pain. You haven't seen the last of me. *vanishes*
Mashall: SO LONG SUCKER!!!! uh...I mean....can you help me find my Mommy?
Mudkip: OF COURSE! *nuzzles*
Me: Errr....*whispers to Skitty* Motherly instincts?!
Skitty: Speaking of isntincts...*licks mouth*
Skitty: Aw man...you're no fun...
Mudkip: I'm Mudkip. Marshall, huh? I guess you'll be with us for a while. *turns to Skitty glaring* RIGHT, Skitty?
Skitty: Uh......sure...eheheheheheh....
Marshall: My Mommy's a strong Marshtomp.
Me: only a Marshtomp? *shakes head* 'Nother young mom...
Mudkip: *slaps me with tail* MEGANIUM!!! Wrong world!!
Me: Eheheh....right....
Mudkip: *turns to Marshall kindly* C'mon, let's go. You walk beside me so you don't get lost. ^_^
Marshall: Uh...okay...^_^; *follows*

What's with Mudkip? WHY DID PINKY WANT TO EAT POOR MARSHALL?!!! OH, THE HORROR!!! ......Ahem......Will Skitty be able to control her instincts? Why do fools fall in love?


Ignore that last one.


EDIT: I like your names for your Pokémon, Skitty. ^___^

Space Skitty
27th August 2004, 1:03 AM
EDIT: Thanks, Meganium! It took me a long time to think of their names! ^_^

XD! XD! Those were SO funny, Meganium & LilMayFan! Oh, Experienced One... Your knowledge never ends! *Bows* Continuing from LilMayFan!

LilMayFan: Yo, whatz fo dinna?
Everyone: O_O;;
Ash: Uh... Can someone translate that? I don't understand slang...
Articuno: Hmm... I haven't a clue!
Max: Let's see... My calculations say... There's a fifty-five percent chance that the data analysis is trying to make a question comprehendable but... There's also another fourty-five percent chance that Deoxys has caused a chemical reaction in his brain, causing him to speak irregularly.
Everyone: O_O;;;
May: Max! Speak english!
Max: Huh? Oh, sure. He's asking some kinda question. And Deoxys might be what's causing him to talk slang.
Porygon: I think he asked what's for dinner.
Brock: Maybe...
Ash: LilMayFan? Can you hear us?
LilMayFan: Yah...
Everyone: O_O;;;

Will LilMayFan stop speaking slang? He knows!

Now, continuing from the Experienced One!

Marshall: Mommy! Mommy! Answer me! Please!
Mudkip: Ms. Marshall! Ms. Marshall!
Meganium: Where are you!?
Me: Here fishies! I mean... The mother of Marshall, come out!
Marshall: Mommy... (Tears in his eyes)
Mudkip: Aww... Its okay, Marshall.... We'll find Mommy...
Me: Err... I CAN'T HELP IT! DINNER! (Leaps at Marshall)
Meganium: Skitty! No! (Uses her vine to hold Skitty back)
Me: I.... Sorry... I couldn't help it...
Marshall: ... (Looks scared)
Mudkip: Its okay... (Puts a paw around Marshall comfortingly)
Me: I'm sorry... (Looks guilty)
Meganium: Great timing... (It starts to rain & thunder)
Mudkip: We should find shelter. Poor Marshall might get sick out here...
Marshall: ... (Shudders)
Meganium: This is bad... Pinky is so evil... Huh? (Pinky swings by)
Marshall: ... WAAH! MOMMY! (Runs away crying)
Mudkip: No, Marshall! (Follows)
Me: Pinky, you'll pay for all this one day! (Meghanium & I follow Mudkip)

Will poor Marshall be found safe? Will Pinky pay? Meganium & Mudkip know!

27th August 2004, 1:12 AM
Me:Yo,What sup?
May:I know how to get him out of this!*Hugs me*
Zapdos:That's cool!

More from Skit!

27th August 2004, 1:20 AM
XD!!! XD!!!!!! That's funny, Skitty!

Thank you, Pink One. *bows back* XD!

Me: I got an idea! HEY LOOK! A BABY PONYTA!!!
Pinky: mmmm...where? *licks mouth*
Others: O_O;;;;
Me: GOTCHA!! *wraps vines around Pinky* *slams against ground* TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU EVIL PLUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Others: O_O
Me: What? *uses Solarbeam while Pinky is still tied up* AND NOW MY SIGNATURE NEW MOVE, VINE SLAM!! *uses vines to jump, fires Solarbeam while slamming into Pinky* YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! I AM MEGANIUM!!!!!! DESTROYER OF EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mudkip: ROAR! ME TOO! I USE NEW SIGNATURE MOVE TOO!! GEYSER BLAST!! *spins in air while firing Hydro Pump, slams into Pinky with Tail*
Skitty: MEOW!!!! HISS, HISS!!! PHHHHHHTTT!!! TAILSPIN!! *leaps into air, spins, and SLAMS into Pinky* I'LL KNOCK THE STUFFING OUTTA YOU!!! LITERALLY!!
Marshall: AND NOW HYDROCANNON!! *uses Hydro Cannon*
Us: O_O
Pinky: @_@
Me: All together now...1.....2.....3!!!!!
*we all use blasting attacks to send Pinky flying*
Pinky: *getting more distant sounding* Oooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.
Marshall: We're a good team!! Did ya see me, Mudkip!! I kicked her butt!!
Mudkip: *smiles fondly* Yes, dear. *nuzzles* Now let's find your Mom....
Marshall: *looks up at Mudkip, eyes shining* Okay!
Me: *sniffle* That's so sweet...
Skitty: Sweet...*drools* I......I CAN'T...CONTROL.....NO....URGE...TO KILLL!!!! *lunges, but I hold her back with Vines*
Mudkip: SHAME on you, Skitty!! *slaps in face with tail several times*
Skitty: I'm sorry!!! I don't mean it...you're a good kid, Marshall, really!!! I like you!! But I just....can't help it!!!
Marshall: It's okay, Mrs. Skitty.
Skitty: That's MISS Skitty to you, kid. *grins*
Me: And you just call me Meganium. I'm too young to be called even Miss....
Marshall: Okay! *rubs against me* You're nice.
Me: Awww.....ain't that the cutest thing? *bends down to nuzzle*
Mudkip: MY JOB!! *drags Marshall away*
Us: O_O

Space Skitty
27th August 2004, 1:26 AM
Continuing from LilMayFan!

May: LilMayFan? Are you back to normal?
LilMayFan: ... ...
Articuno: This guy's weird...
Moltres: You're the weird one! LilMayFan's just an innocent victim. Give him a break!
May: Are you okay, now?
LilMayFan: ... ... I... I think so...
Max: But! The chances were only thirty-one for his natural recovery! Fourty-six for elgible language... And ONLY sixty-eight for one-hundred percent recovery! And that's ONLY!
May: O_O;; Max? I think you're the crazy one... Please speak normally yourself!
Max: Hmm... Maybe, Sis... But! That's only about fourty-seven percent likely outta the possiblity that your brain is a one-o-one speedometer system while my own is a fifty-trillion giga-bytes! So that means...
May: O_O;; I can't be related to him...
LilMayFan: I don't think so, either...

Is everything REALLY back to normal? Is Max going complicated? Did May's hug mean anything?! XD! LilMayFan knows!

EDIT: The Pink One's continuation from the Experienced One! XD!

Marshall: Mommy! Mommy!
Me: Uh... Do you have a father?
Marshall: I don't know him...
Me: Oh...
Meganium: Skitty! You're sick...
Me: High School does that to ya...
Marshall: O_O
Me: Nevermind, Marshall!
Mudkip: *Sighs* ... Wait!? Over there! (Points at an upset loooking Marshtomp) Is that your mother?
Marshall: Ah! MOMMY! (Runs over dramatically)
Mudkip: *Sniff* I'll miss him...
Me: This is too sweet... I need some tissue...
Meganium: Aww... (Wipes away tears with her vines) Family reunions!
Marshall: Mommy!
Marshtomp: ... I don't know... I'm not your mother! Get away from me!
Marshall: O_O;;; Opps! My mistake! Sorry! (Runs away from the Marshtomp)
Meganium/Me: O_O;;;
Mudkip: Uh... Next?

Will we ever find Marshall's mother? Meganium & Mudkip know!

27th August 2004, 1:28 AM
What about ours, Skitty? ^_^

Space Skitty
27th August 2004, 1:37 AM
What about ours, Skitty? ^_^

I edited my last post. ^_^ I didn't see your's until I posted, oh Experienced One! XD!

27th August 2004, 1:48 AM
Magmar:Come on...I have to do something....
Zapdos:SO DO IT!!!!!
Me:Yeah..May,What was that hug for?
May:*blushes*I donno?O.O
Articuno:Yeah....what was that for?
Moltres:Gotta crush on somebody?
May:*Blushes*i donno.....
Articuno:Tell us!

Does May have acrush on me?Skit knows!

27th August 2004, 1:59 AM
That's okay, O Great Pink One!! XD! *hug* I'm feeling emotional today. XD! And BTW, when I get LeafGreen, I'm getting Solar, a female Bulbasaur. ^______^ I wuv Bulbasaurs.....poor thing in Hoenn....XD! Sorry!

Me: O_O okay.......
Skitty: .........well, let's go to that forest over there!!
Mudkip: Okay...look! A swamp! Over there!!
Marshall: This....this is where I was born!!
Me: Really?
Mudkip: Cool! Let's find your mommy.....
Me: Who's that?
*we see a tough looking Swampert, who comes toward us*
Swampert: What are you doing here?
Me: Uh.....sorry for tresspassing, sir, but we have a little one that has lost his mother....steps out of the way to reveal Marshall who was originally hiding behind my leg*
Swampert: Marshall!!!! Your mother's been worried sick!!
Marshall: Oh no...
Swampert: Come give your old man a hug!!!
Marshall: You're NOT my dad. I never knew my Dad. Leave me alone!! *runs off*
Mudkip: Poor thing!!
Swampert: *sighs* He'll never change. Ever since I've been together with Marshall's mom, he's been so aloof with me....C'mon, I'll introduce you to Marsha, Marshall's mom.
Mudkip: And you are?.....
Swampert: Me? Just call me Swamp.
Mudkip: Okay.
Swampert: Might I also introduce my son, Muddy? *gestures toward a young adult Mudkip*
Mudkip: *heart eyes* H-h-h-hello.....
Muddy: Hey. You guys new? Where's Marshall, dad?
Swamp: Ran off again....
Muddy: *shakes head* he's been that way forever. *notices Mudkip* Oh! Hello....*shifts nervously* W-what's your name?
Mudkip: Mudkip......just Mudkip......
Muddy: Oh! Well it's easty to remember, right? ^_^
Mudkip: =D' ' ' ' '
Muddy: O_O you okay?
Me: *whips vine in front of Mudkip's face*
Mudkip: *snaps out of trance* Oh! Yeah, I'm fine.....
Skitty: *giggle* Mudkip.......you wouldn't be thinking about someone, would you? *giggle*
Mudkip: RRR!! *slaps with tail*
Skitty: Ow.
Me: Uh......where's Marsha?
Marsha: I'm right here! Hello all, and thank you for bringing back Marshall. I'm orry for his behavior.
Mudkip: Oh, he was no trouble. I found him quite endearing. ^_^
Muddy: *glances at Mudkip* Did he like you?
Mudkip: He liked everyone in our group....
Muddy: Great! He can always tell who's good and who's not....except my Dad....*puts up tail to slap with Mudkip in greeting*
Mudkip: ^____________^ *blushes* *slaps tails*
Me: Aww....fishy love.....
Mudkip: RRR!!! *slps with tail several times*
Me: Ow.


27th August 2004, 5:53 PM
L100Meganium,Watch yourself.Don't say anything about with you know who.

anyway,waiting for Skitty to contiune my story!^.^
Blue can also contiune.

27th August 2004, 8:05 PM
Hey, I SAID I was sorry! =( *shocks self severely* There. Is that better? ^_^ *collapses twitching*

Musical Mudkip
27th August 2004, 9:50 PM
Hey guys! School started for me on the 23rd, so I have been away from the computer. I'll be back later. Just wanted to let you know I didn't die! XD

27th August 2004, 10:42 PM
MUDKIP!! *hug* I was wondering where you were!! I didn't think you died, but....XD!

And to let everyone know, I probably won't be on much tomorrow because I'm goingto Ocean City for the day. ^_^

But I'll be on as much as possible today and Sunday! XD!


Space Skitty
27th August 2004, 10:55 PM
Calm down, you two. No harm down! Mudkip, you're alive! XD! Thank goodness! XD! Don't worry about it, Mudkip. I know how busy school can make you. ~_^

Continuing from Meganium, my fellow Bulbasaur Trainer! (Mine will probably be a male XD! Bulbasaur love! XD!)

Muddy: See this dirt? Its pretty swampy, but I like to relax in it.
Mudkip: Yeah... (Stares unblinkingly at Muddy)
Muddy: Mudkip, do you... Want to go for a walk with me?
Mudkip: O_O;; .... Uh... ^__^ Sure! (Runs off with Muddy)
Meganium: O_O;; That was weird...
Me: What about us!? Ditched by our own friend... Instinct is stupid...
Meganium: Really... Its wet here. (Examines the ground) What do Mudkip see in this stuff?
Me: Water... WATER! (Panics)
Meganium: There's not much water...
Me: Oh, yeah... (Relaxes)

What are the Mudkip up to? Meganium & Mudkip know!

Now continuing from LilMayFan!

