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16th September 2007, 11:41 PM

Hey. As the name implies, REGULAR people like you and me post your findings here, that YOUVE found in the japanese game, but they should be unique. Don't tell us what we already know from Coronis's discovery thread. Tell us either 1. More in depth of what they said/left out, or 2. what they haven't even gotten to yet.

If you contribute info, I'll put you in this V.I.P list.


I use the honor system. DON'T LIE HERE.

Banned List (They probobly lied about info to get here)
1. Nobody. Let's keep it that way.

All findins shall go into my website after approvement by it's staff. The website is HERE (http://Freewebs.com/PMD2Info), or the URL is Freewebs.com/PMD2Info.

That website has more information than Serebii AND coronis! Check it.

17th September 2007, 9:42 PM
has no new screenshots

18th September 2007, 12:42 AM
has no new screenshots

Thanks for telling me...

18th September 2007, 3:29 AM
If you want a Pokemon to come on missions with you, I'm pretty sure you only have to talk to Chimecho once. After that, the Pokemon you selected will come on all missions with you until you uncheck it. Don't quote me on that.

GeoPebbles are MUCH more common. I've only got a few GraveleRocks, meanwhile I have almost 50 Geopebbles.
(Just a side note: Am I the only one who thinks there should have been GolemStones? :P)

I'm pretty sure you still can't recruit from the first dungeon.

Either I'm underlevelled, or the Criminals are much harder than bosses.

You get A-rank missions really quick. I'm only up to chapter 6 and I'm already getting tons of A and B missions, meanwhile it took until right before I fought Groudon in MD1 to get those.

That's all I can think of right now.

Edit: Just a side note, on your site it says that Team PoisonRose are bosses in Apple Forest. They're not.

19th September 2007, 1:54 AM
I just remembered where your name is familiar from! YouTube! your vids are pretty good, guy.

19th September 2007, 2:33 AM
I just remembered where your name is familiar from! YouTube! your vids are pretty good, guy.



19th September 2007, 4:36 AM
You can also recruit friends from missions. The rewards for the missions are usually "???" I'm fairly sure these Poke's are VERY weak though (I've recruited 2 and their HP was WAY below par). Also the whole guild stealing 90% of your earnings is kind of... unfair and sickening.

20th September 2007, 12:59 AM
You can also recruit friends from missions. The rewards for the missions are usually "???" I'm fairly sure these Poke's are VERY weak though (I've recruited 2 and their HP was WAY below par). Also the whole guild stealing 90% of your earnings is kind of... unfair and sickening.

What do you mean?
"Friends from missions"

20th September 2007, 3:49 AM
What do you mean?
"Friends from missions"

I think he means getting friends as rewards for missions. I've yet to get something like that, so i dunno if it's true.

21st September 2007, 2:56 AM
It's very rare, but the reward for the missions are labeled as "???" There's a chance you can get the Pokemon who hired you as a friend. (Befriended a Linoone that way)...

21st September 2007, 12:40 PM
Thanks for telling me...

you are weclome and are you gonna put screenshots of MD2 if you have it?

22nd September 2007, 2:30 PM
Don't want to be rude and anyhow cut into this thread, but evandeck, what SpriteRight3 said was sarcasm...

I also find Geopebbles more common. Nothing much to say, I'm not very far into the game. ><

23rd September 2007, 3:47 AM
ill put up screenshots probobly.

10th October 2007, 4:44 PM

I'm playing through toki no tankentai. It's kind of straight forward, but the idea of relics that control the passage of time in an area is neat.

I just got the cutscene in which Sceptile finds the first of the toki no haguruma... by the way, does anyone know what a haguruma is? Without kanji I can only guess at the meaning of ha... fire, or something I suppose.

The gameplay actually feels something like a graphic intense MUD. Very simple - I'm having a hard time deciding whether I like that or not. What I do like is that the pokemon seem to have access to the same movesets as in D/P (I didn't play the first Dunegons, so this is new to me). It's pretty cool to use the same old monsters in a different format.

