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31st December 2007, 4:18 PM
This is a new club, with no members, and obviously, it's about Max. He's my favorite character from all of Hoenn, because he's very smart and he is the son of Norman, who is one of my all time favorite gym leaders.
1. All Serebii.net rules apply
2. Do not come in and say "Max SUCKS May is better" or anything else like that, not because I don't mind people having a negative opinion of Max, but because it's annoying and pointless.
3. Please please please, if you join, be active, because I intend to keep this club active and as fun as possible!
4. There are no ranks in this team, except for me being the creator/owner (and therefore being allowed to kick out/accept members).
5. Like Max. Please, like I said before, don't come in and put Max down.
6. Have fun!
Member list:
1st MemberL Xashlei
You MUST MUST MUST put this in your post, to know that you've read the rules:
If you don't put him in your post, it's okay, but I will turn you down until you've read the rules and put Ralts in your sig. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the rules.
I am a very active member, so I'll be on every day, as long as people are interested.
We do need banners and what not, I'll request some in the fan art section. Please, if you consent to make a banner, picture Max with either Jirachi or Ralts, but he can also be pictured with Deoxys, Mighteyana/Poocheyana, and Shuppet.

1st January 2008, 8:44 AM

Max SUX--lol jk. Seriously, I'm kidding. I love Max. <3 Some people may find him annoying, but I really liked him. His smart-alecky attitude was fun IMO, plus he was like a fun little brother for the group while he was there.

1st January 2008, 6:56 PM
Okay, I added you to the member list. Sadly, any fan art shops that looked like they could make a good Max banner were either swamped or closed down.

7th January 2008, 2:05 PM
Alrighty... mind if I make the club's first topic?

What was your first impression of Max?
I imagined him as a smart-alecky kid, a know-it-all... stuff like that. I'm pretty sure I was correct in thinking that too. ^_^

10th January 2008, 10:31 AM
Hi! I'm wondering if I could join? :\ I could make a banner for the Club ... If I could find some pictures, that is :\