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22nd September 2007, 12:18 AM

The Chrono Series Fanclub

Hi, welcome to the Chrono Series fanclub. For you who don't know, the Chrono series is a two game series, Trigger and Cross, made by Square. There was also going to be a sequel, Chrono Break, but it was most likely cancelled. Let us not forget the Japanese only spin-off, Radical Dreamers.

Now, this is a club made for all those Chrono series fans out there. Just read the rules to sign up, if you do not, you will NOT be approved.

1.) Follow on Standard rules
2.) No SPAMming
3.) No Flaming
4.) Begin your first post with the word "Crono" so I know you read the rules
5.) You must have played at least one of the two games in order to join
6.) If banned from the club, do NOT return until your ban has expired or you will further extend the ban
7.) Respect fellow Members
8.) Do not ask to be a moderator of this club
9.) Rules are subject to change
10.) Have fun!


Gee, ain't it a lot?