So far I am pretty disapointed with the items, though. And with the food system: it's so easy to fill your stomach that it almost feels pointless to have "you are hungry" messages at all. I've only completed about nine quests, but so far I literally haven't spent a penny in Treasure Town.

Hey, does anybody have any idea whether there will be stuff in the game transferable by wi-fi to my D/P game? I've been looking on mixi.com Pokemon groups for more info, but so far everyone is just trading pal numbers etc...

First post?


12th October 2007, 6:36 AM
Haguruma is a "gear" or a "cog-wheel".

I've reached chapter 12 or 13 and so far the story seems nice. The game is very amusing, specially with the wanted list. I haven't discovered yet how to evolve and I miss that :( but hopefully it won't take long until I can. I sure hope we lead the guild in the end because I don't really like to serve someone else while recruiting my own companions.

27th October 2007, 7:40 PM
after completing the game, your partner still must survive at marage field and demensional tower

4th November 2007, 1:16 AM
I've found the story isn't developed much during the main part of the game, but it gets better after the game is officially cleared. What with Darkrai and all, I mean. I'm going to translate the final conversation between Darkrai and the two heroes/Cresselia when I get a chance, so I can give everyone the rundown on what the basic timeline of the story was.

Also, I think the game mechanics in this game are much better. New moves and stuff, as well as the recruitment system: no more friend areas, plus you can recruit even if your party is full! How awesome is that~! :D Plus, eggs, Pokemon genders, and other such fun things. ^o^

I love the new reward system; you can get eggs, rare items, and even recruits, as stated before. Unfortunately, all recruits come at level 1. :|

Also sucky is the fact that some items are harder to get in one version than the other. Gummis and TMs in particular; some Gummis/TMs are only in Toki, while others are only in Yami, which sucks A LOT. D|

And you kinda get kicked out of the guild after the end of the game, lol. Well, they call it "graduating", but I thought it was getting kicked out at first, heh. You're still able to utilize the stuff inside the guild, though, including Chimecho's party-organizing service and Croagunk's... service, I still haven't bothered to figure out what it does. XD

The one thing that bothers me, though: you can't evolve your hero Pokemon right away as soon as you obtain the Light Springs (Hikari no Izumi). You have to have the following criteria to be able to evolve them: defeat Darkrai, recruit Dialga and Palkia, and complete the Ocean Resort (Umi no Resort) after you're finally able to recruit Manaphy. And it all takes a while to get everything, so it's a pain in the ***.

(But totally worth it when the springs finally let you evolve your starters. 8D)

Ultimate Eevee
6th November 2007, 4:21 AM
Why hello, I haven't posted in months, and I've only posted 2/3 times, but I'm no newbie to forums, nor Pokémon.

With my Pokémon Fushigi no Dungeon: Yami no Tankentai (PMD2 Dark), I have discovered a few things in which I would love to contribute. First off, the 3 Mew-wannabes are recruited no matter what if you defeat them post-credits, or so it would seem. You see, I befriended all 3, first try, and on a lower level than them! 8 levels lower! Is this consistant with anybody else? Or somehow did I get lucky (which is unlikely, I generally have horrid luck). Could this be the same for (some or all) other legendaries? I dunno yet, I tried Dialga, but it keeps killing me with Roar of Time.

7th December 2007, 9:15 AM
Man this game looks awesome! cant wait til it comes out in English in New Zealand but guess i will have 2. Im gonna be either Mudkip or Piplup (was mudkip every time in PMD1 so i have grown to love it, plus i've liked piplup from when i 1st saw it). So what do u guys think is the biggest letdown of this game?

7th December 2007, 4:57 PM
I have a few questions...
Ok is this gameplay like the first one?
What makes this one better then the first?
And is it a game worth getting?

Hopefully someone can answer,


7th December 2007, 8:40 PM
Bumped thread.