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19th September 2007, 6:36 PM
Ok i didn't want to make 2 topics so i just put them together, ok first,

I am having a Hard time Recruiting the 3 Dogs and the 3 Regis and i want to know do i have to be like a certain rank or something to recruit them? Cause i have tried about 10 times on each Dog/Regi and still have not gotten 1 yet, I am Platinum Rank(6855 pts) i am a Venusaur lvl 80 and use a Friend bow when i get there, am i just really unlucky or am i doing something wrong?

Ok and 2nd Question, How do the Rare Pokemon(Magikarp,Feebas,Snorlax,Exeggcute) Appear in the Dungeons that their in?( Howling forest and Waterfall Pond) To me it just seems like they appear once on random floors.

19th September 2007, 6:41 PM
You can check the PMD FAQ thread for these answers more in depth, but roughly for your first question, proximity does come to mind. Are you delivering the final blow too far away? You'd want to be rather close to whomever you are trying to recruit. Another factor is that the leader of your team must deliver the final blow.

20th September 2007, 8:22 AM
1. Chances of recruiting the dogs are really low (not as low as Groudon though). Friend Bow helps. Having higher ranks does not increase recruitment rate. Having higher levels does though. The Pokemon you wanna recruit also has to be right next to you. You partner can't kill it, or it won't join. Speaking of partners, Make sure you have enough room. Dogs and Regis are size one though, so it shouldn't be a problem. It's probably just luck.

2. They just...appear like other Pokemon. Except they appear much less. They can appear more than once, but they're probably so rare you'll hardly encounter any anyway. They have fixed floors where they appear on.
Magikarp - Waterfall Pond B7F-B11F (Blue)
Feebas - Waterfall pond B16F-B19F (Red)
Exeggcute - Howling Forest 14F
Snorlax - Howling Forest 11F-14F