Articuno: May, don't keep us in suspense! Do you like LilMayFan?!
Butterfree: Pidgey & the Beedrill....
Everyone: O_O
May: I... Uh...
Max: Do you, Sis? Nothing like I'll tell Mom & Dad, of course! >3
May: O_O;;; Uh... Look! A leaf! (Points at a leaf)
Moltres: Where!? Where!?
Zapdos: I don't see it!
LilMayFan: Hmm... I don't see anything... What were we talking about?
May: Uh... We were talking about... Dinner! Yeah, dinner! Let's go get some! (Runs off)
Max: That sneaky little...
LilMayFan: -_- I wish she gave an answer...
Articuno: Aww! Poor fellow! He was dumped!
LilMayFan: No I wasn't!
Max: How can he be dumped if him & May never were a couple to begin with?
Articuno: I thought there were... secrets...
Everyone: O_O

Will LilMayFan ever get a definate answer from May? LilMayFan knows!

27th August 2004, 11:25 PM
Off Topic:I got 1,125,433,499 in Pokemon Pinball:Ruby/Sapphire!On the ruby field!:cool:

Anyway,to the story!

Zapdos:You did?
Me:Yep!Go figure!
Articuno:That's the HIGHEST score I've ever seen!
May:That's great!*Hugs me*
Porygon:Another Sonic and Amy......
May:Shut up!!!!
Magmar:Oh....Gotta crush?
May:Oh...I want to tell you....
Zapdos:Awww darn it!Game over my ***!

More from Skit!

Musical Mudkip
27th August 2004, 11:31 PM
Okay. Here we go! :D
Muddy: I love your eyes.
Me: :redface: Oh, they're just normal....:redface: :redface:
Muddy: So, Mudkip's your name? Just Mudkip?
Me: Oh...Musical Mudkip actually...
Muddy: Wow! I love music!
Me: Oh, me too, and I like...mud! Hehe...umph.

Meganium: What's with Mudkip?
Skitty: She's on a date! *giggle*
Meganium: Hey! Who was chasing that Meowth the other day?
Skitty: Sorry. Hey Meganium! You should hook up with someone!
Meganium: Don't be ridiculous!
*a handsome male Skitty and a handsome male Meganium walk past*
Skitty and Meganium: *heart eyes*

What will happen next? My good chums know!

Space Skitty
27th August 2004, 11:47 PM
Hello, Mudkip! ^_^ I'll continue from you!

Me: Hey! Sir! (Chases after the male Skitty) Can we talk?!
Meganium: Please slow down! (Follows male Meganium)
Male Skitty: Shoot! They're gaining!
Male Meganium: Why us!?
Me: Don't! Please wait!
Meganium: We just want to be friends!
Males: EEP! (Retreat)
Me: No... He was so cute...
Meganium: He was so hot!
Me: O_O
~Back at the 'Kips~
Muddy: We should go back now... Do you wanna listen to some music with me later?
Mudkip: ... Sure... (Dreamy look in her eyes)
Muddy: What the!?
(A male Meganium & Skitty run by looking terrified)
Muddy: Hmm... That's odd...
Mudkip: *Sighs* Silly Meganium... Silly Skitty...

My buddies can continue from here! XD!

Now, continuing from LilMayFan!

LilMayFan: Yes! I made ANOTHER new record!
Articuno: Oh, please... I can do better then that!
LilMayFan: Oh, yeah!? Try it!
Articuno: Fine! Watch me! (Plays Ruby/Sapphire Pinball) ... Man! (Loses without any points) Can that even happen!?
LilMayFan: Ha ha! Told ya!
May: You're good at video games!
LilMayFan: ^__^ Thanks, May!
Ash: I smell a cheater...
LilMayFan: No! Really! I didn't cheat!
May: Stop being suspicious, Ash.
Ash: But...
Max: Just kiss already!
May: Why don't you kiss the floor!?
Max: No, thanks. But I think I know who would like to.
Brock: No! No! Its not me! Seriously!
Everyone: O_O
Max: Brock, you just gave away your secret...
Brock: OPPS! I mean... Nevermind...

What will happen next? LilMayFan knows!

28th August 2004, 12:04 AM
Zapdos:Yipee!I got Rayquaza!
*Rayquaza comes*
Rayquaza: Did somebody call Me?
Rayquaza:I'll be gone.*flys off*
May:*Rubs my shouldres*
Zapdos: Darn you Game Over!I'll fry you!
Me:I'ts just a game!I'ts just text!
May:*Hugs me*Hey,Wanna go to the Movies?
Me:I guess so.....

What will happen next?

oh boy is this going to be a good weekend with my best buds!3 Weeks since I joined!

28th August 2004, 12:09 AM
XD, Skitty!!!

Continuing from the small Cat from Space:

Soooo...Mudkip...how long have yoyu been traveling with your friends?
Mudkip: Um, er....I don't know.....a long time....
Muddy: Oh.....that's cool.
Mudkip: .....yeah........
Muddy: Ummm.....yeah. *clears throat*
Mudkip: So..........how long have Swamp and Marsha been together?
Muddy: *turns away* a year.
Mudkip: Are you okay? I'm sorry.....
Muddy: That's okay.....I'm just worried about Marshall.....I try my best to be a good brother to him, and he's okay with me, but he doesn't particularly like me....I should take some tips from you.
Mudkip: From....from ME?! *blushes deeply* Thanks....he just took a liking to me, I don't know...probably because I took a liking to him....
Muddy: *blushes* did you take a liking to me?
Mudkip: *blushes VERY deeply* you could say that....
Muddy: That's neat....I like you a lot, Mudkip.
Mudkip: *sigh*....*collapses from heat exhaustion*
Muddy: MUDKIP?!?! Are you okay?!? Oh my gosh!!
Mudkip: M'okay....
Muddy: Oh....okay....
Me: *watching from behind bushes* Awwww.....that's so sweet.
Skitty: Do you think they'll kiss?
Me: Silly cat, Pokémon don't kiss....
Skitty: Oh....right....what DO they do?
Me: Um....*thinks* slap tails?
Skitty: No....that's to say hello....
Me: Hmmmmmm.....nuzzle?
Skitty: Could be......
Muddy: Let's go home....
Mudkip: Okay....
Skitty: *gets pushed out of bush* OW!!! Meganium, that was my HEAD!!
Me: sorry!
Me: I've got a good idea.
Skitty: What?
Me: RUN!!!
*we do so*

How badly will Mudkip injure us? How DO Pokémon kiss?! What is the sound of one's hand clapping?


.....rhetorical question.....


EDIT: YEAH! I'm a Rising Trainer!!! lol. ^_^

Space Skitty
28th August 2004, 12:59 AM
XD! Why is love everywhere!? XD! Continuing from LilMayFan!

Articuno: Those two love birds... Leaving us here all bored & lonely while they go to see a movie... Bleh!
Moltres: ... At least they'll have fun...
Zapdos: Guys! Come on! Let's secretly follow them! We could (looks around slyly) ... Make some discoveries about them!
Articuno: Okay!
Moltres: Count me in!
Max: Ahem! I wanna come too! May IS my sister so... I should stalk her to make sure she doesn't get outta hand and embarass our family.
Zapdos: Okay! But we're NOT babysitting so don't be annoying!
~At the movies~
LilMayFan: ... ... ... (Looks at May out of the corner of his eyes, then turns away blushing)
May: ... (Looks at LilMayFan, then starts blushing)
LilMayFan: Uh... Want some popcorn?
May: Uh... No thanks...
LilMayFan: Okay... ...
May: Good movie, huh?
LilMayFan: Yeah...
Zapdos (Hiding in the darkness) Just kiss already!
May/LilMayFan: O_O;;;
Articuno: Shh! We cannot be heard!
Zapdos: No one uses "cannot" anymore! How many times do I have to tell ya!?
Moltres: Shh! They're getting suspicious!
May: O_O Uh... Movie sound effects?
LilMayFan: Hopefully...
Zapdos: ... *Starts coughing*
May: Uh... LilMayFan? I got something I wanna tell you...
LilMayFan: What, May?
May: I... Uh.. I...
May: O_O;;
LilMayFan: What the heck was that!?
May: It sounded like a hideous monster...
Max: Grr!
May: O_O;;;
LilMayFan: Don't worry, May... (Puts his arm around May)
May: Uh... Thanks, LilMayFan... (Starts blushing)
LilMayFan: ... (Starts blushing really deeply)
(A squieky sound is heard)
Moltres: Gosh! Zapdos, that STUNK!
Articuno: Lay off the beans! Whew!
Max: Ack! I can't breath!
Moltres: I cannot either!
(Another squiek)
Max: Eww! Zapdos, YOU STINK!
May/LilMayFan: O_O;;

LilMayFan can continue!

Now, my continuation from Meganium!

Me: EEP! We're in trouble!
Meganium: Make that double!
Me: To protect ourselves from devastation!
Meganium: To run away, clear across the nation!
Me: To never ruin the truth of love!
Meganium: Or we'll be going some place high above!
Me: Skitty!
Meganium: Meganium!
Me: She's really mad! Run for it!
Meganium: I'm trying! I'm trying!
Mudkip: (Finally stops) I can't believe those two...
Muddy: Mudkip! Are you okay?
Mudkip: I'm... I'm okay... As long as you're here... (Blushes)
Muddy: ... I won't leave you... (Blushes)
(The Mudkip smile nervously at eachother)

Will Mudkip kill us later? XD! Meganium & Mudkip know!

28th August 2004, 1:30 AM
Contiuning from Skit!

Moltres: Darn!you ruin Everything Zapdos!
Zapdos: DARN YOU Game Over!Darn you!
Articuno:Stop with the Game Over's!
Zapdos:Fine!you stupid $!&6$$#$^%$%^!
Articuno: o.o
Zapdos:**** you Game Over!
Me:*Hears a Sound*What was that?
May:I donno?
Zapdos:you stupid Game Over!GET OUT OF MY FACE!!!!!!!!!
Will Me and May catch the brids and Max?Will Zapdos get his fear over Game Over's?Skit knows!

28th August 2004, 1:35 AM
Aw.........that's cute, Skitty. ^.^

Mudkip: thanks for being understanding....
Muddy: No problem....*nuzzles*
Me: *squeals from behind a bush* that's SOOOOO cute!!!
Mudkip: wow....*collapses* *gets back up* I'm okay!!
Skitty: *giggle* Aw....
Me: Let's scram before Mudkip discovers us...
Skitty: right....*we scurry away*
Mudkip: *blushes* so......
Muddy: Wanna watch the sunset with me?
Mudkip: Okay! *blushes more*
Muddy: .......on second thought, come with me....I have a place I want to show you....*grabs Mudkip's paw/fin/whatever...*
Mudkip: WHOA! Hey, where are we going?
Muddy: You'll see....
*Muddy stops at a beautiful hidden away waterfall with beautiful scenery all around it*
Mudkip: It's.....it's beautiful.....
Muddy: As are you....
Mudkip: *turns red down to her feet*
*Skitty and me happened to stumble upon this place too*
Me: *sigh*.....that's so romantic.....
Skitty: I got an idea, Meganium....you can make them feel like they're in a sunny forest, right? It'll help!!
Me: that's a GREAT idea!! *uses Sweet Scent*
Muddy: mmmmm.....I just want to lay down....
Mudkip: me too...*yaaaawwwn*
Me: Awww.....
Skitty: You can sing too, can't you?
Me: yeah.....but Mudkip will know we're watching if I sing...
Skitty: True....
Mudkip: Let's play in the waterfall!!
Muddy: Okay! *they do so*
Skitty: *shudders* how can they do that?!
Me: quite easily.
Skitty: -_-;
Mudkip: I've had such a great time tonight....it helps me appreciate life's simple pleasures. Thank you.
Muddy: Happy to help.
*they both nuzzle*
Me: That is TOO cute!
Skitty: You know this chapter wasn't funy, right?
Me: .......what? Oh, yeah.....BANANA CREAM PIES!!!! There, is that better?
Skitty: O_O; no.
*Mudkip is coming toward us menacingly*
Mudkip: GUYS.....
*we scram*
Muddy: Aw, don't mind them.....I believe it was your friend's Sweet Scent that made us so relaxed around each other, so we weren't so uptight!
Mudkip: ......Meganium? She did that? That's nice....I'll bet Skitty helped too...
Muddy: It's not so bad having friends that want to know about your life.
Mudkip: I guess not....but couldn't they have ASKED me?!
Muddy: I suppose....but it's funnier to have them get in trouble.
Mudkip: true....

Love is in the air............love is in the air....................*ahem* sorry.

Will Skitty and I ever hook up with someone? Will my chapters ever be funny? How does the real Musical Mudkip feel about us sticking her with a ramdom character? XD! Where oh where can my little dog be?


.......don't ask.


Space Skitty
28th August 2004, 5:24 PM
XD! Continuing from Meganium!

Meganium: That was close!
Me: Yeah! I thought we were 'Kip bait...
Meganium: Do you think Mudkip really hates it when we spy?
Me: Of course she does! Why does she try to kill us every time we do so?
Meganium: I don't know... I just feel like she's teasing...
Me: O_O Why?
Meganium: *Shrugs*
~Back at the Mudkip~
Mudkip: Muddy... Can we stay together forever?
Muddy: Of course we can! ... Mudkip... Turn around for a second, okay? And close your eyes.
Mudkip: Okay... But why?
Muddy: You'll see... (Picks a beautiful flower) There! You can look! Its for you!
Mudkip: Oh, thank you! Muddy... Its beautiful...
Muddy: ... Nowhere as beautiful as you...
(The Mudkip smile at eachother fondly)

XD! Meganium & Mudkip can continue!

Now, continuing from LilMayFan!

Articuno: ZAPDOS!
LilMayFan: O_O Okay... Now those voices sound familar...
Zapdos: NEVER! ... S---! It fell AGAIN!
May: O_O;;; Wait a second... MAX!
Max: EEP!
May: (Looks at Max) You stupid little... WHY ARE YOU SPYING ON US!?
Max: Uh... I...
May/Max: O_O;;
LilMayFan: Hey!? I know you birds are there! Show yourselves!
(The birds step out nervously)
Moltres: Uh... Hello?

