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Sir Crocodile
11th December 2007, 3:30 AM
Fairy Tail Manga Club!



This club is for any and all lovers of Hiro Mashima's manga, "Fairy Tail." One new chapter is published every week in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Fairy Tail is set in a world with magic and mages, and these mages are organized into guilds. One of these guilds is Fairy Tail, which is the guild that the protagonists of this story belongs to. This story follows the adventures of Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, and Erza as they follow jobs assigned to their guilds.

It's an amazing manga, and the first two volumes will be released in English in April 2008. There has been no anime adaption thus far, but hey, this club is for discussing the manga anyway! The series is still relatively new, meaning it won't take very long for someone new to the series to catch up.


1) This club is about Fairy Tail, so you'll need to know the series. I'd recommend reading the manga online (Can't provide any links though, sorry!). Just reading ABOUT the series doesn't constitute joining, sorry.

2) Please don't post unless you are part of the club or are requesting to join the club.

3) Keep spam at an absolute minimum.

4) No links to online manga reading sites. See rule 5.

5) All standard Serebii rules apply.


Owner and Leader: Sir Crocodile


Shadow Chaos

Shadow Chaos
12th December 2007, 6:51 PM
Alright!! My signature serves a purpose!!! But it's size was too big for these forums... and it was removed... ToT

Sign me up!! I love Fairy Tail!!!

Big bang theology
12th December 2007, 11:55 PM
hm, never heard of it, although the style looks familiar.....is this manga created by the same mangaka who created one piece?

Sir Crocodile
13th December 2007, 1:58 AM
No, although some people say it has a similar style. The mangaka also did Rave, though.

Shadow Chaos, welcome!

14th December 2007, 12:03 AM
Can I join? love Fairy tail.

Sir Crocodile
14th December 2007, 1:28 AM
Yup, you're in!

I guess we should bring up a topic of discussion. Although perhaps we'll wait for another member or two.

Shadow Chaos
24th December 2007, 5:47 AM
For the time being, you should pick a topic, seeing as its a bit inactive here... At least to keep this place alive...

Sir Crocodile
2nd January 2008, 5:08 PM

Will Lucy's Father play a large role in a future arc?

Shadow Chaos
3rd January 2008, 8:42 PM
Topic! Will Lucy's Father play a large role in a future arc?

I think he probably will, but as to what he might do or what role he will play remains to be seen...

Sir Crocodile
5th January 2008, 6:11 PM
He's already started a guild war just to get her back. He'll probably do something much more outrageous later.

Shadow Chaos
22nd January 2008, 6:41 PM
Most likely!! Since this place isn't very active, how about another point of discussion: What did you think of the latest Chapter?

I personally thought it was hilarious!! A job where they wouldn't destroy anything... Right!! XD Also, Erza was very funny in this Chapter!!

Sir Crocodile
25th January 2008, 12:10 AM
It was a funny chapter, but I'm ready for a real storyline to start up...

Shadow Chaos
4th February 2008, 2:04 PM
Indeed!! ^_^

Anyways, what do you think of the latest development? Can you believe Loki is a Stellar Spirit!? D: My suspicions were actually true!! :D Now to find out how and why he had to kill his Summoner...

Sir Crocodile
4th February 2008, 5:45 PM
Amazing. Great development. It seems like a mini-story, though. It should be good nonetheless.

Shadow Chaos
12th February 2008, 6:52 AM
Indeed!! Interesting, Loki didn't kill Karen/Kalien, rather, she died because she couldn't Summon any Stellar Spirits... Also, Karen/Kalien was really cruel (poor Aries ;-;)!!

Sir Crocodile
18th February 2008, 1:38 PM
I don't think Loki deserved banishment... He was protecting Aries because she couldn't protect herself. I think this could turn into a major arc.

Shadow Chaos
26th February 2008, 10:19 PM
Cool, Loki became Lucy's summon!! Its great that he didn't die!! And Lucy summoned all of her Stellar Spirits at once!! That was awesome!! :D Another thing, the Stellar Spirit King is huge!! *o*

This is one of the best Chapters I have read!! It has so many hysterical moments, and it had Lucy and Erza in swimsuits, especially this quote, "S-Square Man?!" :D It was great!! Also, this is also the beginning of the newest arc, apparently dealing with Erza's past!! I wonder what those dudes want with with her? D:

Sir Crocodile
10th March 2008, 8:57 PM
It'll be good to see into her past.

Shadow Chaos
25th March 2008, 7:54 PM
Haven't been on in a while... busy with life, drawing, and Brawl... ^^' Plus the fact that I can almost never load this place at all... -_-'

This one was interesting, seeing everybody knocked out or presumed dead!! o_O Not much on Erza's past though...

I really liked this chapter, especially cause of this part:
Jubia: "Gray-sama is in Jubia's body."
Lucy: "In... the body. Uh, um..."
Jubia: "Not your body, but mine."
Lucy: "Ahuh, that's right..."

