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28th September 2007, 8:05 PM
Starboltsverse Writers’ Club

Approved by Eefi

Welcome to the group based on a growing universe here on SPPF. Found in the forum’s Non Pokemon fic section, the universe has grown to the point where we need a club for the creators of the various characters in the universe and fans can talk. Everyone in the universe can meet, greet and talk about various goings on in their fics. We can plan interactions and discuss stories, too. We will even allow people to comment on the stories themselves. This is a place for creators and fans to meet!

For those who don’t know, the universe is based on the style of current Marvel Comics. The heroes and heroines have heart, drama and emotion. They are realistic and follow the model set by Stan Lee, creator of such famous characters as Spider-Man and the X-Men.

Owned by: Ledian_X and MondoTR


1. Follow all forum rules, both the General Forum Rules as well as the Club Rules.

2. Respect everyone. That goes without saying! Everyone has different opinions but we don’t want flame wars here!

3. Feel free to advertise and talk about your story. Inform everyone on what’s going on and who knows, we could help you!

4. Topics: You can make any topic and ask any question pertaining to the universe.

5. Want to join the Starboltsverse writers? Post your ideas here and we'll help you get started. Whoever wants in has to go through a screening process.

6. Any fan art of any kind is acceptable!


When each creator makes their first post, please post what characters you have and powers. That way, we can avoid confusion. Also include a brief description of the group. What their main agenda is etc.
Manta: Prince M’anta J’arrsti

Bio electric blasts, flight, telepathy, breaths underwater

Lady Liberty: Jenna Dastara

Pyrokinesis, healing touch

Crossbow: Kevin Stanton

Psionic bow and arrows, ocular implants allow for heat vision

Aquita: Princess Aquita J’arrsti-Arlandero

Sonic scream, telepathy, breaths underwater

Quetzal: Mateo Arlandero

Winged flight, ring on his ring hand channels blue energy

Bluestreak: Marcus Johnson

Superspeed up to the speed of sound

Truth: Angela Arlandero

Becomes a yellow-white angelic being that can fire bolts of energy, fly and force the truth out of people. She also has empathic senses.

Titanus: Dennis Arronfeld

Creates a black and yellow bio-mesh that grants him superstrength and invulnerability

Diamond Lil: Crystal Arronfeld

Creates crystalline spikes

Garoukingu: Takashi Shimonoseki

Becomes a gigantic robotic wolf

Majo: Kaori Harada

Mystic powers. Can make people do things. Also can change people’s perceptions of her. Fires bolts that stop people in their tracks.

Xemplar: Prince Shrall J’arrsti

None, had the power to mimic non magical powers. Now has a suit of armor.

Norad: Real name Not applicable

Becomes a defensive suit of armor

Comet: Vance Robinson

Energy blasts, flight, force field projection

The New Starbolts:

Lightningrod: Brad Farber

Ability to create golden lightning rods for hands. The lightning rods absorb and re-channel energy.

Overdrive : Beth Coppolla

Controls temporal energy giving the illusion that she is superfast.

Scorpio: Miguel Arlandero

A degree of superstrength, agility, wall climbing on retractable spikes on fingers. Fingers shoot venom that can stun a person.

Golgomoth: Chris Atkins

Can grow up to fifty feet tall
Artemis: Sheila del Mar

Can link to and take on the attributes/appearance of six African animals (rhino, ostrich, gorilla, crocodile, flamingo and panther)

Note that I have omitted Samchu’s Sola character and Scar’s Dusk character. They are their characters placed into the Starbolts team.they can write their own files for them!


When there's a threat that extends beyond the very limits of Earth itself, new heroes must be called upon. On their shoulders rests not only the fate of Earth, but Aquarius's as well. With a team that crosses worlds as well as races, the time has come to prove that when you stop looking at what's different, great things can happen. They are the future of Earth's heroes. They are the Starbolts!

Well, that’s it. The beginning of the Starboltsverse group where authors and fans can come together!

List of members:

Power Shot
Brian Powell
The Doctor

28th September 2007, 8:47 PM
Aura (http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=274009) - Three friends help a stranger in trouble only to be dragged into his neverending quarrel. Watch as the team the four create develops them into true heroes.

Aura - The good guys.
Lunar/Celes Astron - Has moon given powers such as control over the tides. Also an archer like one of the mythical gods of the moon. Aura's Leader and Solar's rival.

FlashPoint/Blair Ola - Can see into the past. One day limit.

Neutral/Annel Yawa - Can neutralize anything including powers and gravity. Getting rid of gravity gives her a flying ability but she hasn't discovered it yet.

Prism/Kenneth Ola - Can change the color of anything. Turns people invisible by making them transparent. Blair's younger brother.

Oblique - The bad guys.
Solar/Raymond Helios - Has sun given powers such as causing blindness and fires. Oblique's leader and Lunar's rival.

Aquiana/Aquiana Smith - Has water based powers such as controlling, becoming, or breathing in it.

Others - Not in the story yet and which side is still being determined.
Obscuridão/Mauricio Hélder - Has a living shadow. His shadow can attack other people's shadows to hurt their realselves or take items that'll then appear in his real hands.

Chimera/Lyssa Dean - Has powers relating to both the mythical and scientific chimeras. She becomes a lion, goat, and snake and alters her DNA.

Names Credit:
Helios and FlashPoint - Chris (Ledian_X)
Oblique - Nylf

28th September 2007, 11:37 PM
Sure, I'll join. I suppose I'm technically one of the authors, though I've only contributed one character to the continuity...Here's his profile, in any case:

Dusk/Evan Stryker

Manipulation of Aether- Dusk's primary means of offense involve the manipulation of a bizarre energy, the contents of which are roughly 60% Dark Force and 40% Thermal Energy (or light). This allows for a variety of uses, some of which he hasn't developed enough to access just yet. As of now, it can be used to fire particularly potent energy blasts from his hands, generate dual katana capable of burning through most materials, and raising a dome-shaped barrier around himself to guard against attacks.
Superhuman Reflexes/Agility- For whatever reason, Dusk has also been gifted with a reaction time far surpassing that of a normal human's. Through this ability, Dusk can evade projectiles- even bullets- with amazing precision.

29th September 2007, 4:38 PM
Whether they've made one or infinity (Chris XP), all Starbolts character creators are allowed. ^_^

Anyways, I had an idea. Not done yet and don't know if I'll add them to my Aura story later down the line or make them their own story but we'll see. Tell me if you think it's good or bad or if you have suggestions.

And this came from hours of searching random crap and some how discovering piezoelectricity on wikipedia.

Piezen -
The Piezen were people that thrived on the natural electricity of their planet, Piezo. They had abilities that to us would be considered superpowers. They discovered Piezo was nearing it's death so sent groups to search for a new home for the inhabitants. One group found Earth but was unable to contact Piezo or any of the other groups. They decided to stay on Earth until they could reach the others. They're still waiting.

Earth Arrival & Sensors -
They landed in '88. They were discovered but ignored as it was Halloween and they were thought to be in costumes. Upon hearing Terrans (humans) disbelief and in some cases fear of aliens, the next day they disguised themselves as humans and avoided using their abilities. However, some believed they were aliens and spread the word only to be thought of as crazy alien fanatics as this was before the Aquans had revealed themselves. The believers who called themselves Sensors tried to find the Piezen and get them to reveal themselves. They studied what little they knew about the aliens and discovered quartz is the Piezen power source. They built electronics using quartz and sold them in an electronics store. The electronics emit the quartz's piezoelectric waves that brings out the abilities of any Piezen customer.
It'll then send a signal back to the Sensors informing them a Piezen has been found. They will then contact the person and confront them about being an alien. Most will be doubtful until their parents confirm it (some parents kept their origin a secret so their children wouldn't have to worry about being discovered) The Piezen finally reveal themselves in '08.

Abilities (still in progress so I apologize if any doesn't make sense) (one per person, and the first part isn't names just references for me.)
•sonic boom - claps hands to makes a big sound wave
•laser - turns the sound wave into light then shoots it
•pulse detection - can detect cracks in objects then vibrates it to destroy it, also vibrates to enlarge the crack to make a passage way
•fire hammer - enflames whatever it hits
•electric forcefield - a barrier that sends voltage back at whoever attacks it
•reflexes and speed - superfast subconscious reactions
•Can only use their powers when quartz is near.

•electric attacks (temporarily increases their power)

29th September 2007, 7:32 PM
Y'know I was putting some thought into this today...freaky.

