View Full Version : The Super Sonic Club! (Approved by Chelc)

4th January 2008, 8:36 PM
Welcome all! We all know Sonic, the wordwide phenomenon and gaming legend who defeats Egg Man's minions one after another. Here we can talk about anything thing related to Sega's famous hedgehog.

-All normal forum rules apply
-No spamming
-No off-topic posts
-If you use a club banner or userbar you must creidt the creator unless they say otherwise
-Any member can make a new discussion topic but don't go crazy(which means no new topics every half hour)

How to join:
-You must say "It's All About Speed!" to show you read the rules
-You must say what your favorite Sonic game is
-You must say your favorite character
-If you were recruited by another member please mention that in your post so I can give them credit

Rule-Breaking consequences:
-Break one rule and you will be warned
-Break two and you'll be banned from the club for one week
-Break three and your banned for life

Sonic: Owner
Tails: Co-Owner (If you want to be a Co-Owner and there's an open spot just ask)
Knuckles: 2000 points
Dr. Egg Man: 1500 points
Amy Rose: 1200 points
Shadow: 900 points
Rouge: 600 points
Cream: 300 points
Egg Pawn: 0 points

Earning Points:
Post: 10 points
Have a club banner, userbar, or link to the club in your sig: 20 points
Post a good picture of an upcoming Sonic game: 20 points
Post new info on upcoming Sonic game: 40 Points
Make a new member join (they have to mention you in their joining post): 50 points
Create a club userbar: 150 points
Create a club banner: 200 points


Member List: