View Full Version : Which Poketch app do you use the most?

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19th April 2008, 5:15 AM
friendship because its just cool to watch them follow the pen =]

20th April 2008, 8:36 AM
I use the digital clock, but it's set on Greenwich mean time XD
It's convenient because midnight falls around suppertime, so if I forget to do my daily stuff one day I can cram it in before I eat and still repeat it afterwards.
Plus, y'know, I'm too lazy to change it back.

20th April 2008, 2:52 PM
digital clock
team checker
chaining app
snorlax timer

20th April 2008, 4:17 PM
hm...i don't kno....when i was hatching eggs i used the step counter...so i guess that...but i keep it on Digital Clock normally.

21st April 2008, 1:30 AM
Analog clock.


Forretress Fan
21st April 2008, 1:30 PM
I usually keep it on Happiness Checker, gotta keep them happy!

21st April 2008, 5:31 PM
in first place the itemfinder, second the digital clock and third is the breeding thingy

2nd May 2008, 9:41 PM
the digital clock though I often use the pokeradar app as well

2nd May 2008, 9:43 PM
The clock and the Breeding app

2nd May 2008, 10:54 PM
I'm most fond of the friendship checker, I love seeing my team floating around. x3

3rd May 2008, 4:10 PM
I use Itemfinder (whatever its new name is), the DayCare center, and the Berry apps. I use them all pretty evenly.

8th May 2008, 2:03 PM
It's either the digital or analogue clock that I use most.

Femme Fatale
8th May 2008, 2:05 PM
I only use two nowadays; the Egg watcher thing and the counter (if I'm EVing away from the computer)

9th May 2008, 3:31 AM
I use the calendar the most, because it's pretty usefull

9th May 2008, 4:30 AM
The friendship app - The Pokemon look cool floating around the screen

9th May 2008, 4:55 AM
I also use the friendship app...!

9th May 2008, 4:56 AM
I also use the friendship app...!

9th May 2008, 7:11 AM
Happiness app...I like seeing the pokemon hop

9th May 2008, 11:18 AM
Digital clock mostly. Don't see much use for the others at the moment.

9th May 2008, 11:53 PM
The clock mostly.

10th May 2008, 2:39 AM
I love the happiness app.

It's fun when random pokemon float by. :3

And the ones that love you fight over who stands under your stylus when you place it in an empty spot.
It amuses me. (:

10th May 2008, 4:29 AM
I use the friendship checker, berry thingy, and the one that shows you your teams HP the most.
EDIT: I got a rank up. (:

Pinata Panda
10th May 2008, 4:35 AM
I use the berry finder and the map becuae I travel A LOT because i am trying to get my national pokedex completed

Diwi Istagrem
10th May 2008, 6:48 AM
I usually have the Poketch set to the digital watch, but I've also found the Pokemon list (app #5) to be useful in determining whether my pickup Pokemon have found anything.

10th May 2008, 7:37 AM
Probably the chain count. I chain for shinies pretty frequently, so it's indespensable. I also use the daycare app. to check for eggs... and the happiness app. when I'm trying to evolve a Pokemon that only evolves at maximum happiness. I used to use the itemfinder a lot, but I think I've found most of the hidden items in the game...

10th May 2008, 3:04 PM
the friendship app, usally to see if my pokemon like me or if Im close to a friendly evolution.

10th May 2008, 11:42 PM
I usually only use the digital clock for its usefulness though I have recently taken to using the pokeradar app a lot.

11th May 2008, 12:19 AM
itemfinder app sometimes,
but mostly the berry one
since i LOVE contests, accessories, dressing up my pokemon,
and that takes poffins,
and poffins take berries,
so i grow a lotta berries

11th May 2008, 12:54 PM
Breeding Monitor.

the lol factor7
11th May 2008, 12:57 PM
the pokeradar chain counter,
the Breeding monitor,
the counter for EV training,
they are all used so much.