Siegfried Van Galus/Whirlwing:-
Background: Half-German, born there, but raised in England, since about age 5. Attended same secondary school as Tila, Cane and Derek. The main link between the Starbolts and the Elementans, having trained with them in the Elementans' year out.
Powers: Flight, air pressure manipulation, rendering itself as usually wind control, but after some practice, and even then a fair amount of time, he can manipulate weather on a small scale.

Tilana Maria Pyrus/Inferna:-
Background: Quarter welsh, born and raised in England. Has a disabled younger sister.
Powers: Healing, and can burst into flames and manipulate flames. After a lot of practice, she can also manipulate molten material.

Derek Hade Hydran/Tsunami:-
Background: English born and bred. The popular one of the group, and most ordinary prior to the devolution.
Powers: Can breath underwater, and manipulate water. Following practice he can manipulate ice.

Cane Lupi Terran/Boulderbeast:-
Background: English born and bred. His family adopts dogs and effectively owns a small pack.
Powers: Can cover his body in a thick rock armour, increasing his physical attributes. Can also manipulate rock and soil with his mind. After some practice, he's can, with enough time before hand, manipulate tectonic activity.

?/The Channeler/Dragonfang & Schwarzblitzen :-
Background: An enigmatic hero living in London. His thick accent and the name of the spirit possessing him hints German origin. The Elementans' mentor. Schwarzblitzen was the last dragon in ermany over 1500 years ago, and his spirit has forced it's way into Dragonfang's body.
Prior Possession:-
Could manipulate spirits, turning their energy into a physical form, usually weapons, by channeling it through him.
After Possession:-
Can become a large humanoid dragon. In this form, he has typical draconic abilities, fire breath, flight, nigh-invulnerability and super strength. He can also produce electrical blasts. Always at risk of loosing control in it though, but years of practice and finally having won over Schwarzblitzen(the dragon soul possessing him) means the risk is minimal.

George Michaelson/Amalgam:-
Background: A half scottish zoological student who works with the Natural History Museum in London. Has finished his thesis, but needs to hand it in.
Can take an anthropomorphic version of animals within a given radius dictated by life energy in the immediate area. Can hybridise multiple animal forms into an amalgam of their shapes and abilities. He often combines a mammal, bird, reptile, and arthropod. Typically, the mammal grants him talons and homoestasis, the bird flight, reptile a poison of sort or scale armour and the arthropod greatly increased strength. The species used varies the potency. However, he only uses his powers as a battle determines it, suggesting there may be side-effects to overuse.

Background: The last british dragon. As far as he is aware. Can't speak english, but can read and write.
Powers: Similar to Dragonfang's, except he lacks flight, having increased speed. Also lacks the electrical blasts, and his fire breath is fairly weak. Instead, he can extend metal blades from his forearms, thighs, tail, head and shoulders. His strength is actully greater than Dragonfang's, despite being smaller, and he is more agile.

Background: The leftovers from the creation of everything in physical form. Seeks to leave nothing but himself, so he can stop being mere remnants.
Powers: Dimensional manipulation, manipulation of that which is not defined, production of that which is not defined. Gigantic size, flight.

Background: An enigmatic man who is a member of an even more enigmatic religion. Justifies his crimes by saying it is what his religion states he should do. Powers last 24 hours, and depend on which God he prayed to in the morning. Will be killed if he prays to both gods in the same 24 hour period.
Omni The All Seeing: Laser vision, 360 degree vision, mild telekinisis.
Gigant The Unstoppable: Super strength, increased physical tolerance, increased size.

7-Fold, Envy, Lust, Arrogance, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath & Sloth.
Background: A mysterious women who, much like Dragonfang, seems to be of German lineage. Each of the devils that possess her is a spiritual manifestation of the sin of the same name. Her personality is unknown, as she is always controlled by one of the spirits.
Envy: Power copying.
Lust: Mind control and other, typical psychic powers.
Arrogance: Powerful voice(think Banshee)
Greed: Super speed
Gluttony: Supersize(think The Blob)
Wrath: Invincible fury(Think The Hulk)
Sloth: Able to slow down time around her

Background: The leader of Loki's children. High-ranking board member of Ragnarok Co. Otherwise a mystery.
Just as with the Loki of lore, he's a shapeshifter.

Background: Member of Loki's children. High-ranking board member of Ragnarok Co. Otherwise a mystery.
She's a necromancer.

Background: Member of Loki's children. High-ranking board member of Ragnarok Co. Otherwise a mystery.
Is a humanoid serpent, with extendable body and increased strength and agility. Can also manipulate water, and, in desperate situations, turn into a gigantic serpent.

Background: Member of Loki's children. High-ranking board member of Ragnarok Co. A cannibal, besides that, a mystery.
Seemingly complete invincibility. Super strength and speed. Humanoid wolf, so has teeth and claws.

Background: Average thief who was experimented on to test the devolution process. Uses Cockney slang.
He's a humanoid T-Rex. Strength, thick scales, and a wicked bite.

Background: Average thief who was experimented on to test the devolution process. uses Cockney sland.
He's a humanoid Kentrosaurus. Strength, thick scales and numerous spikes.

Members: Whirlwing, Inferna, Tsunami and Boulderbeast
Summary: 4 teens who were exposed to the devolution process by Ragnarok Co. so as to bring back the Elementan race, a preluder to the human race divided into sub-races that each represented an element. Each member of the team is of a differant sub-race.

Loki's Children:-
Members: Loki, Hel, Jormungander and Fenrir
Summary: High-ranking board members of Ragnarok Co. Most of their powers are innate, Fenrir however was the first exposed to the devolution process, which had negative effects on his psyche, leaving him little more than a cannibalistic monster. they perfected the process and gave Jormungander his serpentine traits.

The Channelers:-
Members: 7-Fold and Dragonfang
Summary: Not much to say. Dragonfang has hinted they share histroy, the similarity of their situations and the possibly shared german descent hints at some sort of relationship in the past. Dragonfang nevers says much more, but Bladebeast seems to know more.

The Dinos
Members: Wrex and Spike
Summary: Their both humanoid dinosaurs who speak in cockney slang. They also grew up together.

Ragnarok Co.
Members: Bunch of atm nameless scientists
Summary: A group who use scientific experimentation as a cover for a doomsday cult. Funded by Terra Nova, who are unaware of their true purpose.

Wait, WTF? I coined Oblique? Man, I forgot about that.

Oh, Loki's Children idea goes to LX.

Power Shot
29th September 2007, 8:09 PM
Power Shot's been gearing up for NaNoWriMo, and is planning to continue his story. Woo for him.

Chronos: The resident badass of the Starbolts Universe, and protector of Zepther. His powers stem from his inherent ability to create biometal from his skin, called the MetaSkin. While this has destroyed his sense of touch as well as his ability to feel emotion, Chronos can fashion and weild weapons and even use metal to boost himself in giant leaps as springs. He can also utilize a secondary skill of the MetaSkin which allows him to see from any surface the MetaSkin is touching, to compensate for his lack of eyes. Due to the fact that his internal organs are made of metal and protect him, he does not really need food, though he can consume things as well as drink. He does not need to breathe as often as a human either, save to occasionally oxidize his internal metal body. His weaknesses are few, and limited to exposure to fire and water due to the fact that his body can be melted and rusted respectively.

Stories: Chronos is a guest star of the Starbolts, having appeared in the first story and one of the Chronicles. He stars in Shattered Memories: Chronos, which can be found in my sig.

29th September 2007, 9:18 PM
Welcome, Gentlemen. All your base are belong to us.

As for Piezan? Hmm. This seems like an interesting idea. Almost reminds me of the Inhumans but it's not quite like them at the sae time. I kind of like the idea and hey any other aliens are welcome.

Though you don't have a look for their alien forms, I was thinking something along the lines of yellow skin with antennae. Really thick ones. They'd obviously be humanoid. Perhaps they can have fingers that resemble outlets?

We have to figure out though where your planet was in relation to Earth, Aquarius, Leonid IV and other planets. Those three planets are of course located in the same 200 by 200 light year sector of the galaxy.

Question is, how would we introduce them? Aquans made official first contact in 2000. these aliens have been among us for longer and living as human. So, how would we go about introducing them?

Anyway, welcome Power Shot and Nylf. PS, I can't wait for Nano. That should be good. Hope you include how Crystal, Mateo and Aquita came to Zepther and Crystal savved the mayor.

Next Chronicle I am making involves The Starboltsverse's first cosmic beings. They are called Centurion Alpha and Omega. they are the creators of an interspace Interpol called the Centurion Corps.

The first Centurion is an Aquan female named tenera Danar, the daughter of Aquan Parliament member Tess Danar. Danar's dad is a blowhard. It's gonna be funny how he reacts to his daughter's transformation.

