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Chelch Dran
31st August 2007, 11:09 AM
Ok heres what happened. I wondered what would happen if you typed a # in the SPP Chat. I got kicked for advertising. WTF??? So I pmed the person who kicked me, serebii. No response. So I pmed MisterCow, asking why I had been kicked and all I got was some flame. After some time I clicked the button to go back in to see If I was still banned and Iwasn't. I said oh well I am back in now to MisterCow. I closed the PM. After a bit he Pmed me again saying I should be thankful he didn't ban me for PMing him. I wasn't pleased with this in my reply and after I replied I was kicked. HE STARTED THE PM WINDOW!!!

Heres the log (I admit I am not blameless but I dont think its entirely my fault)
[10:43] <Chelch> WHy was I kicked???
[10:43] <MisterCow> Why did you PM me?
[10:43] <Chelch> To ask why I was kicked
[10:43] <Chelch> none of the other mods are replying
[10:43] <MisterCow> Which is contravening the rules.
[10:44] <Chelch> yes but there was no reason for kicking me
[10:44] <MisterCow> Suppose not.
[10:44] <MisterCow> But now you are PMing the mods
[10:44] <MisterCow> Which is ample reason to kick you
[10:44] <Chelch> Yes, I have done nothing wrong other than this, if I am gonig to be kciked I should deserve it
[10:44] <MisterCow> Crymore.
[10:45] <Chelch> Wtf?
[10:45] <MisterCow> I couldn't care less, tbh.
[10:46] <Chelch> Well thats why your a shitty mod, you dont kick the spammmers, you kick the people who have done nothing wrong (not saying it was you who kicked me but the mods in general)
[10:47] <MisterCow> That's a shame, I'm sure.
[10:48] <Chelch_Dran> who cares I am back anyway now
[10:48] <MisterCow> And be thankful that I haven't kickbanned you again for hassling me.
[10:48] <Chelch_Dran> Ooh! The big scary mod!
[10:49] <Chelch_Dran> Dont threaten me
10:49] <Chelch_Dran> Dickhead
[10:49] <MisterCow> Crymore.
[10:49] <Chelch_Dran> ah well, Ill just go spam the wifi chat
[10:50] <MisterCow> Good for you.
[10:50] <Chelch_Dran> Whatever, by the time I had sent the last message I had closed the PM screen so techincally you kicked me for no reason
[10:51] <MisterCow> How is tha valid reasoning?
[10:51] <MisterCow> You had sent me a message AFTER rejoining the channel
[10:51] <Chelch_Dran> AFTER I was kicked
[10:51] <MisterCow> No.
[10:51] <Chelch_Dran> lol, dumbas
[10:52] <MisterCow> Aug 31 10:48:58 <Chelch_Dran>who cares I am back anyway now
[10:52] <MisterCow> Aug 31 10:49:14 <MisterCow>And be thankful that I haven't kickbanned you again for hassling me.
[10:52] <MisterCow> Aug 31 10:49:35 <Chelch_Dran>Ooh! The big scary mod!
[10:52] <MisterCow> Aug 31 10:49:45 <Chelch_Dran>Dont threaten me
[10:52] <MisterCow> You were in the channel when you sent those messages, moron.
[10:52] <Chelch_Dran> very nice copy and paste
[10:53] <Chelch_Dran> And anyway, I WAS in the channel but you messaged me!
[10:53] <Chelch_Dran> So I did't PM you
[10:53] <MisterCow> In response to your message.
[10:53] <Chelch_Dran> You weren't supposed to respond
[10:53] <MisterCow> Cry. More.
[10:53] <Chelch_Dran> and what did you expect me to do if you start threatning me?
[10:54] <Chelch_Dran> Ok thats it I am reporting you on the forums
[10:54] <MisterCow> Oh boo hoo
[10:54] <Chelch_Dran> Yeah thats it, keep insulting me more!
[10:54] <MisterCow> Prepare to get royally flamed by Josh, I imagine
[10:55] <Chelch_Dran> Cmon more flame, I want loads to post on the forum!
[10:55] <MisterCow> I'm not sure if you realised, but compared to you, I've been relatively civil. So posting the log isn't going to do you any favours.
[10:55] <MisterCow> Except, I'm sure you'll cut the parts out where you've insulted me.
[10:57] <Chelch_Dran> Nope, is all going in, i am not dishonest enoguh to pretend I am blameless
[10:59] <Chelch_Dran> No, But you were making a jab at mine
[11:00] <Chelch_Dran> I made no jab at your honesty since I have no reason to think you are dishonest
[11:00] <MisterCow> OK.

