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3rd September 2007, 9:35 AM
Okay, We have all seen the pic of movie 11 right?? well i think it may be called Pokemon: Quiet Flower or Something. It will feature Shaymin and Regigigas and Possibly Heatran........Cresselia? It will feature and angry Regigigas woken by some dumb Team Rocket Grunts (Jesse, James and Meowth) or Team Galactic grunts waking Regigigas and making angry and attacking shaymin. Ash will be there with brock, dawn and the other usual random. Maybe Ash will catch a Shaymin? that would be kool. I think Pokemon Movie 12 will defiantly involve Arceus and like someone else phione or mamoswine or another new evos. In the movie Arceus will summon the trio and dialga and palkia and giratina bla bla bla ash and co save the world and dada done! Movie would be called Pokemon: Beginning

I Think the final movie will involve all the legendary pokemon in an epic battle!
Each legendary will have a s tone which will all be sealed in some ancient cave
Movie will be called Pokemon: Stones of Life

Articuno - IceAir Stone ;144;
Zapdos - ThunderAir Stone ;145;
Moltres - FireAir Stone ;146;
Mew - Life Stone ;151;
Mewtwo - None. It will summon them. ;150;
Raikou - ThunderGround Stone ;243;
Suicuine - WaterStone ;244;
Entei - FireGround Stone ;245;
Ho-oH Burn Stone ;250;
Lugia - PhyscicAir Stone ;249;
Celebi - Forest Stone ;251;
Regirock - Rock Stone ;377;
Regice - IceGround Stone ;378;
Registeel - Steel Stone ;379;
Latios - Male Stone ;380;
Latias - Female Stone ;381;
Jirachi - Wish Stone ;385;
Deoxys - Alien Stone ;386;
Kyorge - Deep Stone ;382;
Rayquaza - Air Stone ;384;
Groudon - Magma Stone ;383;
Uxie - Knowledge Stone ;480;
Mesprit - Emotion Stone ;481;
Azelf - Will Stone ;482;
Dialga - Time Stone ;483;
Palkia - Space Stone ;484;
Giratina - Death Stone ;487;
Phione - Warm Stone ;489;
Manaphy - Prince Stone ;490;
Cresselia - ??????? ;488;
Darkrai - Night Stone? ;491;
Heatran - ????? ;485;
Arceus - Power Stone ;493;

And future generation pokemon.......
Also i think a normal pokemon will become legendary *cough*Arcanine ;059;, Ninetales ;038;*cough*

Its kinda stupid but meh its what i think i would like your opionion and future movies names

3rd September 2007, 11:59 AM
There's about a 1% chance of everything you just said happening.

3rd September 2007, 1:28 PM
They are all brilliant ideas and a testament as to how the animé forums seem to greatly improve with each passing day.

3rd September 2007, 1:46 PM
Movie 11???!!!! Where?? I wanna see!!!!!

3rd September 2007, 2:54 PM
Sorry, but no.

I guess we could have this as some sort of bizarre Movie 11 speculation thread, but I honestly cannot see anything but stupid emitting from it as time goes by like a rotting corpse.

So yeah, closing. The user has been banned anyway. :|