Are the birds & Max in trouble? You bet- I mean... LilMayFan knows! XD!

28th August 2004, 5:32 PM
Me:you guys were spying on us?
Zapdos:Darn....can't take it anymore!
Moltres:He's got a ponit...
Articuno:Guys,we better run...
Me/May:You better run!!!!!*chases them*

29th August 2004, 1:04 AM
Awwww, Skitty. So sweet....

Continuing from the fellow Bulbasaur Trainer! ^_^

Me: I've got an idea!!! Let's help along their little "relationship" as much as possible!
Skitty: Good idea!! But how?.....
Me: Hmmm......
Mudkip: Come here! I'll show you where I saw that mud hole!!
Muddy: Cool! I'm coming!!
Mudkip: Allright!*they scurry off*
Me: *we poke out from a bush* Allright....while they're away, we're gonna make this place as romantic as possible.
Skitty: Right!
Me: What change should we make first?
Skitty: Hmmmm....those bushes!! They're so scraggly.
Me: Right! I'll use Razor Leaves and...*Uses Razor Leaf* Ta-da! A bush sculpture of a Mudkip!
Skitty: Wow....that's pretty good!
Me: Gee....thanks! *smiles* Skitty, see if you can scratch that log over there into a seat/benchlike thingie.
Skitty: Okay! MEOW!! *lunges at log and begins clawing furiously* *emerges from cloud of sawdust* There! How's that?
Me: That's perfect!!
Skitty: Thank you! *beams proudly* Meganium, use your vines to put those pretty rocks in a nice pattern by the waterfal. I'll push them to you with my tail.
Me: Sounds great!
*a while later we're done*
Skitty: Okay....I don't see anything else we can do....
Me: Except use Sweet Scent! *does so*
Skitty: *ears prick* Quick! Behind that tree! They're coming!!
Me: Uh....hello...I'm a little thicker than that...*rams head against tree* DARN YOU TREE!! *sob*
Skitty: Uh....uh....crouch down behind that log then!! And hurry, they're approaching!!
*we hurry to our hiding places*
*Muddy and Mudkip come covered in mud*
Muddy: Whew! You were right! That place IS great!! Let's wash off under the waterfall.
Mudkip: Okay!
Muddy: Whoa....what happened to this place?
Mudkip: It's .....even MORE beautiful....*thinking: Skitty and Meganium....they did this, I know it....THAT WAS REALLY NICE OF THEM!!!*
Muddy: Look! Someone put a beautifully carved table and benchseat here!!
Mudkip: Some oddly well-placed berries!! Let's eat dinner!
Me: *Uses Sunny Day to create a candlelight glow*
Skitty: There...just like that....purrrrfect....
Muddy and Mudkip: *sit at table with berries, look at each other meaningfully*
Muddy: Well....let's eat then.
Mudkip: Thank you.
*long look*
*both dive headfirst into berries and eat facefirst ravenously*
Skitty and Me: O_O; *watch as Muddy and Mudkip continue so inhale their food*
Me: Well that's not quite what I'd call romantic...
Skitty: We wanted to make them comfortable.....but this is a little much.
Me: Ditto that.


How will Mudkip react to us "helping" her? Will Muddy and Mudkip ever eat properly? Where art thou Romeo?


......I scare MYSELF sometimes.

XD! Mudkip and Skitty, take over from here!! XD!

29th August 2004, 3:02 AM
Well i'll wait for Skitty to contiune.XD

29th August 2004, 12:58 PM
Nice sig, LilMayFan. Buddy!! ^_^
I'm waiting for a cotinue also! ^_^

29th August 2004, 1:00 PM
Well taht good you like it.6.6
I'am now a Flannery lover!Damn she's hot...
Oh sorry.

29th August 2004, 1:05 PM
XD! Well a little something to keep us entertained....

Ash: O_o

Brock: O_o


29th August 2004, 1:07 PM
That's good.I don't know of anything right now.

EDIT:I'am a Jade Star Trainer!

29th August 2004, 1:18 PM
Yay! Jade Star!! Pretty soon, if I keep posting, I'll be a Johto Champion! =O XD

More stupidness:

Others: O_O;

29th August 2004, 1:21 PM
I'll Keep posting and I'll be a Orange Champion!Yayness!

29th August 2004, 2:11 PM
Yay! We'll both be champions of some sort!! XD!

Others: O_o;;;;

O_O; I'm weird. XD!

29th August 2004, 2:20 PM
I'am insane....w00t
*Bangs head in wall*

29th August 2004, 2:51 PM
O_O; I won't ask. XD!

Pikachu: I LOVE YOU! *hugs a bush*

O_O; Don't ask about that either..... XD!

29th August 2004, 3:07 PM
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Space Skitty
29th August 2004, 3:10 PM
O_O;; Uh... Are you guys okay? XD!

Continuing from Meganium!

Mudkip: Erm... Erm... (Gobbles up food)
Muddy: Tis shuf ish gweat!
Mudkip: Swi ish!
Me: O_O Uh... I'm losing my appetite...
Meganium: Where's the romantic dinner?
Muddy: Ey, Muip... Pass te berris...
Mudkip: Swi!
Me: Mudkip seem to speak a different language while they eat...
Meganium: Uh... Skitty... That's because their mouths are full...
Me: Oh...
Muddy: Tanks aw lot! (Food flies out his mouth while he talks)
Meganium/Me: O_O;;

Will this dinner turn romantic? Probably not, I mean... Meganium & Mudkip know!

Now continuing from LilMayFan! (I like you sig! Buddies! *Hugs LilMayFan* I'm scary... XD!)

LilMayFan: Where'd they go!?
May: ... Max would probably go somewhere stupid, knowing him...
LilMayFan: Yeah... I'll go get us some popcorn.
May: Okay! I have to go to the girls' room...
LilMayFan: Okay. We can meet up at our seats. Just keep your eye out for... pesks...
May: Right! (They go seperate ways)
~In the girls' bathroom~
May: Why are there never any empty stales?
Max (hiding in a stale): EEP!
May: Huh? ... Max? ... Little Maxie...?
Max: Uh-oh... I'm in trouble... (Steps on toilet) Don't open the door... Please don't...
May: I'll find you! (Starts looking under the doors) I'll see his chubby legs!
Max: O_O;;;;;;
May: ... Hm... Nowhere... Maybe I'm just hearing things...
Max: (Thinks: I must make her think about something else... but what?) (Starts making water sounds)
May: O_O;; Uh... Any empty stales? Please? I gotta go!
(Several women yell out: Grow up and wait, brat!)
May: O_O;;; I really have to go...
A random lady (in mocking voice): I really have to go! Please, I gotta go!
May: Shut up, you witch! Hmp! (Just pulls a door open and Max is in there) O_O Max?
Random lady: What!? Was that a boy!? Ladies, there's a guy in here!
(All the ladies shreik and run out the bathroom)
May/Max: O_O
~Near the popcorn stand~
LilMayFan: Can I get a bag of popcorn, please?
Zapdos (Who's dressed up like a worker): Heheh... Sure LilMayFan.
LilMayFan: O_O How do you know my name?
Zapdos: EEP! I mean... You're famous! Everyone knows you!
LilMayFan: Something's fishy about this...
(A stampede of shreiking women rund by)
LilMayFan/Zapdos: O_O

Will the "Hide & Seek" last much longer? Will the ladies ever grow up and calm down? XD! LilMayFan knows!

29th August 2004, 3:27 PM
Me:Show your self!Zapdos!
Zapdos: ._.
May:*Gets out of Bathroom*Hey what's going...ZAPDOS!How you get here?
Zapdos:Betterr run....
Me:Oh you better run!

what will happen next?Skit knows!

And check out my fanfic guys!

Space Skitty
29th August 2004, 4:13 PM
Continuing from LilMayFan!

Zapdos: EEP! (Tries to fly away)
LilMayFan: Get back here!
May: LilMayFan, look who I found. (Holds up Max)
Max: Uh... Heheh... Hi...
LilMayFan: Okay, let's play a trick on the birds... (Whispers plan to May)
May: Okay! It might work!
LilMayFan: Birds! I know you hear me! Come out peacefully or Max dies!
Max: O_O;; Uh... May?
May: Don't talk to me.
Max: O_O;;; Eep...
LilMayFan: We'll do it! Don't try us!
Zapdos (calls out from around a corner): Liars! May wouldn't kill her brother! How stupid do you think we are!?
May: Oh, so I wouldn't? (Glances murderously at Max)
May: ... How could you tell them if you were dead? As a ghost?
The Birds: Why?!
Birds: O_O;;; (Quickly fly out)
LilMayFan: Now that wasn't so bad, was it?
Moltres: Before the punishments start... I'M INNOCENT!
Articuno: That's a bunch of hot air! Stop lying, Moltres!
Everyone: -_-

What will happen next? Will Max & the birds get brutally punished? Or will they escape? LilMayFan knows!

29th August 2004, 4:21 PM
Zapdos:Get away Game Over!
Zapdos:O.O Run!
Moltres:Got that right!
Articuno:OOOOOOOh yeah!
*The brids bump into a red haired peson*
Articuno:Owww hie....
May:Get back here Max!

Who is this person?Skit knows!

Space Skitty
29th August 2004, 4:49 PM
Continuing from LilMayFan!

Articuno: Watch where you're going!
Flannery: O_O Uh... What are such rare Pokemon doing here? Oh, a Moltres!
Moltres: -_- I have a name... Its Moltres...
Flannery: Moltres the Moltres?
Moltres: Yeah, that's right!
Max: Excuse me! EEEEPP! (Runs past Flannery & the birds)
Flannery/Birds: O_O
May: GET BACK HERE! (Chases Max)
LilMayFan: What a mess!
Max: Oh, shi-oot! (Trips over a book) Yow!
May: Gotcha! (Grabs Max) Now you'll pay!
Max: Please, Sis... I didn't mean any harm... Don't hurt me! Please!
May: ... Fine. But if you do that again...
Max: I won't! I'll NEVER do that again!
Flannery: O_O Uh... What's going on here?
May: Oh, its Flannery!
Max: Uh... Hi, Flannery... (Looks at May, terrified)
Flannery: Hi, you two! Long time no see!
LilMayFan: Flannery?!

What will happen next? LilMayFan, as always, knows!

29th August 2004, 4:57 PM
*Sonic comes*
Sonic:i'am Back!!!!
Sonic:What's happeing?
Zapdos: Darn Game Overs!
Sonic:WHAT?you're afraid of Game Overs?
Artcuno:Run for your life!I'ts Sonic and Flannery!
Max:Uhh May,should we be...
Moltres:GET HER AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!
Porygon:Dang it.....
May:MAX!!!!Get over there!

Will May get Max?Will Zapdos stop with game Overs?Skit knows!

29th August 2004, 5:16 PM
Yay! Skitty's on now!! ^___^

Me: Let's go....this is sickening....
Skitty: Yeah....
*we scurry away quietly*
Mudkip: I eed wa-er ow, 'm huisty.(I need water now. I'm thirsty)
Muddy: mme oo. e's goo...*swallows food*(Me too. Let's go...)
Mudkip: *swallows her food also* Okay! Lead the way.
Muddy: Sure thing!
*Skitty and I are far away now*
Skitty: *sigh* I wonder why Mudkip's so lucky...
Me: I dunno....she didn't want anything when we could have anything we wanted either....
Skitty: She can swim unafraid in water...
Me: She has a boyfriend....
Skitty: She can use her fin as radar...
Me: She has a doll of her species...
Skitty: O_O;
Me: ......What? It's true, ya know.
*back with Mudkip and Muddy*
Muddy: I've never met anyone like you.
Mudkip: Me neither. Like you, I mean.....
Muddy: .......right. Well, whaddya say I introduce you to my friends?
Mudkip: ......do you by any chance have a Meganium or a Skitty as a friend?
Muddy: O_o; No.....
Mudkip: Oh....*thinking: drat!*
*back with Skitty and I*
Me: *sigh* I'm bored.
Skitty: I'm bored-er.
Me: That doesn't make sense.
Skitty: I don't care.
Me: Me neither.
Skitty: What do you want to do.
Me: I dunno, what do you want to do.
Skitty: I dunno, what do you wanna do.
Me: I dunno---this is stupid.
Skitty: That's what you want to do?
Me: Not really....
Skitty: Oh.
Me: I mean that without one team member, it's like there's only one of us...
Skitty: Agreed...
Me: I mean, it's great that Mudkip found a friend, but now....
Skitty: She's not spending enough time with us. Boyfriends come and go, but Friends are Forever.
Me: Right.
Skitty: so.....what do you wanna do?
Me: I dunno,what do you wanna do.

Will Mudkip realize that we miss her? (In real life AND in the story XD!) Will Skitty and I ever find something to do in the meantime? Have we trial and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged, take it to the Lord in prayer....oops.

I KNOW I'm weird!!!

.......It's over now!!! Why are you looking at me like I'm crazy?

......go away.

XD! Just kidding. But that was from a hymn, just so you know....that little verse...

And BTW, LilMayFan and Space Skitty......I reviewed your fics. ^_^

Space Skitty
29th August 2004, 5:56 PM
Thanks, Meganium! Now, continuing from LilMayFan!

May: Max!
Max: EEP!
Zapdos: I HATE GAME OVER! GRR! (Throws his Gameboy Advance, it hits Max, and knocks him out)
Max: *_*
May: Max! I'm gonna KILL YOU! (Grabs Max by the throat)
Articuno: Lady! Calm down!
May: O_O Uh... Me?
Articuno: Of course you! Can't ya see the lad is dead!?
May: O_O;;; (Looks at Max) No! Max! Please, answer me! (Starts crying) I.. I didn't mean to kill him! Max... No... I love you!
Articuno: Duh! He's your brother!
May: Max! Please!
Sonic: O_O Waaaayyy too emotional over there.
May: Max...
Max: ... ... (Thinking: Heheh! She thinks she killed me! This is fun! She's so naive!)
May: Max... Please...
Max: ... ... ...
Moltres: Aww... This is too sad! I love sad moments!
LilMayFan: Will you birds just SHUT UP!? May, you didn't kill him. Zapdos did!
May: O_O Zapdos... You killed my brother...
Zapdos: O_O;; Uh... I... I didn't mean to...
May: I'M GONNA KILL YOU! (Starts choking Zapdos)
Max: O_O;;; Uh... Sis?
Zapdos: Ack... No, please...
Max: SIS!
May: Huh? (Notices Max) MAX! (Hugs Max)
Max: O_O;;; Help....
Sonic: Like I said before... Whatever show those two are from must be a miserable sight!