11th May 2008, 1:29 PM
mine is always (literally) on the breeding centre, or the counter (for counting EV's)

11th May 2008, 4:17 PM
I use the counter when I'm running laps. XD (to get free stuff) And when i'm breeding, I use the one with all the squares and try to make it it's original color. Or I use the counter/happiness at that time. I rarely ever use the chains and I rarely ever use drawing.

16th May 2008, 4:25 AM
I use the walking counter thing most of the time to see how much steps i made

16th May 2008, 5:53 AM
I usually have the Friendship App. on, I enjoy seeing the hearts around them when I poke them. o:

16th May 2008, 8:20 PM
I mainly use the party app because I tend to have at least 2 linoone for pickup at any time, so I use it to see when they pick up an item.

16th May 2008, 8:47 PM
I usually use the daycare app for breeding.;munchlax;

16th May 2008, 9:49 PM
I use the Daycare watcher or the Happiness checker.

16th May 2008, 11:11 PM
The Friendship pad. I want to check if my pokemon are happy with me. ^_^
Where did you get that one it sounds cool!

-munchlax/Snorlax ;munchlax; ;munchlax; ;munchlax;

16th May 2008, 11:16 PM
The daycare so they dont over grow! ;munchlax; ;munchlax; ;munchlax;


Lin Kong Shu
16th May 2008, 11:22 PM
The Clock. I don't care about the others, allthough i have all. But i don't have a watch, so...^^

17th May 2008, 1:21 AM
I use the pokeradar counter and the daycare one, pretty much thats all I use.

17th May 2008, 1:39 AM
I mainly just keep mine on the digital clock unless I'm doing something that requires another function (chaining, breeding, etc).

17th May 2008, 2:09 AM
My app, the one i use most is the step counter. I am trying to get it to the max amount. I wanna see what happens

17th May 2008, 9:28 AM
My app, the one i use most is the step counter. I am trying to get it to the max amount. I wanna see what happens

All it does is roll back down to zero once you've taken the maximum number of steps. ;)

Anyway, I pretty well always use the digital watch, so I always know what time it is.


18th May 2008, 1:15 AM
i use the colour change app alot because its fun chainging colours^_^

18th May 2008, 3:25 AM
I use the day-care checker mainly or happiness checker...

18th May 2008, 8:23 PM
I use the step counter...

19th May 2008, 5:28 AM
On my main jurney...i think thats spelled right...i used the team checker...then when i was completing my collection i used the daycare one...then whichever one I was using last is there mainly

20th May 2008, 2:25 AM
chaining and step counter.

20th May 2008, 2:28 AM
I use the Happiness checker and Step counter.

Pinata Panda
20th May 2008, 2:31 AM
I now use the Color changer the most

20th May 2008, 2:46 AM
happiness, step, radar, thats what i use

20th May 2008, 3:21 AM
I used to use the itemfinder but after getting the nationaldex, I use the pokeradar one to remind me how badly I suck at chaining. ;_;

20th May 2008, 3:26 AM
I cannot go without the Dowsing App if I am going through the storyline again. I guess the next one would be the digital watch.

20th May 2008, 6:20 PM
I mainly use the digital clock.

20th May 2008, 9:11 PM
i use the counter app, quite useful for EV training!

20th May 2008, 11:51 PM
I usually just keep it at the clock, but when chaining I switch to app 20 (obviously).

21st May 2008, 5:47 AM
Step Counter-I like to collect steps.

21st May 2008, 9:01 AM
App. #5 (Pokemon List).

21st May 2008, 9:09 AM
i use the 5th one to see what my pokemons hp is like, so i dont go into a battle with a squad of low health pokemon

21st May 2008, 9:14 AM
I use the clock.

21st May 2008, 10:36 AM
I use the alarm clock.

21st May 2008, 11:08 AM
I either use the Pokemon list (#5) or one of the clocks.

25th May 2008, 4:06 PM
I mostly use the day-care app because I like to see what level my ditto is

25th May 2008, 4:24 PM
I only use the Analog clock. Most of the watch's functions are useless to me.

