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13th September 2007, 1:30 PM
This thread, like the DP one Coronis & I ran last year, we'll be posting all our discoveries as we play through the game here

To Discuss these discoveries, go here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?goto=newpost&t=275335

13th September 2007, 4:02 PM
Right, updates will be much slower compared with the D/P thread coz I'm really not that good in Dungeon and I can't spare as much time as I did on D/P either.

Highlights so far:

1) Recruiting members seem much easier, but less colourful. There are no Friend Areas in MD2, and that means you can recruit any Pokemon without requiring to buy anything. A Chingling at the Guild will let you organize what members to bring, and who to leave behind. Once you recruit someone at the dungeon, you can send it back to the Guild immediately, without needing to complete the dungeon and risk losing this recruited member.

2) Every single Pokemon seems to have those big-head shots now in MD2. As mentioned above, with the lack of Friend Areas. You pick your recruited members like a stack of namecards now, each with the big-head shot on the card.

3) No more Pelipper's daily mail, but everything is posted on the notice board. There are two notice boards this time though, so 2 kinds of missions. On the left is like in MD1, to find a lost Pokemon. On the right is a criminal list needed to be arrested by the police force (Lieutanent Magnezone and its two Magnemites), or by other people who have had their things stolen. On such missions, you find the Pokemon, and defeat it. It is usually quite strong, even in the early missions, so be prepared.

4) The money rewards in the missions may seem sky high, but the truth is only 1/10 goes to you. The rest goes to the Guild...

Brief Walkthru:

Like its sequel, you start out with a series of questions to determine your 'nature', and thus the Pokemon you will turn into. The added gimmick here is a prompt for you to touch the screen with your finger so it can 'read your aura' (hadou, as in Lucario's species). Most likely this doesn't affect anything but just something to utilize the touchscreen with.

After picking your partner (like before, you get the choice between Pikachu and starters of the other types, or all starters if you happen to be a non-starter), the story begins.

Chapter 1 - Stormy Seas
You see a giant storm sweeping across the sea, and the Sharpedo-shaped cliff comes into view. Apparently as a human, you get caught up in some sort of storm (just dialogue, no face actuall seen), and finally lose consciousness. You are soon washed ashore in Treasure Town's seashore as a Pokemon, and remain unconscious.

In front of Wigglytuff's Guild, your partner ponders on getting in to join, but once it steps in front of the door, the alarm goes off and it gets quickly identified. Frightened, your partner thinks it's something bad and backs away. It then takes out its most treasured item, something known as the Ruins Shard, and wishes it could put it to use someday.

As it leaves, its monologue was apparently overheard by Zubat and Koffing, who decide to snatch it. Your partner heads to the seashore, where Krabbies constantly decorate the scene with bubbles, and feels good about itself again. It notices you, and the introductory scene is pretty much like in MD1.

But Zubat and Koffing suddenly ambush your partner from behide, and snatch the Ruins Shard away before dashing off into a dungeon. Disheartened, your partner begs you to retrieve it together with it, and you head into your very first dungeon.

Dungeon 1 - Seashore Cave
Pokemon: Shellder, Kabuto, Corsola, Shellos (east)

Defeat Zubat and Koffing, and you get the shard back. Immediately following this, you get to see the title screen again, and you get to save.

Chapter 2: Joining The Guild
At the seashore, your partner tells you that it believes the Ruins Shard will lead it to a legendary place someday. You also talk about your human-turn-Pokemon mystery, and later decide to join Wigglytuff's Guild. Once you're there, right in front of the door, you two get identified again (though identifying you seems quite a trouble). You enter to find a whole room of various Pokemon, and once Chatot appears, he learns about your desire to start an expedition team, and thus takes you to Wigglytuff, who seems kinda odd really. You easily get admitted, and given a starter kit.

Your first mission is to help Spoink retrieve its lost pearl.
Dungeon 2 - Damp Rockground
Pokemon: Anorith, Lileep, Shellos (west), Chingling
Get the pearl at B6, and you finish your mission.

Chapter 3 - Space-Time Calling

At the Guild, you two get your own room, and every morning, Loudred will come wake you with its booming voice, fainting you guys every morning. Everyone gathers for Wigglytuff's assembly, then set off to do their own work. Chatot will tell Bidoof to take you guys around Treasure Town. Shops available now are Duskull's Bank, Kangaskhan's Storage and the Kecleon Bro. Shop. Electivire, Xatu, Chansey and Marowak-themed shops are not open yet.

Once at the Kecleon Bro. Shop, a Marill and Azumarill come up to buy apples. But then Azurill trips, and when you hand its dropped apple back to it, you hear someone calling for help. Yet, apparently you are the only one hearing it. Later, you see Marill and Azurill talking to a Drowzee in town, who promises to escort them to retrieve something they have lost in a dungeon. When Drowzee bumps into you however, you hear the cry for help again and even get a vision, with Azurill being cornered by Drowzee.

Again, your partner thinks you're overreacting, and the 'rills head off with Drowzee. Back at the Guild, Bidoof shows you a board list of criminals (during which you see Dugtrio's job is to update these boards). Unfortunately, your partner soon notices Drowzee's photo on it, and gets an ominous feeling. You two quickly dash off, and find Marill right outside the Guild, claiming that Azurill has gone missing while they were in the dungeon. You two head for the rescue of course.

Dungeon 3: Spikey Mountain
Pokemon: Nidorina, Nidorino, Geodude, Machop, Doduo, Spinarak, Starly
At the top floor, seems like there is some sort of treasure hole too big for Drowzee to get in, and thus it needs Azurill's help. Azurill refuses, and gets cornered. You two arrive in time, and defeat Drowzee. Lieutanent Magnezone appears with its Magnemites, and arrests Drowzee.

After dinner, that night, a storm arrives again. Before you sleep, your partner tells you something about the Time Wheel, a mystic item present in the forest, lake and volcano. It is said that these wheels govern time, and no one dares to touch them. However, in a cut scene, you see a Grovyle snatching away the Kizaki Forest Time Wheel, causing time to halt completely in the forest, even morning dews cease in their fall from the leaves.

Chapter 4 - Watchman's Job
After doing some missions, one fine morning, Loudred gets you two to substitute for Diglett's job for the day, since it has to help Dugtrio out. This part of the game fully utilizes the touchscreen function, and tests you knowledge on Pokemon footprints.

Apparently Diglett is the watchman of the Guild, and lurks under the front door. The reason why you guys were identied before was all because of Diglett, and you are going to do exactly that now. A footprint will be showed, and 4 choices are available, starting with name only, and then pic. The quicker you touch the correct name, the higher score you get, and you will be rewarded a certain amount of money or even items once this job is over.

Chapter 5 - The First Expedition
The Guild finally talks about the loss of time in the Kizaki Forest, and you two are sent off on your very first expedition to a mysterious waterfall. At the entrance, you are wondering how to get past the waterfall into the cave within, but you get a 'space-time calling' again, and you see a silhouette simply jumping into the waterfall. You do so, and arrive in the dungeon.

Dungeon 4: Waterfall Cave
Pokemon: Psyduck, Poliwag, Grimer, Tangela, Wooper, Lotad, Barboach
Once you get to the top, there is a giant jewel, and when you touch it, you get a 'calling' again, seeing the same silhouette being washed away by a tide. Naturally, the same tide comes in to wash you two away, and you get spurted out from the cave, and land in a nearby hotsprings. Knowing the secret of the waterfall, you head back to Chatot.

You come to realize that the silhouette is actually Wigglytuff, but somehow Chatot seems to be hiding something from you. You guys approach Wigglytuff, and it wants to hold a long expedition voyage soon, and will start picking members in the upcoming days. Wigglytuff is still ever so weird somehow.

Chapter 6 - Poison Rose
Zubat and Koffing soon reveal that they have a leader in their team Poison Rose, the Skuntank notorious for its stink. Somehow they manage to join the Guild, and one fine night, steals all the food away.

For some reason, the apples are very important to Wigglytuff, and Chatot thus sends you two off to the Apple Forest to get some more apples, but this is all overheard by Poison Rose.

