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Sweet May
8th October 2007, 2:23 AM
First of all… if you thought this was a club for all trainers who play DP, you’ve got the wrong club. :p

Welcome to the Sinnoh Pokémon Trainers Club!
This club is dedicated to the Pokémon trainers that you find while out in journey who you need to help in order to go further into the Diamond and Pearl games. Why I’m creating this club? Well I love their different personalities, Pokémon and the way they tag up with you in the Battle Frontier. The lovely trainers:

- Cheryl/Momi (green haired girl who asked you to come with her through Eterna Forest)
- Mira/Miru (small girl who wants to get out of Wayward Cave and asks for you to escort her)
- Riley/Gen (Lucario owning trainer who wants to team up with you and fight against the Pokémon in Iron Island)
- Marley/Mai (a lolita type girl who owns an Arcanine and is located deep inside Victory Road)
- Buck/Baku (a red haired kid who walks with you in Stark Mountain)

All SPPF rules must be followed.
When using a banner or something contributed to the club, please give credit to the maker.
You do not need to be a fan of all the trainers to join. Heck you don’t even need to be a fan of them to join.
We all have our opinions, no? No bashing other characters, etc.
Shipping talk is allowed but not to a high extent.
The generic “can I join?” line will not work anymore. You must explain in at least two sentences on why you want to join.
If fanart is to be posted, paste a url as to where it came from.
Any questions or concerns can be PPed to the owner of the club.

Club Goodies
Any image that get posted onto the club will go into the Sinnoh Trainers Album (http://s201.photobucket.com/albums/aa320/greenexorcist/sinnohtrainers/) for keeping. :)

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1. Sweet May
2. Chelc

Current Topic
Who is your favorite trainer?

8th October 2007, 2:27 AM
I'm so joining. I love the tag-up trainers, especially a certain one. They make your Sinnoh journey more interesting imo.

Who is your favorite trainer?
Riley. :D He makes me incredibly happy. He rocks and knows how to dress. Plus, who can resist accepting the Riolu egg from him? His Lucario > everyone's, too. Btw, Riley =/= Sir Aaron and Riley > Sir Aaron. XD;

Sweet May
8th October 2007, 2:52 AM
:D Welcome to the club Chelc.

Who is your favorite trainer?
Well I have 3, you see. Riley because I love his look and Lucario's so cool. He's very sweet too. I used him a lot in the Battle Tower. <3
Second is Marley. Her outfit just screams to me. Her personality too. Can't wait for her to appear in the anime soon. Last is Cheryl. Not only because she has a style of green but because her Chansey rocks and she's very nice. XD;

8th October 2007, 3:56 AM
I'm so joining too! The only one I felt bad for when we had to leave the area was Gen/Riley! He's so much love and he's hot too. He just looks so mature, considerate, and he's like... such a gentleman! He's like the ideal dream guy of every girl's ... dreams. XD

I think I just answered the current topic too, of "Who is your favorite trainer?". Oh well, but that's my answer too! I guess Cheryl is also pretty cool, or nice, but not so much. I really just liked Riley out of all the tag-ups in the games.

Marley/Mai is also pretty cool, though distant, but that could also mean she's engimatic and just rather analytical. But anyway, enough of my Psychology-ness, you could put her under one of my favorites too.

For Mira/Miru, I have yet to explore the Wayward Cave and find that little girl, so I have little opinion on her. Sorry. ^^

22nd December 2007, 6:04 PM
I would like to join I like all of them but i especially Like Riley because he's got the most powerful pokemon out of all of them
Who is your favorite Character
Like i said above riley

22nd December 2007, 6:15 PM
Um...no. Can't you see that this thread is more than 30+ days old? -_-;