Centurions can fly, survive in the vaccuum of space, shoot energy blasts and are superstrong. Nothing fancy. They're space cops.

What happened was that the cosmic entities fled their home galaxy after it was distroyed. Tenera is also gonna meet Shrall aka Xemplar. That's gonna be cool, too.


29th September 2007, 11:04 PM
Yeah, Nylf. You suggested it in a thread of mine from about a year and a half ago. BTW, we both have characters with the (almost) same codename. Which is fine because I was thinking of looking for a name other than Chimera anyways. And situations like this is one reason I thought of this thread. ^_^;

BTW, everyone post a timeline for your story. Like when the team or person first appear. That way we can build a Starboltsverse timeline for reference. ^_^

Here's mine so far (a little Starbolts info in as well):
1988 (October 31) Piezen arrive on Earth.
1996 (August 15) - M'anta, Shrall, and Aquita first arrive on Earth.
2000 (January 1) - Official Aquan contact.
2005 (somewhere between October 7 and February 7 2006) - Solar first attacks Lunar.
2007 (September 3) - Aquiana helps Solar.
2007 (September 4) - Blair, Annel, and Kenneth rescue Celes.
2008 (date tba) - The Piezen reveal themselves to the world.

Power Shot
30th September 2007, 2:32 AM
Good idea. These timelines are subject to sliding changes, due to time conflicts.

-2003: No recorded data. Sometime before this, the MetaSkin was bonded to Chronos.
2003: Chronos' memories begin.
2003-2006: Chronos travels the world, most notably in Europe and Africa. Rescues an Aquarian from the Sahara Desert. Earlier events TBA.
Early 2006: Chronos arrives in Zepther. Events of Savior of Zepther take place.
Early 2006- Febuary 2007: Chronos establishes himself in Zepther and as a hero. Events of Starbolts: New Beginnings and Starbolts: Chronicles take place.
Febuary 2007: Events of Shattered Memories: Chronos take place.
December 2008: Events of a second Chronos story take place.
August 2009: Events of an unnamed, third Chronos story take place.
August 2009-: TBA

30th September 2007, 3:05 AM
Dude. Remember Chronos met King Sirak in the desert before finding his kids? That was in 1996. Anyway, I edited the memberlist. Here's my contribution to the timeline. then we can add everything together. Bold stuff is from you guys so far.

Starboltsverse Timeline

13.6 billion years ago: The Milky Way Galaxy was formed.

4.57 Billion years ago: Earth and several other planets began to form amidst a cosmic nursery.

4.5 Billion years ago: The first humanoid species called the Progenitors found themselves alone in the cosmos. Seeing that the survival of one race to be finite, they seeded the primordial oceans of Earth, Aquarius, Leonid IV and several other worlds with the genetics for the humanoid form.

1 Million Years Ago: the Progenitors return and give humanity the genetic code for metahuman abilities.

1550: An Aztec priestess who is an ancestor to a future Starbolt (Angela Arlandero) is abducted. She uses her angelic powers. A power that lays dormant in her family for centuries.

1936: The alien race known as the Mosqukatara conquored the peace loving Aquan race and drove them into slavery. They would remain this way for decades.

1939: World War II erupted on Earth and a pair of young metahumans start the age of heroes. They are Apollo and Isis.

1945: Apollo and Isis mysteriously vanish at the end of World War II and would not reappear until the late 1970s.

1967: The Starbolts appear and ddeal with a temporal crisis and return home.

1976: On Aquarius, the decades old enslavement of the Aquans by the Mosqukatara ended with Criam J’arssti killing the leader of the Mosqukatara. Unfortunately, He dies from his injuries.

Criam’s son, Sirak J’arrsti and Yeena Galetaya marry and become the rulers of Aquarius.

Princess Aquita Merana J’arrsti was born on Larta, Aquarius.

1978: The Agents of S.T.A.R. are formed to fight the reemerging threat from supervillains.

1980: World War II superheroes Apollo and Isis arrive after being teleported through time. Later, the two marry and have a daughter named Sara. Sara unfortunately was kidnapped by Terra Nova operatives.

1981: An increase of metahuman births begins with the birth of the charter Starbolts: Mateo Arlandero and Jenna Dastara.

On Aquarius, Princes Shrall and M’anta J’arrsti were born to King Sirak and Queen Yeena.

1988 (October 31) Piezen arrive on Earth.


Stan Whitefox starts the Starbolts program and recruits Jenna Dastara, Kevin Stanton, Mateo Arlandero and Marcus Johnson as the first Starbolts. Before the first mission, a strange pod crash lands in the mansion pool of Jenna’s father, Richard. The pod contains Princess Aquita and Princes M’anta and Shrall. They promptly join the Starbolts, filling out the ranks.

1999: Dennis Arronfeld, Angela Arlandero and Crystal Arronfeld join the Starbolts. Shortly thereafter, they are sent back in time to 1967

2000: First official contact humanity has with Aquans, proving that humanity isn't alone in the universe.

2000 (February 12) - Vanessa adopts Kenneth.

Demonstorm appears. Starbolts deal with him.

2005 (somewhere between October 7 and February 7 2006) - Solar first attacks Lunar.

Early 2006: Chronos arrives in Zepther. Events of Savior of Zepther take place.
Early 2006- Febuary 2007: Chronos establishes himself in Zepther and as a hero. Events of Starbolts: New Beginnings and Starbolts: Chronicles take place. (MOre Chronicles take place in 2007)
Febuary 2007: Events of Shattered Memories: Chronos take place

2007 (September 3) - Aquiana helps Solar.
2007 (September 4) - Blair, Annel, and Kenneth rescue Celes.
2008 (date tba) - The Piezen reveal themselves to the world.

2008: The Events of Starbolts: Angelic Destiny.

All subject to change.

Power Shot
30th September 2007, 3:43 AM
We have to fix that somehow then... Chronos cannot meet King Sirak in 1996, considering his memory begins in 2003. Let's see...judging from what I've planned with Chronos, placing him in 1996 would place him somewhere in his early teens. I think that places him at 13 years of age in 1996.

Gotta fix this... Let me think on that.

30th September 2007, 11:43 AM
We have to fix that somehow then... Chronos cannot meet King Sirak in 1996, considering his memory begins in 2003. Let's see...judging from what I've planned with Chronos, placing him in 1996 would place him somewhere in his early teens. I think that places him at 13 years of age in 1996.

Gotta fix this... Let me think on that.
Another situation for why this thread was made. ^_^

This reminds me, I think we also need an age list. Or at least a range of ages of the teams.

For Aura and Oblique, most characters will be around 18-21, give or take a year or two. Kenneth is an exception at 13.

As for the Piezen 'children' (the ones receiving the power), I think some might be born on Earth while others are too young to remember when they arrive. So probaly have a range from like 15-25. The oldest ones might have a few vague memories of Piezo. The Piezen parents (the search group that arrived on Earth) will be in their 40s-60s.

And some Sensors will obviously have to be older since they remember the twenty year old incident. However they'll also convince some people. So it'll range from like 20s to late 40s.

And you guys are right about timelines being subject to change. Perhaps I shouldn't be so exact with mine. Probably ended up like that since I tend to think too much into things, especially when it comes to numbers. ^_^;

30th September 2007, 9:34 PM
My timeline, roughly:-

Origin point: Big Bang occurs. Ragnarok is formed from the material not used to make the universe, as it existed outside the laws of physics. The Titans are formed as spiritual representations of fire, wind, water and earth.

3000BC: The Elementan race disappears from the historical record.

1478: Schwarzblitzen born.

1878: Bladebeast born, Schwarzblitzen died.

1978: The Channeler, and possibly 7-Fold, born.

1980: Spike and Wrex born.

1987: George Michaelson born.

1990: Sieg, Tila, Cane and Derek born.

Early 1993: 7-Fold first possessed by Envy, Lust, Wrath, Greed, Gluttony, Arrogance and Sloth

Late 1993: The Channeler first possessed by Schwarzblitzen, becoming Dragonfang

Late 2003: George Michaelson become Amalgam

Late 2005: Spike and Wrex become the humanoid dinosaurs they are today.

Starting in early 2006: The events of A Legend Reborn. That's just about everything, The Elementans gaining their power, Loki's Children being either defeated or, in Fenrir's case killed and Ragnarok was released and resealed, with the Elementans making a pact to never call upon the Titans or unleash The One Element again.