Dungeon 5: Apple Forest
Pokemon: Caterpie, Weedle, Kakuna, Beedrill, Paras, Oddish, Gloom, Exeggcutor, Tangela, Budew, Burmy (yellow)
At the top floor there is a big tree, but before you get the apples, Poison Rose snatches them away and knocks you out with Skuntank's stink.

Back at the Guild, Chatot is very unhappy about your failure, and Wigglytuff, while seemingly nonchalant at first, soon gets upset, and begins to cry. Its cry is no ordinary one, as it's almost like using Hyper Voice, destroying everything in sight. Poison Rose appears to give the apples as a present, and thus earned Wigglytuff and Chatot's trust, while you two are looked down upon.

The next morning, Chatot says chances are you two won't be picked for the expedition anyway, and brushes you off.

Right, that's as far as I've gotten now.


16th September 2007, 10:07 AM
Okay, been rushing through the game so lots of things weren't documented in detail, but at least I can give a general overview of the story (up to the credits that is), which I actually find great.

First a bit of highlights again:
1) As I said last time, there are no more Friend Areas, which allows you to recruit as many Pokemon as possible, without the restriction of the Area size in MD1. Also, it seems like you can recruit ANY Pokemon in the dungeons, even the fully evolved ones like Dragonite, Tyranitar and Feraligatr. Of course, their recruitment rates will be low.

2) For newly recuited Pokemon, as I said, you could send them right back to the Guild, but actually you don't have to either, because even if they are knocked out, they won't disappear like in MD1 but will be back in the Guild anyway.

3) In Treasure Town (equivalent to the Pokemon Central Town in MD1), we already now about Kangaskhan, Duskull, Kecleon and Electivire. New additions are:
(a) Chansey - the mission rewards can sometimes be eggs, and they will be hatched at Chansey's hut (automatically). You can only hatch one egg per time, and this usually takes a few days. If you have one egg in hatching process, the missions will not reward you with eggs again until it hatches.
(b) Xatu - in dungeons, there are now various treasure chests to pick up. You need to pay Xatu ($150) to open them. Inside are usually items, TMs or most importantly the species-exclusive items (see below)
(c) Marowak - just another training ground similar to Makuhita's in MD1.

4) Species-exclusive items - there are many new items in MD2 which are species exclusive, such as the Bulbasaur's Fang, Bulbasaur's Claw, which increase the attack/sp.attack of the particular species if held. Each species seem to have more than 1 item, so that means there are a lot.

5) Croagunk's Trade Shop - this is inside the Guild, and this is intended for mixing the species-exclusive items. I haven't discovered all the combinations yet but there seems to be a lot. Mixing a Bulbasaur's Fang (increase sp.attack) and a Bulbasaur's Claw (increase attack) will give you the Grass Guard Stone (increase both attack/sp.attack). But then if you mix this Grass Guard Stone with another Fang and Claw, together they will give the Leaf Missanga, which raise the max HP. So, quite a lot of things to play around here.

6) A correction to what I said last time, seems like if you get Pikachu, Meowth, Skitty or Munchlax are starters, you cannot choose between all the other starters, but just a random selected few among them. (I don't have the individual lists yet)

7) An interesting thing about Wigglytuff. Although there does not seem to be any connections in MD2 to MD1 so far, Wigglytuff likes to mention 'Friend! Friend!', maybe a reference to the Wigglytuff that sells Friend Areas in MD1?

8) The Treasure Bag - your item bag progressively gets larger. It starts out at 2, and gradually increases to 5.

Okay, below is a summary of the plot. I won't give as much details to the dungeons for now coz I didn't document all. The following is just an idea of the story, from the beginning up to the credits.

Chapter 1 (Stormy Seas)
On a stormy night, you and a friend are caught up in a terrible turmoil, and are separated from each other. When you wake up, you find yourself at the seashore of an unknown land.

Elsewhere, your to-be-partner is having hesitations over entering the famous Wigglytuff's Guild. It possesses an odd item known as the Ruins Shard, and believes that it will lead it to a legendary place someday. Unfortunately, its monologue has been overheard by Zubat and Koffing, who belong to a team known as the Poison Rose.

Soon, your partner finds you on the seashore, and you are surprised that you have turned from a human into a Pokemon. Zubat and Koffing ambush your partner to snatch the Shard, and you two enter the 'Seashore Cave' to defeat them, and get the item back.

Talking things over, your partner tells you about its dream to go on expeditions, and since you can do nothing about your condition for the moment, you decide to partner up and head for Wigglytuff's Guild.

Chapter 2 (Joining the Guild)
Upon arrival, you two are 'identified' at the front door, and turns out Diglett, the watchman, identified incomers by their footprints. You two approach Chatot, who brings you to Wigglytuff, and the joyful Guild Master quickly accepts you two into the team, offering you the starters kit with a Mysterious Map, the Exploration Team Badge and a Treasure Bag.

Spending the first night in the Guild, you are awaken by Loudred, and then receive your first mission the next day, which is retrieve the lost pearl of Spoink. You enter the 'Damp Rockground', and complete the mission.

Chapter 3 (The Space-time Calling)
Chatot tells Bidoof to take you guys around town, and soon you come to the Kecleon Bros. Shop in Treasure Town, where you encounter an Azurill and its brother Marill. Azurill trips and drops an apple, and when you hand it back to it, the brief body contact makes you hear a cry for help.

Later, you see a Drowzee agreeing to help the 'Rills retrieve a lost item, but when you bump into Drowzee, the 'cry' becomes clear, and you actually get a vision of Azurill being cornered by Drowzee. Thinking that you are overreacting, your partner accompanies you back to the Guild.

However, after Bidoof shows you the criminal list, you are astounded to see Drowzee's photo on there, and you two quickly head out, only to bump into Marill who claims that Azurill have gone missing. So you head to the 'Mt. Spike', and saves Azurill who refuses to help Drowzee retrieve some treasures in a small hole.

You see Treasure Town's police force, Magnezone and his Magnemites, and they take Drowzee away. That night, your partner tells you about a mystical item known as the Time Wheel, which is present in forests, lakes, volcanoes, and are responsible for guarding time.

Yet, at the Kisaki Forest, a Grovyle shrouded in shadow lurks, and steals the Time Wheel there.

Chapter 4 (The Watchman Post)
One fine morning, Diglett requests that you two help out with the watchman's post coz it has to help Dugtrio. Identify Pokemon by their footsteps, and you get a reward based on your score.

Chapter 5 (The First Exploration)
The next morning, news about the disappearance of the Time Wheel at the Kisaki Forest spreads, and everyone is appalled that time has completely ceased in the forest. Lt. Magnezone will be investigating things, and so there's nothing to do about it as yet.

Chatot bestows upon you the first mission, and you two go to explore the mysterious waterfall. There, you get a 'calling' again, and learns of the way to enter the waterfall. At the top floor, you get another 'calling', but it's too late to prevent an incoming flood to propel you out. Interestingly, you land in an outdoor hotsprings run by old man Torkoal, and thus you head back to the Guild.

Over dinner, Chatot announces that Wigglytuff has decided to hold a long expedition to a distant spot, and everyone is excited, hopiong to be selected as a participant. That night, you and your partner talk over your ability, and concludes that when you come into contact with something, you seem to be able to foretell what is going to happen, or what has happened.

Chapter 6 (Poison Rose)
It is soon known that the leader in the Poison Rose expedition team is a stinky Skuntank, and everyone is not too pleased that they are joining the Guild. One night, the three steal all the food within the Guild, and thus Chatot sends you off to get some World's Best Food apple at the 'Apple Forest', because they are Wigglytuff's favourite food.

You head to 'Apple Forest', but then before you mange to get the apples, Poison Rose snatches them away, and embarrasses you in front of Chatot and Wigglytuff that night in the Guild, causing you to lose reputation and your dinner as well.