Will May let Max breath? XD! Will the birds fly the coup? LilMayFan knows!

Now, continuing from Meganium!

Meganium: ... ... ... ... This is BORING...
Me: REALLY boring... Oh, look! (Points at a Bulbasaur) Let's go make a new friend!
Meganium: To replace Mudkip?!
Me: NO! NO! Mudkip is our forever lasting friend! I'm just saying... Let's make another friend! You know, maybe he has some kind of idea for something to do.
Meganium: Maybe... Hey, Bulbasaur!
Bulbasaur: Hmm... AHH! (It runs away)
Me: What a chicken! What a scaridy cat!
Meganium: Look who's talking... Water!
Me: EEP!
~At the Mudkip~
Muddy: Mudkip... You're so beautiful...
Mudkip: Thank you! ^_^;; Uh... What's that!?
Pinky: Weehee. Cowabunga. (Pours a pile of soap on the Mudkip)
Mudkip: Ah! PINKY!
Muddy: What a jerk! Mudkip... I'll get the soap off... (Whips the soap off Mudkip)
Mudkip: Th-Thanks! ^____^;;;;

Will Meganium & I ever stop being bored? Is Pinky really a jerk? Yes! Meganium & Mudkip shall continue with the answers!

29th August 2004, 6:03 PM
At the story!

Moltres:EEP!!!!!!GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!
May:Max!Why you little!
Max:GET OFF OF ME!!!!!
Flannery:I've got you now Moltres!
Butterfree:I can't take this anymore.....
May:MAX!!!!I'll get you!

Will Flannery catch Moltres?Will May get Max?Skit knows!

29th August 2004, 6:20 PM
Here's Meganium! XD! That was good, Skitty!!

Mudkip: .....Muddy?
Muddy: ....yeah?
Mudkip: I've really enjoyed my time with you, but...I need to spend a little more time with my friends.
Muddy: That's okay. Me too.
Mudkip: *sighs with relief* Thank goodness!!
Mudkip: Skitty? Meganium? Where are you guys?!
*a ways away*
Me: Oh, look!! I think it smiled!!
Skitty: Meganium, it can't smile...
Me: Oh.......right.....
*a Metapod is shown*
Me: So what do you like to do all day?
Metapod: ........ ........ ........
Skitty: Uh.....got a family?
Metapod: ........ ........ ........
Me: Interesting!!.....Aw who am I kidding, THIS STINKS!!!
Skitty: I DIDN'T DO IT!!
Me: O_o;;;;;;
*we hear a faint call of: "Skitty! Meganium! Where are you?!"*
Skitty: That sounds like Mudkip!
Me: Well let's not waste time!! *scoops Skity onto my back with vines for fastr travel, begins galloping away*
~* A While Later *~
Me: Mud...kip....we're ......here.....brought.....Skitty....Ugh. *collapses*
Skitty: *hops off my back, looks me over* What's her problem? *shrugs* Mudkip! You're here! *rubs*
Mudkip: Hey, you guys!! I just want to say....I'm sorry for neglecting you guys......I should've been a better friend...*looks down in shame*
Skitty: Everyone makes mistakes, Mudkip. You just made one of yours.
Mudkip: Thanks....you guys....
Me: *comes to* whaddI miss?
Mudkip: Meganium! *tackles me*
Me: Ow. Please....I've run for how many miles with a kitten on my back. She doesn't look heavy now, but BELIEVE YOU ME, she gets heavy after a while!! *lets head fall to ground* I always stank in P.E.....
Mudkip: Sorry, bud....
Me: 'S'Allright....*uses Synthesis* Ah! Better!! ^_^
Skitty: Friends? *sticks in tail*
Mudkip: Friends. *sticks in fin-paw thingie...*
Me: Friends! *puts vine in forcefully*
Skitty, Mudkip: OW!!
Me: Whoopsie...sorry guys....
Pinky: *Rides by on the Metapod Skitty and I were talking to earlier* Yeehaw. Giddyup, hoss. *rides off into the clouds*
Us: O_O;;;;;
Me: That..... was twisted.

Will Mudkip and Muddy's relationship continue? Will I ever do well in Gym Class? NO!! *sob*.....and WHY IN THE WORLD WAS PINKY RIDING A METAPOD?!?!?! Because I hesitate to think, I'll leave it up to my buddies....


Musical Mudkip
30th August 2004, 2:18 AM
'tinuing from my bestest greenest viniest friend(est)!
Mudkip: So, whaddya wanna do? We need to spend quality time together.
Skitty: Let's go up a tree!
Meganium: Let's bask in the sunlight!
Mudkip: What about our secret base?
Skitty: Oh yeah!
Mudkip: I liked that bush sculpture you made, Meganium. May be we could put some in our secret base!
Meganium: Why thank you! We could put one of each of us!
Skitty: We should each make our own room, and one big meeting room!
Mudkip and Meganium: Yay! ^ . ^
All: Let's go!
Pinky: *riding on that Metapod* SHEEP SHEEP! WATER BLADDER!
Us: o__O

Will we get to our secret base? Is Pinky a guy? Is ;150; smiling or frowning? Does ;079; know that a Tailow released it excretion on it? My friends know!

Oh yeah, you guys are already RISING trainers? I'm still a Hive trainer! Wait for me!

30th August 2004, 2:35 AM
The Grand Debut!:
Musical Mudkip: (falls down) Ow! What the? I'm in the commercial series!
Ash: Good for you...
Misty: Ash, don't be so negitave!
Jirachi: Pie!
Brock: (anime sweatdrop)

Commercial 8:
Random Sandshrew: I'm soo small! I don't like it!
Musical Mudkip: What's wrong?
RS: What's not wrong about being small?
MM: Then try this growth spray. (sprays it on RS and it becomes big)
RS: Woot! I'm big!

30th August 2004, 8:37 PM
XD! XD! Those were funny, Mudkip! ^__^

Great commercials, KyogreFan. ^_^

'tinuing from my bestest, light-bluest, fishiest buddy(est)! XD!

Me: Okay...I get this room!!
Skitty: No fair!! Yours is bigger!!
Me: Uh, Skitty, that's because I'm bigger.
Skitty: Oh....right.....
Mudkip: Did you bring that sculpture, Meganium?
Me: Got it right here...*holds it up with vines* Where do you want it?
Mudkip: Over by the Surf Mat and Blue brick with the Mudkip doll on it, right below the Blue Poster.
Me: Hehe, YOU'RE a blue poster!!! On Serebiiforums!!
Mudkip: Ha ha. Please put it there.
Me: So-rry, just trying to make you Pokémon smile...geez.
Mudkip: See? Everything's blue! I got the Surf Mat, the Blue Brick, the Blue balloon, the Blue Poster, the Blue Tent, the Mudkip Doll, The Water Cushion, The Mud Ball, and a few Musical Note Mats because I'm Musical Mudkip!! ^_^
Me: Neat!! I've got the Meganium doll (O_O; ), the Spikes Mat, The Gorgeous Plant, the TV, the C Low, E, G, and High C Mats (for an arpeggio! ^_^), and the Pretty desk and Chair, the Ditto Doll, the Chikorita Doll, the Grass Cushion, and the Venusaur Doll. ^_^
Skitty: I've got the Pretty Desk and Chair, the Pretty Flowers, the Tire, the Cute TV, the Glitter Mat, the Attract Mat, the Skitty Doll, the Red Tent, the Slide, and the Stand. ^_^
Me: We all have really cool stuff!!
Mudkip: Agreed. ^_^
Skitty: Feel free to come and play with my interactive stuff anytime. ^_^
Me: Okay!!
Mudkip: Yay!! Can I go down the slide?
Skitty: Sure!
Me: Can I go down the slide?
Skitty: Uh.....
Me: Oh, right.....*sob* THIS IS SO HURTFUL!!
Skitty: Uh....you can get on the Stand and go in the Tent.....
Me: WHEEE!! *rushes up onto stand*
Pinky: Yay. *goes inside tent*
Skitty: O_O; Oh-kaaaay....

XD! M<y buddies shall continue!! XD!

30th August 2004, 8:41 PM
Hey L100Meganium,you seen Togechikku?She's spaming to get banned.

30th August 2004, 9:02 PM
:o :o :o She's WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! :o :o :o


Ahem, but that's not the place to be talking about it. ^_^;


30th August 2004, 9:04 PM
She just got banned.

Anyway,on topic!Waiting for Skitty to contiune my story!

30th August 2004, 10:29 PM
:( That's sad....she was such a nice mod.....='[

Anyway.....also waiting for Mudkip or Skitty to continue my story. ^_^ And you're an Orange Champion, now, LilMayFan! Yay. =3

30th August 2004, 11:35 PM
Really,COOL!*Jumps for joy*
I'll be a Zepyr Trainer next.

Space Skitty
31st August 2004, 11:34 PM
Sorry, I took so long! Congratulations, LilMayFan! How about some silly randomness to start things off?

Others: O_O;;

Continuing from Meganium!

Mudkip: This slide is... fun... (Watches Pinky stare around the room)
Meganium: ... I don't trust someone...
Pinky: Weee. (Starts punching the Skitty plush) Die. Die. Die.
Me: >( HOW DARE YOU! (Attacks Pinky)
Meganium: Cat Scratch Fever?
Mudkip: Possibly...
Pinky: Eek. Curse you all. (Disappears in a burst of smoke)
Everyone: O_O;;

My M-tastic friends shall continue!

Continuing from LilMayFan!

Moltres: NO! I'M ZAPDOS'!
Everyone: O_O
Moltres: Oh, you meant catching? Opps... I mean... Nevermind!
May: Max... I'm not trying to kill you... I WILL kill you! Come here!
Butterfree: How'd I become a part of this?

LilMayFan'll continue!

1st September 2004, 12:27 AM
Hey Skitty,can you contiune my story without me?I can't think of Ideas now.

Jesse GS the II
1st September 2004, 12:46 AM
You mind if I jump in? I got tons of stuff you'll never see on this show. For instance, what REALLY happened after the Johto league finals...

Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Brock, Delia, Oak, Gary, and Harrison are walking together.

HARRISON: Hey, great job, Ash. It was a real pleasure battling with you.

Ash looks as if he is forcing himself to smile.

ASH: (strained) Yes, as was it with you…I wish you the best of luck in current and future encounters.

HARRISON: Thanks. You know, I would have thought you’d be bitter after that loss, especially after you’d let your Charizard and Squirtle get so strong over the years, but you’re a good sport after all.

Ash’s smile looks even more forced now.

ASH: Me? Bitter? Never! You must be crazy – of course I feel good for you.

Harrison turns and walks away.

HARRISON: Well, here’s hoping that we’ll meet again someday! Maybe then you’ll beat me in a rematch!

He waves. Ash does too, but as Harrison walks further away from the stadium, Ash’s smile segues into a look of pure hatred. As soon as Harrison is out of earshot, Ash lets loose.

ASH: (extremely angry) Son of a--!

He spins around and punches the nearest wall so hard that his fist leaves cracks in it. Delia, Brock, Oak, Gary, and Pikachu are shocked.


BROCK: Man, what’s your problem?

Ash turns to face them. He looks positively fuming.

ASH: You know darn well what my problem is! For five years I’ve been in this game, taking on trainer after trainer, working my very hardest, and it still hasn’t paid off! I just blew my second chance to get into the Pokémon League! And that was with three Pokémon that I’ve had since my first month on the road! I’ve busted my hump day in and day out training for the Indigo Finals, but it obviously isn’t good enough if I get my butt kicked every time!

OAK: Now Ash, I’ve known you since Day One, and you are anything but a novice. Look at you – you’ve beaten twenty gym leaders already!

ASH: (still seething) Oh, have I?

Ash opens his coat. His Kanto and Orange League badges are pinned to the inner left side; his Johto badges pinned to the inner right.

ASH: Half of these things I didn’t even earn! I got trounced by nearly everyone I encountered, but they all thought “Oh, he tried his best, and he looks really sad about losing, I’d better give him the badge anyway”!

He begins tearing the badges off his jacket.

ASH: Well, that’s not…

He rips off his Marsh Badge.

ASH: …how the game…

He rips off his Rainbow Badge.

ASH: …is played!

He rips off his Plain Badge. Brock steps forward.

BROCK: Ash, that isn’t true. You proved that you were just as strong as any of those guys.

ASH: (furious) Oh, yeah, you should be one to talk! The only reason you even gave me this…

He rips off his Boulder Badge and throws it at him; it bounces off Brock’s chest.

ASH: …was because the sprinkler system went off!

He turns to Misty.

ASH: And don't even get me started on you! Rescuing a Seel from a giant vacuum cleaner does not warrant a badge!

He rips off his Cascade Bagde...


Plus, Jessie and James decide to change their strategy...

Jessie and James' Pokémon are working out in a forested area of Hoenn as Jessie barks orders at them.

JESSIE: Punch! Kick! Scratch! Bite! Punch! Kick! Scratch! Bite! Come on, you losers, I want to see some hustle in those muscles!

MEOWTH: (exhausted) This is bad enough with out your myriad lame puns.

JESSIE: Hey, do you want to continue to lose every battle you fight or do you want to actually go up a few ranks on the Rocket scale? Now move, Doughy!