Heres an exact log.So yeah, I admit I am not blameless in this but Its not all my fault i dont think.

31st August 2007, 11:13 AM

Cry more.

wandering mew
31st August 2007, 11:17 AM
the # sign is usually used as a way to advertize other channels. You got kicked by a script. >.>

Chelch Dran
31st August 2007, 11:23 AM
Im not as bothered about the first kick as the second.

31st August 2007, 11:24 AM
You realise both kicks were your own doing, right?

This thread is both irrelevant to the forum and to anything else.

Thanks for the spam.

Shiny Machamp Trainer "B"
31st August 2007, 11:28 AM
This is an epic thread.

Chelch Dran
31st August 2007, 11:28 AM
And that was some spam, get lost

Chelch Dran
31st August 2007, 11:29 AM
AND i just got kicked from Wifi from Mario for Saying want Gengar With Nightmare heres the kick message You've been kicked out of #SPP-WiFi by Mario (I r going to haunt you in your sleep >:D)

31st August 2007, 11:45 AM
Scripts, Chelch Dran. Get over it.

Chelch Dran
31st August 2007, 11:48 AM
Maybe the wifi chat was a script but thats not the thing I am most wprried about here. I have a perma ban from MisterCow, thats the main problem.

31st August 2007, 1:06 PM
Maybe the wifi chat was a script but thats not the thing I am most wprried about here. I have a perma ban from MisterCow, thats the main problem.
This is gonna be fun.

Okay, Chelch, as you may have noticed, that log only makes people HATE you, so Mr.Cow was right about that.
But anyway, you may not pm the op's unless it is really needed, so pming things like "l am back!!!!ZOMG" is not allowed.
Yes, he responsed, but the fact that you closed the message does not mean that his respond was no respond, you still started the pming and he only responsed to your earlier pm.

Besides, the rules say that you may not pm an op (Like you did), but there is no rule that says that an op may not pm you.

Sigh. l never relised that there exist people who are so dumb.
l hope that you do not get banned, because you are funny!

And about your ban in the chatroom, nobody cares about that. Because you are a nobody and only you care about it. A_A

Chelch Dran
31st August 2007, 1:10 PM
Heres an Idea Blatsman, **** OFF

31st August 2007, 1:15 PM
Geez. This is all your own fault, Chelch. You had no business PMing a mod for your ban when it was clearly a script that did it. :/ And for harassing MisterCow, you earned another ban. It IS all your fault. So quit whining about it and move on with your life. Being permabanned from a pokemon channel isn't the worst thing in teh world. ;)

31st August 2007, 1:20 PM
Heres an Idea Blatsman, **** OFF

Lol, l absorb the energy your from your crying and put it in my happiness.

31st August 2007, 1:33 PM
Wow, you're an idiot.

As said numerous times in the past, saying # is a form of advertising channels on irc, hence the kick.

And you're an idiot for insulting MisterCow first, so yea, you're lucky you didn't get banned by him.

AND NOW TO USE MY ULTIMATE AWESOME NEW MOD POWER IN THIS SECTION AND CLOSE THIS TOPIC! And remind you to next time post in the wifi topic about being unfairly banned...

Which you weren't.

And you're an idiot.