Fortunately, your friends at the Guild smuggle some food for you two, and you are grateful for the friendship you've built up within the Guild. Over dinner that night, Chatot announces that the participant list of the expedition will be announced the next day, and everyone is happy except you two, because you are sure that you won't get selected. Late at night, Grovyle ambushes another spot again, and steals yet another Time Wheel, claiming that 3 more are needed.

The next morning, to everyone's surprise, everyone's name is on the list, and it means it will be a whole-Guild expedition this time, with the destination to the Fog Lake. You are separated into teams, and Bidoof joins your team.

Chapter 7 (The Long Expedition)
On your journey, you go through a range of twin-dungeons, one long, one short. The short ones are not mandatory like in MD1, because you will need to get through the long ones to proceed.

Go through 'Small Path/Shoreline Rockground' and 'Rock Path/Mt. Horn', and you will arrive at the Fog Lake area.

Chapter 8 (The Groudon Statue)
Arriving at the campsite, you find yourself strangely familar with the place. Chimecho talks about how a legendary Pokemon named Uxie inhabits the area, and has the ability to wipe out people's memories. You start to wonder if you have been there before, and Uxie wiped out your memory.

The team then proceeds with the expedition, and you go through yet another twin-dungeon, 'Forest Path/Deep Fog Forest', but not before your partner randomly picks up a Red Stone on the ground.

At the end of the dungeon, you guys discover a Groudon Statue, and notices that a hole on its chest fits the Red Stone. Insert the stone, and the statue's eyes light up, clearing away all the fod in the area, revealing that it is actually a very beautiful place (you get a cutscene animation, like the Rayquaza one in Emerald).

Poison Rose shows up again, and finally decide to attack Wigglytuff when you guys continue on with your expedition. Yet, despite its cheerful face, Poison Rose is actually of no match to Wigglytuff, and naturally, the three are kicked out from the Guild.

Chapter 8 (Secret Of The Fog Lake)
Going through the 'Hot Water Cave', you guys arrive at the bottom, but hear a deafening roar. You go in, and find the legendary Groudon waiting for you. Defeat it, but then the Groudon disappears, and it turns out to be a fake one. Uxie appears, and admits that it created a fake Groudon to ward off intruders. It takes you into the secret lake inside, where a beautiful fountain sits with Illumises and Volbeats circle. Right there in the middle of the lake is another Time Wheel, and Uxie is its guardian. You ask Uxie about your past, but Uxie actually is not responsible for it, and says it knows nothing about a human-turned-Pokemon.

The other members of the Guild arrive, and Uxie explains that if a Time Wheel is stolen, time will cease and things will begin to fall apart. Wigglytuff promises to keep everything at the lake a secret, and Uxie agrees not to wipe out your memories, allowing you guys to retain the beautiful memory of the lake as you leave.

Chapter 10 (Dusknoir)
The next morning, an unexpected guest arrives at the Guild, and it's the famous Dusknoir, who has voyaged through many places and become famous lately. It wants to know something about your expedition, but Wigglytuff keeps everything a secret despite showing friendliness.

At the Kecleon Bros. Shop, the 'Rills show up to say they are looking for an important item known as the Water Float (an exclusive Marill line item). Poison Rose overhears the conversation, and gets on a nasty plot again.

That night, Chatot announces that a second Time Wheel has been stolen again, but fortunately it isn't the one at the Fog Lake. You remember the strange feeling you get at the Fog Lake, especially towards the Time Wheel, and wonders what it means.

At the meantime, Uxie has been ambushed again, and it starts to wonder if it shouldn't have trusted anyone afterall. Grovyle shows up, and this third Time Wheel gets stolen as well.

The next morning, the 'Rills approach you and show you a letter about the location of the Water Float. The author seems suspiciously, but you and your partner decide to head to this 'Electric Plateau' afterall.

Once you reach the base, you find the Water Float, but then a herd of Luxios led by a Luxray attack you, and fortunately, Dusknoir shows up just in time to save you, and reveals that it was all Poison Rose's nasty plot again.

Dusknoir explains about the 'Space-time Calling' to you, and is astonished about your human-turned-Pokemon story. Dusknoir seems surprised as well when it hears your name, does it mean it knows you before?

Chapter 11 (Grovyle The Thief)
At the Guild, Chatot announces that a third Time Wheel has been stolen, with the culprit identified as a Grovyle, and everyone is appalled that it is the one at the Fog Lake. Wigglytuff is clearly furious as well this time, and orders everyone to go after Grovyle.

And so, everyone gets split up again, and you and your partner head to investigate the 'Northern Desert'. However, at the end of this dungeon, you only find a giant hole of running sand. Your partner decide to head back, but you get a strange familiar feeling again.

Back at the Guild, other members haven't had much luck with their exploration as well, but Bidoof manages to get some pretty crystal shards from the dungeon they were exploring. That night, you are still uncomfortable about that strange feeling at the running-sand hole, and your partner agrees to explore with you. Back there, you get a feeling that something is under the running-sand. Your partner trusts you, and you two decided to take a leap, literally.

You end up in a secret dungeon known as the 'Running Sand Cave', and at the bottom, you find an Underground Lake. But then you are quickly stopped by Mesprit, the guardian of the Time Wheel there. Defeat Mesprit to get it to listen to you instead of accusing you as the thief. Yet, the real thief, Grovyle appears again, and knocks all of you down, snatching away this fourth Time Wheel.

Chapter 12 (The Remaining Possibility)
At the Guild, Dusknoir states that a trinity guards the balance of the world, and there should be another legendary pokemon guarding another Time Wheel somewhere. Coming into contact with the pretty crystal of Bidoof, you get another 'calling' of Azelf being attacked by Grovyle. Everyone agrees that it must mean Azelf is somewhere in that dungeon, and you all head to the 'Crystal Cave'.

At the bottom, there are 3 giant crystal pillars. Remembering the Groudon statue as the running-sand hole, you are convinced that there is a secret dungeon as well, and you get a 'calling' that by turning all crystal into Azelf's colour, you will unlock the secret. And so you change all crystals to blue, and the secret 'Big Crystal Passage' bursts up from underground.

At the base, you find that Azelf has already been heavily injured by Grovyle. Azelf unleashes its remaining power to seal up the lake with crystals, and you try to defeat Grovyle. At the critical moment, Dusknoir shows up, and it seems that the two actually know each other. Grovyle escapes using an item to distract everyone, and Dusknoir gives chase, but you and your partner are outta breath already.

When you wake up, you are back at the Guild, and Magnezone suddenly starts the alarm, calling everyone to Treasure Town central.

Chapter 13 (Dusknoir's Secret)
Dusknoir finally reveals the story to everyone, and it turns out that Grovyle is a Pokemon who came from the future, and is trying to ambush all the Time Wheel at this era. Its intention is to create a phenomenon known as the 'Planet Cessation', where time ceases to flow, wind stops to blow, and everything will just rot and deterioate until silence and darkness shroud the land. Being the key items in this phenomenon, the Time Wheels are therefore sought after by Grovyle.

Dusknoir himself actually comes from the future as well, and its job is to track down and arrest Grovyle. Everyone decides to help out, and the lake trio agree to place a seal at Azelf's lake, the only lake which Time Wheel was left intact.

Finally, Grovyle is being arrested, and Dusknoir, with his team of Sableyes, prepare to take it back to the future through the Space-time hole.

However, right after everyone has said their teary goodbye, Dusknoir drags you and your partner along.

Chapter 14 (The Future World)
In a silent and dark world, Dusknoir calls out to whom it refers to 'Lord Dialga', and the shadow of an ominous creature appears.

Elsewhere, you and your partner wake up and find yourselves locked up in some kind of prison. A team of Sableyes soon come to drag you out, and soon you find yourselves tied up against pillars at the execution room right next to Grovyle.

Turns out, Grovyle isn't the enemy, and Dusknoir is. Grovyle assists you in escaping, and you three quickly become refugees chased after by Dusknoir and the Sableyes.

Outside, you guys are astonished at the dark and silent world, just like how Dusknoir described the 'Planet Cessation' would look like. Before Grovyle has time to explain anything, your pursuers are on your tail, and you have to go through several dungeons to escape.