Also, young Erza was adorable!!! X3 And about Jeral... Just who is he!? Are Sieg and him related in any way!? D:

The cover art for this Chapter was awesome!!! X3 Another interesting Chapter, seems Erza got blamed for their failed escape... And Shou really is creepy!! O_o But Erza's knee-kick to Shou's face was awesome!! XD

I find Miria (the cat girl) really cute!! XD But the Square Man's logic is unreasonable, if not incomprehensible!! And Jeral seems to consider the turn of events a game, huh? This Chapter wins cause of Etherion (RAVE reference)!! (>^ -^)>

Also, these two quotes are also hysterical:
Jubia: "The one who was praised was not you. It was Jubia."
Lucy: "Uh-huh"

Jubia: "Lucy really did well making her breath last, even after I made hers a little smaller than the rest."
Lucy: "HEY!!!"

Cool battle, another great Chapter!! :D

Next time, Fairy Tail cover, 23 page special with opening color, Chapter 80 "Jeanne D'Arc"

Sir Crocodile
25th March 2008, 11:28 PM
This looks like another big arc! I'm happy about this.

Shadow Chaos
31st March 2008, 5:15 AM
Indeed, I can't wait to get more deeper into it!! :D

Great Chapter!! ^^ I loved both the cover art for this Chapter and the Cover for Volume 9 *Lucy cuteness!! <3* Natsu really doesn't know what the meaning of sneaking around is... XD I loved Jubia's reaction to Erza's appearance (her being scared), she was adorable!! :D And Gray's reaction to Erza's crying face was hysterical!! Also, more of Erza's past was revealed, which was pretty sweet!! But I wonder what did they do to Jeral for him to go all evil like that?

Next time, Chapter 81 "The Voice of Darkness"

Sir Crocodile
21st April 2008, 4:36 PM
The arc is really evolving.

Also, the first two volumes are now on sale in English! I bought them both and plan on purchasing the others as they are released.

Shadow Chaos
22nd April 2008, 1:20 AM
Indeed it is!! I also plan to purchase those two Volumes (as well as the others when they're released) when I get a chance!! :D

Zeref, the last Dark Magician, took over Jeral/Gerard, the one they were planning to resurrect!! This is becoming very interesting!! An incredible Chapter, and we get to see the first time Erza used Magic, and Rob Jii-san... ;_; He was from Fairy Tail (the Mark is on his back)!! That was cool!! :D

A great Chapter!! :D

LOL!! The cover art for this Chapter was hilarious: Now available for rental: "Natural Human Flare, Natsu!!" Please be sure to read the manual before use! He's like single-celled organism; regulating his fire output isn't easy! :P

Another informative Chapter!! It seems that Erza didn't abandon her former Nakama, but rather was forced to, as Jeral/Gerard/Zeref (this weeks translation puts Jeral's name as Gerard), would've killed all of her friends if either the Government found out about the Tower or if she ever returned to the location!! Truly, Jeral/Gerard/Zeref, is a *******!! D:<

Also, Jeral/Gerard/Zeref's magic looks very awesome!! XD

Its Disco time!! The cover art was awesome, and also very cool!! And Lucy looks really pretty in that dress!! :D

Only one more vote left to use Etherion, huh? Also, now I am thinking that Seig and Jeral/Gerard/Zeref might have either linked minds or he can probably see what is going on in the Mage's meeting room, especially after the two scenes on Page 4:

Seig: "Just need one more."
Jeral/Gerard/Zeref: "Just one more... huh?"

Also, Zeref has the ability to create those Monsters (forgot it's name), the one Ur sacrificed herself to seal in the Ice!! Shou seems to be confused on who is telling the truth now as well!! And Shimon is a good guy, he even knew that the Grey he killed was fake!! He was just waiting for Erza to return!!

Another cool Chapter, and the ending of this one was hilarious!! Neko Natsu!! He couldn't tale of the Cat Helmet!! LOL!! And now the Square-Man shows up!! D: Can't wait for this weeks Chapter!! :D

Next time, Chapter 84 "Natsu Cat Fight"

Sir Crocodile
5th May 2008, 9:34 PM
Long wait until new chapters due to Golden Week. The plot thickens...!

Shadow Chaos
15th May 2008, 7:52 AM
Indeed!! New Chapter should be out his week!! :D

The cover art for this Chapter is so beautiful!! Jubia looks really pretty in that pic!! :D In this Chapter, her name was written as Lluvia, which is pronounced the same, but its written as how you write 'rain' in Spanish!! :P

ROFL!! The Neko-Natsu fight was really hilarious!! I especially loved it when Miriana would keep Worly (the Square-Man) from attacking Natsu!! XD Nya!! I loved this part:

Natsu: "Ultimate Strike!!! "Kitty in pain!!!" Nyaaaaa..."
Miriana: "Ahh..." (Her face was so adorable here!!) :3

Those three guys at the end, the ones that form the Special Raiding Squadron of Assassins' Guild "The Skull Order," Trinity Raven, look interesting:

Vithaldas Taka: He looks just plain creepy!! D:
Fukurou: He looks hysterical (a gigantic human body with the head of an owl)!! :D
Ikaruga: She looks really pretty!! <3