25th May 2008, 10:30 PM
the color change,
the step counter and last but not least, the happiness checker

26th May 2008, 12:45 AM
I use the happiness checker the most. :D It helps when trying to get those pokemon that evolve via happiness.

26th May 2008, 5:08 AM
5th, The party one. I like to know if my guys are at full health or not and occasionally I like to hear there cries.

Murra Myrrh
26th May 2008, 6:15 AM
#5, the party checker to see if my Linoons got me stuffs. Also, when I'm breeding poke's, I use the day care checker...#9? Can't remember...I also do a lot of chaining so I use #20, or at least I think it's the one. The one you can see how large your chain is.

26th May 2008, 7:14 AM
I use the happiness counter, to see how close certain Pokemon are to evolving, Step counter, just because its fun, and the daycare one to see when my Pokemon have an egg.

26th May 2008, 12:28 PM
Usually the daycare one as I spend most of my time breeding Pokemon these days. I usually just leave it on the digital watch otherwise.

27th May 2008, 4:43 AM
I probably use the Digital Clock most.For some reason I don't use the others much.

27th May 2008, 8:13 AM
Digital Clock.. I don't really need the others but sometimes I use the berry's one aswell.

27th May 2008, 10:12 AM
Berry Clock
Step counter

27th May 2008, 11:24 AM
I mostly use these applications as of now...

The Digital Clock
The Daycare Checker
The Happiness Checker

27th May 2008, 11:32 AM
Berry breeding or friendship

27th May 2008, 1:22 PM
mines been stuck on the marking map for about a week, cus ive been hunting cresselia ^^but usually its either on chaining or party apps :)

Plusle Frontier
27th May 2008, 2:59 PM
Daycare checker, Counter app and Digital clock are like the only ones I use now.

27th May 2008, 3:35 PM
Digital clock, the map sometimes and the pokeradar app I use normally...

28th May 2008, 5:42 AM
The digital clock, because it's number one. And I want to know the time.

28th May 2008, 10:26 AM
I use the happiness and the daycare one.

28th May 2008, 10:52 AM
The daycare (for eggs duh) and the status of your party one, for when I'm just training

28th May 2008, 5:43 PM
I mostly use the egg/breeding app. But also use the Chaining app.

30th May 2008, 12:15 AM
Daycare or step counter, mostly for breeding purposes.

31st May 2008, 2:14 PM
i always have the day care center app on as i evolved my first eevee in the game to a leafeon when i went up to level 6 and its now at level 46 or something as its been in the daycare since it was at level 6!

31st May 2008, 3:05 PM
The digital clock.. but that's because my touchscreen is stuffed and I can't change it. =____=;;

Otherwise it'd be the Dowsing App or Friendship checker. I like to watch my pokes float about..

Graceful Shinigami
31st May 2008, 3:19 PM
Eh, I guess the digital clock, as it's nice to know the time right away.
The coin flip thing is kind of cool and stupid at the same time. "Don't worry! I know how to solve this! (Whips out DS, takes a couple seconds to load, taps screen, flips coin,)" So, I took interest in that one for about 5 minutes.
The daycare one is useful for breeding, and the notepad is nice, I can play tic-tac-toe by myself. (How sad is that?)

31st May 2008, 4:05 PM
The Pokeradar, Clock, Party, Counter and Step Counter app.

31st May 2008, 11:01 PM
I use the Digital Clock the most, but my favorite is the Roulette one.

2nd June 2008, 3:56 AM
I usually have the digital clock app. and the counter for EV training

2nd June 2008, 8:30 AM
Map. is. ftw.

2nd June 2008, 1:29 PM
the friendship app ^^ .. I love it when there is two BIG hearts ^^
the counter to count the number of pokes I've beatin while I EV train my pokes ^^

2nd June 2008, 2:55 PM
the chaining app and breeding app both get a good work out, if im just generally travelling then the map app with little stars to remind me where re-namers and re-learners/move deleters are.

2nd June 2008, 4:29 PM
step counter and freindship pad for me.

2nd June 2008, 6:08 PM
It depends. If I'm trying to evolve a baby pokemon, or trying to get pokemon to like me, I'll use the Friendship Counter. Otherwise, it's mostly the Dowsing Machine.

2nd June 2008, 6:14 PM
I use the Day Care App and the Friendship Checker a lot!

2nd June 2008, 6:17 PM
I lurve the daycare checker most. ^^

2nd June 2008, 6:44 PM
Happiness app because I like to tap them and occasionally get them to do that jump thing.

And the step counter, because I like watching it go up.

(Eeasily amused I guess)

2nd June 2008, 7:08 PM
I use the Day Care, Pokeradar chain, and Map apps the most.

2nd June 2008, 7:09 PM
I use the Day Care, Pokeradar chain, and Map apps the most.

2nd June 2008, 7:13 PM
Clock app. I use the counter app when ev training. And if I'm ever chaining, the chaining app thingy.

2nd June 2008, 7:20 PM
i use the day care and the berrie map

2nd June 2008, 7:20 PM
Usually the clocks and the one when it shows you when the egg has hatched.

2nd June 2008, 7:20 PM
i use the day care and the berrie map

Shiny qwilfish of doom
2nd June 2008, 9:59 PM
the map for tracking,and the breeding one for egg checking.

3rd June 2008, 11:26 AM
I use my App for checking the daycare as I am a breeder of too many pokemon XD

19th June 2008, 11:06 PM
I like using app 20, 9 20 is the chaining app and 9 is the daycare app

19th June 2008, 11:06 PM
I like using app 20, 9 20 is the chaining app and 9 is the daycare app

19th June 2008, 11:19 PM
I like using the counting app for chaining and the daycare app to see if they have an egg

19th June 2008, 11:27 PM
I like using app 20, 9 20 is the chaining app and 9 is the daycare app

19th June 2008, 11:29 PM
I like using the counting app for chaining and the daycare app to see if they have an egg

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior
19th June 2008, 11:48 PM
Poketech App - For Chaining
Daycare App - To see when my pokemon bump uglies
Step Counter - Egg Hatching

19th June 2008, 11:50 PM
The Day-Care one and step counter for breeding...

20th June 2008, 12:25 AM
the daycer checker, the friend ship checker, and the color changer

20th June 2008, 1:43 AM
i use the darecare watch most of the time

20th June 2008, 4:56 AM
My most used is the Party App, where it shows your Pokemon's health, and status..
Next most used is probably the DayCare. I dont usually use the clocks =p

20th June 2008, 4:57 AM
I use the marking map alot

20th June 2008, 4:59 AM
The one where you can check on the daycare. I do a lot of breeding so its very helpful. My next most-used is the happines checker, very very helpful...

20th June 2008, 9:33 AM
1. Digital Watch (too lazy to look at a clock otherwise)
2. Berry App (Large supply of Sitrus + Leppa + Lum = never need to go to a Poke Center again)
3. Dowsing Machine (Free stuff = good)

20th June 2008, 1:02 PM
1.counter app. i am currently EV training my battle tower pokemon
2.dowsing machine. i like to search for unseen items but i believe i have already gotten them all

the one
20th June 2008, 2:45 PM
It dempends what im doing on game game. But normally i use #1 the digital clock

20th June 2008, 3:22 PM
it usualy depends what im doin, breeding, use the daycare one ect, but usuaky its the hp/status one

Sharks Shouldn't Fly
20th June 2008, 11:02 PM
The Itemfinder one. :0
I use the Daycare one and the chaining one every now and then though.

21st June 2008, 8:53 AM
I mainly use two poketch apps. Poke radar one of course and I also use the counter with the + thing in the middle. I dont thing anyone has said they use the counter yet, but one day I just had this great idea! Using it to count how many pokemon I kill while EVing my team! =D

Sapphire Milotic
21st June 2008, 11:08 AM
App #22 Color Changer

I am never happy with one color. ;p

21st June 2008, 5:43 PM
Unless I am doing something specific (breeding, chaining, etc) I have it on App. #5 (The Party App.)