Go through the 'Spatial Cave', 'Darkness Hill', and in between, you ironically find that your 'Space-time Calling' doesn't seem to work there. Your partner is very uncertain of what is going on, and wants you to promise that you two will return back to Treasure Town together safely after all this.

Get into another dungeon, the 'Imprison Rockground', and at the end, you find Grovyle restricted by a strange light next to an Odd Keystone. Spiritomb attacks, and you must defeat it to save Grovyle.

Grovyle explains that as the world darkens, so does the heart of many Pokemon. Your partner still isn't sure about trusting Grovyle yet, but decide that there is no other way.

Chapter 15 (The Truth About Planet Cessation)
Far from the Sableyes and Dusknoir, Grovyle finally has time to explain everything to you. Turns out, everything started with an unexplained crevice in time. Dialga is a legendary god that governs over time, and lives at a place known as the 'Dimension Tower'. When this crevice appeared, Dialga failed to repair it, leading to the annihilation of the 'Dimension Tower', and thus the Planet Cessation. Dialga itself began to change under the effect, and soon went on a rampage, turning itself into what is now known as the Dark Dialga.

In hopes of correcting this Planet Cessation, Grovyle travelled back in time to steal the Time Wheels, for they are essential to revert and stop this whole process. Dusknoir and his minions, while appearing to be friendly at Treasure Town, are actually underlings of Dark Dialga, sent back to stop Grovyle.

Grovyle isn't ready to give up on his goal yet, and says in order to travel back in time once again, they will need to find its friend Celebi at the 'Black Forest'. Get into the 'Black Forest', and you suddenly realize that the 'Black Forest' is strangely familar again. More strangely, it seems to be where the Fog Lake used to be in the past.

At the very base, you find Celebi (shiny, it's red), and Celebi apparently sees something strange in you, but keeps silent. It knows all about Grovyle's plan to reverse the Planet Cessation, and makes the strange statement that when peace returns, it shall disappear. Celebi then takes you three to the Corridor of Time, ready for time travelling again. But before that, you need to go through yet another dungeon, the 'Forest High Platform'.

At the very end of this dungeon, you are ready to head into the Corridor of Time, but Dusknoir, its Sableyes and even Dark Dialga catch up with you. Grovyle wants to give up, but your partner encourages it not to.

And then another shocking thing is revealed. Grovyle reveals that when it went back in time the first time, it went back together with a partner, but was unfortunately separated from this partner when they were within the voids of time. Dusknoir laughs that it still hasn't discovered the truth, and you are shocked to hear Grovyle say that its partner was a human.

Grovyle is equally shocked to hear your name, for it only means one thing, that you are Grovyle's human partner, and you actually come from the future as well. You and Grovyle intended to reverse the Planet Cessation together, but you were separated in the voids of time, and you have lost all your memory and even turned into a Pokemon for unknown reasons.

Yet, there is no time for explanations. As you get cornered, Celebi attempted to use its time travelling abilities to shelter you guys towards the Corridor of Time, but afterall, Dialga is the one that controls time, and easily breaks Celebi's power. Fortunately, that little change was good enough for you to jump into the corridor, and Celebi escapes before it gets caught as well.

Chapter 16 (A Wish At Dawn)
You, your partner and Grovyle wake to find yourselves back in Treasure Town. Since Grovyle is still considered a thief at this time, you could not go back to the Guild as yet, but decide to spend the night the Sharpedo Cliff, which your partner actually has a secret room where it used to live.

You talk over your 'calling' ability, and Grovyle explains that it only works when you have a trusted partner next to you, which implies that you and your partner have a powerful trust together. The 'calling' actually restricts to seeing things in the past only, but since you come from the future, you were able to see things that are 'future' to this time, but are actually the 'past' to you. This also explains why your power didn't work in the future, since you haven't seen the 'future' beyond your time.

Yet, you still don't know why you got turned into a Pokemon, and thus everyone decides to call it a night. The next day, you head to the 'Kisaki Forest' to check on the Time Wheels, which Uxie and co. have promised to return to their original positions before.

But then, to your surprise, time is still ceased, and Grovyle wonders if the crevice in time has already happened, causing the Planet Cessation to begin already. Grovyle states that a total of 5 Time Wheels are needed for reversing the 'Planet Cessation' at the 'Dimension Tower', and tells you two to head back to the Guild and explain everything while it goes off to collect the Wheels again.

Chapter 17 (Companions At The Guild)
Back at the Guild, despite their initial doubt, everyone trusts you two because you are their companions. Wigglytuff decides to trust you as well because to Wigglytuff, there is nothing more important than friends and companions.

And thus everyone starts looking for information on the 'Dimension Tower', which is said to be located on a mirage dungeon known as the 'Mirage Field'. Wigglytuff says old man Torkoal may know something, and thus you head to its hotsprings again. Torkoal tells you that the mirage dungeon can only be accessed by the chosen ones who possess a special itme, but alas, it has forgotten what it is.

The next morning, Torkoal visits you at the Guild, and says it finally remembers that the item has a strange symbol on it. Instantly, you and your partner realize it is the Ruins Shard, and Torkoal confirms that it is. Wigglytuff states that it has seen such a symbol at the 'Coastline Cave' before, where terrible monsters lurk, and everyone prepares to go there. Unforunately, Poison Rose catches Torkoal on its way out, and forces the information out of him.

During preparation, you two head back to the Sharpedo Cliff to find Grovyle's letter, stating that it has already explained itself to the lake legendaries, and obtained three Wheels already so far. You two then head down to the shoreline again where you were washed up.

Chapter 18 (Lapras)
Along the shoreline where the sun is setting, you talk over the mystery of the Ruins Shard again and is glad that the secret is finally revealing itself. Then, out on the sea, you see the silhouette of a long neck creature and wonder what it could be.

That night, this creature, Lapras approaches shore where Wigglytuff is waiting. Seems like they know each other from before, and there is a certain pact that they have kept all these years.

And so everyone heads out to the 'Coastline Cave', with Chatot teaming up with you two. Unfortunately, half way through the dungeon, Poison Rose shows up to snatch your Ruins Shard again, and Chatot angrily gives chase. At the very bottom, you find Poison Rose defeated, and Skuntank is ashamed that you are still caring for them despite all they have done before. It explains that they were defeated by the horrible monsters lurking the cave, and Chatot is facing them now. It hands you back the Shard, and tells you to hurry.

You go further in, and see Chatot there, who reveals that it has actually been in that same room already before. It seems to remember something and quickly looks up, and just like it remembered, the monsters, a Kabutops and two Omastars, are lurking at the ceiling.

The monsters ambush you two, and Chatot takes the hit for you, claiming that it must protect its precious minions. Chatot faints, and you two take on the monsters. As you defeat them, Wigglytuff, Grovyle and everyone else arrives, and Wigglytuff begins to cry when it sees Chatot severely injured.

Wigglytuff states that they can perhaps only go as far, and urges you, your partner and Grovyle to go on while they take Chatot back to the Guild. You enter the deepest room of the cave, where it connects to the shoreline again, and see the strange symbol on the wall.

Your partner takes out the Ruins Shard, and together, a strange light shoots out from the wall, and calls upon Lapras, the creature responsible for taking people to the 'Mirage Field'. To your surprise, Lapras knows your names, and as it ferries you to the 'Mirage Field', it starts to tell you the whole story it shared with Wigglytuff in the past.

Chapter 19 (The Mirage Field)
Turns out, Wigglytuff has visited the 'Coastline Cave' dungeon long ago, and it was Chatot who saved it from the lurking monsters that many years ago. Severely injured, Lapras took them both to safety, and made a pact that they would not talk about it anymore, because afterall, Lapras is the key to the 'Mirage Field', which houses the 'Dimension Tower', a place that no one ever is supposed to lay foot on, with the exception of a chosen ones who possesses the Ruins Shard, the item left behind by the time ruler, Dialga. It is also stated that after this incident, Chatot and Wigglytuff decided to start a Guild and train up stronger expedition teams.