Titans: Four great spirits, revered as gods by the elementans. Galus the dragon of wind, Pyrus the phoenix of fire, Terran the hound of earth, and Hydran, the leviathan of water. It is throgh their sleep that ragnarok remains sealed away. Any of them can be awakened by a member of the race who revered them surrenderig themselves to 'the will of the Titans', the part of them that grants them their ability to manipulate the elements. Is done differantly for each race. An Aeran must form the blood of his wings into Galus' symbol in the air. A Pyran must burn Pyrus' symbol into the one they care about most. A Terran must tear the symbol of Terran into the earth wth their bare hands, no Geogaining(covering the body in stone). A Hydran must carve Hydran's symbol into the Abyssal plain. If all four are awakened, and they cannot return to sleep once awakened, unless all four are awakened, then Ragnarok will be unleashed.

The One Element: That which all once was, and all will return to.

MondoTR: There's no need to do it. I had a back up name for Chimaera anyway, and Chimaera makes more sense on your character, since they can become the creatures that form the mythical one.

AON, George Michaelson's alter-ego is Amalgam.

1st October 2007, 1:45 PM
Nice timeline Nylf! As for Shot, sorry man. I thought I told you that Sirak and co came in 1996 looking for the kids. We worked on the scene together in the desert.

Looking foreward to seeing Nanowrimo. I think after I do the Chronicle on the Centurions, I'll do the New Starbolts two parter. In it, I introduce Heidi Vallas aka Bifrost. She's the daughter of Odin.

It sort of connects to Nylf's characters in a way. Working on getting some heavy hitters of the Starboltsverse. So far we have a few.

Oh and some of my old teachers read my Marcus story about the coach. They liked it a lot. Really went all out in that story.


4th October 2007, 2:57 AM
Oh and some of my old teachers read my Marcus story about the coach. They liked it a lot.
It's great that people who knew the real guy liked how you portrayed him. That shows it was a truly wonderful tribute.

Brian Random
5th October 2007, 4:34 PM
Hello, everybody, can I join? If you're wondering if I made any characters to be placed in the Starboltverse, I have. ^^ Remember Raven?

Nevermore: The Introduction of Raven (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=5269646#post5269646)

You may have seen his profile but I may have to give that a little change. Shame on me. ^^

Anyhoo, what do you guys think of this hero group I made up?

The Starflyers

Background story: On planet Havena, which was inhabitant by half-bird, half-human like aliens, there was a criminal organisation called the Soaring Flames Force, which was bent on world domination. The organisation’s leader was known as Osmond Firewing. One day, a group of the Havenian army invaded one of its main bases and was on the verge of capturing its leader. That proved to be futile when Osmond displayed his great fiery powers, burning almost every one of the opposition and escaped.

Marcus Niteflyer, leader of a mercenary group called the Starflyers and one of the men who was part of the invasion, decided to go after him without the order of his superiors, leaving his little brother Lucas (aka: Crow) in charge of the group.

Lucas and his team were ordered by his superiors to bring back Marcus and Osmond back. With the team consisting of Crow, one of the experts in armed combat, Renegade the traitor of the Soaring Flames Force who can conjure flame attacks of his own, Iceberg who relies on his strength and battle armour to get the job done, Sly the former street thug with great stealth capabilities, Charlotte the resourceful female soldier with psychic powers and Evan Segal the advisor of the group, the team set off on their mission to find their targets.

Real name: Lucas Niteflyer
Age: 20
Nationality: Havenian
Powers: Expert in armed combat
Origin of power: Trained by his superiors
Other abilities: Able to hijack vehicles
Personality: Despite having a dark exterior, he has a warm and courageous heart. He has a strong sense of justice and honour and hates everything that relates to evil but he sometimes takes things too seriously. He sees his team as a family more than just partners, with the exception of Renegade as he sees him as an equal rival when it comes to talent and would get into quarrels with him but they do work well together in missions.
Appearance: Wears a Starflyer uniform. Has black feathers and his head appearance appears to have a Crow’s head but with a white feathered mane.
Background: Current leader of the Starflyers. He took this role after the former leader, his brother Marcus, departed to search for the criminal mastermind Osmond Firewing. Before Marcus left the group, he saw him as his role model.

Real name: Grant
Age: 18
Nationality: Havenian
Powers: Ability to conjure up fiery attacks using his body. He’s is also a martial artist.
Origin of power: The origin of his fire power remains unknown. He got his martial arts ability from training in the Soaring Flames Force.
Other abilities: He also has the ability to sense others by body temperature.
Personality: Quiet, cold, arrogant and anti-social. Despite being part of the Starflyers, he sees them as a bunch of bothersome people who are below his level when it comes to fighting of any kind and would at times criticise or name calls them for it… but then again, his respect for them may grow.
Appearance: Wears a Starflyer uniform. Has red feathers and his head appearance appears to have a firebird’s head but has a red fringe covering half his face.
Background: Former member of the Soaring Flames Force after getting left behind by Osmond. Despite not being able to give details of his former boss’s whereabouts because of this lack of knowledge, he offered to become one of the Starflyers in order to find him because of his betrayal, which they accepted.

Real name: Charlotte May
Age: 16
Nationality: Havenian
Powers: Telekinesis
Origin of power: Unknown
Other abilities: Can sense the emotions of others
Personality: Strong, kind-hearted, soft-spoken and she doesn’t speak unless spoken to or when she needs to. Sometimes, she can be stubborn.
Appearance: Wears a Starflyer uniform. Has blue feathers and her head appearance appears to have a bird’s head but with a green feathered mane that appears to look like a girl’s short hair.
Background: At a young age, she discovered that she had psychic powers meaning that she could use her mind to control and lift a number of objects and look into other people’s minds. She promised that she would use them in she needed to. She was one of the upper class family members until one fateful day. She found out that her father was captured by the Soaring Flames Force for unknown reasons when she saw a group of officers investigating. They would give her protection but she insisted that she would join them after recognising them as the Starflyers and demonstrating her psychic powers. They decided to let her in under the condition that she would train and work hard for the group.

Real name: Slicky McFly
Age: 17
Nationality: Havenian
Powers: Has high stealth capabilities, along with carrying a number of gadgets, including a multi-purpose staff, for extra help.
Origin of power: His spying and thieving skills were learned when he was living in the rough streets while his weapons were designed and given to him by Iceberg.
Other abilities: Able to hijack vehicles
Personality: A joyful practical joker at heart. He often plays pranks on many people, and being as a jovial person he is, he doesn’t enjoy seeing others feeling sad so he tries to cheer people in any way he can by telling jokes or do some act or trick.
Appearance: Wears a Starflyer uniform. Has blue fathers. His head appearance appears to have a bird’s head with a small beak, yellow mane and a bandanna wrapped around his head.
Background: For as long as he could remember, he was raised by a gang of crooks and was taught how to steal from others. Unlike some of his thieving friends, he never liked hurting others but he enjoyed playing pranks on them and never was he once caught. That was until at the age of sixteen where the Starflyers caught him. They recognised him as the practical joker and most troublesome thief everyone was talking about. In exchange for sparing him from a jail sentence, they decided to take him as one of them.

Real name: Bruce O Limbo
Age: 30
Nationality: Havenian
Powers: Brute strength, holds various weapons and gadgets, ability to sense his enemies
Origin of power: All powers built inside his battle suit
Other abilities: None
Personality: Cool, calm, caring and collected. He would always talk to others who appeared who have personal troubles to comfort them and would always protect them using his body as a shield when danger comes. Despite that he always show his caring side, it’s best not to him angry.
Appearance: 6ft5 and weighs 450lbs due to his tall, muscular build. Wears a Starflyer uniform. Has black and white fathers. His head appearance appears to have a penguin’s head.
Background: He was born in an army family. He was trained in the army, along with Marcus and Lucas. At young age, he found a hobby of designing and creating various weapons. Another hobby he found was doing a lot of exercise to help strengthen his body. A few years later, he found out that his father died in battle and he decided to join the army to fight for peace and for his father’s memory. Whilst there, he co-founded a mercenary group called the Starflyers with Marcus and Lucas after completing a number of successful missions. Because he suffered so many injuries after sacrificing his body so many times, he had to invent a suit and other gadgets to protect himself from serious harm.

Evan Segal
Real name: Evan Segal
Age: 50
Nationality: Havenian
Powers: None
Origin of power: None
Other abilities: None
Personality: He’s calm and open minded yet he can be very strict and firm at times when necessary.
Appearance: Wears a white overcoat over his Starflyer uniform and a pair of glasses. has a head of seagull.
Background: The most experienced member in the Havenian army. He was dismissed from army due to injury but he shortly joined Lucas, Marcus and Bruce as their advisor for the mercernary group called the Starflyers. Evan sees them more than just comrades his gives advise to. He sees them as his friends after working with them for years when they were in the army. Sometimes he would have some difficulty communicating with Renegade because of his anti-social behaviour. He also has a problem with Sly’s habit of thievery, as does everyone else in the group.

