View Full Version : The move Ideas club

25th September 2007, 1:05 AM
This is for those of us who wish our Pokemon have more moves to choose from. Like Dialga having more time-based attacks, or Scepitile having seed bomb. Note that you can make up a move here, as long as you give it Attackdex-like data and whether or not it'll be a TM move. Here are the rules:

You must be a member to post here. to be a member, you must PM me with your 1st idea for a new move. If I like it, you'll be a member.

You must have an ad for this club in your sig.

If you are unactive in this club, or if you flame, bash other people's Ideas, or insuld anyone in this club, you will recive a penalty that goes as follows, in this order

1. A PM from me with a warning

2. A one-week ban

3. A 3-week ban

4. A reportation to a Mod. or Serebii

5. A Dismembering (You can Rejoin later)

6. A permanent Dismembering (You can't rejoin)

However, you can recive praise, a PM to Serebii with positive attention towards you, or promotion to a ClubMod
if you do really good stuff. So, have fun, and welcome to the club!