View Full Version : Water Pokemon Club Reborn

9th January 2008, 10:43 PM
All right, the last water pokemon club was pretty much ignored by everyone until it died out, so in honor of all the awesome water pokemon I am starting a new club. Here are the ideas I have for it:

1) You must like water pokemon
2) You must post in your sig that you are part of the club (certain acceptions can be made)
3) If you have any ideas for a userbar or banner, PLEASE PM me right away or post it here.
4) Please do not beg for a co-owner or officer position. If you do you are not eligible for a position.

Members list:
Owner: Tatortot ;160;



Regular Members:

First five people to join are co-owners, after that you are a regular member. A regular member can become an officer by doing two of the following things:
1.Post in the club 20 or more times (no spamming)
(This is required)
2.Recruit a new member (that member must say you recruited them)
3.Make a banner/userbar

That's pretty much it! Have fun and feel free to start new topics. Any topic is welcome, but try to keep it PG rated.

latios reborn
10th January 2008, 1:11 AM
i'll join the new one if i can and i like water pokemon especially Blastoise and empoleon.

unfourtantaly i have nothing in the form of user bars or banners so yeah.