Power Shot
5th October 2007, 7:28 PM
In order to flesh out Chronos' backstory, and to clear up any confusions about his backstory, I have decided to not continue Shattered Memories for my NaNoWriMo. Instead, I shall do Saviors of Zepther to establish Chronos in the Starboltsverse. That, and Saviors of Zepther is a smaller story, and can easily fit into 50,000 words. I want a finished story I can sell to people.

All the Starbolts will guest star, though in slightly reduced roles, because this is Chronos' story, and we all know how much of a badass he is.

7th October 2007, 6:05 PM
Starbolts as minor characters, huh? Well, I'd be happy to include any lines you want for the team. Just let me know and I'll provide the lines. Also, I guess this'll take place in between Chronicles?

I have something in mind for the last Chronicle. Remember Eternal Daydreamer and her Twilight Crew? They were mentioned and I was thinking they should be killed off. Only because Etenral Daydreamer never really replied to me in ages. She said it'd be okay to if I didn't hear from her.

So, I created a speech that deals with the aftermath. This is part of the last Chronicle and I was thinking that could have everyone. Here's what I got so far:


A sudden hush fell over the crowd of young superheroes gathered in the auditorium to hear what M’anta had to say about the current events unfolding since the Agents of S.T.A.R. had moved their operations to Washington D.C. and the news that Terra Nova had something planned for them all. On the stage, M’anta emerged with both Jenna and Evan at his sides and in the front row he could see both Starbolts teams, including his brother Shrall Behind them was Team Nightstrike, the Nine, The Elementans, Rashomon, Raven, Excalibur and off to the side Chronos stood by the door with his arms crossed, glancing around at the crowd.

Over fifty superpowered young people were gathered and unlike previous generations of superheroes, they faced a foe that heroes like the Agents of S.T.A.R. had not faced- a force bent on genocide of anyone possessing powers from birth. M’anta started to speak when his heart skipped a beat after seeing the auburn haired former Lady Liberty wheeled in with her husband Stan behind her. Seeing their mentors, Jenna and M’anta exchanged a smile and nodded to the original Agents in appreciation for attending the meeting.

“We’re all here because of one thing,” M’anta began, ocean blue eyes fixated on the crowd. “Most of us share a genetic code that hasn’t been seen before and that’s why we especially have been targeted by Terra Nova-the organization responsible for the death of my father. They see us younger generation as a threat. We’re more rebellious and represent a thing even they can’t change. Nature.”

“We all represent different teams but in order to fight for our very lives, we need to band together. They think we're building an army. In a way, we are.” M’anta took a deep breath. “Each one of you will be given emergency Agent status and clearance. Should the need arise; we will call upon you all. In the event of an attack, solo heroes will also form small groups to ensure that what happened to the Twilight Crew will never happen again.”

“In doing this, we’re forming a global network of meta and non meta heroes to protect not just ourselves, but the people we’re sworn to protect. Only with your help, we can bring those murderers to justice.”

*he looks at Aquita and Shrall*

“My siblings and I call Earth our second home. It’s a home we need to protect as the unknown future lays out for us. United we stand. From now on we are all in this together. I fight not just to remember my father, Gods rest his soul. I do this because we as heroes need to show the world what we got. Show them that we aren’t afraid. Are you with me, Agents?”

Jenna: I’m with you.
Dusk: *nods*
Everyone: *Yes!”

M’anta: Then let’s go. We’re all different people but banded together we are Agents of S.T.A.R.. like our elders. We are the future. Let’s go out there and make a difference!

Stan and Andrea show pride.

Lot's of stuff is going to happen between that story and my next Chronicle, which I hope comes out this week. Here's my plan for the next few Chronicles:

New Starbolts 2 parter introducing Heidi and the gods of Asgard
M'anta and Xemplar meeting and Xemplar unmasking

Not sure what else but there is gonna be one where Sara takes a sinister turn and kills Clive. If you recall Clive's the guy who tortured Sara all her life.

Then Terra Nova does their thing. This is just a rough ouline. I can think up more Chronicles later. =D

9th October 2007, 9:56 PM
Alright, I've thought of an alternate background for the Piezen. I wanted to know which version you guys think I should go with. And either way it's not complete so feel free to throw ideas/criticism/suggestions/whatever at me. Also, this has the more developed info of the Piezen heroes.

The Piezen were people that thrived on the natural electricity of their planet, Piezo. Some developed abilities that to us would be considered superpowers. They discovered Piezo was nearing it's death so sent groups to search for a new home for the inhabitants. One group of about fifteen Piezen found Earth but was unable to contact Piezo or any of the other groups. They decided to stay on Earth until they could reach the others. They're still waiting.

Earth Arrival -
They landed in '88. Upon hearing Terrans' (humans) disbelief and in some cases fear of aliens, they used their slight camoflauge abilities to blend in with the Terrans. The few with powers lost theirs due to a lack of source. Recently quartz was discovered as an Earth source of the natural electricity they have on Piezen. After discovering a few of the Piezen developed abilities from the source, they were put into training. Upon hearing about the 'superhero' meeting, the Piezen finally reveal themselves to show their support.

•Vero Urbai (25) - Creates sound waves when they clap. The bigger the clap, the larger the sound wave. Has to be careful when clapping outside of battle.
•Lumine Urbai (25) - Can turn sound into light and shoot it like a laser. Uses Vero as their main source.
•Pulse/Sonya Cross (15) - Vibration and sonar abilities. Can vibrate quickly for superspeed. Also has echo location which they use to see in the dark. Can also use the echo location to find cracks in something then vibrate to enlarge the crack to make a passage way.
•Enflame/Ombus Arpen (18) - Carries a giant hammer that bursts whatever it hits into flames. Only sets things on fire when used by them. The hammer itself isn't on fire.
•Backlash/Letricia Fenz (23) - Can create a barrier that sends voltage at whoever attacks it. So far can only make it big enough to protect herself.

•Can only use their powers when quartz is near.
•Still developing their powers so aren't that strong yet.

•Electric attacks (temporarily increases their power or temporary power source if no quartz is near)

Shared Powers:
•Slight shapeshifting. Can change to appear human.

9th October 2007, 10:08 PM
I think that this is probably a better way to have the Piezens be, Dani. I know we have the basic look for them down. I wonder what they'd look like when compared to the other races of the galaxy. Will we ever find the other Piezens? So far this is good.

I dunno about them being aware of the meeting. It's a kind of secret meeting. No one knows about it. But, here's what you can do for their first app.

They see Aquan dignitaries doing business and talk to thm. Asking why they are qalking around. He/She explins things and the Piezens go out I guess.

9th October 2007, 10:57 PM
Piezen, Chris. No s. I told you that after my first post about them. :P

I'm still deciding whether the other Piezen will ever be found. Depends on whatever works best for any ideas I think of.

They'll hear about the meeting afterwards from one of the participants. I don't want to give too much away because that defeats the purpose of reading Aura. ;P

And I've also got their introduction to the world planned out.

11th October 2007, 12:15 AM
I'm here I'm here!

Name: Sara Megan Edwards
Codename: Sola
Powers: Absorbs solar energy and releases it in waves from her body. This is continuous and normally harmless to humans (she just always feels warm) and is only dangerous if amounts of energy have been absorbed and stored (often a result of strong negative emotions or unnatural involvement), resulting in increased intensity of the waves emitted.
First Appearance: Chapter One! Woot! Then not again until chapter...uh I think it's 21, when she gets rescued by the Starbolts.
Stories: The lead of Project: Sola (a look at Sara's life in TN's captivity) as well as cameos in various other stories.

Let's see...timeline...timeline...meh I'll try and add to it later. Still organising time stuffs with Chris.

11th October 2007, 12:39 AM
Welcome, Sam! Looks like our Starboltsverse writers' group is complete! Yeah, I'll be happy to work with you on any timeline stuff. And we know Sara's got a rich history dating back to World War II with two living legends: Apollo and Isis.

I made a list of their Golden Age contemporaries. check them out:

1. Apollo: Superstrength, flight, invulnerability (m)
2. Isis: teleportation, mastery of unarmed combat (f)
3. Talon: winged flight, Energy around hands gives him superspeed punches.(m)
4. Mariner: Telepathy, breathes underwater, a degree of supersstrength
5. Umbra: controls darkness (m)
6. Mentor: channel her mental energy into a physical manifestation
which could be utilized either as a shield or an energy blast. (f)
it can also be used for levitation.
7. Bullet: superfast, flies and when doing so there is a fiery forcefield (m)
8. Gadget: no powers. just various inventions (m)
9. Amazon: Controls wildlife, highly skilled fighter (f)

Anyway, speaking of Sara, Sam's going to have her kill Clive. How do you think the Bolts should react? What do you think should happen?

