View Full Version : Leona (A thread for those who have been kicked unfairly)

3rd September 2007, 3:17 PM
In going through the 'Been kicked unfairly' and other such topics, I cannot help but notcing the number of people who have been kickbanned from a chatroom by Leona for very little reason, such as changing their name, or quitting and rejoining due to a bad connection.

I was kicked by Leona for doing this: <(^.^)>

No warning was given, its not in the rules you can't do it, and the ability to do it is in the SPP MIRC Scripts!

Leona takes on no responsibility as a mod, and I know many people who will agree. This is not a flame (or is attempting not to be one), this is a formal...well not a complaint, more a request that someone can confirm this and see if Leona could...tone down her personal reasons for kicking people and try and stick to the pre-warned reasons such as trading in the wrong place, or swearing.

If anyone else has been kicked by Leona unfairly, please post below. Some more evidence to back up my claim is required...otherwise I'm just an idiot trying to take on a mod. That way I can be a fool trying to take on a mod, which is far less dangerous.

-Kireas ;rukario;

3rd September 2007, 5:13 PM
Post logs - don't depend on others for evidence when you present minimal evidence yourself.

3rd September 2007, 11:38 PM
Good lord...

Post in the "Banned from SPP-Wifi/SPP" topic, don't make a seperate one for discussing pretty much the same thing.