As the Pokémon continue their exercises, Jessie strides over to James, who is seated on a rock writing on a piece of paper.

JAMES: How’s it going?

JESSIE: Okay, I guess. I thought I saw Wobbuffet go up a level, but it was just casting a Barrier attack to keep mosquitos off of itself. How are things with you?

JAMES: Great! I have an excellent plan for our next mission. Now, at first it might sound just like all our other plans, but hear me out.

He reads off the paper.

JAMES: First, we need to construct a giant mechanical Electabuzz. Once we do, we drive it into the twerp’s path. Then we pop out in disguise – you as a schoolgirl, me as a ballerina. Then we do the motto, of course, and after that we send out our Pokémon. If they try to fight, we’ll have putty guns ready for use. Then, when their guard is down, we strap on rubber gloves, stuff Pikachu into a belljar with a lightbulb on it, and take off.

He lowers the paper.

JAMES: See, what’s unique about it is that we both dress as girls for once. What do you think?

Jessie looks at James for a few seconds with an appalled expression on her face.

JESSIE: (forcibly calm) Can I see that for a moment?

James hands her the paper. Infuriated, Jessie tears the paper to shreds and throws the pieces in the river.

JAMES: Hey! What the heck was that for?

JESSIE: For being an idiot! I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on this sooner!

She turns to the Pokémon, holding up four Poké Balls, and recalls Cacnea, Dustox, Seviper, and Wobbuffet. She returns two balls to her belt and tosses the other two back to James.

JESSIE: Our problem has nothing to do with out Pokémon’s strength – it’s us! We’ve never taken this job seriously! I mean, look at our usual plots – giant robots, stupid disguises, lame puns, that awful motto, guns that shoot blobs of goo? No wonder we’re Giovanni’s worst agents!

JAMES: We’re not his worst agents! Giovanni’s never said that!

JESSIE: He said it yesterday, and twice the day before. He says it at least once a week.

JAMES: Oh, yeah. My brain must have supressed it.

MEOWTH: So what do you propose we do, you being the undisputed pants-wearer around here?

JESSIE: I’ll tell you what we’re not going to do – we’re not going to be wimps. We’re not goint to waste any more time on our motto. We’re not going to wear any more goofy disguises…

She leans in close to James’ face.

JESSIE: …You especially, I’ve had enough of your crossdressing…and we’re not going to give up any more opportunities to steal that Pikachu! For once, we are going to be truly evil!

JAMES: Can we do it?

JESSIE: We can do anything if we put our minds to it. We’re Team Rocket agents – we wouldn’t be in this organization if we couldn’t be really nasty.

JAMES: Fine, then! Forget this excessive training crap.

Jessie and James set off through the forest back to the main road. Meowth lags along behind.

JAMES: You know, Jessie, I’ve always marveled at your ability to think stuff through. I mean, without your ideas I’d never be in the Rocket organization at this point.

JESSIE: Hey, thanks. I am the smart one, aren’t I?

JAMES: No, it’s more than that. You’re like the driving force of the three of us. I really respect that.

Jessie stops and turns around, looking James in the eye.

JESSIE: Really?

JAMES: Yes. Seriously, you’re ten times the Rocket agent I am.

JESSIE: Aw, that’s not true. You’re an excellent battler. I’ve seen you – obviously – and I love how well you command your team.

JAMES: Only after I convince Cacnea that Needle Arm is supposed to go in the direction opposite myself.

JESSIE: Yeah, but once you get past that, you’re a very talented man.

JAMES: And you’re a very talented woman.

JESSIE: Or I would be if it weren’t for my lack of anger management skills.

JAMES: But underneath that, you’re concerned about how well we do. That’s what I like about you.

JESSIE: Oh, James…that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me.

They smile, then look at each other knowingly. Realizing what’s happening, they both lean in for a passionate kiss. Meowth rushes through the forest and catches up to them.

MEOWTH: Hey, you guys, what’s up with – (noticing what’s happened) OH JEEZ! Of all the…you know, I didn’t need to…gah!

He turns away and walks off, as Jessie and James continue their kiss.

1st September 2004, 12:48 AM
XD, Skitty!! Yours were really good, too, Jesse GS the II

Continuing from my Pink Friend!! ^_^

Me: O_O; I hope that NEVER happens again.
Mudkip: O_O; You can say THAT again.
Me: That again.
Mudkip: -_-;;
Skitty: *sniff* I have to get a new Skitty Doll now....
Me: Uh....no problem.....I'll go get one!! *goes off*
Mudkip: .... .... .... ... ....
Skitty: .... ..... ..... .. ....*cough*
Mudkip: .... ..... ... .. ....
Skitty: Soooo......how've things been going with Muddy?
Mudkip: Fine.
Skitty: Oh, yeah, great. Great.
Mudkip: .......LET'S PLAY!!!*rushes to slide ladder*
Skitty: I'M WITH YOU!! *romps inside red tent*
Mudkip: WHEEEE!!! *gets on stand*
Skitty: WHEEEE!!! *pops out of tire*
Mudkip: WHEEEE!!! *runs around on Glitter Mat*
Skitty: WHEEEE!!! *runs around and then watches the Cute TV* OOH!! Look, Mudkip, Pokémon's on!!
Mudkip: Yay!!!!........OH,YEAH!!!! This is the one where May loses her contest!!! Hooray!
Skitty: >=(
Mudkip: Uhhhh.........sorry?
Skitty: Darn right you are.
Mudkip: ^_^;;;
Me: *I walk in* I got the doll, Skitty! OOH! This is the one where May loses her contest!!
Mudkip: Yeah, I know!! ^_^
Skitty: :@
Mudkip and Me: ^_^;; Eheheheheh.......sorry......
Skitty: ^_^
*we continue to watch TV*


Space Skitty
1st September 2004, 12:50 AM

May: Max! I'm gonna get ya!
Max: EEEEEEP! HELP! (Leaps over Articuno's head)
Articuno: O_O
Moltres: HELP! Mad lunatic is after me! (Leaps over Articuno's head)
Everyone: YES!
Articuno: -_-;;
Moltres: EEEEP!
Flannery: MOLTY!
Moltres: That wasn't even funny! -_-*
Flannery: O_O ... Uh... MOLTRES!
Everyone: O_O
Max: MAY! I told you about that!
May: Opps! Uh... Act like I never said that!
Articuno: These ryhmes aren't funny...
Moltres: *BEEP*
Zapdos: Na-uh! Dirty words aren't allowed! Thank goodness for the blocker...
Moltres: Yi-PEE!
Max: I gotta pee!
May: Max! Mommy & Daddy SAID not to use dirty words!
Max: Yeah, well. Mommy & Daddy were talking about YOUR name!
Everyone: O_O Oh! That was cold!
May: -_-;; I'm gonna kill that dirty *beep*ing rat!
Max: I'm gonna tell! You said a dirty word!
Everyone: O_O;;;
(The siblings start fighting)
LilMayFan: O_O;;; Uh... Now what?

My buddy, LilMayFan, can continue!

EDIT: That was funny, Experienced One! XD! Continuing from Meganium!

Meganium: Uh... Why are there STILL Pokemon shows on?
Mudkip: It started 4 hours ago...
Me: A lot of these are new so YIPEE!
Meganium: O_O Skitty... Are you okay?
Me: Uh... No!
Mudkip: O_O;;;
Me: Just kidding! Look! There's Brock's Mudkip!
Mudkip: ^__^ Isn't it adorable!? All Mudkip are cute!
Me: Yeah... Especially when they sqeal!
Meganium/Mudkip: O_O
Me: What?
Meganium: I'd ove to see a Pokemon movie...
Mudkip: Let's go to Japan and see the 7th Pokemon movie!
(Cricket, cricket)
Mudkip: What?
Meganium: We're in the Pokemon world. Japan doesn't exist.
Me: But we're in charge of this weird story! Anything could happen...
Meganium: O_O But we're POKEMON. If we went to Japan...

Will we go to Japan? Is the 7th movie still playing? Meganium & Mudkip know!

1st September 2004, 1:13 AM
XD!! MSM can make ANYTHING happen...*a nearby Spoink sprouts wings and flies away* XD!

Me: She's right you know....
Skitty: We CAN make anything happen....
Mudkip: YIPEE!!! Let's go then!!
Me: But.....
Skitty: What?
Mudkip: O_O; neither do I.
Skitty: Let's make it be in English then.
Me: Wow, we're really twisting reality today. *a fish flies overhead*
Mudkip: Let's go to Japan then!
*we walk along a stream, where a bird is swimming through the water*
Skitty: How? *notices the water, becomes nervous*
Me: We'll fly!! *grows wings*
Skitty and Mudkip: COOL! *grow wings also*
*we fly away*
Mudkip: *pant....pant* Can we make ourselves be there? I'm tired....
Me: *pant....pant* Me too.....
Skitty: *pant...pant* Me three...
*suddenly we're in Japan*
Pinky: *Sitting at a table eating sushi* Yo.
Us: O_O;;;;;
Me: Uh....let's use our altering powers....*Pinky disappears*
*at the movie*
Skitty: Okay! It's in English now!!
*the movie starts, the gang is shown*
Me: *concentrates hard*
*May disappears onscreen*
Mudkip: *struggles to retain laughter* *concentrates hard*
*Max disappears onscreen*
Skitty: HEY!!!! You put them back RIGHT NOW!!!
Mudkip and Me: Aw man....
*May and Max reappear onscreen*
*we watch the rest of the movie*
Me: Wow! That was great!!
Skitty: And it didn't cost us anything 'cause we made the ticket booth-person into a Kakuna!!
Mudkip: D'ya think we should change him back now?
Me: Of course not!! Let's go!!
Skitty, Mudkip: Okay!! *we leave*
Me: ......so what do we do now?
Skitty: I'll decide.

Skitty will continue!! ^_^

Jesse GS the II
1st September 2004, 9:06 PM
All right, here's another one - what REALLY happened to Jigglypuff...

The gang walks through the Hoenn forest. May suddenly stops walking. Ash, Pikachu, Brock, and Max also pause.

MAY: Guys, wait a second! I think I heard something in the bushes.

She points to a hedge, which is moving ominously.

ASH: All right, more new Pokémon to capture!

BROCK: Wonder what it’ll be this time?

The group stares at the bush, anticipating what will be revaled. Finally, the Pokémon hops out – it’s a certain all-too familiar Jigglypuff, microphone/marker in hand.

JIGGLYPUFF: Jiggly-puff!

Ash, Brock, and Pikachu scream in terror, taking refuge behind a tree.

ASH: Not this thing again!


BROCK: Max, what are you doing? Get out of the way!

MAX: (utterly perplexed) What are you guys so scared of? It’s just a Jigglypuff.

ASH: Look, you don’t understand. This thing’s been following us for four and a half years! Its song puts you to sleep within seconds, and then…

Ash chokes.

ASH: Oh, it’s too horrible, I can’t say it.

BROCK: It…it draws on your face in marker!

MAY: You guys are pathetic! This thing’s just a little pink cream puff – and I’m gonna catch it!

ASH: WHAT? You can’t catch Jigglypuff! That thing can whip some serious tush when it needs to.

BROCK: Don’t forget what it did to those Clefairy that tried to build a rocket to the moon.

MAY: Wow, you two have totally lost it.

May unhooks a Poké Ball from her belt and throws it.

MAY: I choose you, Torchic!

In a flash of light, May’s Torchic appears. It looks at Jigglypuff and ***** its head to one side.

ASH: Oh, jeez, I can’t look.

BROCK: Cover your ears, quick!

Jigglypuff holds up its microphone to sing, but before it can get more than two notes out…

MAY: Torchic, Scratch attack!

Torchic jumps up and rakes a talon across Jigglypuff’s face, knocking its microphone into the bushes. Jigglypuff gets up with a long scratch mark on its face. It angrily inflates itself, then takes a running leap at Torchic, but the bird is too evasive. Ash sneaks a peek from behind the tree.

ASH: Whoa, Brock, look at this!

BROCK: Amazing, she’s actually winning! I don’t get it, we could never do this!

PIKACHU: (astounded) Pikaaa-chu.

Torchic whirls around and fires an Ember attack. It strikes Jigglypuff in the head, and Jigglypuff falls back, dazed. May recalls Torchic and unhooks another Poké Ball from her belt.

MAY: Now, to really make it interesting…Beautifly, GO!

In another dazzling flash of light, Beautifly appears. Upon seeing Jigglypuff, it flies towards the ground at top speed and belts Jigglypuff in the stomach. Jigglypuff doubles over in pain.

MAY: We’ll see who puts who to sleep! Beautifly, Sleep Powder, now!

Beautifly flaps its wings at top speed, sending a billowing cloud of sleep spores into Jigglypuff’s face. Jigglypuff begins to sway.

JIGGLYPUFF: (drowsy) Puff…?

It falls over, fast asleep. May recalls Beautifly and unhooks an empty Poké Ball.

MAY: Poké Ball, Go!

She throws the ball at Jigglypuff, and it is ensnared in a shimmering flash of red light. The ball drops to the ground, where it shakes back and forth for a few seconds, the light on the front flickering.

ASH: She didn’t…she couldn’t…

The light shuts off and the Poké Ball lies still.

BROCK: Sure looks like she did.

May picks up the ball in triumph.

MAY: Oh-ho! Who’s the terrifying one now, eh?

MAX: Wow, Sis, that was so awesome!

ASH: I don’t think “wow” adequately describes this situation.

BROCK: Look at it this way – it’ll never bother us again.


And my personal favorite...how the Hoenn League Finals REALLY end up...

Inside the stadium locker room, Ash is surrounded by Pikachu, May, Max, Brock, Delia, Oak, and Gary, all of them helping him get psyched for the upcoming battle.

BROCK: You nervous, Ash?

ASH: A little, yeah. I mean, this’ll be attempt number three, and I can’t afford to blow it. I mean, who knows if there will be any other opportunities for me to make it into the League?