Here's the scene, written by Sam:

While her team-mates scoured the grounds to find Clive, Sara walked alone in the main building. There was something about this place that was familiar to her but she couldn’t put her finger on it. It was almost like grasping at some fleeting dream but finding only strands caught between her fingers. She knew this place; she knew it so deeply and profoundly that even the very bones inside her felt a sense of belonging here. But why? What could these empty halls hold that meant so much to her being? She inhaled deeply, letting the rank yet warming stench around her fill her nostrils. Even the air seemed like an old friend.
She walked on, her mind filling with visions that drifted just outside her grasp. Her fingers were tingling; her breaths were growing deeper with each passing step. “My heart’s beating so fast…” she whispered. She rounded a corner and her gaze fell upon another empty corridor. Her spine stiffened but she ventured onward, drawn towards the steel door at the corridor’s end. Meters from the door her feet froze. She stretched towards the handle, ignoring the mounds of dust scattered across its surface. Beyond the door, a steel plate crashed to the floor. The clang erupted throughout the corridor and Sara paused, her hand hovering just above the handle. Inside a man cursed and busied himself once again with his work.
Sara’s blood ran cold. No power on Earth could make her forget that voice. It was him; Clive, the very man they had been sent here to capture…and she was on her own. She drew back. Her common sense told her to call for the others but there was something else – something darker – forcing her not to listen. She wasn’t a child anymore – she was a Starbolt. Despite everything Clive had done, all the pain and suffering he had caused her, he was just a man. It would take more than a man to scare a Starbolt.
She gulped down her fear and grabbed at the handle, forcing open the door before she had the chance to stop herself. But the room was empty. She stepped in further and heard a click behind her. Not the click of a door closing but the blood-chilling click of a gun being loaded. She silently cursed herself. How many times had she been told to check behind a door?
“So, you’ve finally returned.”
She felt him moving behind her, circling her until they were face-to-face once again. Their last meeting stung fresh in her mind as she cursed the unchanged features of his face. No matter how she tried to convince herself that being a Starbolt would make her immune to his sinister gaze, she was still as weak and vulnerable as that child that had first met him all those years ago.
“You have no idea how much work went into bringing you back here.” He tapped the machine behind him with a grin and she met him with a glare that hid her fear. “Where are your friends?”
Sara held her tongue. The complex wasn’t that big. Sooner or later they were bound to run out of places to search and come after her. If she could just stall Clive long enough then maybe, just maybe, she could make up for her earlier mistake.
He cocked his gun in agitation. “If you don’t talk to me, I’m going to have to shoot you.”
She stared him down. He wouldn’t shoot her. After all the trouble he’d gone through to bring her back here, there was no way he was going to shoot her.
She was wrong.
The pain tore through her arm like burning ice. She fell to her knees with a cry of pain before silencing herself with a bite to the lip. Blood dripped from the wound, weaving down her arm and squeezing between the fingers she’d put in place to halt the flow. The pain was like nothing she’d ever felt before. Her skin singed and her muscles twisted and cried with the agony of it all. She wanted to tear her arm from her elbow, just to make the screaming stop.
He sneered at her as he stepped closer. “Look at you. All of that time as Whitefox’s tool and you’re as pathetic as ever.” He took a fistful of her hair and dragged her to her feet. “But I can fix that – fix you. You’ve still got a purpose to fulfil Sola.” He threw her forward and her body skidded across the floor. When she finally stopped the skin of her arms was red with pain and raw to the touch. She tried to force herself onto her elbows but he kicked her down, pinning her at the chest with his foot. “I’m not about to have my life’s work torn to pieces by a bunch of biological rejects.” His boot slammed into her chest and Sara felt her ribs crack. With a low groan she rolled from his shadow. “Pathetic. All these years and you’re still afraid to use your powers against me.” He jabbed her sides with his toes as she tried desperately to claw to her knees. “And I would have thought my newest experiment would have taken care of that problem.”
“Experiment?” She curled her leg beneath her stomach but couldn’t find the strength to lift it. Sara hadn’t taken a beating this harsh in years; she quickly realised it must have been desperate to forget how to cope with such torment.
Clive simply laughed. “You didn’t think those nightmares of yours were natural, did you?” He sneered. “I knew what that alien would do to help you and yes, had your memories surfaced naturally then it would have been able to soften, perhaps even end, your suffering. But what good would that do me?”
He watched in silence as Sara slid a second knee beneath her gut. Every second away from his foot was a second of recuperation. Soon she would have the strength to face him.
“You always were persistent.” Clive strode carefully to the machine behind him and typed several commands into the interface. Moments later, Sara’s mind was burning. A thousand tortured thoughts roared through her brain; blinding her eyes and dulling her senses. It all seemed much more real now. The blood in her mind was as real as the river on her arm. She could smell them both at once; one fresh and salted, the other crusted and rank. The metallic fluid her real self tasted only sought to heighten the stench of both.
A million images collided inside her. She saw Dennis’ gentle face and felt the warm comfort of his arms around her. But his touch was corrupt. The shadowed face of the boy who had one raped her hung above his brow. His arms possessed a lover’s warmth but there was ice in his touch. Suddenly he was gone and she was a child again, sat before a hulk of man in a white coat. He spoke but she couldn’t hear him. The only sounds were distant ones; the clashing of tiny beads, the creaking of wood, and the gentle voice of a singing woman.
“I made a mistake a long time ago. I let a foolish old man give you a hope I couldn’t pry away from you.” Clive’s voice seemed to echo everywhere but before her. Somehow these other sounds kept his sinister call at bay. “Now’s the time I make up for that mistake. Now, I finally break you.”
His words seemed to fall on deaf ears. Transfixed on the song that drifted towards her, Sara slowly made her way towards a patch of light hovering in the distance. The darkness of her mind melted into nothingness and the images receded until one final memory remained.
Sara stood in a brightly lit room surrounding by blue skies and fluffy clouds. At first she thought she must be floating but common sense quickly reminded her that she was rooted safely to the ground. A second glance and she realised that the clouds and skies were actually paintings on the four walls around her. Though it escaped her knowledge as to why.
Once again she heard beads rattle and her attention was drawn to another corner of the room. She recognised the people there instantly. The one responsible for the rattling sound was her father, Apollo. He had a rounded wooden cup in his hand and was shaking it in the direction of a bundle of cloth held carefully in the arms of the person beside him. That person of course, was her mother. She was sat in a chair with legs joined by wooden arcs. It was old wood, sturdy but worn and whenever she would rock it, it would squeak faintly in protest of her actions. The bundle in her arms wiggled suddenly and Isis began to sing. The words were lost to Sara but she could feel the love in her mother’s song. She let her body rest against the wall behind her and felt a wave of sleep start to embrace her. She had almost become lost to it when her mother’s voice tore her from her daze.
“Look, she falling asleep.”
Sara forced herself to stay awake. She watched her father put down the rattle and lean across the bundle to gaze into the peaceful face of his newborn daughter. She let her curiosity guide her to his side but a very different sight greeted her. Instead of seeing a younger version of her own face, Sara saw only a darkened shadow beneath a blanket hood.
“Have you decided on a name yet?” Jonathon asked his wife as she lowered their sleeping child into the cot beside her.
“Sara…” He ran his eyes across his daughter as he thought. “You know, I like it.” He pulled Isis into a loving embrace. “I still think she should have your name though. She has your looks,” he chuckled quietly to himself, “and your stubbornness.”
“I’m not that stubborn.”
“You have your moments.”
Megan fixed her husband with a harsh stare. “Alright, we’ll compromise. She can have Megan as a middle name.”
“Even better.”
“So you’re happy?”
“Happy?” A youthful grin danced across his lips. “I’m in the presence of two of the most beautiful girls in the world.” He kissed his wife tenderly. “My dear, I am absolutely ecstatic.”
In a flash, it was gone. Papered walls were replaced with steel ones and the family Sara had barely known was replaced by the very man who had taken it from her. He sneered at her and deep within her soul, something stirred. The untamed beast she had locked away howled and thrashed within its cage; crying out for revenge. Two options now lay before her. She could be a Starbolt; arrest Clive and watch him live out the rest of his pathetic life in jail, but there was no justice in that. He would never regret causing her pain or denying her of her family and what’s worse, she would spend every day afraid that he might escape. There would be no end to it. No peace until he was dead. She had no choice. The monster in her demanded blood – his blood – and she knew she would find no peace with herself until she did.
Clive had to die. And she had to be the one to kill him.
Slowly, she rose to her feet. He watched her every movement; oblivious to the sentence she had charged him with. “Now then Sola, are you ready to behave?”
She stopped a few feet from him, head bowed so he couldn’t see the fires raging in her eyes. Her arm hung limp and bleeding at her side, its crimson tears falling to the floor beside her feet. “My name…is Sara.”
He grunted his disapproval. “Very well, I see you still need to be reminded of who’s in charge here.” He turned to activate his machine but never made it. In a flash she was on him, pinning him back against the machine, his fingers just out of reach of that crucial button. “Let me go!”
“You have no right to tell me what to do.” She pressed her weight into his chest and touched the palm of her hand against a panel beside his head. Within moments it had been replaced by a puddle of molten steel. It trickled downwards in turrets, leaving a trail of steam in its wake. A river or two trickled sideways, burning the flesh of Clive’s cheek. He squirmed beneath her; his face paling at the stench of his own blistering flesh. “You’re not the one in control here.”
“What do you want?”
A cruel smile twisted across her face. “You took away everything I cared about just to have my powers; my family, my home, my freedom. I could repay the favour, but what good would it do? You have nothing left to lose and nothing that I could possibly want.”
“Then why –“
She slammed his lifted head back into the keyboard. “So I’ve decided to do something else. I’m going to give you everything you’ve worked so hard for.” He opened his mouth to speak but she muffled his words with her hand. “You’ve destroyed countless lives to get my powers; so here, take them!” As the words left her mouth, she let loose the waves of heat that had been growing since her arrival. Drawing her into this room had been the biggest mistake of Clive’s life and he was going to regret every moment of it.
The window in the roof was wide and clear; her ammo was limitless. There was nothing to stop her. She pressed her palm tighter against his mouth and increased her power. She didn’t want the others to find her. Not yet. Not before she’d finished with him.
He fought against her; arms and limbs flailing in panicked desperation. Countless screams tore from his open mouth but all of them fell to silence beneath her hand. She could already see the efforts of her labours. Blisters spread like wildfire across darkening skin, tearing flesh with each burst. Already his face was covered in streams of blood. The scent of his skin boiling threw up forgotten memories – the man in the mask. Her first kill. He had been undeserving of her fury and she, in her childish anger had lacked the control her older self now desired. Yes she had killed the man but she had wasted precious energy on the room around her. She’d turned a steel box into a silver pond all for the sake of killing one man. It had been a mistake but she had learned from it.
Despite the intense heat throwing itself onto Clive, the rest of the room was noticeably untouched by the onslaught. Only the back wall and the machine beneath Clive suffered; the intense heat forcing them to sweat beads of smouldering metal onto the helpless victim. There was little left of his skin now. His clothes were dust as his feet and his muscles were succumbing to the brutal strength of Sara’s powers. His violent struggles had become pathetic twitches. She wasn’t even sure if he was still alive but that was no reason for her to stop. He was going to regret. Even if it was only for a single moment, she was going to make him wish with every corner of his black and twisted heart that he had never snatched her from her crib and carried her into a life of fear and torment.
It was almost over now. What lay beneath her was little more than bone. Blood had evaporated into nothingness along with the remains of everything else that man had been made up of. She didn’t need a moment to finish. A pile of ashes fell to the hole in the middle of the keyboard and waves of perfect silver followed, burying it within the depths of his final creation. She watched his burial in silence, her gaze never leaving his final resting place.
Marcus found her first. The air was rank with the stench of death and his skin greened at the smell of it. He tried to ask Sara what had happened but only sickened coughs escaped his mouth. Dennis appeared soon after and she walked silently into the safety of his embrace. He was as confused as his friend but knew better than to ask any questions. There would be time for that later; after Sara’s various cuts and bruises had been tended to and the excitement of the mission had died down. Right now, he knew everything he needed to: it was time to go home.
As they made their way slowly out the complex, Sara finally confronted the side of herself that she had banished long ago. The bandage around her arm was tight and her wound was still throbbing beneath it, shaking her concentration, but she fought on. It was time for her to accept this part of her – the dark side that had thrived in the shadows of her tortured existence and now longed to be reunited with her. The weapon Terra Nova had sought to unleash upon the world.
Too long in the darkness. Waiting. Thriving. Power desperate to be unleashed. Infinite. Eternal. Hungry for life. Desperate for reunion.
She feared the consequences of accepting it. This evil that fed on death and suffering could be too strong for her. It could overwhelm her, consume her. She could become the very thing they had always wanted. The weapon of which Clive had always dreamed.
Trapped. Caged behind walls of fear. Chained by panic. Tormented by cruelty, by suffering, by pain. Starving for vengeance.
But maybe she could tame it. If she could understand it she could better understand herself and her powers. Perhaps that was why she feared it. It had always had control, even when she lost her grip on her powers it had always known how to use them. This could be her chance to finally get back what was lost; to finally rid herself of the fear her ‘gift’ had given her. No more lives would be endangered. No more pain unwillingly caused. She would be master of herself.
She. And no one else.
Fed. Tainted blood stirs within the empty belly. Strength grows ever stronger. Hidden talents claw to the surface. Soon discovered. Soon to flourish. Power to rival Empires soon known. Limitless.
She looked up at her lover and smiled. It didn’t matter now. Clive was dead. The monsters of her past could harm her no longer. A bright future lay before her at last and no matter how different her dark side would make her; she knew that she the love of her friends and family to help see her through it.
The life of Sara Megan Edwards could finally begin; untainted by Clive’s shadow. No matter what the future held for her, Sara knew one thing to be true above all else: her life would never be the same again.