Edging close to the 'Mirage Field', the fabrics of time soon allows Lapras to float in midair, and takes you to the port. Lapras informs you that is can only carry you so far, and in order to reach the 'Dimension Tower', you will need the legendary Rainbow Stone Ark.

And thus you go through the 'Mirage Field' dungeon, and at the very base, find a room full of wall paintings of Mew, Groudon and Kyogre, as well as Dialga and Palkia. Exiting the room, you come across an ancient temple, and finds a hole at the very top which fits the Ruins Shard. But before you could activate anything, Dusknoir and its Sableyes have come back from the future again through a space-time hole to track you down.

After a bitter fight, you finally take down Dusknoir, and its Sableyes minions quickly escape through the space-time hole. While you and Grovyle talk things over with Dusknoir, you urge your partner to activiate the Rainbow Stone Ark first.

Dusknoir cannot understand why you and Grovyle would want to stop the Planet Cessation from happening, and reveals yet another shocking truth. It may be true that the future world will be full of life again once this phenomenon is stopped, but it will also mean that history has been altered, and all the current Pokemon in the future will disappear, including you and Grovyle.

Grovyle puts on a painful look, and apparently it has known this all along. You finally understand why Celebi said it would disappear once peace is restored, and wonder how you are going to reveal this shocking truth to your partner, especially after you have promised to return back to Treasure Town with it safely after all is over.

Yet, for the betterment of the world, there is really no other choice. Your partner manages to activate the Rainbow Stone Ark, but Dusknoir makes a final struggle to attack, and Grovyle quickly holds it down. Grovyle puts on a bitter smile and believes that perhaps it could only go this far, and it is already time to say goodbye. Dropping the Time Wheels, it pushes Dusknoir towards the space-time hole, and tells you that it feels grateful to have had a partner like you, despite that fact that you don't remember anything.

Your partner comes back just in time to see Grovyle throwing itself together with Dusknoir into the space-time hole, and starts to cry about losing a friend. It hopes that the future era where Grovyle is will soon be full of life again, but you alone knows that there is no future that awaits Grovyle, or yourself, for that matter.

Chapter Final (The Last Adventure)
Riding on the Rainbow Stone Ark, you are elevated towards the 'Dimension Tower'. Upon arrival, you discover that it is starting to fall apart, and query that the Planet Cessation is already beginning. You quickly get to the top, and see a giant alter with a large plate with five holes.

However, before you could fit in the Time Wheels, Dialga appears, and apparently, it has already started to undergo changes, and is already becoming the Dark Dialga like in the future.

After a long and bitter fight, you take down Dark Dialga, and fit the Wheels into the alter plate. A loud bang is following by intense shaking, and when you two regain consciousness, you see that Dialga has returned to its original form, and thanks you two for saving it. It congratulates you that you have succeeded in stopping the Planet Cessation, shows you your telepathy that time is beginning to flow eveywhere again.

With your goal achieved, you and your partner take the long way down from the 'Dimension Tower' to return home. But on your way, you begin to feel that your body is getting heavier and heavier, and when you finally begin to glow with a soft light, you know that your time is up.

Your partner is appalled at what is happening, and you finally reveal the secret that once history is changed, all future beings, yourself included, will inevitably disappear. Your partner breaks into tears, and calls you a liar since you've promised to return home with it. It sobs that it has gone this far all because of you, but you encourage it to be strong even on its own.

You state that even though you will disappear, you will never forget all the times you've spent together. Your final wish is for your partner to return to Treasure Town safely, and tell everyone about this great adventure of you two. As the glow around your body intensifies, you finally burst into a shower of light and vanish into thin air while your partner cries hysterically.

And thus, your partner takes the long journey home on its own, and as you have wished, spreads the story of your adventure to everyone in town.

As another sunset approaches, your partner stands along the shoreline again, and remembers how you first met there, and gets a flashback of all the good memories you've spent together. Bidoof appears to comfort it, and your partner states that it really misses you, before breaking into another hysterical cry.

(End Credits)


17th September 2007, 11:12 AM
Right, so the post-credit plot is actually linked to the first half just like in MD1, and it's almost certain that plot-wise there is no difference between Time and Dark (many think that Dialga and Palkia will be reversed), but it really couldn't have happened anyway around, so most likely the story is the same whichever version you play, and the only difference is the wild Pokemon and items.

Post-credit Plot: (no more chapter divisions, but I'll just give headings to assist reading)

1) Evolution:
At the 'Dimension Tower', Dialga watches your partner cry, and feels sorry for it. As a gift of thanks to what you and your partner did, it reincarnates you (or however you'd like to call this) and just like in MD1, you show up right in front of your partner again after the credits roll.

Now that the big fight is over, you and your partner are back in Treasure Town, and the next day, Wigglytuff states that you two are ready to graduate, and grants you the option to visit the 'Light Springs' at the 'Mystic Forest', where evolution is possible. But Wigglytuff says a horrible creature awaits there, and says you must past the graduation test to proceed to the springs.

While you prepare yourself in Treasure Town, you bump into Teddiursa and Ursaring, and weirdly, they say they often visit the place, and there are no horrible creatures at all.

And thus you head to 'Mystic Forest', and at the very end, you two fall into a big trap. Shrouded in darkness, someone who claims to be the 'Great Evil King' challenges you with his minions. Yet, Bidoof accidentally lets light in again, and you see that the Great Evil King is actually just Wigglytuff. But still, they all challenge you, and you must defeat them to gain access to the 'Light Springs'.

At the springs, Wigglytuff has left behind a World's Best Food apple, and when you take it out from the treasure chest, a light appears on the springs water. Teddiursa goes in and evolves into an Ursaring, but when your partner tries, the springs's voice states that evolution is impossible for the two of you, because you have gone through a space-time distortion.

Anyway, there's nothing you could do about it so you return back to town. The 'Light Springs' becomes a dungeon, but you just go there directly without needing to go through any actual dungeons. And you don't need to evolve Pokemon one by one either, once you're within the light, there will be a list of all Pokemon ready for evolution, and you can evolve them all at once without needing to switch in and switch out.

Back in town, since you've graduated, you no longer stay at the Guild and live in the Sharpedo Cliff's room from now on. You can also switch leaders in your dungeon expeditions like MD1. The interesting thing though, is this change only takes place at the dungeons, so in Treasure Town, it always will be you and your partner walking around only.

2) Scizor
After doing several missions again, you find a Mr. Mime in Treasure Town one day, and it tells you about a famous explorer called Scizor who has gone missing after it visited the 'Blizzard Island', and so there you go.

Going through 'Blizzard Island' and then the subsequent 'Crevice Cave', you finally find Scizor frozen at the very end of the dungeon, and you must defeat the Froslass responsible for that. Scizor gets saved, and rewards you a special Secret Rank to you, which is in fact just an additional star to your emblem.

3) Manaphy
Some more missions later, you talk to Sunflora at the Guild one day, and it tells you about the 'Enclosed Sea', a place full of treasures, and so you head there. At the very end, you find a mysterious egg and takes it back to your base.

The next morning, it hatches into a Manaphy, and you take it back to the Guild to ask Chatot about it. Apparently, Manaphy is said to be a very rare Pokemon which only a few exist in the whole world, and like we all know, it lives in cold waters. Suddenly Manaphy begins to cry, and Chatot suggests you feed it Blue Gummies. Get some at the Shoreline Rockground if you don't have any with you.

On feeding Manaphy a second Blue Gummy, it will want to tag along with you out. And so you bring it to the shoreline where you were washed up the first time, and Manaphy is obviously very interested in the sea. That night, Manaphy suddenly goes missing, and you soon find it stranded alone on the shoreline.

What's worse is it seems to have developed a bad fever, and Chatot says you must find the sea nymphs known as Fione who make an item known as the Fione's Water to heal Manaphy. And so you head to the 'Miracle Sea'. At the very top, you see a gang of Fione, but then a Gyarados appears to threaten them, and once you ward off this sea dragon, the Fione reward you with the item.