GARY: I wouldn’t worry about it – the concept of Pokémon training’s been around for years. I seriously doubt it’ll die out anytime soon.

MAY: Ah, you’ll do fine! You made it through all eight gyms, plus the sixteen before you got here, you beat Team Rocket all those times, and besides, you’ve been at this for six years! I don’t see how you can fail.

ASH: Thanks, guys. I’ll do my best.

DELIA: And I know you won’t disappoint us, no matter what happens.

May glances at her watch and looks shocked.

MAY: Oh my gosh, I’ve got to get ready too! The Juniors Division Finals start in 20 minutes!

MAX: I’ll be in the stands with Dad, May.

ASH: Good luck!

May waves as she runsout of the locker room.

ASH: Well, time to show those people what I’m made of.

PIKACHU: Pika pika.

The two of them walk determinetedly out of the locker room. They confidently stride down a dimly lit hall into the stadium, where the spectators are cheering louder than ever. Ash glances at the scoreboard and sees his picture next to his opponents, each with six slots displaying the names of the members of their teams. Ash looks down at Pikachu.

ASH: It’s all come down to this, Pikachu. We’ve waited six long years for this day. You ready?

Pikachu nods in assent.

PIKACHU: Pika-chu.

ASH: Good…let’s go.

They walk onto the field as the commentator’s voice blares over the P.A. system.

COMMENTATOR: And here comes the challenger, 16-year-old Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in the Kanto region! Ketchum has worked his way here after participating in the Kanto and Johto finals, and has trained his Pokémon extensively for this momentous occasion!

In the stands, Delia, Brock, Oak, and Gary edge into their seats.

GARY: I always knew he’d make it farther than I did.

BROCK: You sure had a funny way of showing it.

OAK: Ssh! It’s about to start!

On the field, a referre raises his flag.

REFEREE: You both know the rules. Three Pokémon each. Whoever has at least one Pokémon remaining wins. Begin!

He lowers the flag. With lightning quick speed, Ash takes a Poké Ball off his belt and hurls it into the ring.

ASH: I choose you, Bulbasaur!

In a dazzling flash of light, Bulbasaur appears on the field.

BULBASAUR: Bubba-zaur!

Ash’s opponent, a strong-looking female trainer named Kathy with lengthy brown hair and a tank top, also tosses out her first choice.

KATHY: Go, Wailord!

Another flash of light, and Kathy’s monstrous Wailord appears on the field. Bulbasaur looks up at its opponent with a mix of fear and surprise.

ASH: Don’t back down, Bulbasaur! You’re strong! You can beat this guy! I know you can!

Bulbasaur looks back at Ash and nods. It takes a fighting stance on the field.

ASH: Now, hit it with Leech Seed to start!

KATHY: Wailord, Hydro Pump!

Wailord fires a gargantuan blast of water at Bulbasaur, but the tiny plant-lizard jumps in the nick of time. The water leaves a huge crater in the ground. Bulbasaur leaps up to Wailord’s head and pelts it with seeds. The seeds burst open, and vines wrap around Wailord’s body, paralyzing it and sapping its energy. Wailord roars in agony.

KATHY: No! Wailord, Tail Whip!

Wailord swings its mighty tail, trying to knock Bulbasaur away, but Bulbasaur leaps to the ground. Wailord instead strikes itself in the head.

ASH: Yes! Bulbasaur, Poisonpowder attack!

Bulbasaur arches its back and blasts a massive cloud of purple dust out of its bulb. The cloud swirls around Wailord’s face, and the whale begins to cough uncontrollably.

KATHY: (frustrated) Wailord, you can’t give up! Water Gun!

But Wailord has already been affected by the poison and falls to the ground, limp. The ref raises his flag.

REFEREE: Wailord is unable to battle! Bulbasaur is the winner!

The crowd erupts in cheers. Ash yells in triumph.

ASH: Amazing, Bulbasaur! You did it!

Bulbasaur smiles, then suddenly glows with a blinding white light. Ash watches in joyful amazement as his little dinosaur of six years evolves before his eyes into Ivysaur.

IVYSAUR: I-vee-zaur!

ASH: Wow, that worked out even better than I hoped.

Kathy unhooks another ball from her belt and throws it forward.

KATHY: I choose Electabuzz!

Out comes the tiger-like Electric Pokémon.

ELECTABUZZ: El-l-leboo!

ASH: Oh, this is too easy. All right, Ivysaur, lead off with a simple Tackle – maybe we can lull it into a false sense of security.

Ivysaur runs towards Electabuzz and leaps.

KATHY: Electabuzz, Seismic Toss!

Electabuzz grabs Ivysaur in midair, hoists him over his head, and throws him as hard as he can. Ivysaur goes flying over Ash’s head and into the stands as people dive out of the way. It crashes into a row of seats, causing people’s concessions to splatter everywhere.

ASH: Hey, no fair! That’s going out of bounds!

Nonetheless, Ivysaur slumps back over the wall onto the field, too dizzy to fight.

ASH: Ivysaur, return!

Ash recalls Ivysaur and substitutes an even stronger player.

ASH: Go, Tauros!

One of Ash’s 30 Tauros appears on the field, snorting and pawing the ground with its hoof.

ASH: Okay, Tauros, show them what life in the Safari Zone was like! Body Slam!

Tauros charges forward at full speed, belting Electabuzz in the stomach with its horns. It tosses Electabuzz high over the field.

KATHY: Electabuzz! Thunderbolt!

Electabuzz hits the ground standing up and shoots two lightning bolts out of its antennas. They strike Tauros in the horns. Tauros is singed but not totally beat.

ASH: Shake it off, Tauros. Hit it with a Stomp attack!

Tauros charges again, then leaps into the air and lands on Electabuzz, its two front hooves jabbing squarely into the opponent’s chest. Electabuzz cannot get up. The referee raises its flag.

REFEREE: Electabuzz is unable to battle! Tauros is the winner!

Once again, the crowd goes wild. Ash turns around to wave – and sees someone in the stands. Edging her way through the spectators, trying to get to her seat, is none other than Misty. She smiles and waves to Ash down on the field.

ASH: Misty? I don’t believe it…she came back to see me fight!

Kathy is absolutely fuming now. She tosses out an Ultra Ball.

KATHY: This calls for the big guns! Go! Steelix!

Steelix explodes onto the field. It roars tremendously. Tauros snorts and paws the ground again, but one swipe from Steelix’s metal tail sends Tauros skidding against the wall. Tauros attempts to compose itself, but another swipe sends it flying in the opposite direction. Tauros can’t get up, and Ash quickly recalls it. He then turns to Pikachu,

ASH: All right, Pikachu, Misty’s up there in the stands. With her watching us, we’ve just gotta win! You think you’ve got it in you?

PIKACHU: Pika pika! Pikachu!

ASH: All right, then, get out there and show ‘em what you’ve learned!

Pikachu bounds onto the field and glares at Steelix, the behemoth rock snake reflected in its shiny black eyes.

ASH: All right, Pikachu, you took out Onix at the Pewter Gym, you can do this! Start off with Slam!

Pikachu rushes forward on all fours and runs up Steelix’s back. Steelix turns its head around to see where Pikachu is, and Pikachu rams straight into Steelix’s left eye. Steelix sways in pain.

KATHY: No! This isn’t right! I didn’t bribe my way through eight gyms to be defeated by some rat! Steelix, Dig!

Steelix burrows underneath the field. For a moment nothing happens. Suddenly, the ground begins to rumble.

ASH: Pikachu, jump!

Pikachu dives off to the side moments before Steelix bursts out of the ground exactly where Pikachu had been standing seconds earlier.

ASH: All right! Now, Pikachu, it’s a Steel type, so we have to hope this works – Thunder!

Pikachu blasts a massive bolt of electricity out of its body.


The bolt hits Steelix square between the eyes and courses through its snakelike body. Steelix shudders from the hit.

KATHY: (infuriated) That does it! If I’m going down I’m taking you with me! Steelix, Explosion!

Steelix suddenly shines with a massive white light, then erupts into a huge fiery explosion. The very stadium itself reverberates from the impact. Pikachu is sent flying backward from the force. Steelix collapses to the ground, charred and blackened.

ASH: Pikachu!

Pikachu skids to a stop in front of Ash and lies motionless for a bit. The referee grasps his flag, but before he can declare a draw, Pikachu stirs. It hoists itself up and gets to its feet, still wobbling slightly.

REFEREE: Steelix is unable to battle! Pikachu is the winner! Ash Ketchum is victorious!

Everyone in the crowd screams their cheers of support. Delia, Oak, Gary, and Brock leap out of their seats in joy. Misty, several rows back, does so as well.

MISTY: He did it! He did it! He finally did it!

On the field, Ash hugs Pikachu with one arm and waves to the cheering spectators with another. The scene fades to a few minutes later. In the center of the field, the representatives from the Pokémon League present Ash with his trophy.

REP: It is my great pleasure and the pleasure of all of us in the Pokémon League to present you, Ash Ketchum, with the honorary first place award. Welcome to the Elite!

Ash holds his trophy over his head in triumph, and the crowd cheers again. Cut to later still, as Ash and Pikachu walk back to the locker room. They stop and turn when they hear someone running to catch up with them. It’s Misty.

MISTY: Ash! You did it! Congratulations!

ASH: Misty! I’m so glad that you made it! I –

But before he can say anything more, Misty hugs him.

MISTY: Oh, I’m so proud of you! You actually succeeded! Just like you always wanted!

ASH: I’m just glad you were able to make it here. You missed some wild stuff in Hoenn.

MISTY: It doesn’t matter what I missed – what matters is what I saw.

She lets go of him.

ASH: So what do we do now?

MISTY: I know exactly what we should do now. It’s what I should have done a long time ago.

She pulls Ash close to her and kisses him. Ash looks surprised but still pleased. When she lets go, Ash tries to compose himself.

ASH: …I was thinking we should go back to my mom’s place and put this trophy on the mantle, but your idea was a lot better.

Misty laughs, and they hug again.

Space Skitty
1st September 2004, 9:21 PM
That was funny, Jesse GS the II! Continuing from my experienced buddy!

Me: What we shall do next...
Meganium/Mudkip: What?
Me: ... Get an autograph from Deoxys itself!
Meganium: O_O
Mudkip: O_O Uh... How?
Me: Anything's possible! ANYTHING! (Pikachu walks pass with Ash on its shoulder)
Everyone: O_O;;
Meganium: Uh... Okay...
(A Deoxys appears from nowhere)
Deoxys: O_O Who the heck are you weirdos?
Me: I've always wanted a Deoxys' autograph! Pinch me!
Meganium: Uh... Okay. (Pinkches Skitty)
Meganium: Sorry! But you told me to pinch you...
Deoxys: O_O I'm leaving now...
Me: Autographs first! (Holds out three pieces of paper)
Mudkip: Here's a pen. (Hands Deoxys a pen)
Meganium: Just put "To my friends, Meganium, Mudkip, & Skitty."
Deoxys: O_O You three are scary...
Pinky: Yipaw. (Swims by)
Everyone: O_O;;;

Meganium & Mudkip, my buddies know the future! XD!

1st September 2004, 9:24 PM
Aw, that was cute. Perhaps you should write AAMLs? XD!

I would have preffered Jigglypuff win, because it's always funny to see anyone lose to a pink puffball, but oh well......

Still waiting for Skitty or Mudkip! ^_^

Space Skitty
1st September 2004, 9:51 PM
Meganium, I continued! XD!

Others: O_O
Pinky: Yeehaw. Give me a freakin' saw.
Others: O_O;;;;

1st September 2004, 10:16 PM
OH!! So you did...XD! I was writing a reply to Jesse's and then there was a new page...and I figured since it was so long that's why...XD! Sorry!!

Deoxys: That was weirder, though....
Me: What kind of Deoxys are you?
Us: O_o;;;;;;;;;
Deoxys: Uh......sorry, I'm a little sensitive about that....stupid rip-off Deoxys....*pushes autograph to my vines, storms off*
Skitty: WAIT!!! Do you know where the others are so we can get their autograph?
Skitty: O_O; All I wanted was a signature.....
Mudkip: But Skitty, you DO have a signature......
Me: You're a Bulbasaur trainer, remember?
Skitty: -_-; Nevermind.....Are we gonna fly home now?
Pinky: Not if I can help it. *spills acid on our wings and they disintegrate* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *disappears in a poof of smoke*
Mudkip: O_O Well that stinks....
Me: NO!!! Now we'll have to take a mean train again.....and then a plane...
Skitty: Oh no....

How will we get home? Answers from Skitty or Mudkip! ^___^

EDIT: ARRRRGH!!! EVERY TIME!!! Every time I write in response to Skitty, she's offline by the time I'm done! XD!

Space Skitty
1st September 2004, 10:45 PM
EDIT: ARRRRGH!!! EVERY TIME!!! Every time I write in response to Skitty, she's offline by the time I'm done! XD!

I'm just sneaky like that! XD! Continuing from my bud (Meganium are grass types; a bud is a closed plant)! XD! Okay, that was a bad one...

Me: This stinks... Walking is stupid...
Meganium: Too bad the nearest air port is 15 miles away...
Mudkip: Pinky is so...
(Pinky's voice is heard from thin air)
Pinky: I'M WHAT!?
Everyne: O_O;;;
Mudkip: Uh... Nevermind...
Pinky: YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! Yeehaw.
Me: O_O;;;; Can we walk faster? I feel insecure...
Meganium: Me too! Let's get outta here!
Mudkip: EEP! Wait for me!
~At the air port~
Me: Whew... That was a walk...
Mudkip: Thank goodness we're there...
Meganium: I hope Pinky burns in... the sunlight! Heheh....
Me: I wish she would...
(A Jirachi appears in thin air)
Jirachi: Hello, everyone! Did I hear someone make a wish?
Us: O_O;;;
Me: Uh... I did...
Jirachi: That's great! I'll make it come true!
(Pinky appears from nowhere and the sunlight catches her on fire)
Pinky: What the... Ow. Ow. Pain. YOU'LL PAY! (Vanishes)
Us: O_O
Jirachi: Who's next?