22nd June 2008, 2:18 AM
I mostly use the chaining one, the digital clock, and the daycare one.

25th June 2008, 5:35 PM
the berry one to know where i planted berries and the friendship one to see how much my pokemon love me.

26th June 2008, 3:49 AM
i use uh was it #10 or#11 its that app like if u press the + the number goes up.i use it for ev training like i killed a gyrados and then i press the +

26th June 2008, 3:59 AM
When I first got the app, Itemfinder. I found soo many elixers and other stuff. :D

Lugia Tamer
26th June 2008, 5:11 AM
I don't really use the Poketch that much. Usually I just have it on the digital clock app.

Trainer Emily
26th June 2008, 5:45 AM
I use the analog clock most of the times.
While I'll just settle for the minty green color for the Poketch (not the standard ordinary green) because the color's relaxing to the eyes.

26th June 2008, 7:14 AM
Normally the digital clock or the happiness checker. When I'm (attempting to) chain, I use the chainig app

26th June 2008, 7:19 AM
The Digital Clock/Analog Clock ^.^

Honestly, I barely use any of the other ones at all. I use the step counter from time to time to get an idea of how close I am to hatching an egg, but that's only when I'm breeding, obviously.

26th June 2008, 8:00 AM
The digital clock.

26th June 2008, 3:50 PM
I use the counter app the most
For EV training

26th June 2008, 3:53 PM
i use the friendship checker

Lucario dragon master
26th June 2008, 8:40 PM
i normally use the chaining app because i chain often

27th June 2008, 12:07 PM
I also use app. 20 because im mostly chaining nowadays.

27th June 2008, 12:15 PM
I use the digital clock mostly, but when breeding I use the step counter x]

27th June 2008, 5:23 PM
I usually use the Day Care App or the Chaining App, since I breed and chain a lot.

27th June 2008, 7:45 PM
Marker Map.
Kill me nao please.

28th June 2008, 6:19 AM
I mainly use the breeding app or the pokeradar.

28th June 2008, 6:30 AM
i use the digital clock and the chaining one and some times the pedometre for when i have a egg

28th June 2008, 7:01 AM
The Clock.

28th June 2008, 7:05 AM
The chaining app when I'm trying to chain...digital clock all other times.

28th June 2008, 11:09 AM
i mostly use nr1 the digital clock.

28th June 2008, 6:21 PM
I use the counter app. too for EV training.

I also use the one that shows your party Pokemon, I just like to see them :P

28th June 2008, 6:22 PM
I use the counter app. too for EV training.

I also use the one that shows your party Pokemon, I just like to see them :P

28th June 2008, 6:28 PM
The Digital Clock.

Phrexyian Garguantua
28th June 2008, 6:56 PM
The Status App (# 5, I believe) bcause, I dunno. I like poking my Pokemon and hearing them cry. =)

28th June 2008, 11:02 PM
The chaining/pokeradar app and sometimes the step counter, friendship checker, and daycare checker. I actually never have it on the clock app. o.o

Birds of Paradise
28th June 2008, 11:05 PM
The pokeradar counter and the step counter (only when I'm hatching eggs), other than that mainly its on the one that shows you your party pokes (not the one where they float around)

29th June 2008, 4:15 AM
I usually use the Digital Clock, but it changes depending on what I'm doing, really.

29th June 2008, 4:17 AM
I usually use the Digital Clock, but it changes depending on what I'm doing, really.

Mr. Mudkip
30th June 2008, 1:54 AM
The daycare one for competitive breeding.

1st July 2008, 3:41 AM
The Clock and the Breeding one

1st July 2008, 7:59 PM
probably the chaining one or the friendship checker i like seeing the pokes just float around

8th July 2008, 10:35 AM
I use the pokeradar/chaining and breeding ones quite alot now
when i first started playing i used the frendship checker alot, to see when my Budew was going to evolve

8th July 2008, 12:11 PM
The only Poketch App I use is the Digital Clock.

