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26th September 2007, 10:45 PM
I think it needs to be said that this chatroom is ran so horribly. not to mention Serebii literally acts like a boy in middle school. extremely hypocritical and close-minded.

first of all, why are operators allowed to break rules worse than people who break them by mistake and STILL get banned? it just makes absolutely no sense to me. we can't even have a light debate about something while Captain_Chris goes crazy over the Wii and Serebii goes crazy because some random javabie calls him fat. that just screams out hypocrisy.

not to mention that whenever there is a discussion, there only seems to be one key thing to maybe 40% of the room: the op is always right. far too many suck-ups treat operators like they're gods and can't bother to treat them like human in fear of getting banned/never getting status. just pathetic.

one more thing is the reason why I even got banned just minutes ago. debating with an operator. I can understand debating with them about the rules, but if they are actually being stupid about something, that shouldn't mean I can't show them why.

Locke Yggdrasill
26th September 2007, 10:50 PM
Sure, let's have a rant about a chatroom on the internet.
Serebii acts like a boy in middle school because that's just how british teens act. It's a fact of life. And most people find them humorous.

+vs, +hs, and +os are allowed to break rules because we've proved our worth. The higher ups know that we're intelligent to know what we did and that we don't need to be "punished" to learn our lesson. And half of the time it's all in good fun and humor, so therefore it's looked past in good fun and humor.

And, uh, supremacy clause?

And you don't have a good track record on the chatroom any how, so you're obviously going to find it unsatisfactory.

26th September 2007, 10:51 PM
Wah wah wah.

Somebody call the WAAAAAAAMBULANCE.

26th September 2007, 10:53 PM
Actually I am wrong all the time and admit to being wrong, and even...


I can't speak much for Chris, anything I say is obviously biased, since we haven't even been talking nor when we do talk do we get along.

I can say that in the past when we have gotten along I've said he needs to chill out and be less of an ***.

Serebii? Well, I'd ban people too if they came in and called me fat. The rules are there and say no insulting, so y'know, banning them for calling Joe fat is basically upholding the written rules!

I've never seen Chris go crazy over the Wii, nor have I seen Joe go crazy due to someone calling him fat, just him banning them, which is fine.

I already explained why ops can break the rules, in a sense. Advertising, I can post links and not get banned, mainly because us ops are trusted enough to post links and not be all "OMG JOIN MY FORUM LOLOLPENIS!!!!!11111111111"

Other people get banned because usually they advertise to their 5 member forum and ask us to join, or they occasionally post porn.

Ops are trusted not to do that, so that's why we can advertise.

The rest of the rules? We don't get affected by the scripts, so of course we're going to abuse it ;)

As for swearing? If anyone comes in and is all "F*ck I had the worst day ever!" they would not be kicked by ME, because they're not swearing at anyone. If they came in saying "F*ck you all f*ggots!" yea, I'd ban them.

Even though swearing is against the rules, I do not ban them unless they're doing it to cause problems~

It would have been nice if you had included some examples, you know. Examples in the form of logs, perhaps?