11th October 2007, 1:49 AM
I don't think they'd be too thrilled that she killed someone. However, they'd give her some leniency considering the background the two had.

Eh, it's up to you two. Your characters. :P

11th October 2007, 2:04 AM
Well, yeah the Starbolts wouldn't be thrilled but they wouldn't be goody-two-shoes about it. For the most part they'd be understanding. In a way, Sara's become almost Wolverine-like. None of the "WHO AM I?!" hang ups but more of the rage. Perhaps she's more like the early She-Hulk. Just savage like her cousin.

I can think of stuff the bolts would do but I would like some input on what you all would think.


The Doctor
11th October 2007, 1:30 PM
Hey, don't count The Doctor out!

Yeah, I was a closet reader of Starbolts. I would've reviewed, Led, really, but everyone else had done all the praising already. If it's OK, I'd like to join the Starboltsverse.

Tsukuyomi / Akatsuki Omikami


Telekinesis - Tsukuyomi can manipulate objects and people using his brainwaves, which can ascend onto a higher level, not normally accessible to most humans. While still in training, Tsukuyomi has an extraordinary level of control and strength in telekinesis, picking up telephone poles and tanks with little effort. He can also stop bullets in midair and even strip a missile to the core. Tsukuyomi relies on this due to being blind since birth. He gets carried away with this, though, and without his siblings close by he can go berserk with it.

Dimension Creation - Another of Tsukuyomi's powers is the ability to gain basic control over time and space, and to manifest it in the form of a parallel dimension. Targets are sent to this dimension along with Tsukuyomi and are dealt with severe and brutal punishment for hours on end, only to pop out a few seconds later unconscious. It's only through sheer will that Tsukuyomi resists killing.

Amaterasu / Nami Omikami


Pyrokinesis - Amaterasu, being the reincarnation of the sun goddess, is capable of producing fire through thought and can direct it as either a simple jet, or manipulate it into more fantastical shapes; her favourite is the form of a wolf made of white flames that can act as a scout. Like her brother, Amaterasu can manipulate the time and space of the flames, so they can burn for weeks on end or reach temperatures akin to those of the Sun. In a certain temperature, they turn pure white and can burn through most objects easily.

Nature Manipulation - Amaterasu's powers also involve time and space, in this case plant growth. Amaterasu can produce saplings of trees and other foliage naturally, but she can also accelerate the growth process, meaning a tree can sprout up in 5 seconds. To create a temporary base, Amaterasu can even create a two-storey house completely out of wood.

Susano / Nagi Omikami


Electrokinesis - Susano is, quite frankly, a living dynamo. He can produce up to 50,000 volts of electricity and manipulate it in any way he sees fit. Being a proud swordsman, Susano typically focuses it onto his various blades, where the point of contact results in explosion. To keep objects on his person, Susano can produce static to cling objects to him.

Dimensional Severing - Susano has time/space manipulation powers of his own, and when swords aren't enough, this is his greatest fallback. By focusing the relevant energy into his palm, Susano can focus time/space on a certain object and destroy it, sending it into some parallel dimension. He can even pull this off on limbs and parts of the body, but it's massively draining, leaving this a last resort.

