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18th January 2008, 2:57 PM
Welcome to the car club this is where the car expeerts of Serebii discuss the latest car news so here are the rules.

Serebii rules apply

submit your applications by PMing me

in every submitting start by Gallardo so I know you read the rules

don't post if you didn't get an approval from me

don't go off-topic

A topic lasts a day unless another user puts up a topic

now let me tell you how to join these are the questions

What are the model names of Toyota's two Trucks?
is a Honda Element a Hybrid?
What Make made the model called Wrangler?
What is your favorite car?

so this is how the ranking systems go

0-100 points Toyota
101-200 points Honda
201-300 points Ford
301-400 points Chevy
401-600 points Chrysler
601-800 points Lexus
801-1000 points Jeep
1001-1200 points Caddilac
1201-1500 points Hummer
1501-1800 points Mini-Cooper
1801-2100 points Mercury
2100-2400 points Pontiac
2401-2800 points Corvette
2801-3200 points Ferrari
3201-3600 points Porsche
3600+ points Bently
co-owner the first person to PM me with an approval unless not wanted to
Nightrider I'm the owner

How to get points
5 points: Post
50 points: post topic
100 points: have some typing to the Car Club in yourSig
200 points: Birthday
500 points: Have a link direct to this club
1000 points: Make a user-Bar for this club
1050 points: Make a Banner for this club
1100 points: Put that user-bar in your Sig
1200 points: Put that Banner in your sig

so there are the rules point system and ranking i'll be back to see how this is going but remember Pm me with your applications