8th July 2008, 2:15 PM
I use the Itemfinder application because it's really surprising how many items are actually just on pathways. Otherwise I use the step counter for my egg hatchings.

8th July 2008, 5:04 PM
I use the Digital Clock or the Berry Finder. xD

Black Friday
8th July 2008, 5:27 PM
i use the digital clock the most

8th July 2008, 10:11 PM
The 1st One The clock Gotta Know The Time

groovitational snubbul
8th July 2008, 11:28 PM
probabli the pokeradar counter (chaining all the time!) or the itemfinder but usually i jst leave it on the chaining one

8th July 2008, 11:40 PM
I use the analog clock. JK. I use the Digital Clock more just to keep up with time. Analog is useless.

Mega Typhlosion
12th July 2008, 10:44 AM
The Pokéradar app. Also the one for checking for eggs and the step counter.

12th July 2008, 4:50 PM
I breed alot for competetive teams so I use the Day Care Checker...

Dusk Vampire Kamui
12th July 2008, 8:46 PM
I used to use a day care checker app, to level up my pokemon as I travel, and train. But since the strap from my watch broke, I use the digital clock now.

13th July 2008, 12:18 AM
I mostly used the digital clock Poketch to know what time it is.

13th July 2008, 8:05 PM
I mostly use the digital clock and sometimes the marking map, to remember what trees I've got covered in honey.

13th July 2008, 8:30 PM
when EVing I use the counter but normally I use the map showing symbols so i know what im doing next

14th July 2008, 1:14 AM
The item finder, it helps me to find items. LOL, I used to be the digital clock, I think, But now I find it easier becasue there are items everywhere.

14th July 2008, 1:17 AM
the breeder's one

groovitational skiing9867
15th July 2008, 9:34 AM
the chaining one

15th July 2008, 11:01 AM
I use either the digital clock or the counter when I ev train

15th July 2008, 11:14 AM
I Tend To Use The Marker Alot. Helped Me To Capture Cresselia And Now I'm Using It To Catch Mesprit. I Also Use The Digital Clock Alot.

15th July 2008, 11:18 AM
I Tend To Use The Marker Alot. Helped Me To Capture Cresselia And Now I'm Using It To Catch Mesprit. I Also Use The Digital Clock Alot.

15th July 2008, 9:13 PM
I usually have the digital clock on to help me keep track of the time, other then that I tend to have the party display on.

15th July 2008, 10:07 PM
Step Counter when breeding, Digital Clock when not.

16th July 2008, 12:28 AM
Mostly the party Pokemon setting but i use every
setting from time to time.

16th July 2008, 1:05 AM
I use mostly use the digital clock, but use the step counter when not using the clock.
If I battle a lot at any particular point in time I use the party Ap to see if my lvl 100 linoone has picked anything up.

16th July 2008, 6:24 AM
When I first played through the game I used the item finder, now I'd have to say its either the daycare one or the memo pad.

shadows of darkrai
18th July 2008, 11:16 AM
i mostly use the digital clock app.at amity square i use the step app.

18th July 2008, 3:27 PM
happiness,step counter,pokeradar and digiclock

18th July 2008, 3:34 PM
Im a breeder so it's the egg checker for me.

18th July 2008, 6:46 PM
lately i'm mainly using the berry checker because i finally got berry nr61 and 62 thanks to the 11th movie shaymin regigigas i recently traded.

it's also very handy as a map.

19th July 2008, 6:59 AM
I do a ton of breeding, so I use the Daycare App alot. Other than that, I'll almost always use the Happiness App thing just 'cause I like seeing all my happy Pokemon float around. :3

20th July 2008, 2:27 AM
I usually use the marking map, but Lately i've been using the berry map because i've been planting Leppas, Sitrus, and Lum berries out the wazoo. Btw, does anyone know if you plant a berry, and don't pick it, will it just infinitely replant itself? Because I have yet to pick some of the berries I planted 3 weeks ago...

20th July 2008, 9:32 AM
1. Digital Clock, its awesome.

The Lemonkraken
20th July 2008, 12:09 PM
The digital clock, since I don't do Chaining or breeding too often.