What will we wish next? Meganium & Mudkip know!

1st September 2004, 11:30 PM
XD! XD!! Oh, no...I have the feeling Skitty's gonna pull a Houdini on me again....XD!

Me: I wish--
Skitty: Nothing with May.
Me: Oh crap.
Mudkip: Fine! Then I wish I had RBYGGSCRSEFRLG Version!!
Me: OOH!! Me too!
Jirachi: Your wish is my command....*two game boxes appear and drop down*
Me: AWESOME!!!! All 386 available, and you can get the special legendaries (that's my name for Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, and Deoxys) too!!
Mudkip: You can choose from more then 1 girl player!!
Me: Yay! I don't have to play as May anymore!! *hugs game box to self with vines* I will take good care of you....
Skitty: I wish....*whispers in Jirachi's.....Wait!! It doesn't HAVE ears...O_o;;*
Jirachi: Sure!!
Me: What'd ya wish for, Skitty?
Mudkip: Yeah! Tell us!!
*a bowl of milk appears in front of Skitty*
Me: O_o; You can have anything in the world, and you wished for milk....
Mudkip: O_O; -_-;;
Skitty: Mmm! *licks the milk from her mouth*
Mudkip: .......can we have one more wish?
Jirachi: Sure.
Me: Don't you have to go to sleep for a thousand years in a few days?
Jirachi: Hmm? Oh, THAT nonsese? It's just a myth!
Us: O_O;

XD! What will our last wish be? Will Skitty get RBYGGSCRSEFRLG Version too? Answers from Skitty!! ^_^

See? What'd I tell you? She's gone again! XD!

Jesse GS the II
2nd September 2004, 1:00 AM
Aw, that was cute. Perhaps you should write AAMLs? XD!

I would have preffered Jigglypuff win, because it's always funny to see anyone lose to a pink puffball, but oh well......

If you liked these, you should read the rest of it. Those were excerpts from one of my fanfiction episode scripts called "The Way We Were (Unfortunately)". I'd post it here if it weren't for the fact that this forum doesn't allow scripts.

2nd September 2004, 1:00 AM
Well I'am sorry About the uncontiuning guys!

At the story!
Zapdos:I'am tired of this...
Moltres:What did I say about the drity words?
Butterfree:You tellin me.....
May:Get back here Max!
Articuno:I need a Jirachi....
Flannery:Get Back here Moltres!
Skitty will contiune!

Musical Mudkip
2nd September 2004, 6:30 AM
Hey guys! I won't be on very much due to *points to user name* music. I'm doing Jazz, Marching, and Symphonic, and it's starting to pile...marching is all military like..O__O..lotsa shoutin and stuff.
Others: o__O;
Others: o________O;;;;;

Space Skitty
2nd September 2004, 8:15 PM
Hey guys! I won't be on very much due to *points to user name* music. I'm doing Jazz, Marching, and Symphonic, and it's starting to pile...marching is all military like..O__O..lotsa shoutin and stuff.
Others: o__O;
Others: o________O;;;;;

XD! That's okay, Mudkip! Good luck with music! I know how hard school work can be... That's why I'm home sick today! Yeah for illness! XD! And your post is FUNNY! Brock is starting to scare me... Continuing from Meganium!

Meganium: What should our last wish be?
Me: Hmmm... (Drinks her milk thoughtfully) I know! (Whispers to the others)
Meganium: Yeah! That's great!
Mudkip: Okay! We wish that Pinky will forever be gone!
Jirachi: Sure!
Me: Uh... So Pinky is no more?
Mudkip: Its... quiet without her...
Meganium: Almost sad...
Jirachi: Can I stay with you guys?
Us: Sure! ^__^
(The eatrh starts shaking)
Me: A giant monsterous Groudon?
Meganium: Even worse! Its a giant monsterous PINKY!
(Pinky is in sight)
Pinky: Heheh. This is fun. Let's play. Yehaw.
Us: O_O;;

Has this story gone outta control? Meganium & Mudkip know!

Now, continuing from my buddy, LilMayFan!

Moltres: YIPEE!
Everyone: O_O
Moltres: I meant... NO!
May: Max! Just COME HERE!
Max: O_O;;; Wh-Why?! You're gonna kill me, Sis!
May: No I won't...
Max: LIAR!
May: Here Maxie... Maxie... Maxie...
Moltres: ENOUGH OF THIS! (Runs into a corner) Leave me alone! (Starts crying)
Everyone: O_O
Flannery: Oh.... I'm sorry, Moltres... I didn't mean to...
Moltres: Leave me alone!

Will Max & Moltres be left in peace? LilMayFan knows!

2nd September 2004, 8:41 PM
Me:O_O*Pokeball drops out of pocket*
Moltres:Please!Leave me....*Gets sucked in Pokeball*
Moltres(In Pokeball)HELP ME!!!!
*A Slowbro comes by*
Slowbro:Duh duh!
Me:You little.....How you got here?
Zapdos:NOOOO!Moltres!You're gone!
Articuno:He was a good guy....
May:Moltres is gone?
Max:LilMayfan did it!
Zapdos:Get him!
Flannery:Moltres is in a Pokeball!Now is my Time!
Moltres(In Pokeball:NO YOU DON'T!

Will Moltres get out of the Pokeball?Skit knows!

Space Skitty
2nd September 2004, 8:55 PM
XD! Continuing from LilMayFan!

Zapdos: I'll tie him up! (Holds out rope)
Max: But you don't have any hands!
Zapdos: Uh... I'll use my talons! Oh, I'm so smart!
Everyone: -_-;;
Zapdos: Here, LilMayFan! Hold still!
LilMayFan: EEP! Help, someone! This isn't funny!
Max: I stood alone... So can you!
May: O_O Is all this noise necessary?
Max: Of course not.
May: Oh... (Notices Max is beside her) Got'cha! (Grabs Max)
Max: Crulity! Unfairness!
May: Tell me something I don't know...
Max: Okay! You *BEEP*! Let me go! I *BEEP*ing hate you! Burn in *BEEP* you dirty *BEEP*!
May: O_O;;; Uh... Max? Where'd you hear all that from?
Max: Don't play stupid, *BEEP*! I heard it all from YOU!
Everyone: O_O
May: O_O;;; Uh... I... Heheh... Opps...

Did Max really hear May use such language? Will Moltres get free? Will LilMayFan escape? LilMayFan knows!

2nd September 2004, 9:03 PM
Yes, I think he did. XD! XD! 3=}
XD, Skitty!! Good luck, Mudkip. Nice to see you all the same. ^___^

Me: WHAT?!?! Why isn't she gone?!
Mudkip: I don't know.....
Skitty: SHE'S GONNA EAT US!!!! Or worse....
Jirachi: What could be worse than EATING us?!!?
Pinky: Ha. Ha. Ha. *pulls out a giant pot*
Mudkip: I've got an idea!!
Others: WHAT?!?!
Mudkip: RUN FOR IT!!!!
Me: YEAAAAAHH!!! *scoops up Mudkip in one vine and Skitty in the other and runs like crazy, Jirachi is flying as fast as it can*
Pinky: You can run but you can't hide. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Skitty: *whimpers* But I wish I could hide!!
Me: Less talkey, more escapey!!! *runs faster*
*I rush into a storage room*
We need a plan.
Mudkip: I got another idea!!
Me: Me too!
Skitty: .........
Me: What?
Skitty: I don't wanna go back out there....Pinky always dumps water on me!!
Me: Aw, don't be a scaredy cat...
Skitty: HEY!!!
Jirachi: Guys!! Come on!! Think!!
Skitty: Hmmmm...........I'VE GOT IT!!! *whispers a plan to us*
Me: Great....let's kick some little ponytail.
Pinky: How dare you use bad puns. *displays bottom* And I think you'll find it's not little. Die, freak. *shoots acid at me*
Jirachi: OVER HERE, PINKY POOT! *throws stones at Super Pinky* HOW D'YA LIKE THEM APPLES?!
Pinky: That wasn't funny either. I prefer Red Delicious. *shoots a hyper beam from nostrils*
Jirachi: eep.
Mudkip: HERE, PINKBUTT!! GIDDY UP!! *runs around while Pinky chases her*
Pinky: Die.
Skitty: Yes, you will. *stands on a giant milk bottle and smiles evilly*
Pinky: No......you.....you couldn't know.....
Skitty: Oh, but I do know, stupid horse. You see, everyone has weaknesses....
Pinky: But....no.....you don't......
Skitty: Everyone has things they overcome.....and everyone has things that they fail in. You, Pinky, are no different....
Pinky: No! You can't!!
Skitty: I CAN!!! And I WILL!! Now, Pinky, face your weakness.....fear the power....OF SWEET DAIRY PRODUCTS!!! *jumps on milk bottle hard, which shoots a blast of half and Half at Pinky*
*we gather around the remains of Pinky*
Mudkip: Great job, Skitty.
Me: Yeah. Who ever knew Pinky was lactose intolerant?
Jirachi: Well now, what say you that we go home now?
Skitty: Sure....let's go. *we diasappear and reappear at our forest home, near our secret base*
Mudkip: C'mon, Jirachi, we'll show ya 'round!!
Jirachi: At first....I really wanted to stay with you guys......but....I can't.
Me: Why not?
Jirachi: I have to go and make people's wishes come true. It;s my duty. It makes everyone happy....and that's the way I like it. *bows head in sorrow*
Skitty: We....we understand....but.....will we ever see you again?
Jirachi: Of course!! That's why there's continues and guest appearances!!
Us: O_O;

Is Pinky really gone for good? Will we ever see Jirachi again? Who did know that Pinky was lactose intolerant?! Skitty or Mudkip will tell!! ^_^
(Now watch Skitty be gone again....)

Teh OMG!!! She's STILL HERE!!! XD!

P.S- Skitty, I like your profile pic. It's cute. ^___^
And I'm sorry you were sick, but....LUCKY YOU!! XD!

EDIT: And Skitty and Mudkip, take a look at my poems thread, there's something you might like. ;)

2nd September 2004, 9:17 PM
Uhh Skitty,can you contiune my story without me contiuning?I ran out of Ideas.^_^

Space Skitty
2nd September 2004, 9:37 PM
I'm still here! XD! Of course I'll continue, LilMayFan!

Zapdos: A he and a *BEEP*... I didn't say anything nasty! Shh! (Finishes tying LilMayFan up)
LilMayFan: Help! Please!
Everyone: O_O
May: I'm not a she-devil! And if I were then that makes you the brother of one!
Max: Oh, I didn't mean to say 'she-devil!' I meant to say devil!
Articuno: O_O;; This is scary...
LilMayFan: Help... Someone...
Max: DIE!
May: OH, YOU'RE GONNA ALRIGHT! (Throws a knife at Max)
Everyone: O_O;;;
Max: EEEEEEEEEEEEEP! (Barely dodges) May... You sick freak...
LilMayFan: Hep! (The knife cuts LilMayFan free) Oh, gosh... I almost was stabbed...
May: O_O;;; Opps... I didn't mean to...

LilMayFan can continue.

Now continuing from Meganium!

Mudkip: Yay! This slide is fun!
Me: Hey, Mudkip! Listen! Its your favorite thing! (Steps on music mat and it makes a pleaseant sound)
Mudkip: ^__^ Music! Yay!
Meganium: Hey, Skitty! Wanna hear YOUR favorite thing?
Me: Yes!
Meganium: Okay! (Steps on a mat and the sound of water is heard)
Me: O_O;;; (Looks pale) Water...
Meganium: Opps! Wrong mat! Sorry! How about this one? (Steps on a mat & a loud fart sound is heard)
Me: O_O;;; Brock's... gas...
Mudkip: I can almost smell it...
Meganium: Eh... This? (Steps on another mat)
(The following is heard)
Brock: I LOVE LUU!
(The mat stops)
Us: O_O;;;
Meganium: That... was scary...
Me: These music mats are... changing...
Mudkip: But... What about the beautiful sounds?
(Brock's fart is heard)
Us: O_O;;;

Will the mats be saved? Meganium & Mudkip know!

2nd September 2004, 9:55 PM

Me: Uh....this one!!
Ash: I have long hair!
May: Are we there?
Max: I have underwear!
Brock: At you I stare!
Us: O_O
Mudkip: Uh.....this one......I hope....
Pikachu: Pika pi!
Max: I'm only 3!
Ash: Oh, that can't be!
May: I gotta pee!
Brock: Oh, let me see!!
Us: O______o;;;;;;;
Skitty: That was just scary....let's try this one...
Ash: I like to hum!
Max: I sure am dumb!
May: I suck my thumb!
Brock: My butt is numb!
Us: O_o;;;
Me: Okaaaaay......let's go to My room then....
*we do*
Mudkip: Why are the mats all weird?
Skitty: This can only be the work of a certain evil pony.....
Me: HEY!!! What are you doing here?!?!
Zapdos: Oop, wrong story....*flies off*
Mudkip: You think Pinky did this? But how?
Skitty: Well, all that evil's gotta go somewhere, I guess....
Me: Good point....

How will we un-evil-ize the mats? Will we succeed? Why was Brock's butt numb? Most of the answers....when Skitty posts!! XD!
Wow! Skitty's still here! A new record!! XD, sorry, Skitty....I'm just kidding. :D

And LilMayFan and evryone, I hope you all enjoyed the guest appearance. XD! ;)

Space Skitty
2nd September 2004, 10:13 PM
EDIT: Yes! The Skitty is staying now! XD!
O_O Those mats are scary... XD! Continuing from my buddy, Meganium!