11th October 2007, 3:21 PM
Alright, Doc it looks like you are in! We need more Japanese herose other than Rashomon and TK and Kaori. Here's Rashomon if ya want to take a look. They'll be in the TK/Kaori story I have coming up.

Kenshin Matsusaka :The dragon spirit of Kyoto gave him his powers.. Has sais. superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and a blast of fire/energy fired from the eyes

Rei Matsusaka: The phoenix spirit of Kyoto gave her the ability to fly, will be able to generate fireballs, and her tears have healing properties.

Toru Yashida: The turtle spirit of Kyoto gave him superhuman strength, stamina, and can generate a barrier around himself.

Hiro Tanaka: The tiger spirit of Kyoto gave him superspeed and agility.

Those four are the guardians of Kyoto. Kind of a Feng Shui type deal. They can't ever leave Japan. they recruit TK to help find one of their missing members.

Anyway, welcome to the group Doc! It's okay that you're a closet reader/ You are welcome. Enjoy Rashomon! It seems like we have gone global with the metas. The world is full of them!

Now as for the debate, I was thinking that the killing kind of annoys the elder Agents and the Starbolts would be more understanding. They have more connection with TN then they do. It'd be like that. They'll watch Sara and make sure she doesn't snap or anything. Or it might be a break with the former TN controlled kids and everyone else.


Brian Random
15th October 2007, 3:01 PM
I guess no one's interested in my team idea, the Starflyers (http://serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?p=6975972#post6975972)...

How about someone mysterious? Someone who is just a neutral observer but interesting?

Real name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Powers: Uses playing cards like knives and other cutting weapons that can cut through even the mightiest steel, cause explosions and/or use them as steps. He also has various wizardry powers such as having the ability to heal or force his victim to forget and others.
Origin of power: Unknown
Other abilities: Able to talk about anyone’s past, present and future using his tarot cards
Personality: Certainly mysterious and observant.
Appearance: Wears a green Italian suit accompanied with a hat over his blond shoulder length hair.
Background story: Many have seen this man yet they ignore because they see him as a normal individual. Very few have met him and unexpectedly get their future told. Some have spotted him observing a doomsday scenario with no fear and no signs of running away. For those who have known him, only knows him as a ‘curious person passing by’ or in short, ‘Spade’… or may not have lived afterwards.

16th October 2007, 1:19 PM
Dude. I liked that Night fliers idea. But, this guy sounds a lot like a combination of Gambit and the Watcher. Maybe it's the cards thing. If he didn't throw them they'd be good. Anyway, I liked Starflyers. You should go with that idea.

Anyway, there've been new developments with the Sara and Dennis situation. Gone over it with Sam and here's what we got:

1. Disagreements with the brass and the Starbolts.
2, Disagreenments with the New Starbolts.
3. Dennis and Sara leave and won't be back till the next story.

Now where do they go? Well....

Into the employ of Xemplar who uses them for stuff. Sara and Dennis stay on some islets on Aquarius. While there, Sara fine tunes her powers.

Before they go she's gonna have the mother-daughter talk from hell with Isis. Shrall and his elite team of Aquan commandos will take Dennis and Sara to meet Xemplar.

This might be the next Chronicle. I don't know yet. It'll be a two parter for sure called "End of Innocence."


23rd October 2007, 1:51 AM
There's a guy I work with that loves to draw and decided to do my characters: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=282818

Made more aliens, Ziuranese from the planet Ziur:

Titanium Kid/Garrin Barinate
Entire left arm as well as right forearm and hand are titanium. It expands to cover his entire body as armor when needed.
•Super Strength
•Jet pack
•Smoke bombs
•Electric capsules

Transfer Twins (17)
Denise Xao - Absorbs power and transfers it to Vance.
Vance Xao - Uses power.
Have a psychic link and can switch places through teleportation.

Ziur is somewhat close to Piezo. I've got a partial idea running through my head about a connection between the Piezen and Ziuranese. Once I grasp enough to understand it, I'll post the details here.

23rd October 2007, 3:17 AM
Because the galaxy's getting a bit larger, I decided to add a glactic map to our universe. Check it out:

Here's the galactic map so far:


Here's the quadrant where Earth, Aquarius, Leonid IV, Piezo, Zuir and the Mosqukatara are:


Hey B? Where are your aliens in regards to the maps? Also, Dani, what are these new aliens going to look like?


23rd October 2007, 9:57 AM
The guy (Devan) that draws my chars really liked that swirly mark he made on Garrin's head. So I decided that'd be a Ziuranese feature. And that's all I know so far. XD;

I'm trying to see if he wants to come up with the looks since the Transfer Twins' powers are his creation and that's two out of three Ziuranese.

Actually the Transfer Twins' names are my way of giving credit (he said I didn't have to but I want to). Denise & Vance = Devan

Power Shot
29th October 2007, 4:20 AM
Hey guys, what would you say if I said I had an exclusive Chronos story for Chronicles that could be posted tomorrow if I wanted to? It's an unreleased short story that was published a while ago in a magazine, but I don't have anything to do with it now.

29th October 2007, 1:43 PM
I say go for it. But, if it was published in a mag then I am not sure. It should be okay though since you're here at SPP and all. If any legal hassles come, Chronos can take care of it. Right bud? Yeah. What I thought.

Anyway, post it when you can and I can link it.


Power Shot
29th October 2007, 3:31 PM
It was published in a high school LitMag. Should be fine.

In other news, would anyone mind if I began a Starboltsverse Facebook group?

29th October 2007, 4:09 PM
Not at all. And story posted. I was thinking of making a Facebook group since well...SPP can't be relied on for much, can it?


29th October 2007, 5:11 PM
A facebook group is fine with me as long as my phone lets me access it correctly (some thing on facebook I can't do on my phone). And Chris already knows this but I think we should make a Starboltsverse site. A real one, not geocities or some other boring little thing. If all our info is better organized and will be ready for a site when I get internet back on my comp (sometime beginning of next year hopefully) then I'll buy a domain for it. I already told Chris that's his (belated) birthday present. :P

Eh, SPP is good for a few things. It got this group together, didn't it? ;P

Power Shot
29th October 2007, 9:39 PM
Yep. I was thinking that too. That'd really help in getting us out there and organized. We'd better get started on the official timeline...

30th October 2007, 12:06 AM
Eh, my timeline keeps altering itself with all the characters I keep making. I need to write the story instead of making more people for it. XD

30th October 2007, 1:43 AM
Tomorrow I am going to PM Nylf, Powell and the Doc and tell 'em about the Facebook group. Seems like the Starboltsverse's base is leaving SPPf unnoticed. I still need help figuring out powers for Jack Whitefox.

30th October 2007, 2:08 AM
Should we invite some of the reviewers to join? They might like to see how things are going and perhaps they'll add some good speculation.

And I'm gonna see if Devan wants to make a facebook and join.

As for powers, don't know. I actually gave power to one of my characters' relatives as well but I went in the opposite direction as you. I gave power to Lyssa's mother. It'll be similar to her daughter's power yet different. I'll go into detail once I figure Tresca out. ;P

30th October 2007, 3:30 AM
I'd have to ask Sike and Air Dragon if they'd like to. Maybe Katiekitten. She's been meaning to make a Chronicle for a while now. We'll see.


Power Shot
30th October 2007, 7:18 AM
I really don't think the Facebook group should be closed. We should open it up to the public so others can enjoy our works without feeling like it's an exclusive club.

30th October 2007, 1:23 PM
Okay. I was just worried about random people joining or something. I was just worried about people seeing our stuff and stealing our ideas before we got them all copyrighted. That's all. We should invite some of the people here, though. Don't want any seedy people potential stealing our stuff. We can invite some of the fans here though.

But, let's put it to a vote.


30th October 2007, 7:23 PM
How do we get copyrighted?

I think it should be closed and opened. Everyone can see (part of) it but they need approval to join.

Power Shot
4th November 2007, 2:27 AM
Yeah. I just didn't want to have it as a secret thing, although I'd appreciate it if my real name wasn't mentioned.

Savior of Zepther: Chronos is officially up! Enjoy, as this is going to be a very, very exciting story.

Brian Random
4th February 2008, 12:46 PM
Is this club closed because it's been a long time since people placed a comment here.

4th February 2008, 3:38 PM
Is this club closed because it's been a long time since people placed a comment here.
Uh, no good. This club has to be closed, because it's been over two weeks (heck, it's over two months) since the last post. Don't need you bumping it either.

Closed due to inactivity.