20th July 2008, 2:55 PM
I tend to always keep it at the Party one, unless I am breeding.

5th August 2008, 10:32 PM
i use the breeding app mostly, next to the happiness app and the digital clock

5th August 2008, 11:01 PM
Marking Map. I rarely use the others. xD

6th August 2008, 5:32 PM
marking map, easier to see where you are
but not when I'm breeding pokemon

6th August 2008, 5:32 PM
marking map, easier to see where you are
but not when I'm breeding pokemon

6th August 2008, 7:07 PM
I use the marking map so I know where I'm going and the friendship app so I can see everyone float around
Going through the game I used the itemfinder almost all the time

6th August 2008, 7:10 PM
The step counter, I use it while hatching eggs to get my mind of something else then the fact that I'm biking back and forward at the same areas constantly.
When I don't breed I use the standard app where the time shows in digital.

6th August 2008, 7:13 PM
I mostly use the #9 egg apt

6th August 2008, 8:09 PM
The most common apps I use are the Digital Clock, Day Care application, Berry Checker (lately I've been using it to check on my rare berries ;)) and the Counter, for EV Training.

6th August 2008, 10:49 PM
I use the flip the coin application to see if i should stop playing or keep going. it hasnt failed me yet.

6th August 2008, 10:55 PM
I use the flip the coin application to see if i should stop playing or keep going. it hasnt failed me yet.

7th August 2008, 9:30 AM
The digital clock for me.

7th August 2008, 9:47 AM
5. Party pokemon and the one that shows you where your berries are located.

Pretty nifty.

7th August 2008, 5:10 PM
at the moment i'm using the itemfinder alot on my new diamond version,
it's a handy tool to earn a nice bonus while traveling.

8th August 2008, 1:59 AM
hmm... depends. i'd say the day-care app if i'm breeding, and the map marker app for just about everything else

8th August 2008, 2:16 AM
I use the pkmn party app. that is the only one i use. i use that app to keep track of all of my pokemons HP. so yeah.;165; is cool.

8th August 2008, 2:27 AM
i mainly use the Digital Clock or the Breeding Apps i <3 the breeding app it makes it soo much easier to see if u have an egg or not

8th August 2008, 2:33 AM
I use the Pedometer the most (good for egg hatching)

8th August 2008, 9:06 AM
digital clock. Most def.

10th August 2008, 11:34 PM
Digital clock for me too! I rarely find myself needing to use many of the others very often, and I'm sure there's a few that I never, ever use.

Little Miss Sunshine
10th August 2008, 11:44 PM
Counter. 8)
-stares and drools at 17294 steps-

11th August 2008, 12:12 AM
Depends on what I'm doing...

Generally leveling up Pokemon, for a specific move, etc., Also for getting money: Team View App, for my Lv40 pickup duo.

FriendshipEvolving: Friendship Checker.

EV Training: Counter

Breeding: Step Counter/Day Care Checker

Chaining: The Pokeradar app

Deciding what Pokemon to Massbreed next: Roulette.

11th August 2008, 1:42 AM
I use the time because i dont really know what it is most of the time

11th August 2008, 1:45 AM
I use the time because i dont really know what it is most of the time

11th August 2008, 1:51 AM
I use the time because i dont really know what it is most of the time

Ms. Mime
11th August 2008, 2:18 AM
The friendship checker, because I just want to know that meh pokemon love me. :B And sometimes I use the digital clock.

EDIT: Rank up! ^^

11th August 2008, 2:41 AM
usually the digital clock because im horrible at keeping track of time

11th August 2008, 4:32 AM
I will always keep it on the Digital Clock (even though the time is off).
But other than that, I use the Daycare, Counter, ItemFinder, PokeRader and Step Counter.

The most useless are the Roulette, Coin Toss and Dot Art.

11th August 2008, 4:38 AM
I use the Breeder App. the most, since it's verrrry useful.

EDIT: Hurray! 500 posts! Lets hear it for me!