Mudkip: So now what?
Me: Hmm... Maybe if we attacked the mats...
Meganium: Let's try it.
(We enter the room with mats)
Meganium: Razor Leaf! (Uses Razor Leaf on the mats)
Ash: I love you, hat!
Brock: I smell like poo!
May: I love Max!
Max: I love May!
Us: O_O;;
Mudkip: My turn! (Uses Water Pulse on the mats)
May: I wanna be Max's girlfriend!
Max: I wanna be May's children's father!
Brock: I wanna be a HEROINE!
Us: O_O;;;;;;
Me: Uh... I guess I'll go next... (Uses Tackle on the mats)
May/Max/Brock: YES, HE DOES!
Corphish: Help me?
Us: O_O;;;;;;;;
Me: Poor Corphish...
Meganium: We must push on! Pinky is just trying to scare us! And she's suceeding... (Uses Solar Beam on the mats)
Ash: I'm running late!
May/Max: We're on a date!
Brock: And I love to mate! Uh... I meant... I love my mates!
Us: O_O;;;;;;;;
Mudkip: Eww! (Uses Ice Beam)
Us: O_O;;;;;;;;;
Me: Me-OW! (Uses Double Edge)
Pikachu: Pi, pi!
Pikachu: Pi, pi!
Max: GRR!
Corphish: Hei, hei!
Us: O_O;;;
Me: Is this safe? Hearing this?
Mudkip/Meganium: No...

Will the mats continue to sound... weird? Meganium & Mudkip know!

2nd September 2004, 10:36 PM
XD, Skitty!!!

Skitty: I'll try now!! *scratches*
Us: O_O;;;;;;;;
Mudkip: Okay...*uses Water Gun*
Ash: Ask me and I'll say!
Max: That she hurts me every day!
May: 'Cause my name is May!
Brock: Pinky likes to neigh!
Us: O__o;;
Me: *vine whips*
Ash: Oh it's so fun
Max: To watch May run
Brock: Cinnamon bun!
Us: O_o
Mudkip: Okay...it's not working...
Skitty: We've got to do something....
Me: Although writing those ryhmes is majorly fun....

Will there be any more bad ryhmes? How will we dispose of Pinky's evil for good? WILL we?! Skitty knows the answers!!

Space Skitty
2nd September 2004, 10:43 PM
I'm a Johto Champion! YAY! XD! Continuing from my buddy!

Me: We must find a way to end this... I know! I'll try Sing! (Sings)
Ash: Eww! What is that sound!?
May: I hear it all around!
Max: And I know that it is bound...
Brock: To turn me upside down!
Us: O_O;;;
Mudkip: We have to stop this! But how?
(A mat glows)
Pinky: Heheh. I'm so smart. You're all so clueless. Ha ha.
Us: O_O
Meganium: Pinky! Show yourself!
(A roach scurries by)
Roach: It is I! Pinky!
Us: O_O;;;
Roach: Just kidding! (Scurries away)
Me: This... is really weird...
Ash: You got that right!
May: I hate the light!
Max: I saw May all night!
Brock: I love to bite!
Us: O_O;;;;;;;;;

Will this insanity end?! XD! Meganium knows!

2nd September 2004, 10:59 PM
XD, Skitty!! You're good at weird ryhmes. XD! And yay, you're a Johto Champ!! I will be soon, too. ^_^

Continuing from my fellow ghost-believer!! (yes, I've been at the Miscellanious Forum. XD!)

Me: Okay.....Vine Slam!
Ash: Wow!
May: Pow!
Max: Ow!
Brock: Cow?
Us: O_o;;;
Skitty: Tailspin!!
Ash: Who?
Max: Poo!
May: YOU!
Us: okaaaay....
Mudkip: Gyser Blast!
Ash: Where?
Max: There!
May: Swear!
Brock: You can't swear.
Us: O___o;;
Me: This weirdness must end!!
Skitty: Pinky could be feeding off our confusion right now!! We've gotta stay calm!!
Mudkip: Right!
Skitty: And now, I'll continue!!

Will Skitty continue? Hopefully!! XD!

EDIT: Hurrah! I'M a Johto Champ now, too! *victory dance XD*

Space Skitty
2nd September 2004, 11:11 PM
Congratulations Meganium! You're a Johto Champ, too! Another thing we have in common! XD! Continuing from my fellow Johto Champ!

Skitty: Eat this! (Uses Heal Bell)
Ash: Ahh... So relieving...
May: Ahh... So achieving...
Max: Ahh... So believing...
Brock: Ahh... (A loud squiek) So Smelly!
Meganium: Evil! (Uses Body Slam)
Ash: Bayleef, stop that!
May: My brother looks like a bat!
Max: My sister looks like a rat!
Brock: I am a brat doll!
Us: O_O
Mudkip: This will end! (Uses Blizzard)
Ash: Ahh! Chilly!
May: Chilly pepper!
Max: I am a leperd!
Brock: And I feel so much better!
Us: -_-;;

Will this ever end? Meganium knows!

2nd September 2004, 11:29 PM
XD, you shoulda put, "leper" it woulda been funnier, since Leprosy is an ancient disease...XD!

Continuing from my fellow Champion! *yay* ^.^

*a transparent Pinky comes out of the mat*
Skitty: Uh....yeah...SHAZAM!
Mudkip: BE GONE!
*Pinky disappears*
Me: Whew....glad that's over....*steps on mat, it makes a musical sound*
Mudkip: Yay! ^.^
Skitty: Hurray! *steps on another mat, Brock's fart is heard*
Us: O_O;;;

What is lurking in or under the mat?! Why is Pinky still out to get us? Skitty knows the answers!!


3rd September 2004, 1:42 AM
Well,agian I ran out.I don't know why.Skitty,sorry for this,but I'am gonna need you to contiune agian!Please don't hate me!*Hides*

Musical Mudkip
3rd September 2004, 10:59 PM
I have some time now!!!!
My name is Ash
My camera has flash!
If you call me trash,
I'll attack you with Splash!

My name is May
I look for blue jays
I have not made any headway
On my Pokemon essay!

My name is Max!
My back likes to crack!
I can't subtract,
but I enjoy heart attacks!

My name is Brock!
My butt constantly squawks!
I am currently out of stock!
Give me a girl, and we'll go into a grandfather clock!

3rd September 2004, 11:16 PM
MUDKIP!!! *glomp* Good to see you again! ^_____^

Can you continue Skitty, Yours, and My story? Pwetty Pwease? 8<

And I like your Kirby picture. :D Hungry, hungry Kir-BIES...XD!

Musical Mudkip
3rd September 2004, 11:35 PM
Meganium: Let's just ignore that mat, and decorate!
Me: Oof! This Blue tent is too big for me to push!! Lend a paw or vine, please!
*We move the blue tent*
Skitty: Looks nice!
Meganium: Plants! Plants!
Mudkip: Okay! *activates PC* Which one?
Skitty: That biggy flower one!
*lala...we decorate*
Me: Can we get a balloon out here? *sees Skitty's face* Just kidding...
*Skitty gets smacked by a balloon*
Skitty: Hey! Mudkip!
Me: It wasn't me.
Meganium: Not guilty!
Skitty: Uh oh...
All: PINKY!!!
*Pinky appears with water balloons*
Retreat! There are too many balloons! Filled with WATER!
Meganium: What's the problem, guys? This water is doin wonders for me! *absorbs more water*
Mudkip: Yeah, this is no problem-o!
Pinky: It may be only water now, but I'll change it to weed wilter!
All: AUGH!!!
*We are backed into a corner*
Meganium: We're in for it, guys! Nice knowing you!
Me: Sob, sob, the pleasure was mine...
Skitty: Bye...
*Meganium steps a music mat*
*We hear Brock's fart*
Pinky: AUGH!!! The noise! The smell! I'm very sensitive to loud noises!!!
Me: *evil grin* Are you, now? *plays sax loudly*

3rd September 2004, 11:45 PM
XD!! Good to have you with us for a while, Mudkip. ^_____^

Pinky: I'm almost too tiny to do anything now!! You'll pay, Mudkip!!!
*disappears in a cloud of smoke*
Skitty: *whimpers* Are the balloons gone? *hiding in a corner*
Me: Yes, Skitty.....you can come out now.
Skitty: Whew!!
Me: Well, we know what to do next time....pull Skitty's tail!!
Skitty: HEY!!!!.....why?
Me: She's afraid of loud noises, remember?
Skitty: ^_^;;;;
Mudkip: Can we get back to decorating now?
Me: Sure....*moves a comfort desk* It goes with Me!! ^__^
Mudkip: *places a surf mat with my help* It goes with me!! ^__^
Skitty: Holds up a Blizzard mat* It goes with--*notices, holds up attract Mat* It goes with Me!! ^__^

XD! Back to you, Mudkip!! ^___^


Musical Mudkip
4th September 2004, 5:32 AM
Me: Let's put in a slide!
Meganium: *glancing down* That's a little inconvienent...
Skitty: Well, I got super size! *pulls it out of a hat*
Me: I didn't know that you had a hat....o__O
Meganium: *slyly* There's a lot you don't know about us...
Skitty: SKDUTGAJ!!!
Me: What?
Meganium: Did she eat something weird? I remember my Aunt Meg ate this mutated Pecha berry, and...*I slap her with my fin* Ouch!
Me: We're not talking about your Aunt Meg, are we? Or does she happen to look like a Skitty?
Meganium: Hmm, I see a little resemblence...hey, hey, just kiddin'!
Me: You know you is causing this, don't you?
Pinky: WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Your friend seems to be a little tongue-tied!
Me: Where in the name of mud are you, Pinky?
Pinky: HERE!!! DOWN HERE!!!
Meganium: Where? Ouch I stepped on something!
Pinky: That was me!
*I start playing my sax*
Me: Meganium! Sing!!
Pinky: AUGH!!! I'll get you!!!! AUGH!!!!!!

How can we get Skitty's voice again?

4th September 2004, 4:16 PM
Yay!! Buds. *hug* XD!

Continuing from my small blue friend!! ^___^

Mudkip: No, Meganium!! Not in the base....
Me: Oh.....right......
Pinky: Wahahahahahah!!! Now you shall face my wrath!!
Mudkip: Or maybe NOT! *steps on Pinky*
Pinky: Ohhhhh!!!! CURSES!!!
Me: Hah! I can do better then That!! *steps on Pinky also*
Pinky: Nooo!!! 221 Pounds!!!
Me: *sniff* don't rub it in.....*whips Pinky around with vines*
Pinky: NOOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOoooo!!!!
Mudkip: So long, SQUIRT!! *blasts Pinky out with a Hydro Pump*
Me: Is Skitty okay?
Mudkip: I don't know...*nudges Skitty*
Skitty: .......huhwhat?
Me: YAY! You're okay!! *grabs in vines and hugs*
Skitty: Uuugh, get the heck offa me!! A little Space, here?! (no pun intended--XD!)
Mudkip: She IS back!!

Will Pinky return? How will we ever get our decorating done? Skitty or Mudkip know the answers to these questions!!

XD! Due to the SIZE=1 thing not working, to make Pinky's speach small, I had to put everyone ELSE in SIZE=1!! XD!

Space Skitty
4th September 2004, 5:43 PM
Hi, Meganium, Mudkip, & LilMayFan! Sorry I've been sick so I haven't been on much... Now! Time to continue from Meganium! ^__^

Mudkip: Pinky is evil... Maybe we should buy some garlic? You know,to keep her away...
Meganium: Good idea! (Places some garlic in the Secret Base)
Me: Hw about some crosses?
Meganium: Yeah! (Adds some crosses)
Mudkip: Now we should be safe...
(A ghastly voice is heard)
Us: O_O;;;

Who is this new enemy? Is it even new? Meganium or Mudkip know!

Continuing on LilMayFan's story! (I'd never hate you! Don't sweat! ^_^)

LilMayFan: Whew... This is scary...
Max: See... That's what happens when little children play with potential weapons!
Articuno: Love... Its everywhere!
May: DIE! DIE! (Starts strangling Max)
Articuno: Oh... Love...
Zapdos: Sibling love... Its so powerful...
May/Max: SHUT UP!
Artcuno/Zapdos: O_O;;;
Moltres: Hello!? Help me! Don't forget I'm trapped in here!

Will Moltres ever get free? Is sibling love really that strong? LilMayFan knows!

4th September 2004, 6:07 PM
XD, Skitty!! And I'm so sorry you're sick.... ='( I hope you get better soon! ^_^

Voice: I shall avenge my sister's plight.
Us: O_O;;;;;;;
Voice: Fear me....I...AM MINTY!! *reveals self to be another My Little Pony Plush*
Zapdos: Rainbow Dash?
Minty: NO, FOOL!! *hyperbeams from nostrils*
Zapdos: eep. *flies away*
Me: What....what do you want?
Mudkip: TOO BAD!! *plays sax*
Minty: ........
Mudkip: WHAT? Loud noises don't work on Her!! NO!!
Skitty: WREOW!!! HISSSSSS!! PHHT, PHHT!!! *pounces on Minty and claws the crap outta her*
Mudkip and Me: O_O;
Skitty: MEOW!!! PHHHHHT!! *scratches Minty's eyes*
Me: *charges up sunlight*
Mudkip: *stores up water*
Skitty: *stores up energy*
Me, Mudkip, and Skitty: *blast Minty with Solar Beam, Hydro Pump, and Hyper Beam, respectively*
Minty: *goes flying* I'LL SEND MY SISTERS AFTER YOOOUUUU!!!!
Mudkip and Me: O_O; Skitty, how did you use Hyper Beam?!
Skitty: O_O; I don't know.....

Will there be any other pony encounters? How did Skitty learn Hyper Beam? How do I know the names of all those My Little Ponies?! (yes, they're actual names--my cousin likes the creepy little things, so I was forced into learning their names!! NOOOO! XD!) Skitty or Mudkip know! XD!

And I hope everyone enjoyed my little guest appearance! ;) XD!