On healing Manaphy, Chatot speaks the unspeakable and says it is perhaps best that Manaphy returns to the ocean, because afterall, that is its natural habitat. Though painful, you two decide that it's best, and watch Wigglytuff's friend in the northern seas, a Walrein, drag Manaphy away despite its protests. You both wish you will see Manaphy again someday.

4) The Regis
After several more missions, one day you find a famous exploration team called the Charms (Lopunny, Gardevoir and Medicham) at the Guild, and apparently they were good friends with Wigglytuff in the past. They talk about a legendary dungeon known as the 'Watchman Cave', which key is held by Wigglytuff. Wigglytuff initially forgets about it, but when it sees the World's Best Food apple Charms brought to it, it suddenly remembers again. It becomes so happy that it even refuses to join Charms on their mission. But you are keen to explore, and so you along with other Guild members tag along Charms.

At the 'Watchman Cave', it is mainly inhabited by Unowns, and each Unown has a chance of holding a stone engraved with their own alphabet letter on it (so there are a total of 28 types of alphabet stones). The only stones you really need are ones that spell out 'Ice', 'Rock' and 'Steel' actually.

You must go through the Ice Room first, which is only 3-layered, and then you will return to the entrance again where a stone block is. Once you have collected 'I' 'C' 'E', talk to the stone, and it will lead you to Regice's room. If you still don't have the required alphabets, go though the 3-room cycle agan.

The same goes for Regirock and Registeel, and upon defeating each Regi, they grant you a watchman's symbol. With all 3 symbols, you end up in Regigigas's room. Your symbols flash, and turn Regigigas as well as his team of Bronzongs and Hitmonlees from statues to real. Charms will team up with you to fight them. Defeat Regigigas, and it will thump the ground, opening up the true dungeon which holds treasures nearly, known as the 'Hidden Ruins'. You are not required to visit this dungeon though.

5) Palkia
On a stormy night, you remember how you and your partner are unable to evolve at the 'Light Springs' due to a space-time distortion, and get worried about it. Outside, a silhouette dashes away as Cresselia gives chase.

The next night, you get a dream, and Cresselia appears. It tells you that due to your existence, the world is beginning to fall apart. You keep getting recurrent dreams the next nights, and apparently, since you don't really belong to this era, your very existence has caused a split in the space dimension, and it is slowly expanding, which will eventually lead to the total destruction of the world.

The next morning, you are alarmed that Azurill has been unable to wake from its sleep, and is caught up in a very deep nigIN htmare. Everyone at the Guild discuss what should be done, and Chatot believes that the only one that could help is perhaps Drowzee, who could enter people's dreams.

You are all hesitant because Drowzee used to be a criminal, but Magnemite tells you that it has already corrected its evil ways, and is now purifying its mind at the 'Mt. Practice'. So you head there, and find Drowzee at the very top. It agrees to help, and sends you two into Azurill's nightmare, which is another dungeon, 'Nightmare Center'.

At the very end, you see Cresselia again, and apparently your partner has been having the same dreams as you are. You being a person who does not belong to this time, and your partner, a Pokemon that has gone through the fabrics of time and experienced the space-time distortion. Together your existence will destroy the world, and thus Cresselia is determined to wipe you out from this world. Otherwise, everyone will soon be like Azurill, and get locked up in eternal nightmare. But then Drowzee appears just in time, and Cresselia disappears.

Back at the Guild, you and your partner tell everyone about the impedning world destruction due to a split in space, but leave out the cause being yourselves. That night, you two wonder if you really don't belong there, but agree that something seems off with Creselia's words.

The next day, you visit Lapras at the shoreline, and it talks about the parallel deity to Dialga. While Dialga is the time ruler, there is also a space ruler known as Palkia, and perhaps it will know what to do. Yet, Lapras has no idea how to reach Palkia either.

That night, Palkia suddenly shows up at your place, and drags you two away to its 'Sky Crack'. Apparently, Palkia deems your existence a threat to the world as well, and vows to annihilate you.

You two fall to the base of the dungeon, and must go through this dungeon, before meeting Palkia at the very end again. Your partner doesn't understand why as the ruler of space, Palkia isn't able to correct the split. Palkia states that while it normally is able to fix errors in space, somehow it fails to do so this time, and has no choice but to destroy you for the sake of the dimensional balance.

Defeat Palkia, and it will suddenly freeze. You notice that Palkis has entered a nightmare as well, and enters its nightmare just like you did with Azurill. Inside, Cresselia appears again, and you learn that it was actually Cresselia who told Palkia about you two. You realize that it was only Cresselia who has accused you as the cause of the distortion all along, and are even more convinced that something is wrong.

Just when Cresselia is about to deliver its deadly hit, another Cresselia appears, and apparently, this Cresselia you have seen all along is Darkrai in disguise. Darkrai flees, and says it shall await at the 'Dark Crater'.

You head back into town, where Cresselia heals Azurill. You then decide to have a final showdown with Darkrai, and Cresselia tags along.

At the very top of the 'Dark Crater', Darkrai finally reveals all the truth. Everything has been Darkrai's doing all along. It was responsible for breaking the main wheel at the 'Dimension Tower', causing a crevice in time and thus leading to Dialga's transformation into Dark Dialga. The reason why you and Grovyle were separated while you travel back in time was also because of Darkrai. One is most vulnerable while travelling through the voids of time, and while Darkrai ambushed you two, you took the hit for Grovyle and thus ended up losing your memory and turning into a Pokemon even, while Grovyle managed to stay intact.

Darkrai's intention is to shroud the world in total darkness and nightmare, and since you and your partner have together shattered its plot to create the Planet Cessation within the time dimension, it now turns to the space dimension, and creates a crack in it as well, causing an impending world destruction.

You three face off Darkrai and his very powerful team of minions, a Rhyperior, Mismagius, Magmortar, Arbok, Aggron and Magcargo. Defeat it, and Darkrai will request that you and your partner join it to create a world of darkness.

Cresselia is appalled at first when your partner agrees, and is even more terrified when you agree as well. But turns out, it's all your plan to edge close to Darkrai, because everything is just a nightmare, and nothing is real. Darkrai gets angry, and opens up a space-time hole again, preparing to escape. But then Palkia arrives just in time to deliver a deadly attack on Darkrai, shattering the hole together with it.

However, Palkia explains that Darkrai isn't really gone yet. Just like you, it has now been attacked within the voids of time, and most likely, it will end up in another era and place, with its memory wiped out. Palkia also assures you that everything in the space dimension has been healed, and while you and your partner's existence did cause a crack, it was just a minor one, and it has already fixed it long ago.

And so, back to Treasure Town we go. Your partner gets another monologue, and feels grateful that you two can live in harmony with others without causing harm. It mentions that although for some strange reason, you still cannot evolve at the 'Light Springs', it doesn't really matter anymore, since you are all happy.

6) Miscellaneous
After a few missions, one morning Chatot calls out to you, and you discover that Manaphy has all grown up and returned! It will join your team from now on. After yet another few missions, Manaphy will discover a new dungeon known as the 'Sea Resort', but it's not a compulsory dungeon, and only treasures lie there.

Ok, I'm not sure if the plot stops here or not, but nothing much has been activated so far after this. The biggest question I had in mind all along is whether the legendaries can be befriended just like before. The answer is yes, as I've befriended all four Regis, the lake trio, Dialga, Palkia, Manaphy, Cresselia (joins you after Darkrai mission) and also Fione.

Size doesn't seem to matter now in MD2, in fact I don't think they have sizes at all. So in dungeons, even if you've reached a maximum of four members, you can still befriend Pokemon, and they will be automatically sent back to the Guild. Makes it much easier to befriend Pokemon now, especially legendaries.


17th September 2007, 2:47 PM
First off, despite what your partner said about 'still not able to evolve' in its monologue, you are actually able to evolve. But you may wonder what for, because all the main plot is basically done with at this point.

Starting to wonder if all Pokemon are in this game afterall. All non-legendaries should be in this game although I haven't collected them all, but it seems like legendaries of the past generations may not all be present, even some 4th generation ones.