A cool Chapter, can't wait for this weeks, Chapter 85 "Paradise Game"

Yahoo!! I can make the spoiler tags work!! Yay!! :D


This weeks cover art was really hot!! Lucy really is pretty!! :D I was cracking up when Natsu took of the Cat helmet and then it landed on the Square-Man's head!! XD Also, thse mouths that popped up everywhere were a very interesting way of communicating, wierd, but interesting!! It seems that Shou has finally had a complete change of heart, albeit a little messed up, with turning Erza into a card, but he wants to protect her now!! :D

Jubia: "Jubia and Gray-sama will go this way. Lucy you go that way."
Lucy: "What! You want the weakest one to go by herself?!" XD

The way Square-Man fainted was cool, and Fukurou's entrance was hilarious, the way he crashed into Natsu!! Whoa, Fukurou is strong!! D:

The paparazzi have provided the pics!! "Magazine Scandal" cover art: Mirajane and Gray dating?! How will Lluvia react?! XD T battle between Natsu and Fukurou has begun, and Fukurou's strength has Shimon freaking out, and is also thinking that there are two more with his type of strength left!! Gerard has Chess pieces of everyone: Ikaruga's looks really cute, Vithaldas Taka's is an electric guitar, XD and Natsu's dragon looks awesome!!

Lucy: "...You call him "Kun"?"
Lluvia: "Why on Earth is Lluvia searching for Natsu-san together with Lucy-san...?"
Lucy: "Ignoring me, huh?"

Lluvia: "Well, Lluvia could not disrespect Gray-sama's wishes... But putting me together with my rival in love... Is he trying to cause a fight?"

Vithaldas Taka's fighting style is "rockin", using both his hair and guitar!! Lluvia's abilities are useless against him, since he has the ability to absorb any liquid with his hair!! also, Succubus Lluvia looks really hot too!! -shot'd- Seems that Lucy is up against mages by herself!! D: Which Stellar Spirit (Loki) will help her?

Next time, Chapter 87 "Lucy vs. Lluvia"

Sir Crocodile
19th May 2008, 8:47 PM
I think Loki will show up as well. The Jeral arc is heating up, we're almost to the climax... I look forward to Natsu Vs. Jeral.

Shadow Chaos
15th June 2008, 7:34 AM
Indeed, I'm also waiting to see Natsu vs. Gerard too!! :D

The cover art was hot!!!! XD This was an awesome Chapter!! :D I loved the way Lluvia communicated with Lucy while she was inside the water, awesome stuff!! ^^ I was LOL when Aquarius showed up and attacked them all!! That was pure win!! =P And Magical Fusion: Unison Raid between Lucy and Lluvia just purely rocked!! ;107; The final page was awesome: it had a bald Vithaldas Taka's; the cute Lluvia and Lucy victory pose and this quote:

Aquarius: "...Don't you ever summon me from a place like that again!"
Lucy and Lluvia: "!!!"
Aquarius: "What are you going to summon me from next, huh?! A toilet bowl?! I'll freaking kill you."
Lucy: "I-I'm very sorry..."
Lluvia: "How very frightening..."

Truly an awesome Chapter; I expected Loki, and got Aquarius!! Totally rocked!! :D

Beginning with a quote:

Aquarius: "I'm going on a two-week trip with my boyfriend, so don't you dare call me while I'm away. Got that?"
Lucy: "...Yes..."
Aquarius: "You should hurry up and get yourself a man too. ...Well, easier said than done..."
Lucy: "Oh, Just mind your own business!!!"
Lluvia: "Lucy-san, love is an important thing!"

That was a really cute scene when Lluvia was crying and said, "Lluvia... seems to be raining... from her eyes..." I loved it!! ^_^ And Seig truly knows who and what Gerard is and are up to, very interesting indeed!! Fukurou's "Capture" ability is wierd, and he digested Natsu!! O_o And Sala-Fukurou looks really hilarious!! XD Also, now Etherion will be fired in an hour!! D: I can't wait for the next Chapter, freaking awesome!! =)

Next time, Chapter 89 "Armour of the Heart" and it will have color pages too!! Yay!!


I loved the color page, it was awesome!! :D I also liked the flashback scenes of when Erza joined Fairy Tail and met Gray, those were really nice and funny!! ^^ And the battle between Sala-Fuku and Gray, that was awesome!! He froze the flames of Natsu (calling them weak compared to Natsu's); when Sala-Fuku tried to "Capture" him too, Gray froze the insides of his mouth, that was funny; and the "Hyoujin: Nanarenbu" that Gray used to beat him was super awesome!! :D On the flashbacks again, the part when Gray was gonna challenge her to fight again, the face and expression he made when he saw that she was crying (she looked so cute), were hilarious!! XD In all, this Chapter was really nice!! ^_^ The next Chapter will be about Ikaruga, the last of the "The Skull Order!!" :D

Next time, Chapter 90 "Ikaruga"

Due to many things going on in life: busy, personal stuff, etc., I won't be coming around these forums or online for a while!!
So as of now, I'm on an unknown amount of time hiatus!! I hope this place is still around when I return!! ^^ See ya around!!