12th August 2008, 8:55 AM
Clock, Step Counter, the map (the berry thing, but I just use it as a map), day care thing, type VS thing, happiness app., calender and lastly the color changer. Ha, I use a lot of them! But others I don't use at all, I mean really. Who uses the calculator?

12th August 2008, 9:08 AM
Usually for me, it's the Counter or the Daycare Checker.

When I go on a berry-planting spree, I switch to the Berry Map and keep it that way until I'm finished.

12th August 2008, 11:08 AM
#1 Digital Clock .. I like to know what time it is ..

Evil Darkrai
12th August 2008, 12:33 PM
I use the digital clock and the berry map. I like planting them ;).

Shadow Tepi 8
12th August 2008, 1:56 PM
really depends on what im doing

Breeding-Daycare app & Pedometer
Evolving by happiness/footprint ribbon-happiness checker
All other times-tends to be digital clock

12th August 2008, 4:59 PM
Lately, I´ve been using this
Pokétch app - I´m chaining a lot

maxx unlimited
12th August 2008, 6:00 PM
I used the friendship/happiness one.

13th August 2008, 9:50 AM
The digital watch.

13th August 2008, 9:52 AM
I use always the digital watch, counter and day center checker

Hotaru The Luxio
13th August 2008, 11:59 PM
The Day care one. To see if my Jolteon and Flareon are breeding. I <3 breeding Eevees...

14th August 2008, 12:37 AM
So far I have used the Dowsing Tech the most.(The Item finder)

There are lots of cool hidden items. Like the Mushrooms :P. Muhahahaha!!

NYC Alfredo
14th August 2008, 2:39 AM
I would use the itemfinder while going to playing the game untill the E4 which is when I started using the day care checker the most.

15th August 2008, 6:00 AM
Meh I change it to whatever I need at the time, if I am breeding I use day care checker, but typically I leave it on item finder.

15th August 2008, 6:08 AM
Meh I change it to whatever I need at the time, if I am breeding I use day care checker, but typically I leave it on item finder.

15th August 2008, 2:24 PM
I use the dowsing machine a lot as well as the pedometer. When I dont need a particular 1 i usually leave it on the digital clock.

15th August 2008, 2:30 PM
Daycare Center's the one I probably use the most. It's alot more useful than the other bunch of apps.

15th August 2008, 2:35 PM
i use the marking map the most

15th August 2008, 2:36 PM
The berry one is also pretty useful but I dont use it much, I agree that the day care 1 is useful but I dont use it because wen im breeding i use the pedometer

15th August 2008, 11:53 PM
I always have the Pokemon List up. It's the most useful to me in general.

Some I find useful but don't use as much, like the Daycare Checker and the Berry Checker.


16th August 2008, 1:42 PM
i have two, i use the breeding and step counter pad the most. mainly cause i breed heaps. XD

16th August 2008, 2:17 PM
Breeding and chaining. What else can you actually use after you finish the game?

16th August 2008, 2:50 PM
The breeding for... breeding purposes and the step counter.

17th August 2008, 12:06 AM
The digital clock if I have to use different ones I switch to the one I need to use. :)

17th August 2008, 1:59 AM
The clock by default. I never use the other ones as they are mostly pointless additions to the game.

18th August 2008, 3:40 AM
While I was actually progressing through the game i used the itemfinder, but now that ive gotten pretty much everything, i use the daycare checker, happiness checker, and the manual counter.

18th August 2008, 12:45 PM
digital watch and daycare checker

19th August 2008, 1:06 AM
I usually use the itemfinder, but I use the friendship app, too.

19th August 2008, 1:15 AM
Given that I spend most of my time in D/P these days breeding, I use the daycare checker app the most.

19th August 2008, 5:18 PM
Digital Clock xD

And besides that the Step Counter when I'm hatching eggs, but then I get bored because it doesn't really help me, and I switch back to the clock.

20th August 2008, 10:47 AM
I use the digital clock and the Day-Care Checker when I'm breeding. Sometimes I see my party on the bottom screen. ^^