Still no particular progress in triggering any further events. There are various new dungeons you discover through missions, but they are all not consequential and only holds treasure chests at the end.

The Adventure Log may give us some hints on what to expect though.

At the title screen, like MD1, small Pokemon icons will indicate your progress in the game, and in MD2, they are:
Drowzee, Groudon, Luxray, Celebi, Dusknoir, Dialga, Wigglytuff, Scizor, Manaphy, Regigigas, Darkrai (seems to be another space after Darkrai, but then again there may be none).

Adventure Log:
? kinds of Pokemon joined the team.
? kinds of Pokemon were fought.
? kinds of moves were learnt.
? kinds of items were obtained.
? dungeons were cleared.
? times fainted in dungeons.
? friends were helped.

? Pokemon evolved.
? eggs were hatched.
? Pokemon were defeated on the same floor.
Discovered the hotsprings.
Discovered the Fog Lake.
Returned from the future world.
Stopped the Planet Cessation.
Graduated from Wigglytuff's Guild.

Solved the mystery of the Watchman Cave.
Stopped the evil ambition of Darkrai.
Unown joined the team.

Regirock joined the team.
Regice joined the team.
Registeel joined the team.

Uxie joined the team.
Mesprit joined the team.
Azelf joined the team.
Dialga joined the team.
Palkia joined the team.
Regigigas joined the team.

Cresselia joined the team.
Fione joined the team.
Manaphy joined the team.

1) There are several gaps that are still ??? at this point in my game. And that ??? in 1/6 may be 'number of thiefs succeeded' which I haven't tried. The ??? in later pages seem legendary Pokemon related, and from the look of things, they are in National Dex order.

2) There are 3 ??? between 'Stopped ambition of Darkrai' and 'Unown joined the team'. This could either mean the 3 birds (which means no Mewtwo, Mew), or two more plot-related logs, and then either Mewtwo or Mew or both (which means no birds).

3) 5 ??? between 'Unown' and 'Regirock', this is slightly more certain. Most likely the 3 beasts, Lugia and Ho-Oh, which means no Celebi (you can't go to that shiny Celebi in the future anymore afterwards), because missing out either one of the beasts, or either Lugia or Ho-Oh seems weird.

4) 4 ??? between 'Registeel' and 'Uxie'. Now there can be 3 possibilities. Either the 3 ancient titans are left out, and we get the Latis, Jirachi and Deoxys. Or the 3 titans are kept, and the 4th is either Jirachi or Deoxys.

5) The final ??? is most likely Darkrai, though I have revisited the 'Dark Crater' and it doesn't seem to be there.

If you are familiar with your legendary list, you will notice that for the 4th generation, Giratina, Heatran, Shaymin and Arceus are missing. The last two are understandable since they are not officially acknowledged by Nintendo yet, but why the lack of Giratina and Heatran in the log? Are they really not in the game??!


18th September 2007, 3:52 PM
Seems like the normal game play plot really ends with the Darkrai mission followed by Manaphy's return.

There are various secret dungeons (non-consequential ones which are not plot related) that can be unlocked by the rescue missions. The location of the mission will appear as ??? on the board. There are a total of 12 such dungeons, but nothing seems to happen either even after you've cleared them all.

If you have watched the anime episode centered around PMD2, you'll remember the heroes facing off a Gabite at a dungeon named 'Maze Cave'. Well, this dungeon and plot is in the game as well, and this special dungeon is unlocked by Wonder Mail code, which was revealed by the official Japanese website on the release date, and this mission is playable after Chapter 10.

Shinx's sister is ill and therefore needs something called 'Gabite's Scale' for ailment, and you explore this dungeon to battle Gabite at the very end, who rewards you with the Scale if you win.

The reason why I dwell into this topic is because this may be our clue to what happened to the other legendaries. In the game coding, all Pokemon up to Darkrai are in the game (so really no Shaymin and Arceus), and each legendary has their own new exclusive held-item as well. This highly suggests that they are not programmed in just for the sake of completion, but they all at least serve some purpose.

Now, there are 7 unexplored dungeons in the game code, and interestingly, 7 missing legendaries are the Boss of these dungeons. The goal of these missions are similar in style as the Gabite dungeon, where you must find an item, and all 7 items involved here share similar functions.

1)Bottomless Sea - Kyogre - Water Harmonica (increases recruitment rate for water Pokemon)
2) Shimmering Desert - Groudon - Earth Cymbal (increases recruitment rate for ground Pokemon)
3) Mt. Avalanche - Articuno - Ice Flute (increases recruitment rate for ice Pokemon)
4) Giant Volcano 19F - Heatran - Fire Drum (increases recruitment rate for fire Pokemon)
5) The Great Hole 29F - Giratina - Rock Megaphone (increases recruitment rate for rock Pokemon)
6) Sky Stairs 49F - Rayquaza - Flying Pianica (increases recruitment rate for flying Pokemon)
7) Mysterious Jungle 29F - Mew - Grass Trumpet (increases recruitment rate for grass Pokemon)

There are no further items as such for the other 10 types, and I have no idea why these 7 types (and these 7 legendaries in particular) are being chosen, but likely they will only be accessible via Wonder Mail codes in the future.

The Gabite in the 'Maze Dungeon' is not possible to recruit, and I fear the same for such legendaries. In fact, if this is true, it would fit the missing ??? in the Adventure Log"

a) There are 3 ??? between 'Stopped ambition of Darkrai' and 'Unown joined the team'. If Articuno and Mew are unrecruitable, then the 3 ??? will be Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo.

b) 5 ??? between 'Unown' and 'Regirock'. This is still unconfirmed but seems like there is only one single coding for Celebi, which means the Celebi in PMD2 is always shiny, and naturally it's not meant for recrutment. So the 5 ??? are the beasts, Lugia and Ho-Oh.

c) 4 ??? between 'Registeel' and 'Uxie'. As the 3 titans are likely in the unrecruitable category, the 4 ??? are likely the Latis, Jirachi and Deoxys.

This would also explain why there are no ??? spaces for Giratina and Heatran in the log, since they are not meant to be recruitable. For the last ???, it's most certainly Darkrai now that Shaymin and Arceus are confirmed not to be in the game.

There are rumours that Darkrai now appears randomly in the dungeons (like Mew in the Buried Relic of PMD1 but perhaps even more random), so until then, this is probably all I have for now.


19th September 2007, 8:11 PM
Alright, the whereabouts of the missing legendaries have been discovered. Apparently in PMD2, most of the past legendaries don't get their own dungeons, and appear in ordinary dungeon floors just like other normal Pokemon. With the exception of Jirachi, Suicune and Moltres (see below for more info), the others require you to hold a special item known as the Secret Stone-plate before they will appear on designated floors of certain dungeons.

The Secret Stone-plate is an item obtained via mission, and there is a code circulating in the Japanese forums which rewards you with such an item. It is not certain currently whether this mission will appear like other ordinary mission requests on the noticeboard, or someone managed to hack this code out. I personally have not encountered a mission that rewards such an item yet.

Anyway, with the Secret Stone-plate in your item bag, just like how the Music Box worked for Mew before in the Relic Ruins, the legendaries appear on fixed floors of certain dungeons. If you faint them and they don't join your team, keep coming back. They will always be on that floor of that dungeon as long as you have the stone-plate. They won't appear again once you recruit them of course, so they're still one-off.

The list:
Zapdos - Electric Plateau - 7F
Mewtwo - Dark Crater - 6F
Raikou - Hidden Ruins - 20F
Entei - Dark Crater (Uppermost Part) - 10F
Lugia - Enclosed Sea - 18F
Ho-oh - Mt. Wind 19F
Latias - Sky Fissure 10F
Latios - Sky Fissure (Uppermost Part) - 5F
Deoxys - Shining Hill - 17F

For Darkrai, apparently it appears the same way, but it may appear in more than one dungeon. The confirmed 2 places you can find it right now with the Secret Stone-plate are 'Sky Fissure 14F' and 'Miracle Sea 3F'.

There are reports that Celebi is found on 'Mystic Forest 10F', but it isn't the case in my game. Judging from the Adventure Log, this is also doubtful since it doesn't have its own entry slot.

What about Moltres, Suicune and Jirachi then? Well, remember the Marowak training ground? Apart from the type-based mazes like in MD1, there is also a special 'Final Maze' in which you could recruit Pokemon. These three legendaries are located here, and you don't need the Stone-plate here, because you can't take items into this maze dungeon anyway.

Moltres - 40F
Suicune - 29F
Jirachi - 23F

The 7 legendaries I specified in my last post are most likely the way I postulated them to be. The only question is whether they can be recruited, which we won't know until the real codes for those secret dungeons are revealed by Nintendo.

The only other mystery right now will be Celebi then I suppose.

Oh, and for those who are wondering about the new evolutions, the new evolutionary items are in the game, like the Dawn, Dusk Stones. Not sure about Mantyke-Mantine yet, but for Leafeon and Glaceon, we have new items called the 'Moss Rock' and 'Frozen Rock'. For Magnezone and Probopass, we have the 'Mt. Coronet Stone'.


22nd September 2007, 7:14 AM
Celebi (the normal one, not the shiny one) is recruitable in the game afterall, but it appears that you may not be able to get all legendaries in both versions. Celebi is a Time version exclusive found at 'Mystic Forest 10F' and Mewtwo is a Dark version exclusive. All the other 'random floor' legendaries are present in both versions.

For Darkrai, aside from the two locations I specified last time, there are at least two more locations where I found it (you can only befriend one of course. Once you befriend Darkrai, no Darkrai will appear again in any dungeon). The same goes for Latios and Latias, who are each found on at least 2 different locations. The birds, beasts, Deoxys, Lugia and Ho-Oh seem to be confined to just the location I specified last time.

In fact, Mewtwo can be found in two locations as well, so naturally Celebi should, but I haven't located that other location yet.

And the Adventue Log has now been completed, which actually counts neither Mewtwo nor Celebi. The 3 ??? between 'Stopped Darkrai's ambition' and 'Unown joined the team' actually only logs Zapdos and Moltres. The ??? immediately following 'Darkrai' is 'All training completed', referring to the completion of all mazes at Marowak's training ground. The ??? on the first page indeed refers to stealing attempts as predicted. So the full Adventure Log now is:

? kinds of Pokemon joined the team.
? kinds of Pokemon were fought.
? kinds of moves were learnt.
? kinds of items were obtained.
? dungeons were cleared.
? times fainted in dungeons.
? friends were helped.
? thiefing attempts succeeded.

? Pokemon evolved.
? eggs were hatched.
? Pokemon were defeated on the same floor.
Discovered the hotsprings.
Discovered the Fog Lake.
Returned from the future world.
Stopped the Planet Cessation.
Graduated from Wigglytuff's Guild.

Solved the mystery of the Watchman Cave.
Stopped the evil ambition of Darkrai.
All training completed.
Zapdos joined the team.
Moltres joined the team.
Unown joined the team.
Raikou joined the team.
Entei joined the team.

Suicune joined the team.
Lugia joined the team.
Ho-Oh joined the team.
Regirock joined the team.
Regice joined the team.
Registeel joined the team.
Latias joined the team.
Latios joined the team.

Jirachi joined the team.
Deoxys joined the team.
Uxie joined the team.
Mesprit joined the team.
Azelf joined the team.
Dialga joined the team.
Palkia joined the team.
Regigigas joined the team.

Cresselia joined the team.
Fione joined the team.
Manaphy joined the team.
Darkrai joined the team.

As you can see not all legendary recruitments are logged, this raises the possibility that those 7 secret dungeon legendaries can be befriended, although for Gabite, it still wouldn't join no matter how many times I revisit it, even with high-recruitment rate items and bringing the Gabite Scale which it rewards me with. As I've already obtained an Articuno-exclusive item in one of the dungeons, high chance that the 7 legendaries may be recruitable, and we all hope it's this case.


24th September 2007, 3:39 PM
Seems like not all Pokemon lines get their species exclusive items afterall. I've constructed a list myself, and the only lines that have their exclusive items are:

Bulbasaur line, Charmander Line, Squirtle line
Pichu line, Cleffa line, Igglybuff line
Meowth line, Tyrogue line,
Happiny line, Mime Jr. line, Scyther line
Smoochum line, Elekid line, Magby line
Lapras, Eevee line, Munchlax line
Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres
Mewtwo, Mew

Chikorita line, Cyndaquil line, Totodile line
Togepi line, Azurill line,
Bonsly line, Wynaut line
Sneasel line, Teddiursa line, Mantyke line
Raikou, Entei, Suicune
Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi

Treecko line, Torchic line, Mudkip line
Skitty line, Plusle, Minun, Castform
Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, Latios
Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys

Turtwig line, Chimchar line, Piplup line
Bidoof line, Shinx line, Pachirisu
Buizel line, Cherubi line, Drifloon line
Spiritomb, Gible line, Riolu line, Rotom
Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia
Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina
Cresselia, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai

With the exception of Spiritomb, Rotom and the legendaries (excluding Fione), all lines at at least 4 items, two of which of 1* rarity, found in Treasure Chests dropped by foes in the dungeons, one of which of 2* rarity, made by combining the two 1* items at Croagunk's Shop, and one final of 3* rarity, made by combining all three items. Some of these 3* items are really powerful, like the exclusive Mud Bangle of the Mudkip line, healing HP when hit by grass attacks (basically removing the only weakness of Swampert).

For Spiritomb, Rotom and the legendaries, they each have only 1 item, and these are usually found in key rooms inside dungeons. I haven't recovered them all yet, but seems like each fixed key room may give 3 different items, like those of the 3 birds, they are found in the same place, but depending on your luck, you get a different item each time you go in.

Something about the Chansey's egg hatching house. Seems like the hatched Pokemon will get egg moves. Not sure if it is fixed for every Pokemon because I have yet to hatched two same Pokemon. But for certain babies, namely the pre-evolutions in the list above, they each get another 3* rarity item usable by them alone (not their evolutions) which are held when they are hatched.

Finally, from the list above, it's clear that the legendary exclusive items are created intentionally but not just for the sake of completeness, so an even bigger chance that the 7 secret dungeon legendaries can be recruited.


26th September 2007, 4:44 PM
1) Hackers have confirmed that the 7 legendaries are recruitable.

2) More have been discovered about eggs. The species of the Pokemon hatched from the egg will be the basic form of any Pokemon found in the dungeon where the mission takes place, meaning it's not entirely random, but confined to the species that appear in the dungeon where you win this egg from.

3) There are certain lines of Pokemon which you are not able to recruit in the wild normally at this stage, because their entire evolutionary line are only recruitable in one of the 7 hidden dungeons. Certain basic form Pokemon cannot be found in the wild either, but using the egg factor above, there is a chance that you will get them. To get the following Pokemon at this stage, you'll just have to count on luck and hope you will receive a mission from one of them, and the price of the misson is that they join you.
- Ekans line
- Diglett line
- Gastly line
- Ditto
- Treecko line (unless you have this as a starter or partner)

4) The version exclusive list is complete:
Time -
a) Butterfree (not truly, because there are Caterpie and Metapod in Dark as well)
b) Combee (there are Vespiquens in Dark, so you may hatch a Combee egg from an optional mission in that dungeon)
c) Pachirisu
d) Riolu
e) Lucario
f) Celebi
a) Beedrill (not truly, because there are Weedle and Kakuna in Time as well)
b) Burmy (there are Wormadam and Mothim in Time, so hatch it from an egg)
c) Rotom
d) Buneary
e) Lopunny
f) Mewtwo
So in short, there are only 4 truly version exclusive Pokemon on each game. Except Celebi and Mewtwo, like in PMD1, you may use optional missions from the other game to get them to appear in wild. However, it seems that the TMs are split equally between Time and Dark, meaning certain TMs and HMs can only be found in one version. There are no more dungeons that require HMs to access in PMD2, so no worries on that.